11 Fun Things To Do On Friday The 13Th

fun things to do on friday the 13th

Are you one of the many people who gets a little spooked by Friday the 13th? Fear not, there are plenty of fun ways to embrace this superstitious day. From spooky movie marathons to exploring local haunted spots, we've rounded up 11 fun activities to make the most of this mysterious Friday. So sit back, grab your lucky rabbit's foot (or not), and let's get started on celebrating Friday the 13th in style.

Activity Description
Watch a scary movie Get spooked with a classic horror flick
Have a game night Invite friends over for board games or video games
Bake spooky treats Whip up some creepy confections for a party
Take a night hike Explore the outdoors and keep an eye out for ghosts
Visit a haunted attraction Get your scare on at a local haunted house
Have a costume party Dress up in Halloween costumes for fun
Try an escape room Solve puzzles to escape before the clock runs out
Tell scary stories Gather around a campfire and share spooky tales
Go ghost hunting Investigate reportedly haunted locations
Attend a séance Attempt to communicate with the spirit world


Movie marathon at home

Source: www.thepopverse.com

Friday the 13th is a superstitious day that many people believe to be unlucky. However, if you're one of the brave ones who is not afraid of this day, there are many fun things you can do to celebrate. One of the most popular ways to spend the day is by having a movie marathon at home.

If you're a horror movie fan, Friday the 13th is the perfect day to get your fix of scares and thrills. Gather your favorite horror movies, snacks, and drinks and settle down for a day of cinematic horror. Here are some movies that you might want to consider adding to your marathon:

  • Friday the 13th - If you're going to have a movie marathon on Friday the 13th, you can't miss the movie that started it all. The 1980 classic is considered one of the most iconic horror films of all time and features the infamous serial killer Jason Voorhees.
  • Halloween - The 1978 film is one of the most popular horror films ever made and features Jamie Lee Curtis in her breakout role. The movie follows the story of Michael Myers, a serial killer who returns to his hometown on Halloween night to wreak havoc.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street - This 1984 classic stars Johnny Depp in his first major film role and features Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, a disfigured serial killer who kills his victims in their dreams.
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - This 1974 movie is famous for its gritty, raw portrayal of violence. The film follows a group of teenagers who become victims of a family of cannibals.
  • Scream - This 1996 film is a modern classic and features a meta-horror approach, satirizing the horror genre while still scaring audiences.

If you're not a horror movie fan, don't worry, there are still plenty of great movies that you can enjoy on Friday the 13th. Here are some non-horror options:

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off - This 1986 classic is a lighthearted comedy that follows the adventures of high school student Ferris Bueller as he skips school and explores Chicago with his best friend and girlfriend.
  • The Breakfast Club - This 1985 movie is a coming-of-age drama that follows five high school students from different cliques who spend a Saturday detention together.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - This 2010 movie is a comedy-action-fantasy film that follows musician Scott Pilgrim as he battles his girlfriend's seven evil exes.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You - This 1999 film is a romantic comedy that is loosely based on Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew."
  • Mean Girls - This 2004 movie is a comedy that follows Cady Heron as she navigates high school and tries to fit in with the popular crowd.

In conclusion, Friday the 13th can be a fun day to celebrate if you're not superstitious. A movie marathon at home is a great way to spend the day, whether you're a fan of horror films or not. Pick some of your favorite movies, invite some friends over, and have a great time. Just don't forget to keep the lights on!

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Play board games with friends

Source: www.apartmenttherapy.com

Friday the 13th is often associated with bad luck and superstition. However, there's no reason to let these ideas ruin your day. Why not gather some friends and have some fun playing board games? Here are some suggestions to make your Friday the 13th a day to remember:

  • Host a board game night: Invite your friends over and make it a game night. Ask everyone to bring their favorite board games and have a variety of options to play.
  • Play horror-themed games: If you're looking to add some thrill to the night, play horror-themed board games, such as Betrayal at Baldur's Gate or Last Night on Earth. These games will get your heart racing and add to the fun of the day.
  • Make spooky snacks and drinks: What's a board game night without snacks? Make some creepy treats or drinks to add to the vibe. You could try making ghostly cupcakes or a witch's brew punch.
  • Have a costume contest: If you and your friends are feeling extra festive, have a costume contest. Encourage your friends to dress up in their spookiest or most creative costumes.
  • Choose cooperative games: Playing cooperative games where everyone works together to achieve a common goal can be a great way to bond and have fun. Games like Pandemic or Forbidden Island can provide an engaging challenge for everyone involved.
  • Take turns picking games: To keep things fair, take turns letting each person pick a game to play. This way, everyone gets a say in what they want to play.
  • Add some music: Music can help set the mood and make everything feel more festive. Add some spooky songs to your playlist, or choose some nostalgia-inducing tunes from your childhood.

In conclusion, Friday the 13th doesn't have to be a day of bad luck and superstition. Instead, make the most of it with friends and have fun playing board games. By following these suggestions, you can have a fun and memorable Friday the 13th.


Visit a haunted house or tour

Source: www.narcity.com

Are you ready for some spooky fun? If you're looking for something exciting to do on Friday the 13th, why not visit a haunted house or take a ghost tour? Whether you're a thrill-seeker or simply love a good scare, there are plenty of options to choose from.

First on the list is visiting a haunted house. These attractions are designed to scare the living daylights out of you, with creepy hallways, sudden jumps, and terrifying actors. Popular haunted houses include Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Knott's Scary Farm, and The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor. Some haunted houses are even located in actual haunted locations, adding to the thrill.

If a haunted house seems a bit too intense, consider taking a ghost tour. Many cities offer guided tours that take you to allegedly haunted locations. You'll hear stories about the ghosts and spirits that are said to roam the halls and learn about the history behind each location. Some tours even include investigations using equipment like EMF detectors and EVP recorders.

Another fun option is attending a Friday the 13th-themed event. Many businesses and organizations host events that are geared toward this spooky date. You might find a movie screening of classic horror movies, a costume contest, or a creepy crawl through a local park or cemetery. Check online or in your local newspaper for events near you.

If you're feeling particularly brave, you could try to summon spirits in your own home. Ouija boards, pendulums, and other divination tools can be used to communicate with the other side. Keep in mind, though, that this can be a dangerous activity. Only attempt it if you are experienced in using these tools and know how to protect yourself from negative energies.

In conclusion, there are plenty of fun things to do on Friday the 13th, whether you prefer a haunted house, ghost tour, themed event, or a night of divination. Just remember to stay safe and have fun!

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Have a bonfire with spooky stories

Source: baltimoremediablog.com

Friday the 13th is often viewed as a day of bad luck and ominous happenings. However, it doesn't have to be a day full of negativity and fear. In fact, it can be an opportunity to have a fun and memorable night with friends or family. One activity that you can do to make the most of this spooky occasion is to have a bonfire with spooky stories.

Gather a few close friends or family members and light up a bonfire in your backyard or at a nearby park. Make sure to have enough firewood, matches, and marshmallows for everyone. Once the fire is going, it's time to tell some spooky stories to set the mood.

You can choose to tell real-life ghost stories or urban legends. You can also research some local haunted spots or unsolved mysteries to add a personal touch to your storytelling. Make sure to set the tone with dim lighting and eerie background music. You can even dress up in Halloween costumes to add to the spooky atmosphere.

To make the night even more fun, you can play some games such as flashlight tag or hide-and-seek in the dark. This will not only add to the scary vibe but also give you a chance to spend quality time with your loved ones.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can even put up some decorations such as cobwebs, fake spiders, and pumpkins. This will transform the area around the bonfire into a spooky, haunted place.

By having a bonfire with spooky stories, you will not only make the most of Friday the 13th but also create lasting memories with your friends and family. So, don't let the superstitions around this date stop you from having a good time. Embrace the spooky side and have a bonfire with your loved ones.

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Create a DIY escape room

Source: www.youtube.com

Are you looking for a way to make your Friday the 13th exciting and adventurous? Why not create your own DIY escape room? It's a fun and exciting activity that can be done with friends or family.

First, create a storyline or theme for your escape room. Whether it's a haunted house, a treasure hunt, or a murder mystery, think of a storyline that will keep your participants engaged and immersed in the experience.

Next, design your puzzles or challenges. You can use a variety of puzzles such as riddles, word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, and more. Try to make the puzzles challenging but not impossible to solve. You can also incorporate props and clues that are relevant to your storyline.

Once you have designed your puzzles, set up the room or area where the escape room will take place. You can use furniture, decorations, and lighting to create the ambiance for your escape room. Be sure to have a designated start and finish point for your participants.

Finally, invite your friends or family to take part in your DIY escape room. Give them the storyline and rules, and watch as they work together to solve the puzzles and escape to victory!

Creating a DIY escape room is a unique and exciting way to spend Friday the 13th with your loved ones. With a creative storyline, challenging puzzles, and immersive ambiance, you are bound to have a great time. So put on your thinking cap and get started on your own DIY escape room today!

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Bake Halloween-themed treats

Source: www.etsy.com

Friday the 13th is traditionally considered an unlucky day, but that doesn't mean you can't have some spooky fun! With Halloween approaching, why not spend the day baking some delicious Halloween-themed treats to get into the holiday spirit? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Pumpkin-shaped Sugar Cookies: Whip up a batch of sugar cookie dough and use a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter to create cute Halloween treats. Use orange and green icing to decorate each pumpkin cookie to look like a jack-o-lantern.
  • Spiderweb Brownies: Prepare your favorite brownie recipe, and once they are cooled, spread vanilla frosting on top. Use melted chocolate to create a spiderweb pattern on top of the frosting. Add a plastic spider on top for a creepy finishing touch.
  • Ghostly Meringues: Beat egg whites and sugar together to create meringue mix. Pipe the mixture into ghostly shapes on a baking tray and bake until they are light and crisp. Add mini chocolate chips for eyes and mouth to create a spooky treat.
  • Witch Hat Cupcakes: Fill cupcake cases with your favorite flavor cake mixture, and bake as per the instructions of the recipe . Once cooled, dip the cupcakes in chocolate ganache, and top with a chocolate Hershey's kiss. Use black icing to draw a buckle on the witch hat.
  • Eyeball Cake Pops: Bake a cake of your choice, crumb it and knead it into cake balls dipped in a white candy coating. Use black icing to draw a pupil and red sprinkles for veins to create the eyeball theme .This makes for a delightfully spooky treat!

With these tasty Halloween treats, the possibilities are endless. So, roll up your sleeves, fire up your oven, and let your creativity run wild on Friday the 13th!

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Attend a virtual ghost tour or paranormal investigation

Source: www.travelandleisure.com

Friday the 13th may be considered an unlucky day by some but, for others, it's a fun opportunity to get creative and spooky. If you're looking for something unique to do on Friday the 13th, attending a virtual ghost tour or paranormal investigation may be a thrilling option.

In recent years, the popularity of virtual ghost tours and paranormal investigations has soared. With the rise of online platforms such as Zoom and TikTok, paranormal enthusiasts can now participate in ghostly activities from the comfort of their own homes.

During a virtual ghost tour, you'll be taken on a creepy journey through haunted locations while learning about the spooky history and legends that surround them. These tours can cover a wide range of topics, including famous haunted houses, cemeteries, and even entire towns.

Similarly, a virtual paranormal investigation can allow you to explore haunted locations with paranormal experts. These experts use various tools such as EMF meters and spirit boxes to communicate with entities and investigate any unexplained phenomena.

Attending a virtual ghost tour or paranormal investigation is a fun way to experience the paranormal from the comfort of your own home. You can invite your friends and family to join in on the fun and create a spooky atmosphere by turning off the lights and lighting candles.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a unique and spooky activity to do on Friday the 13th, attending a virtual ghost tour or paranormal investigation can be a thrilling option. With the rise of online platforms, paranormal enthusiasts can now explore haunted locations from the comfort of their own homes. So, go ahead and embrace the spooky side of Friday the 13th!


Host a murder mystery dinner party

Source: www.nbcnews.com

Friday the 13th is notorious for being an unlucky day. However, instead of succumbing to superstition, why not make the most of it and host a murder mystery dinner party? This is the perfect way to enjoy some fun and excitement with friends or family on an otherwise ominous day.

Hosting a murder mystery dinner party might sound daunting, but it can be a lot of fun and doesn't require as much preparation as you might think. Most murder mystery games provide everything you need, including character descriptions, backstory, and clues. All you have to do is assign each guest a character and provide them with their information.

To set the mood, create a spooky ambiance by dimming the lights and using candles, cobwebs, and other Halloween decorations. Encourage guests to dress up in costumes that match their characters, and have funerals music playing in the background to set the mood.

Before guests arrive, set up the scene of the crime, complete with fake bloodstains, a weapon, and other props. While guests mingle and enjoy dinner, they will be presented with clues that will help them solve the murder mystery. As the night progresses, tension will rise, and guests will need to use their detective skills to unravel the mystery.

Of course, the most important part of the murder mystery dinner party is the food. Serve spooky but delicious dishes like coffin-shaped sandwiches, brain dip, and graveyard cake. You can also create a signature cocktail or mocktail that matches the theme of the party.

Overall, hosting a murder mystery dinner party is an excellent way to have some Friday the 13th fun while also providing a thrilling experience for your guests. So, embrace the unluckiness of the day and make it a night to remember!


Go on a night hike in a nearby forest or park

Source: www.travelportland.com

Friday the 13th is commonly associated with bad luck, superstitions, and ominous feelings. However, instead of locking yourself indoors, why not make the most of this extraordinary day by embarking on a night hike? A night hike is an adventurous and fun activity that can boost your adrenaline, leaving you energized and renewed.

One of the best ways to enjoy a night hike is by exploring a nearby forest or park. Not only will you escape the hustle and bustle of the city, but you'll also get to experience the peacefulness and tranquility of nature. However, before setting out, make sure you have the right equipment. A good flashlight, sturdy backpack, comfortable hiking shoes, and a map of the area are all necessary items for a safe and enjoyable hike.

As night falls, the forest or park transforms into a different world filled with unfamiliar sounds and sights. The rustling of leaves, the hooting of an owl, and the chirping of crickets may seem eerie at first, but soon you'll realize that you're in the midst of something magical. Take your time to appreciate the quietness of the night and the stars shining above you.

As you continue, pay attention to your surroundings, and take note of the different plants and animals you come across. You may observe nocturnal creatures, such as flying squirrels, bats, and rabbits. You'll also likely see various kinds of insects, from fireflies to moths, which whirl around seemingly like miniature disco balls. The mystery that surrounds the night enhances your appreciation of the beauty of nature.

One thing to keep in mind during your night hike is to be cautious of any potential dangers. Stay on marked trails, avoid stepping on objects that could trip you, and be alert for any sudden changes in the environment. Remember that night hikes require more focused attention than daytime hikes.

In conclusion, going on a night hike in a nearby forest or park is an excellent way to enjoy Friday the 13th. This activity is not only fun and exciting but can also enhance your appreciation of nature. Take the necessary precautions, use your senses, and enjoy the magic that surrounds you. Happy hiking!


Check out a Friday the 13th art exhibit

Source: www.thetimes.co.uk

Friday the 13th has always been associated with superstition, bad luck and fear. For some people, it's a day to stay indoors and keep a low profile to avoid any mishaps. But for others, it's an opportunity to have some fun and explore the darker side of things. If you're looking for an exciting way to embrace this mysterious date, why not check out a Friday the 13th art exhibit?

There's something uniquely thrilling about seeing the macabre and sinister brought to life through art. Many art galleries and museums host exhibits focused specifically on Friday the 13th, showcasing pieces that explore the themes of horror, misfortune, and superstition. These exhibits often feature a wide range of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and installations.

Visiting a Friday the 13th art exhibit can be an exhilarating and eye-opening experience. You'll get to see a variety of styles and interpretations, from haunting images of black cats and cloaked figures to abstract pieces that convey the sense of unease and tension that this date inspires. Some exhibits might even feature interactive installations or performances, giving you a chance to immerse yourself fully in the eerie atmosphere.

Aside from being a fun way to spend your Friday the 13th, a visit to an art exhibit can also be a learning experience. You may discover new artists whose work speaks to you, or gain a deeper appreciation for the role of superstition and fear in art throughout history. Additionally, many exhibits offer educational programs and resources, such as workshops, talks, or artist Q&A sessions, providing an opportunity to engage with the art and learn more about its context and creation.

Of course, not every city or town will have a Friday the 13th art exhibit, but it's worth checking out your local museums and galleries to see if any special exhibits are planned. If you don't find anything close to home, don't worry - you can always browse online galleries for a similar experience.

All in all, attending a Friday the 13th art exhibit is a fun way to embrace the spooky side of life and celebrate the unique energy of this date. Whether you're a dedicated fan of horror or just looking for a way to spice up your weekend, a visit to an art exhibit can be a thrilling and memorable experience. So why not embrace the dark side and explore what Friday the 13th has to offer?


Visit a cemetery for a midnight walk

Source: ew.com

Friday the 13th can be a superstitious and eerie day, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. If you're in the mood for a spooky adventure, why not consider visiting a cemetery for a midnight walk? Here are a few reasons why it could be a thrilling and enjoyable experience:

Firstly, visiting a cemetery can be an interesting way to learn about local history. Many cemeteries have headstones and monuments that date back hundreds of years and provide insight into the lives of people who lived in the area. You may even come across the grave of a well-known figure or local legend, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your visit.

Additionally, walking through a cemetery at night can be a unique and exhilarating experience. As you wander through the rows of headstones, you may hear the branches creaking in the wind or the sound of footsteps shuffling through the leaves. The darkness and quietness of the setting can be both eerie and peaceful, making it a perfect location for contemplation and reflection.

If you're visiting the cemetery with a group of friends, you can also make the experience more entertaining by creating your own ghost story or urban legend concerning the headstones you come across. This can be an amusing and creative way to bond and have a good time while embracing the spookiness of the day.

Of course, it's important to keep in mind that cemeteries are sacred places, so it's essential to be respectful of the environment and those who rest there. Make sure to stay on designated paths, avoid disturbing any graves or memorials and keep the noise level to a minimum.

In conclusion, visiting a cemetery for a midnight walk can provide a unique and unforgettable experience on Friday the 13th. Whether you're looking to learn about local history, embrace the eerie atmosphere or simply have a good time with friends, this can be a fun and memorable activity to partake in. Just remember to be respectful and mindful while enjoying your visit.

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You can organize a game night with friends, watch scary movies, or take a haunted ghost tour if there's one in your area.

You can try out new activities or hobbies that you might not usually have time for, like painting, crafting, or baking. You can also have a DIY spa night with friends.

Some towns or cities may hold special Friday the 13th events, like costume parties or zombie walks. You can also check for local concerts or performances happening on the date.

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