13 Fun Fall Activities In Los Angeles

fall things to do los angeles

Fall has arrived in Los Angeles and with it, the opportunity to indulge in all of the season's pleasures. From pumpkin patches to haunted houses, Los Angeles has something to offer for everyone. Whether you're looking for a family adventure or a romantic escape, autumn in the city of angels is the perfect time to explore a wide range of activities. In this article, we've compiled a list of 13 fun fall activities for you to enjoy in Los Angeles. So, grab your sweater and let's get started!

Characteristic Tips
Cool weather Pack warm clothing such as jackets, scarves, and hats
Autumn foliage Visit places with trees and gardens such as the Beverly Hills Garden Park or the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden
Festivals and events Check out fall festivals such as the Downtown LA Art Walk or the LA Fall Beer Festival
Seasonal food and drinks Try pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, and pumpkin pie from local cafes and bakeries
Less crowds Take advantage of fewer tourists by visiting popular attractions like the Getty Villa or the Griffith Observatory during the weekdays
Halloween vibes Attend Halloween events such as the Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights or the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival
Fall fashion Dress up in fashionable coats and boots for a stylish Instagram-worthy photo
Fall colors Take scenic drives to admire the beautiful fall colors in places like the Angeles National Forest or the Malibu Creek State Park
Beaches Although not traditionally fall-themed, enjoy the warm weather at the beach during the off-season with less crowds and lower rates for beachfront hotels


Griffith Park

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When you visit Griffith Park in fall, you can feast on the vibrant colors of the foliage, enjoy the crisp air, and escape the scorching summer heat. From hiking to picnicking, horseback riding to visiting museums, there are plenty of things to do.

One of the best things to do in Griffith Park is hiking. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or a beginner, there are trails that can cater to your needs. One of the most popular hikes is the Hollywood sign trail. To get the best views of the iconic sign, walk the Mt. Hollywood Trail or the Brush Canyon Trail. Keep in mind that the trails can be steep and narrow, so wear comfortable shoes, pack water and snacks, and check the weather forecast.

If you want to enjoy a picnic with your family or friends, Griffith Park has a wide selection of picnic areas. Some of the best spots for picnicking are the picnic areas near Mineral Wells, the Griffith Observatory, and Griffin picnic areas. Be sure to bring your own food, drinks, and picnic blankets, as there are no food vendors inside the park.

One of the most unique attractions that you should not miss in Griffith Park is the Griffith Observatory. Founded in 1935, the observatory has been a popular destination for stargazing and science exploration. Visitors can admire the magnificent Art Deco architecture, explore the exhibits, watch a planetarium show, and gaze at the stars with telescopes.

Another must-visit attraction in Griffith Park is the LA Zoo. Home to over 1,400 animals representing 270 species, this zoo provides visitors with endless entertainment and education. You can see the majestic elephants, playful primates, fierce big cats, exotic birds, and other animals from all over the world. The zoo also has feeding sessions, shows, and tours that can enhance your experience.

For those who want to ride horses or ponies, the Griffith Park Equestrian Center is the perfect destination. The center offers horseback riding lessons, trail rides, pony rides, and horse shows. The rides take you through scenic trails that offer stunning views of the mountains and city.

In conclusion, Griffith Park in fall is a wonderful place to explore, relax, and enjoy nature’s beauty. Whether you want to hike, picnic, visit museums, or ride horses, there is something for everyone. So, grab your friends or family, pack your bags, and head to this gem of Los Angeles.


Descanso Gardens

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Fall is a magical season of warm colors, cozy sweaters, and crackling fires. And there is no better place to experience the magic of fall than the Descanso Gardens in Los Angeles. Nestled in the city's La Cañada Flintridge area, the Descanso Gardens is a sprawling resort that boasts over 150 acres of gardens and cultural exhibits that offer visitors an escape from the urban hustle and bustle. Here are some things to do while exploring the Descanso Gardens in fall.

One of the main attractions in fall at Descanso Gardens is the magnificent oak trees, which change colors from green to orange, yellow, and brown. There are several trails that wind through the gardens, and each one offers a unique perspective of the oaks, making for memorable hikes. Along the way, visitors can also spot native California wildlife, from bright-red California poppies to chipmunks scurrying about.

But the main draw during fall is the breathtaking harvest display, where thousands of pumpkins, gourds, and squash add more color to the already spectacular scenery. The pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, and visitors can even take one home as a souvenir or use them for fall decorating. For a unique experience, Descanso Gardens permits visitors to participate in the annual pumpkin-carving competition. The entrants' designs can be anything from scary to cute or even abstract.

Fall concerts are also another feature for visitors to enjoy at the Descanso Gardens. With its penchant for bridging the natural and cultural worlds, the Garden offers visitors various shows to enjoy while listening to some live music. Visitors can spread a blanket on the grass and enjoy the mild fall climate as they watch the performances.

While at the Descanso Gardens, visitors can also indulge in cultural exhibits, which envelop various cultural shows and exhibitions that speak to the Gardens' rich history. The exhibits shed light on the evolution of plant lifethe seasonal changes and how humans have interacted with such over historical periods.

No visit to Descanso Gardens is complete without a stop at the enchanting kitchen garden, a focal point where visitors can sample fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, all of which nourished using sustainable and organic garden practices. The garden is an excellent place to spend leisure time with family or friends, listen to podcasts, or learn more about horticulture.

In conclusion, Descanso Gardens in Los Angeles provides visitors with an opportunity to relish nature in the fall season. With trails winding through oak tree groves, colorful harvest displays, concerts, cultural exhibits, and enchanting kitchen gardens, it is an alluring escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Descanso Gardens offers visitors an unforgettable fall experience, whether it be an early morning bird walk, an afternoon spent stargazing with family, or a night spent watching live performances. Whatever the reason for the visit, the Descanso Gardens is the perfect escape to unwind, ground and witness nature's majesty.


The Original Farmers Market

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Los Angeles is famous for its sunny weather, palm trees, and celebrity sightings, but there is much more to this bustling city than meets the eye. One hidden gem that every traveler should check out is The Original Farmers Market. Located in the heart of West Hollywood, this market has been a staple of the community for over 80 years and is the perfect place to experience the flavors and culture of Los Angeles.

One of the best things to do at The Original Farmers Market is to check out the different stands and try some of the local specialties. From Korean BBQ to Mexican street food to fresh seafood, there is no shortage of delicious options to choose from. Some of the must-try items for first-time visitors include the gumbo and jambalaya from The Gumbo Pot, the pastrami sandwich from Wexler's Deli, and the ice cream from Bennett's Ice Cream.

Aside from the food, The Original Farmers Market is also a great place to soak up some local history and culture. The market has been around since 1934, and many of the vendors and stands have been in business for generations. Some of the vendors even have pictures and memorabilia from the early days of the market, which adds to the overall charm of the place.

Although The Original Farmers Market is a great place to visit year-round, it is especially beautiful during the fall season. The market is decorated with pumpkin displays, and many of the vendors offer seasonal items like pumpkin pies, apple cider, and fall-themed cookies. There are also events and activities that are tailored to the fall season, such as pumpkin carving, live music, and Halloween-themed contests.

Visitors should also take note that The Original Farmers Market is located right next to The Grove, an outdoor shopping complex that offers more than 50 stores and restaurants. The Grove is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, and it offers a perfect complement to the market's offerings. Visitors can easily spend a whole day exploring both The Original Farmers Market and The Grove, so plan accordingly.

Overall, The Original Farmers Market is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Los Angeles. It offers a unique blend of history, culture, and local flavor, and it is a great way to experience the city like a local. Just be prepared to come hungry and leave with a full stomach and a newfound appreciation for the flavors and traditions of Los Angeles.

In the words of historian and writer, William Manchester, "Los Angeles, give me some of you! Los Angeles come to me the way I came to you, my feet over your streets, you pretty town I loved you so much, you sad flower in the sand, you pretty town!"

So, get ready to explore how Los Angeles turned from a dusty village into a city of endless possibilities, it's yours for the taking!


Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

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Are you looking for a spooky adventure this fall in Los Angeles? Look no further than the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, an annual Halloween event that has been scaring visitors for over a decade. Held at Griffith Park, the Haunted Hayride offers a unique fright-filled experience that is perfect for thrill-seekers and horror fans alike.

The Haunted Hayride features a haunted maze, a scare zone, and of course, the hayride itself. The hayride takes visitors on a journey through the haunted woods of Griffith Park, where they will encounter all manner of ghouls, ghosts, and other terrifying creatures. The maze and scare zone offer even more frights, with actors and special effects designed to make visitors jump out of their skin.

One of the best things about the Haunted Hayride is its commitment to storytelling. The event has a different theme each year, and the hayride itself is designed to tell a spine-chilling story that unfolds as you ride through the haunted woods. This year's theme is "Beneath," which promises to take visitors on a journey into the depths of their fears.

If you plan on attending the Haunted Hayride, here are some tips to make the most out of your experience. First, arrive early to avoid lines and crowds. Second, dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes. Third, be prepared to be scared - the Haunted Hayride is not for the faint of heart!

But even if you're not a horror fan, the Haunted Hayride is still worth checking out for its unique blend of thrills, storytelling, and festive fall atmosphere. There are also plenty of food vendors and other activities on site to enjoy, such as pumpkin carving and Halloween-themed games.

Whether you're a local or a visitor to Los Angeles this fall, the Haunted Hayride is a must-see attraction for anyone who loves Halloween and horror. So buckle up, hold on tight, and get ready for a ride you won't forget - if you make it out alive!

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Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights

Source: www.undercovertourist.com

As the fall season rolls around, Universal Studios Hollywood gears up for its notorious Halloween Horror Nights, an interactive experience that promises to take visitors on a hair-raising journey through some of cinema's most terrifying moments. The event, which runs from early September to early November, features a lineup of spine-chilling attractions inspired by iconic horror films, mazes, scare zones, and shows where the park's streets are overrun with hordes of gruesome creatures, demented clowns, and chainsaw-wielding killers.

If you're planning a visit, be prepared for a night of terror and adrenaline-pumping fun. The event is not for the faint-hearted; it is rated PG-13, but some mazes have more intense themes and may be too much for young children. However, guests who wish to skip the scares can take a seat in one of the park's shows, such as the Academy of Villains, a dance performance featuring a talented group of performers.

The wait times for the event's mazes and attractions can be lengthy, so it is recommended that visitors purchase a Front of Line pass or an After 2 pm Day/Night Combo ticket that grants them admission to the park after the sun sets. These tickets will not only give you access to the attractions but will also cut down on waiting times.

One of the event's standout mazes is Universal Monsters, which brings together some of the most notorious creatures of horror cinema's golden age, including Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, the Wolf Man, and the Mummy. Another highlight is Stranger Things, which brings to life the show's eerie setting of Hawkins, Indiana, complete with a replica of the mind-flaying laboratory and a maze featuring the Upside Down.

Halloween Horror Nights remains one of Southern California's most popular fall events, and visitors from all over the world flock to the park to experience the thrills and chills. For fans of horror, it is a must-see event that will leave them with lasting memories and bragging rights among their friends. As one guest proclaimed, "This was my first time here, and I'm already planning on coming back next year. It's an unforgettable experience."

In conclusion, Halloween Horror Nights is a must-see event for lovers of horror movies who are looking for a thrilling, terrifying experience. The event is held at Universal Studios Hollywood from early September to early November, and it features a variety of spine-tingling experiences, including mazes, scare zones, and shows. Visitors can buy tickets that will cut down on wait times, such as the Front of Line pass or the After 2 pm Day/Night Combo ticket. The event offers something for everyone, whether you want to avoid the scares and take in one of the park's shows, or if you want to brave the mazes that will test your courage.


Underwood Family Farms

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One of the main events to look forward to at Underwood Family Farms is pumpkin picking. Visitors can enjoy wandering through the fields, searching for and selecting the perfect pumpkin to carve or decorate. Children also get to learn about the various types of pumpkins available, such as Cinderella, Jack-o'-lanterns, and White Ghost varieties. While you are here, make sure to try out the farm's famous pumpkin spice latte, which is a perfect way to beat the fall morning chill.

Aside from pumpkin picking, visitors can explore the farm's various attractions, such as the corn maze, hayrides, and animal encounters. The corn maze is a perfect spot for visitors to put their orienteering skills to the test while having fun with family and friends; it is an exciting activity that is perfect for all ages. For animal lovers, the farm offers the opportunity to feed goats, pet rabbits, and even milk a cow in a lively and interactive environment.

Another excellent reason to visit Underwood Family Farms during the fall is the various events that the farm hosts. One such occasion is the annual pumpkin festival, which attracts thousands of visitors each year. The festival is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy live music, indulge in delicious food, and participate in various fun activities. There's also a pie-eating contest, a costume parade, and a lot more to keep you entertained.

Moreover, if you're wondering when you should visit Underwood Family Farms to have the best fall experience, it is open seven days a week from the end of September through the end of October. However, the farm remains open on weekends until Christmas for Christmas tree shopping. Arrive at the farm early in the day if possible to avoid the crowds and for the best pumpkin picking experience.

In conclusion, visiting Underwood Family Farms during the fall offers a perfect opportunity to experience the season in a unique way. The activities available, such as pumpkin picking, hayrides, animal encounters, and the pumpkin festival, make it a fantastic destination for family and friends of all ages. Be sure to bring your camera, as the picturesque farm makes a perfect setting for taking scenic photos. If you're looking for a memorable way to enjoy the fall in Los Angeles, a visit to Underwood Family Farms is a must.

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L. A. County Fair

Source: www.timeout.com

The L.A. County Fair is one of the most anticipated events of the year for locals and visitors alike. Held annually, the fair is a celebration of the season and all that fall has to offer. With a lineup of attractions spanning from mid-August to early September, the fair is a perfect place to make lasting memories with friends and family.

The fair's location is the Fairplex, a great setting that adds to the experience. Situated in Pomona, which is approximately 30 miles east of Los Angeles, Fairplex is easy to access and park at using the FairValet program. The program allows visitors to reserve a spot and have their vehicle valet parked, making it more convenient to enjoy the fair's rides and exhibits.

The fairgrounds are enormous, so it's recommended that visitors plan their day accordingly. Upon entering the fair, grab a map to familiarize yourself with the layout of the venue’s attractions. Visitors can spend hours browsing the exhibits; there is a wide variety of exhibits featuring fine arts, cooking, agriculture, animals, and horticulture. Another way to see everything is on the Grandstand Line, a picturesque, narrated trip on a golf cart that takes visitors through the entire fairgrounds.

The L.A. County Fair's carnival rides and games are a must-try for visitors of all ages. There is something for everyone, from gentle rides like the Ferris wheel to the more daring ones like the roller coaster. For those seeking more excitement, there are night concerts featuring a range of popular artists, including orchestral performances in the Pacific Amphitheatre.

One of the most popular attractions at the L.A. County Fair is the delectable menus at the food stalls. The fair's menu is carefully curated to include some of the best street foods from around the country. From the classic favorites like corn dogs and funnel cakes to daring combinations like deep-fried Oreos and pickles, there's something for everyone. Additionally, there are also international flavors, including Mexican, Greek, Italian, and Asian foods.

It's not just food that the L.A. County Fair excels at. Visitors can also shop for local products at the fair's farm market, where an array of fresh produce, artisanal products, and locally grown goods are on offer. Visitors can also watch live performances and exhibitions from local artists and craftspeople across Southern California.

In conclusion, the L.A. County Fair offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a foodie, an art enthusiast, a thrill-seeker, or just looking for a fun time, the fair is the ultimate destination. The fair runs from mid-August to early September, so be sure to plan your visit before it ends. With the fair's easy access and ample parking, visitors can make the most of their time there. Don't miss out on the opportunity; visit the L.A. County Fair for a day of fun, thrills, and lots of autumnal magic.

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L. A. Zoo Lights

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Fall is a magical time in Los Angeles, and one of the must-see events of the season is the L.A. Zoo Lights. As soon as the sun sets, the zoo transforms into a wonderland of lights and colors, offering visitors a unique and memorable experience.

The L.A. Zoo Lights event takes place from mid-November through early January, making it the perfect holiday season activity for families, couples, or groups of friends looking for things to do in Los Angeles. The event is held at the Los Angeles Zoo, which is located in the Griffith Park area, just a few miles from downtown LA.

There's something for everyone at L.A. Zoo Lights. You can walk through the Enchanted Forest, where you'll see glittering light displays of animals and mythical creatures. You can also visit the interactive "Twinkle Tunnel," which features hundreds of LED lights that change color as you walk through it. And for the kids, there's a "Reindeer Village," where they can feed real reindeer and take pictures with Santa Claus.

One of the most impressive things about the L.A. Zoo Lights is the attention to detail in the light displays. From the twinkling lights of the Savanna to the snow-covered Arctic Circle, every area of the zoo is transformed into a magical winter wonderland. It's a great opportunity to take stunning photos in a unique setting.

If you're planning to visit L.A. Zoo Lights, there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, it's a popular event, so expect crowds, especially on weekends and holidays. It's also wise to purchase tickets in advance, as they often sell out quickly. The event is open every day except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and tickets range from $16 to $21 per person, depending on the date.

To make the most of your visit, be sure to dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes, as you will be walking around the zoo for a while. There are plenty of food and drink options available throughout the zoo, so bring your appetite as well. And if you're looking for some unique holiday gifts, there are also plenty of vendors selling handmade crafts and souvenirs.

Overall, the L.A. Zoo Lights is a magical and unforgettable experience that's perfect for families, couples, or anyone looking for some holiday cheer in Los Angeles. From the dazzling light displays to the interactive experiences, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So why not make this year's holiday season truly special and visit the L.A. Zoo Lights?

In the words of Zoo Director Denise Verret, "L.A. Zoo Lights truly celebrates the holidays in an unforgettable and family-friendly way. Each year, we try to make it even more magical than the last, with new light displays and interactive experiences that everyone can enjoy. We're excited to share the wonder and joy of L.A. Zoo Lights with visitors from near and far this holiday season."

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Pumpkin Festival at Kidspace

Source: www.funwithkidsinla.com

Fall is here and that means it's time for pumpkin patches and fall festivals. One of the best fall events in Los Angeles is the annual Pumpkin Festival at Kidspace Children's Museum. Located in Pasadena, the festival is a family-friendly event that offers a variety of fun activities for children and adults.

The festival spans two weekends in October and takes place on the expansive grounds of the Kidspace Children's Museum. The festival has something for everyone, including pumpkin carving, face painting, carnival games, bounce houses, and crafts. The festival is particularly popular with families with young children, and it is a great way to experience the fall season in Southern California.

One of the main attractions of the Pumpkin Festival is the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch is a great opportunity for children to learn about the life cycle of pumpkins and the different varieties of pumpkins that are available. In addition to the pumpkin patch, there are hayrides and a petting zoo, which are always a hit with children.

Another highlight of the festival is the storytelling sessions. Professional storytellers tell spooky stories and folktales that are appropriate for children of all ages. The storytelling sessions are a great way to get in the Halloween spirit and to learn more about the history and traditions of the holiday.

The Pumpkin Festival at Kidspace is also a great place to enjoy fall treats. There are food trucks and vendors that offer a variety of fall-themed snacks, such as hot apple cider, pumpkin pie, and caramel apples. The festival also has a beer and wine garden for adults.

To get the most out of the Pumpkin Festival at Kidspace, it's best to arrive early. The festival gets very crowded, especially on weekends, and attractions like the pumpkin patch and petting zoo can have long lines. It's also a good idea to wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers as the weather can be unpredictable in Southern California.

In addition to the Pumpkin Festival, Kidspace Children's Museum is also a great place to visit year-round. The museum has interactive exhibits that are educational and fun for children of all ages. The exhibits cover a range of topics, from science and math to art and music.

Overall, the Pumpkin Festival at Kidspace Children's Museum is a must-visit event for families in Los Angeles. The festival is a great way to celebrate the fall season and to enjoy a variety of activities that are appropriate for children of all ages. With pumpkin carving, hayrides, storytelling, and fall-themed treats, the Pumpkin Festival has everything you need to get into the Halloween spirit.

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Fall in Full Bloom at the Huntington

Source: tinybeans.com

The arrival of fall brings a sense of crispness in the air, and a refreshing change in landscape. Visiting the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens in Los Angeles during this season is a sure way to immerse oneself in the beauty of autumn. The gardens, spanning across 120 acres, offer a myriad of unique and awe-inspiring experiences. Here are some of the best things to do at the Huntington during fall.

One cannot miss the Japanese Garden while visiting Huntington’s. A stroll around this tranquil oasis amidst the falling leaves is a rejuvenating experience. The vibrant hues of Japanese maples, sweetgum, and gingko trees on display during fall make for breathtaking scenery. Be sure to visit the Japanese House, which provides an authentic glimpse of traditional Japanese architecture and aesthetics. The view of the garden from the guest house is truly something to behold.

Another must-see is the Rose Garden. While one might associate rose blooms with spring and summer, it's during fall when the flowers showcase their last burst of blooms before dormancy. The Rose Garden provides one of the most colorful and fragrant displays of the season. Delicate pink petals, deep reds, and dusty yellow undertones add to the stunning fall colors on display.

For those who love foliage, the Camellia Garden is a splendid choice. The garden features over 10,000 camellias of various types and hues, and is one of the largest displays of camellias in North America. The fall season also happens to be when camellias bloom, making it the perfect time to witness this floral wonder.

If you’re seeking an off-beat garden experience, the Desert Garden features a unique selection of cacti, succulents, and other fascinating desert plants from around the world. During the fall season, the shorter daylight hours bring about a unique quality of light that casts a dramatic hue over the desert flora.

While exploring the outdoors of the Huntington is a must, the Art Museum and Library are also worth a visit. The Library’s vast collection of rare and unique books, manuscripts, and photographs is an experience in and of itself. The museum features a wide range of art exhibits, including American and European art, including Winslow Homer’s “Snap the Whip” and Edward Hopper’s “New York Restaurant.”

In conclusion, there’s no better way to experience the beauty of the fall season than with a trip to the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens. The gardens are open year-round, making the fall season a prime time to experience the lovely hues and crisp air of the season. Visitors can explore the serene ambiance of the Japanese Garden, relish the sights and smells of the last blooms of the Rose Garden, be fascinated by the unique desert plants at the Desert Garden, and feel soothed by the stunning colors of the Camellia Garden. Don’t forget to visit the Art Museum and Library for even more cultural and artistic indulgence. Until your next trip to Huntington, remember the wise words of John McPhee, “The wilderness this moment holds answers to questions worth asking, and while people who hurry through the woods are in search of answers they already have, the guide has grown interested in questions they have not yet considered.”


Old Pasadena Day of the Dead

Source: Discover Los Angeles

The Old Pasadena Day of the Dead is an event not to be missed for any fall enthusiast in Los Angeles. The festival, which takes place annually in Old Pasadena, celebrates the Mexican holiday that honours the dead. The event’s main draw is the incredible parade, featuring vibrant costumes, traditional dance performances and, of course, the signature calavera face paint.

The festival is held over two days, October 31st and November 1st, and boasts a range of fun activities, including art exhibits, live music, and food vendors. One of the festival’s major attractions is the art installations that line the streets. These exhibits explore the concept of life and death through the eyes of traditional Mexican artists, creating an immersive and thought-provoking experience.

The parade itself is definitely something to see. Colourful floats adorned with traditional altars, musical performances, and giant puppets, meander through the streets of Old Pasadena. Visitors are encouraged to dress up in traditional Day of the Dead costumes and join in the fun. The entire event is a celebration of life, and a unique way to honour the dead.

One of the highlights of the Old Pasadena Day of the Dead is stumbling upon the many street performers and vendors found throughout the festival. Local artists have a strong presence, selling everything from hand-crafted jewellery to painted calaveras, and there is no shortage of street vendors serving up authentic Mexican cuisine.

For anyone attending the festival, it’s worth noting that parking can be a challenge. Arriving early or using public transport is a must. If you’re looking for an authentic experience, it’s also worth considering staying in one of the many hotels in the area. Many of these hotels will be decorated for the occasion, offering visitors an immersive Day of the Dead experience.

The Old Pasadena Day of the Dead festival is a can’t-miss event for anyone in the Los Angeles area. Whether you’re there for the parade, the art exhibits, or the food, the festival is a celebration of life and a vital part of the Mexican tradition. Be sure to dress up, pack your camera, and arrive early to make the most of your experience. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

In conclusion, the Old Pasadena Day of the Dead festival is a fantastic way to celebrate the transition from summer to winter while honouring the Mexican tradition of Dia de Los Muertos. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, this event is sure to be a highlight of your fall season. From the incredible parade to the art exhibits and food vendors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So don’t miss out – arrive early, dress up, and join in the fun!

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Yamashiro Hollywood Cemetery screenings

Source: Curbed LA

The Hollywood Cemetery is known for its star-studded complex, buried with famous Hollywood celebrities, there's one notable addition that takes place during the fall. For several years now, the Yamashiro Hollywood Cemetery has invited locals and tourists alike to gather and watch movies under the stars. These outdoor screenings have grown to be one of the most requested things to do during the season.

Located in the heart of Hollywood, the Yamashiro Hollywood Cemetery offers a unique vantage point to watch movies surrounded by the city's rich history. The century-old cemetery grounds offer a picturesque backdrop to some of Hollywood's timeless classics. It has an impressive view of Hollywood Hills, and the Hollywood sign visible from every angle makes it the perfect spot to entertain visitors.

Yamashiro Hollywood Cemetery offers an extensive lineup of films that cater to every taste. From classic movies like "Gone with the Wind" and "The Godfather" to contemporary flicks like "The Shape of Water" and "Get Out," there is a movie for everyone to be entertained. For those that are interested in horror, the cemetery has hosted an array of scary movies during Halloween month.

Arrive early to get a spot close to the screen. Gates usually open at 6:00 in the evening. Don't forget to bring a blanket or a chair and a picnic basket containing your favorite libations. It is essential to remember that while they do not sell food and drinks on the property, there are several restaurants nearby that offer catering services.

There is a palpable excitement amongst the crowd before the screening starts. There is an almost eerie silence that washes over the still-busy city as the movie starts. It's quite a surreal experience to watch classic movie clips with the stars resting nearby. All in all, it is a one-of-a-kind location that offers visitors the opportunity to experience something genuinely unique.

The experience of watching movies in the cemetery is both exciting and peaceful. The graveyard is well-maintained, and visitors will feel safe and secure throughout the night. Moreover, it is not just a movie screening, but an event. Several people are eager to make new friends and talk about their favorite classics. The Yamashiro Hollywood Cemetery screenings allow everyone to have an immersive and unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, the Yamashiro Hollywood Cemetery offers a delightful experience that combines a love of film with a sense of history. It appeals to those looking for things to do during the fall season, with a wide range of movies to cater to every taste. This location is ideal not only for locals but also for tourists fascinated with Hollywood and its rich history. So next time you're in Los Angeles during the fall season, head on down to Yamashiro Hollywood Cemetery, and let yourself get lost in the magic of Hollywood.


Oktoberfest at Alpine Village

Source: Time Out

The festival takes place every Friday through Sunday from mid-September through late October.

During this time, the village is transformed into a German wonderland, complete with a beer hall in the heart of the village, overflowing with all types of German beer, like Spaten Oktoberfest and Warsteiner Dunkel, a traditional dark beer in Germany. The atmosphere is that of a family-friendly and festive celebration, featuring a contagious energy that all ages can enjoy.

Visitors looking to experience the ultimate Oktoberfest experience should come dressed in their finest German attire. Dirndl dresses and Lederhosen catch the eye of everyone, allowing visitors to fully immerse in the culture of the festival.

In addition to beer, Alpine Village serves authentic German cuisine, including schnitzel, sauerkraut, and a wide range of bratwursts. For those with a sweet tooth, Oktoberfest’s traditional pastry, Bavarian Brezel, is highly recommended.

To make the most of your visit to Oktoberfest at Alpine Village, arrive early and plan to stay all day, experiencing every aspect the festival has to offer. Make sure to catch one of the most popular parts of Oktoberfest, the entertainment, featuring traditional German music and dancing, as well as exclusive events like the Miss Oktoberfest pageant.

One of the best parts of Oktoberfest at Alpine Village is the community spirit which permeates the festival. Sharing beer steins with strangers quickly turns into shared laughter and building new friendships. Oktoberfest unites people and erases differences, creating a one-of-a-kind multicultural experience.

In summary, Oktoberfest at Alpine Village is an incredible cultural event and one of the best fall things to do in Los Angeles. From the traditional German music and dancing to the amazing food and beer, this festival has something for everyone. Remember to dress up and plan a whole day of festivities! Come be a part of the joy of Oktoberfest, and experience for yourself the bond that exists over a good beer and hearty cheers. As Benjamin Franklin once famously proclaimed, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

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- Some of the best fall events to attend in Los Angeles include the LA County Fair, the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, the Dia de los Muertos festival in Hollywood, the LA Oktoberfest, and the Santa Monica Pier Sea Monster Ball.

- Los Angeles is not known for its autumnal colors, but some of the best places to see fall foliage in the city include the Descanso Gardens, the Griffith Observatory, the Arboretum of Los Angeles County, and the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

- Some family-friendly fall activities to do in Los Angeles include visiting a pumpkin patch, going to a corn maze, taking a scenic fall foliage drive, attending a fall festival or fair, and going on a hayride.

- Some of the best fall hikes in Los Angeles include the Los Liones Trail, the Griffith Park Loop Trail, the Will Rogers State Historic Park Trail, the Temescal Canyon Loop Trail, and the Eaton Canyon Trail.

- Some indoor fall activities to do in Los Angeles on rainy days include visiting museums and art galleries such as the Getty Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, going to the movies, visiting a winery or brewery, or attending a cooking class.

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Delores Russo

Fall is such a beautiful time in Los Angeles. One activity I always look forward to is visiting the various farmers markets in the city. They are filled with fresh, local produce that is perfect for cooking cozy fall meals. Another thing I love doing is going to the beach. The crowds are smaller and the weather is still warm enough to enjoy the sun and sand. Los Angeles also has some great fall festivals, like Oktoberfest, where you can try delicious food and drinks while enjoying live music. Fall in Los Angeles truly has something for everyone and I can't wait to explore more of what the city has to offer this season.

Byron Payne

I absolutely love fall in Los Angeles! One of my favorite things to do is visit the pumpkin patches in the area. It's so much fun picking out the perfect pumpkin and then carving it at home. Another thing I enjoy is going for hikes in the nearby mountains. The weather is perfect for it, not too hot but still sunny. And of course, I can't forget about Halloween. Los Angeles has some amazing haunted houses and spooky events that are a must-visit during the fall season. Overall, there are so many fun activities to do in Los Angeles during fall and I can't wait to experience them all!
I'm so glad to hear that you love fall in Los Angeles! Visiting pumpkin patches and picking out the perfect pumpkin sounds like such a fun activity. Carving pumpkins at home is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. Going for hikes in the nearby mountains must be a great way to enjoy the cool weather and beautiful scenery. I agree, the sunny yet not-too-hot weather is perfect for outdoor activities. Halloween in Los Angeles sounds absolutely amazing with its haunted houses and spooky events. I hope you have a fantastic fall season and enjoy all the fun activities Los Angeles has to offer!

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