Webelo Badges at Quartz Mountain

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If your Troop is interested in completing requirements for any of the "Outdoor" or "Nature" badges it may be possible to schedule a Badge Workshop. This can be done for groups as small as 5 scouts or as large as 30 scouts. Badge workshops take between 2 and 4 hours to complete (the more scouts the longer the time needed).
There will be a $1.00/ scout fee for Badge workshops.
Please call Sue, Wednesday Sunday, at (580) 563-2238 or (405) 319-8382, to discuss what Badges can be earned at Quartz Mountain.

Email contact REALLY works the best, Click here to email Sue

FIVE Planned Activities
  1. Draw a picture to show the plant and tree layers of a forest in your area.   Label the different layers. (If you don't live in an area that has forests, choose an area that does and draw a picture of that forest.)
  2. Identify six forest trees common to the area where you live.   Tell how both wildlife and humans use them. (If you don't live in a region that has forests, read about one type of forest and name six of its trees and their uses.)
  3. Identify six forest plants (other than trees) that are useful to wildlife.   Tell which animals use them and for what purposes.
  4. Make a poster showing a tree's growth rings or examine the growth rings of a tree stump.   Explain how the rings tell its life history
  5. Describe both the benefits and the harm wildfires can cause in a forest ecosystem.   Tell how you can prevent wildfire.

FIVE Planned Activities
  1. Rocks and minerals are used in metals, glass, jewelry, road-building products, and fertilizer.   Give examples of minerals used in these products.
  2. List some of the geologic materials used in building your home.
  3. Make a drawing that shows the cause of a volcano, a geyser, or an earthquake.
  4. Explain one way in which mountains are formed.
  5. Describe what a fossil is.   How is it used to tell how old a formation is?   Find two examples of fossils in your area.

FIVE Planned Activities
  1. Visit a museum of natural history, nature center, or zoo with your family, Webelos den, or pack.   Tell what you saw.
  2. Learn about the bird flyways closest to your home.   Find out which birds use these flyways.
  3. Learn to identify poisonous plants and venomous reptiles found in your area.
  4. Give examples of:
  5. Identify a plant, bird, or wild animal that is found only in your area of the country.   Tell why it survives only in your area.


Camping at Quartz Mountain is on a first-come first serve basis.


If your Scout Troop is coming to Quartz Mountain and you'd like to schedule a Service Project, Please call Sue at (580) 563-2238. Service Projects may consist of trail construction, trail maintenance, wildflower seed collection or sowing, tree planting or erosion control projects. If you do NOT call ahead but rather just "show up" you will probably be assigned "Litter Patrol" as your Service Project. Depending upon Park Staffing you may not get to do a Service Project if you don't call ahead.

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