10 Must-Do Dog Friendly Activities In Charleston Sc

dog friendly things to do in charleston sc

Attention all dog lovers! If you're looking for a getaway with your furry best friend, look no further than Charleston, SC. This charming and historical city has plenty of dog-friendly activities to enjoy. From exploring beautiful parks to sipping on coffee in a pup-friendly café, there's something for every canine companion. In this article, we've compiled a list of the top 10 must-do dog-friendly activities in Charleston, so pack your bags and get ready for a tail-wagging good time!

Activity Description
James Island County Park This park has a dog park, hiking trails, and picnic areas that welcome dogs.
Folly Beach Dogs are allowed on the beach as long as they are on a leash.
The Charleston Farmers Market Leashed dogs are welcome at this weekly event that features local vendors and music.
Palmetto Islands County Park Another park with a dog park and hiking trails for you and your pup to enjoy.
The Battery This historic area is perfect for a stroll with your leashed furry friend.
Tavern and Table A dog-friendly restaurant with water bowls for your pup and outdoor seating.
Ghost Monkey Brewery This brewery welcomes dogs inside and outside on their patio.
Waterfront Park A great spot for a walk with a beautiful view of the harbor. Dogs must be on a leash.
Sullivan's Island Dogs are allowed on the beach before 10 am and after 6 pm during the summer, and all day during the off-season.
Commonhouse Aleworks This taproom allows dogs inside and outside on their patio and even has a dedicated dog parking area.


Walk the historic streets of downtown Charleston with your dog

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Charleston, SC is a beautiful city steeped in history, and one of the best ways to explore its charm is by taking a stroll through its historic streets. Thankfully, pets are welcome in Charleston, and there are plenty of dog-friendly options available for those visiting the city with their furry friends.

When it comes to walking your dog in Charleston, there are a few rules to follow. Dogs should be kept on a leash at all times, and owners should always pick up after their pets. Many parks and public spaces in Charleston have designated areas for dogs, and these should be used when available. With all the important details out of the way, let's take a look at some of the most dog-friendly spots in downtown Charleston.

Battery Park is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Charleston. This 12-acre park is located along the waterfront and offers stunning views of the harbor and Fort Sumter. It's also an excellent place to walk your dog, with plenty of green spaces and trees to explore. Dogs are required to be on a leash in Battery Park, but there are plenty of places to sit and rest if needed.

If you're looking to spend a little time indoors, there are plenty of dog-friendly shops in downtown Charleston. Many of the boutique stores and art galleries that line King Street welcome pets, and there are often water bowls available outside for thirsty pooches. Just be sure to ask permission before entering any shops with your pet, as some may have specific rules or restrictions.

For a taste of Charleston's history, take your dog on a walking tour of the city's historic district. There are plenty of guided tours available that cater to pet owners, and these can be a great way to learn about the city's past while enjoying some fresh air with your furry friend by your side. Just be sure to check the tour company's policies regarding pets before booking your tour.

In addition to these specific destinations, there are plenty of other opportunities to explore Charleston with your dog. From the College of Charleston campus to the bustling Market area, there are plenty of places to walk and explore. As long as you follow the rules and use common sense, you and your pet can enjoy all that Charleston has to offer.


Take a scenic carriage ride with your furry friend

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Charleston, South Carolina is known for its historic charm, beautiful beaches, and warm southern hospitality. If you're a dog owner, you'll be happy to know that Charleston is also a very dog-friendly city. With plenty of parks, beaches, and restaurants that allow pets, there are many opportunities to explore the city with your furry best friend. One activity that both you and your pup will love is taking a scenic carriage ride through the city. Here's everything you need to know about taking a carriage ride with your dog in Charleston.

First, it's important to find a carriage company that allows dogs. Not all carriage tours are pet-friendly, so you'll want to do a little research before booking your ride. One company that allows dogs is Palmetto Carriage Works. They offer a "Puppy Parade" tour, which is specifically designed for guests who want to bring their dogs along. During this tour, your pooch can sit on your lap or on the floor of the carriage. The tour lasts about 35 minutes and takes you through some of the most scenic parts of the city.

Before you go on the tour, make sure your dog is comfortable being in a carriage. Some dogs may be apprehensive or nervous, so it's important to introduce them to the carriage and let them sniff around before your ride. You'll also want to make sure your pup is well-behaved and won't bark or jump during the tour. Bringing along treats or toys can help keep your dog calm and happy during the ride.

During the carriage ride, you and your furry friend will get to explore the historic streets of Charleston. Palmetto Carriage Works' Puppy Parade tour takes you through the French Quarter and down Rainbow Row, which is one of the most iconic streets in the city. You'll also get to see historic landmarks like the Heyward-Washington House and St. Philip's Church. Along the way, your tour guide will provide interesting facts and stories about the city's history, making the ride both informative and fun.

Overall, taking a carriage ride with your dog in Charleston is a unique and memorable way to experience the city. Not only will you get to see some of the most beautiful sights in Charleston, but you'll also get to do it with your furry best friend by your side. Just remember to do your research, make sure your dog is comfortable, and bring along plenty of treats and toys to keep them happy during the ride. Happy touring!


Visit the dog park at James Island County Park

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Characteristic Description
NameJames Island County Park - Dog Park
TypeDog park in Charleston, South Carolina
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.9 / 269
Address871 Riverland Dr, Charleston, SC 29412
Phone(843) 406-6990

Charleston, South Carolina is a city that loves its dogs, with an abundance of places that are dog friendly. If you're traveling with your furry friend, you're sure to find plenty of things to do and places to visit together. One of the most popular dog-friendly attractions in Charleston is the James Island County Park.

The James Island County Park’s dog park is a must-visit destination for any dog lover in the Charleston area. With countless acres of beautiful scenery and a variety of activities, you and your pup will have a blast here.

The dog park actually has three separate sections - small dog, large dog, and an agility course. The small dog area is perfect for smaller breeds because it gives them a chance to run and play without fear of being dominated by larger dogs. The large dog area is perfect for larger, more active breeds because they have plenty of space to run around and work off some of their energy.

The agility course is perfect for dogs that love to be active and work on their training skills. Here you will find a wide variety of obstacles for your dog to navigate, including jumps, hurdles, tunnels, and more.

The park is incredibly well-maintained, with plenty of shade trees, benches, and trash cans placed strategically throughout the area. There's even a nearby wash station to clean up your pup before heading back into your car.

The James Island County Park is an excellent place to visit with your dog, but keep in mind that there is a small fee to use the park. But, many regular park-goers say that the fee is well worth it. It's the perfect place to get outside, enjoy nature, and spend some quality time with your furry friend.

In conclusion, if you're traveling with your dog in Charleston, make sure to visit the James Island County Park’s dog park. It's a great place to spend an afternoon, and there are tons of things to do and see. Your furry friend will love the opportunity to run, play, and meet some new pup friends at this popular dog-friendly destination.


Enjoy the beaches at Folly Beach or Isle of Palms with your pooch

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If you're planning a vacation to Charleston, SC with your furry companion, you're in luck! The city has a variety of dog-friendly accommodations, restaurants, and activities, including several beaches within a short drive of the city.

Folly Beach and Isle of Palms are two popular beaches that welcome dogs. Both offer clean, wide stretches of sand and beautiful ocean views. Dogs are allowed on the beaches year-round, but there are some restrictions during the peak summer season.

At Folly Beach, dogs are required to be on a leash at all times from May 1 to September 30, but from October 1 to April 30, dogs are allowed to be off-leash as long as they are under voice command and well-behaved. Isle of Palms has similar rules, requiring dogs to be leashed from May 1 to September 14, but allowing dogs to be off-leash from September 15 to April 30 as long as they are under voice command.

Both beaches have waste bag dispensers and trash cans, so be sure to clean up after your pet. It's also important to note that dogs are not allowed in certain areas of the beach, such as the swimming areas. Check the signs and follow the rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all beachgoers.

After a day at the beach, there are several dog-friendly restaurants in Charleston where you can grab a bite to eat with your furry friend. Some popular options include The Park Cafe, which has a dog-friendly patio and a menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, and The Glass Onion, which offers a pet-friendly outdoor seating area and Southern comfort food.

For a more active outing, take your pup to the James Island County Park. The park has a designated off-leash dog park where your pet can run and play with other dogs. There's also a dog beach where your furry friend can swim and cool off on a hot day.

Overall, Charleston, SC is a great destination for dog lovers. With plenty of dog-friendly accommodations, restaurants, and activities, you and your furry companion are sure to have a memorable vacation. Just remember to follow the rules and be a responsible pet owner to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Take a dog-friendly boat tour of the Charleston harbor

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Charleston, South Carolina is a beautiful city that's filled with fascinating history, incredible scenery, and amazing food. The city is also very dog-friendly, which makes it a great destination for pet-lovers. If you're planning a trip to Charleston, be sure to take a dog-friendly boat tour of the Charleston harbor. Here's what you need to know about this fun and exciting activity:

Charleston Harbor Tours offers a number of different boat tours that are perfect for dogs and their owners. Their boats are spacious and comfortable, so you and your furry friend can relax and enjoy the experience. The tours are also very informative, so you'll learn a lot about the history and culture of Charleston while you're out on the water.

One of the most popular dog-friendly boat tours is the Historic Charleston Harbor Tour. This tour takes you on a scenic journey along the Charleston harbor, where you'll see some of the city's most famous landmarks, including Fort Sumter, the Battery, and the USS Yorktown. You'll also hear fascinating stories from the city's past, including tales of pirates, Civil War battles, and the city's role in the Revolutionary War.

Another great option is the Sunset Harbor Cruise. This tour takes place in the evening, so you can enjoy the gorgeous sunset over the harbor while you cruise through the water. The tour lasts about an hour and a half, and is a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day of sightseeing.

No matter which tour you choose, you'll have plenty of opportunities to take photos of your dog against the stunning backdrop of the Charleston harbor. Be sure to bring your camera and capture some memories that you'll cherish forever.

When you book your dog-friendly boat tour, be sure to let the tour company know that you'll be bringing your pet. They'll be happy to give you any special instructions or guidelines to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe while on board. You should also bring plenty of water for your dog, as well as any other supplies that they might need.

In conclusion, taking a dog-friendly boat tour of the Charleston harbor is a must-do activity for anyone visiting the city with a furry friend. Not only will you get to see some of the city's most famous landmarks, but you'll also have a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of the harbor. So what are you waiting for? Book your tour today and get ready for some unforgettable fun!


Explore the Charleston City Market with your pup

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If you're a dog owner and you're planning a trip to Charleston, SC, you'll be happy to know that this charming city has plenty of dog-friendly activities to keep you and your furry friend entertained.

One of the must-do activities in Charleston is exploring the historic Charleston City Market - and the good news is, your pup can come along for the ride! The Charleston City Market is one of the oldest public markets in the United States and is famous for its variety of local crafts and artisanal products such as sweetgrass baskets and handmade jewelry. But it's not just for human visitors - your dog can also enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the market.

Here are some tips for exploring the Charleston City Market with your pet:

  • Bring a leash: As with most public spaces, pets are required to be on a leash in the market area. Be sure to bring a sturdy leash that will allow your dog to explore while keeping them close by.
  • Be mindful of other shoppers: The market can get quite crowded, so be sure to keep your dog close and be mindful of other shoppers. Not everyone loves dogs (shocking, we know!), so give others their space and be respectful of their personal boundaries.
  • Plan your visit: The market is open seven days a week, with different hours depending on the day. It's best to visit early in the day before it gets too crowded. On Saturdays, the market hosts a farmers' market from 8 am to 2 pm, which can be particularly busy.
  • Stay hydrated: Charleston can get hot and humid, so be sure to bring plenty of water for both you and your dog. There are restrooms and water fountains located throughout the market, so take advantage of these amenities.
  • Explore the surrounding area: After your visit to the market, take a stroll around the surrounding area. There are plenty of dog-friendly parks and restaurants in downtown Charleston, so you and your furry friend can continue your adventure.

In conclusion, the Charleston City Market is a great place to spend a few hours with your pup while exploring the local crafts and products that Charleston has to offer. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that both you and your four-legged friend have a fun and enjoyable visit to one of the most iconic landmarks in the Holy City.


Have a picnic at Waterfront Park

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Charleston, South Carolina is a fun and vibrant city that offers plenty of activities for both locals and tourists. If you're a dog owner, you will be pleased to know that Charleston is a very dog-friendly city! In this article, we will discuss how you can have a picnic with your furry friend at Waterfront Park.

Waterfront Park is located in the heart of downtown Charleston and is one of the most popular parks in the city. The park stretches along the Cooper River and offers breathtaking views of the Charleston Harbor and the Ravenel Bridge. It is a fantastic place to spend a lazy afternoon with your dog and enjoy a relaxing picnic.

Before heading out, make sure to grab a picnic blanket, some water for your dog, and some his/her favorite treats. You can pack some sandwiches or a salad for yourself, or grab some food from one of the many restaurants nearby.

Once you arrive at Waterfront Park, find a shady spot to lay your picnic blanket. Dogs are allowed on the grassy areas of the park but must remain on a leash at all times. The park is equipped with several waste stations, so make sure to clean up after your dog.

While eating, you and your furry friend can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Watch the boats sail by on the harbor, admire the gorgeous views of the Charleston skyline, or people-watch - all while relaxing with your four-legged companion.

After your picnic, take a stroll along the park's palm-lined walkways, and enjoy the playful fountains that are located throughout the park. There is also a pier where you can take your dog for a walk and watch the boats going in and out of the harbor.

In conclusion, Charleston, SC, is a fantastic city for dog owners, and Waterfront Park is an ideal place to unwind with your furry friend. Whether you're a local or just visiting, make sure to take advantage of this beautiful park and the many other dog-friendly activities that Charleston has to offer. Just remember to keep your dog on a leash, clean up after them, and always be respectful of others in the park. Happy picnicking!


Visit the Angel Oak tree on Johns Island with your dog

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Characteristic Description
NameAngel Oak Tree
TypeHistorical landmark in Charleston, South Carolina
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.7 / 8,358
Address3688 Angel Oak Rd, Johns Island, SC 29455
Phone(843) 559-3496
HoursThursday - 9 AM–5 PM
Friday - 9 AM–5 PM
Saturday - 9 AM–5 PM
Sunday - 1–5 PM
Monday - 9 AM–5 PM
Tuesday - 9 AM–5 PM
Wednesday - 9 AM–5 PM

Charleston, South Carolina is known for its rich history, charming architecture, and delicious cuisine. However, what many visitors don't realize is that Charleston is also one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. So, if you're heading to Charleston with your furry friend, make sure to add a visit to the Angel Oak tree on Johns Island to your itinerary.

The Angel Oak tree is a beauty to behold. It's an enormous live oak tree that is estimated to be between 400 and 500 years old. The tree is located on Johns Island, just a short drive from downtown Charleston. The Angel Oak tree is a designated public park and is free to visit. Visitors are welcome to bring their dogs as long as they are leashed and well behaved.

Once you and your dog arrive at the Angel Oak tree, you will be amazed by its sheer size and beauty. The tree stands an impressive 66.5 feet tall with a circumference of over 28 feet. The canopy of the tree covers an area of more than 17,000 square feet. It's truly a natural wonder that must be seen to appreciate.

While you're visiting the Angel Oak tree with your dog, make sure to take a stroll through the surrounding park. The park is filled with trails, benches, and picnic tables, making it a great place to relax and take in the natural beauty of Charleston. Your dog will love exploring the park with you and sniffing out new scents.

It's also worth noting that the Angel Oak tree is a popular spot for weddings and photo shoots. So, if you're planning to visit on a weekend, you may encounter some professional photographers and wedding parties. However, the park is large enough that you will still be able to enjoy the tree without feeling crowded.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a unique and dog-friendly attraction to visit in Charleston, make sure to add the Angel Oak tree on Johns Island to your itinerary. The tree is a natural wonder that must be seen to believe. Plus, the surrounding park is perfect for leisurely walks and picnics with your furry best friend. So, grab your leash and head to the Angel Oak tree for a memorable experience that you and your dog won't forget.


Shop at the dog-friendly stores on King Street

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Are you looking to spend a day out with your furry buddy in Charleston, SC? Look no further than King Street, the hub of Charleston's shopping district, with a number of pet-friendly stores that will welcome your pooch with open arms.

Start your day at Woof Gang Bakery, a charming bakery and boutique that offers a wide range of pet foods, toys, and accessories. At Woof Gang, you'll find tasty treats that your dog will love, including freshly baked dog birthday cakes, doggie donuts, and gourmet dog biscuits in flavors like peanut butter, bacon, and pumpkin.

Next, head to Half-Moon Outfitters, where you can shop for outdoor gear with your dog by your side. This store offers everything from hiking shoes to backpacks to water bottles, and all of it is perfect for canine adventures.

If your dog is fashion-forward, make a stop at the Blue Bicycle Boutique, a trendy women's clothing store that also welcomes pooches. From classic denim to the latest fashion trends, this store has you covered - and your dog too.

For the ultimate in Charleston beachwear, check out Sandal Tree on King, where you will find sandals, swimwear, and beach accessories that you and your dog can wear. This store has a wide range of canine life jackets, sun hats, and other beachwear that will make your dog the belle of the beach.

Finally, make a stop at the Market Pavilion Hotel, where your pup can enjoy a special treat. The hotel's rooftop bar and restaurant, The Pavilion Bar, serves up cocktails and small bites, and their dog-friendly menu includes chicken liver croquettes and pork belly.

With so many pet-friendly shops to choose from, King Street is the perfect place for a day of shopping with your furry friend.


Dine at a dog-friendly restaurant, such as Home Team BBQ or Fleet Landing

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Charleston, South Carolina, is a city filled with rich history, delicious food, and beautiful sights. It's also a city that loves dogs! If you're traveling to Charleston with your furry friend, you'll be pleased to know that there are plenty of dog-friendly places to eat. Here are some great options:

Home Team BBQ: Located on Sullivan's Island, Home Team BBQ is a laid-back restaurant that's perfect for anyone who loves great food and a fun atmosphere. Their menu features classic BBQ dishes like pulled pork, brisket, and ribs, as well as creative sides like smoked chicken wings and pimento cheese fries. Best of all, they have an outdoor seating area that's dog-friendly. So, you can enjoy your meal while your pup lounges at your feet.

Fleet Landing: If you're looking for some fresh seafood, Fleet Landing is the place to go. This restaurant is located right on the water in downtown Charleston, and they specialize in Lowcountry seafood dishes like shrimp and grits and crab cakes. They have a spacious outdoor patio that's great for dogs, and they even have a special menu just for pups! You can order your dog a bowl of water and a treat while you enjoy your meal.

Prohibition: For a more upscale dining experience, head to Prohibition in downtown Charleston. This restaurant has a sleek, speakeasy vibe and serves elevated American cuisine. Their menu features dishes like duck confit, grilled octopus, and bone-in ribeye. While their indoor dining area is reserved for humans only, they have a lovely outdoor patio that's dog-friendly. Your pup will love relaxing on one of the plush couches while you enjoy your meal.

Lewis Barbecue: If you're serious about BBQ, you need to visit Lewis Barbecue. This restaurant, located on the outskirts of Charleston, is known for its mouth-watering brisket, sausage, and pulled pork. They have an outdoor seating area that's perfect for dogs, and they even have a dog water station! So, your pup can stay hydrated while you indulge in some seriously delicious BBQ.

In summary, there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants in Charleston, SC. Whether you're in the mood for BBQ, seafood, or something upscale, you're sure to find a great spot that welcomes your furry friend. So, grab your pup and head out for a delicious meal in this beautiful, dog-friendly city!

Frequently asked questions

Charleston is a great place for dog-friendly activities. You can enjoy a walk along the Battery, a bike ride on the Ravenel Bridge, or a hike in the Francis Marion National Forest with your furry friend. You can also visit local dog-friendly beaches, such as Folly Beach, and explore the beautiful parks of downtown Charleston, such as Hampton Park.

Yes, there are several dog-friendly restaurants in Charleston, SC. Some popular options include Bay Street Biergarten, where you can enjoy German-style beer and food while your dog lounges on the outdoor patio, and The Shelter Kitchen and Bar, which offers a dog-friendly patio and serves up Southern-inspired cuisine. Other dog-friendly restaurants include Daps Breakfast and Imbibe, Lost Dog Cafe, and Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer.

Some historical sites in Charleston, SC allow dogs on their grounds, while others do not. For example, dogs are not allowed in the historic homes of Charleston, such as the Nathaniel Russell House or the Aiken-Rhett House. However, there are other historical sites that are dog-friendly, such as the Charleston City Market and the Charleston Waterfront Park. It's always a good idea to check with the specific historical site before visiting with your dog.

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Alex Kelley

Charleston has quickly become one of my favorite dog-friendly destinations. One of our favorite things to do is visit the local breweries that allow dogs. On our last trip, we stopped by Frothy Beard Brewing Company and we were pleasantly surprised by how welcoming they were to our furry friends. They have a spacious outdoor seating area where dogs are allowed and they even have water bowls and treats available for them. It was so much fun to relax with a cold beer while our pup mingled with other friendly dogs. If you're a beer lover and dog owner, you have to check out the dog-friendly breweries in Charleston!

Eleanor Fletcher

I absolutely love Charleston and it's even better now that I know there are so many dog-friendly activities to enjoy with my furry friend! We recently visited the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens and were blown away by the beautiful scenery. The best part was that they allow dogs on leashes to explore the grounds with us. It was such a treat to see my pup happily sniffing around the gardens while we learned about the history of the plantation. I highly recommend checking it out if you're looking for a fun and dog-friendly activity in Charleston!

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