12 Exciting Activities To Try On Your Live Stream

fun things to do on live stream

Are you bored with your current routine of simply talking to your online audience during your live stream? Looking for ways to spice things up and make your broadcasts more engaging? Well, look no further! We've compiled a list of 12 exciting activities to try on your next live stream that will have your viewers on the edge of their seats. From interactive games to cooking and crafting tutorials, these ideas will help you take your online content to the next level and leave your followers wanting more. So, get ready to shake things up and let's dive into the world of exciting live streaming activities!


Cooking challenge

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Are you looking for a fun way to keep your viewers entertained on live stream? Why not try a cooking challenge? Cooking challenges are becoming increasingly popular among live streamers as they offer a fun and interactive way of engaging your viewers.

Here are some fun and easy cooking challenge ideas that you can implement on your live stream:

MasterChef Challenge

The MasterChef Challenge is a fun and engaging way of testing your cooking skills against your viewers. The idea is to challenge your viewers to suggest a particular recipe, which you then have to cook within a specified time frame. You can then judge the viewers' submissions and choose a winner based on taste, presentation, and execution. The challenge is certain to get your viewers excited and engaged.

Mystery Ingredient Challenge

The Mystery Ingredient Challenge is a fun twist on the traditional cooking challenge. The idea is to pick an ingredient that would normally be used in a specific dish, and then challenge your viewers to use it creatively in a completely different dish. Your viewers can submit their recipes, and you can then choose the most creative one to feature on your stream.

Speed Cooking Challenge

The Speed Cooking Challenge is a fun challenge that tests your speed, creativity, and cooking skills. The rules are simple: you have a set time limit (say 30 minutes) to cook a tasty and appealing dish. The challenge is to see who can create the tastiest dish within the given time limit. You can also invite your viewers to share their own recipes to make it more interactive.

One-Pot Challenge

The One-Pot Challenge is a fun cooking challenge that requires you to cook a complete meal in just one pot. The challenge can be a race against time or a creative challenge where you have to use a specific set of ingredients to create a tasty meal. The challenge not only offers an opportunity to showcase your cooking skills but also teaches viewers about the importance of using minimal kitchen tools.

Just remember to keep the cooking challenge fun, engaging, and interactive. Cooking challenges can be an excellent way of engaging your viewers and keeping them entertained, and it can also help you grow your audience on your live stream. So, what are you waiting for? Get cooking and start streaming!

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Virtual escape room

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Are you looking for a fun and exciting challenge to do on your live stream? Why not try a virtual escape room!

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years, and with the advancement in technology, it is now possible to experience the thrill of an escape room from the comfort of your own home. A virtual escape room is a perfect way to engage with your audience and provide them with a unique and interactive experience.

There are several virtual escape room platforms available, some of which are free and some that require a fee. These platforms offer a variety of themes and challenges for you and your audience to choose from. You can select a theme that suits your audience's interests, such as fantasy or mystery, and find a virtual escape room that matches it.

To prepare for the virtual escape room, you will need to create a dedicated space where you can interact with your audience while solving the challenge. You can use a webcam or a live streaming tool to capture your reactions and engage with your audience as you navigate through the virtual escape room. Make sure to create a fun and exciting atmosphere with appropriate background music or sound effects to enhance the experience.

The virtual escape room will provide you and your audience with a series of clues and puzzles to solve, which will lead you to the final solution. You will need to work together to uncover the hidden mysteries and escape before time runs out. It's an excellent way to develop teamwork and communication skills as you collaborate with your audience to solve the challenge.

In conclusion, a virtual escape room is a fun and engaging activity to include on your live stream. It provides a unique and interactive experience for both you and your audience, and it's a perfect way to develop teamwork and communication skills. So next time you're looking for something fun to do on your live stream, why not try a virtual escape room!

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Trivia game

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In the era of social distancing, live streaming has emerged as an important source of entertainment for people. It has helped people to stay connected with their loved ones and have fun together. If you are someone who is looking for fun things to do on live stream, then a trivia game can be a great option.


The first step to hosting a trivia game on live stream is to prepare for the game. You need to select the categories and questions beforehand. Depending on your target audience, you can select categories like history, science, music, movies, TV shows, sports, and geography. Ideally, you should have around 10-15 questions in each category. This will ensure that the game is long enough to keep the players engaged but not too long that it becomes too tiring.

You can also use online resources like trivia websites, quiz books, or mobile apps to find interesting questions. Make sure to check the answers to the questions beforehand to avoid any confusion. You can also create your own questions if you prefer to personalize the game.


Once you have prepared the questions, it's time to start the game. You can either have all the players in one place or have them join the live stream from different locations. To make it more engaging, you can use a live chat function through which players can type their answers. Alternatively, you can also use an external website or app that allows the players to submit their answers quickly and easily.

You can set a time limit for each question to make the game more exciting. You can also introduce bonus points for players who answer the question correctly within a specific time frame.


Having a prize for the winner always makes the game more interesting. It can be anything from a gift card to a gift basket. You can also promote the game on social media platforms by creating a hashtag and inviting people to participate. This will help you to have a larger audience, and it will create buzz and excitement around the game.

In conclusion, hosting a trivia game on live stream can be a great way to have fun, connect with people and learn something new. With a little bit of preparation and creativity, you can make the game an entertaining and engaging experience for everyone involved.

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DIY craft project

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The first step in creating a DIY craft project for your live stream is to determine what kind of project you want to make. For beginners, simple projects such as creating a piece of jewelry or making a personalized sign are great places to start. Once you have a project in mind, you will need to gather all of the necessary supplies. Make sure that your viewers can easily access the supplies if they want to follow along.

Next, you will want to make sure that you have a good camera set up for your live stream. You want your viewers to be able to see what you are doing clearly, so positioning the camera so that it points directly at your workspace is essential. Make sure that the lighting is good too.

When you begin streaming, make sure to interact with your audience. Ask them about their own experience with the craft, and answer any questions they may have. Giving your viewers a chance to ask questions helps to keep them engaged and motivated to continue watching.

Another great way to keep your audience engaged is to offer them feedback or advice. After you have completed each step of the project, turn to the camera and ask your viewers if they were able to do the same. If they are not, offer suggestions as to what may have gone wrong, and give them tips on how to fix it.

Hosting a DIY craft project on your live stream can be a fun and engaging experience for you and your audience. With the proper preparation and presentation, it can be a great way to showcase your creativity while also teaching others how to create something they will cherish.

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Workout session

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Live streaming has become a popular way for people to engage with their followers, and there are many fun things to do on live stream. One of these is a workout session. Here are some tips for hosting a successful live stream workout session.

Choose the right platform

Choose a platform that is user-friendly and popular with your audience. Some of the most popular platforms for live streaming workouts include YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Choose a platform that suits you and also helps to reach out to your target audience more efficiently.

Plan your workout

Plan your workout routine in advance. Depending on what type of workout you will be doing, you may need specific equipment or a certain space. Plan your workout routine so it's easy to follow along at home.

Be interactive and engaging

Live streaming workout sessions can become very engaging when the host interacts with the audience. Encourage audience feedback and questions, and take time to address them during the session. Call out viewers by name throughout the stream to build a personal connection.

Keep it simple

When leading a workout session on live stream, keep it simple. Opt for exercises that are easy to understand and follow along. Make your routine beginner-friendly to include everyone, regardless of their fitness level.

Use visual cues

Using visual cues can make it easy to follow along with your workout routine. Consider using graphics or a visual timer to help your viewer stay motivated and track the exercise they are doing so that they won't get lost in the routine.

Encourage proper form

It's essential to encourage proper form during the workout session. Be sure to give tips and corrections to help viewers maintain proper posture and complete exercises safely.

Have Fun

Lastly, remember to have fun. Live streaming should be enjoyable for both you and your viewers. Don't take it too seriously and engage with your audience in a fun, playful and relaxed way.

In conclusion, hosting a workout session on live stream is a fun way to engage with your audience and promote healthy habits. It requires planning, expertise, and dedication to get it right, but the outcome can be hugely rewarding. By following these tips, you will create engaging and enjoyable content that people will want to watch and engage with.


Virtual concert

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Live streaming has become incredibly popular over the years, with plenty of content creators now opting to broadcast their activities and passions online. From gaming streams to crafting tutorials and beyond, there are countless ways to engage and entertain your audience on a live stream. If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to keep your viewers engaged, organizing a virtual concert could be just what you need.

Thanks to advancements in audio and video streaming technology, it's now possible to set up and broadcast live musical performances from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a talented musician or simply passionate about discovering new artists, organizing a virtual concert can be a great way to connect with your audience and showcase your creative talents.

To get started with organizing your virtual concert, you'll need to begin by picking your performers. This could be a solo performance by yourself or a group of friends, or you could reach out to other musicians and artists to join you on the virtual stage. Once you've determined your lineup, you'll need to set a date and time for the event and, of course, decide on what music you or your performers will be playing.

To ensure that your virtual concert is a success, you'll need to prioritize the technical side of things. This will involve setting up your audio and video equipment, deciding on the optimal broadcasting platform, and making sure your internet connection is stable and reliable.

Once you've got everything in place, it's time to go live! Don't forget to interact with your audience throughout the concert, responding to comments and answering questions to keep the engagement levels high. There are also plenty of fun ways to build excitement and keep things fresh, such as running giveaways or contests during the concert, encouraging your viewers to share the event on social media, or even letting your audience request songs for the performers to play.

Organizing a virtual concert can be an excellent way to have fun on your live stream while keeping your viewers engaged and entertained. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting out, there's nothing quite like the feeling of performing live in front of an online audience. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your virtual concert today and get ready to rock the virtual stage!

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Art class

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Here are some tips on hosting an engaging and entertaining art class on a live stream:

  • Plan your lesson and set-up beforehand: Decide on what you're going to teach, gather your materials, and test your equipment before going live. Having a good set-up and being prepared will make your live stream more professional and enjoyable.
  • Keep it interactive: Encourage your viewers to ask questions, share their artwork, and even suggest what you should draw next. This interaction will make your content more engaging and help foster a sense of community among your viewers.
  • Make it beginner-friendly: Remember that not everyone watching is going to be a professional artist. Keep your lessons simple and provide step-by-step instructions, so people of all skill levels can follow along.
  • Share your tips and tricks: Give your viewers tips and tricks on how to improve their artwork, and share your own techniques and experiences. This will make your live stream even more valuable and informative.
  • Have fun: Don't forget to enjoy yourself! Your enthusiasm and passion for art will shine through, and that will make for an enjoyable and inspiring lesson.

In conclusion, hosting an art class on a live stream is a great way to connect with your audience and provide a fun and engaging learning experience. With these tips, you'll be able to create an enjoyable and interactive live stream that's perfect for anyone looking to learn something new, express their creativity, or just have fun.


Wine tasting

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To get started with wine tasting on a live stream, you will need to have a few essential tools on hand. First, you will need some wine glasses, preferably tulip-shaped to help you sample and smell the wine better. Next, you'll need a few bottles of wine, and it is best to choose wines that are different in their grape variety, region, or style. This way, you can compare and contrast different flavors and learn more about the nuances of wine.

Once you have your glasses and wines ready, start by introducing each of the wines you'll be tasting. Share some information about the vineyards or regions they come from, the grape varieties used, and the winemaking process. Describe the flavor profile and color of each wine, and encourage your viewers to smell and taste each one along with you.

When tasting each wine, start by examining the color of the wine in your glass. Swirl it around, and smell the aromas. Then, take a small sip and let the wine coat your entire mouth to taste its various flavors. Try to identify the different fruit, floral, and earthy notes present in the wine.

While you're tasting the wine, share your thoughts and opinions with your viewers. Talk about which flavors you enjoy the most and which ones you think could be improved. Encourage your viewers to share their opinions and ask questions in the chat as well.

If you want to take your wine tasting live stream to the next level, consider inviting a guest expert or winemaker to join you. This can add a new dimension to your live stream and provide valuable insights and information for your viewers.

In conclusion, wine tasting can be an excellent option for a fun and informative live stream. By sharing your passion for wine, introducing different varieties and styles, and inviting experts to join you, you can create an enjoyable and educational experience for your viewers. So, pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a few friends, and start exploring the world of wine tasting on your live stream today!

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Gaming tournament

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  • Choose the Right Game: The first step in hosting a gaming tournament is choosing the right game. It's essential to pick a popular game that will attract a significant audience. Games like Fortnite, League of Legends, or Call of Duty are excellent choices, but ultimately, it depends on your audience's preferences.
  • Set the Rules: Once you've chosen your game, it's vital to set the rules of the tournament. Decide on the number of participants, the format of the tournament, and the duration of each match. It's crucial to communicate these rules to your audience beforehand, so everyone is on the same page.
  • Promote the Tournament: Promoting your tournament is crucial to attract participants and viewers. Use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote your live stream. Offer incentives like prize money and other rewards to attract more participants and viewers.
  • Host the Tournament: On the day of the tournament, make sure everything is set up correctly. Check your internet connection, microphone, and camera to avoid any technical difficulties during the live stream. Ensure that all participants are ready and that everything is running smoothly.
  • Interact with Your Audience: Finally, remember to interact with your audience throughout the tournament. Engage with them in the chat, take questions, and offer insights into the matches. This will create a sense of community and keep your audience engaged throughout the live stream.

In conclusion, hosting a gaming tournament on your live stream can be an incredibly fun and engaging experience. With the right game, rules, and promotion, you can attract a massive audience and create an exciting event for everyone involved. Don't forget to interact with your audience and make the experience enjoyable for both the participants and viewers.

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Karaoke party

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Live streaming has become a popular pastime, especially during the pandemic when social gatherings are discouraged. One fun way to keep the party going with your friends and family through live streaming is by hosting a karaoke party. Here are some tips on how to make your karaoke party a success.

Choose a Streaming Platform

Before hosting a karaoke party, you need to pick a streaming platform. There are many options available, such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch. Each platform has its own benefits, and it depends on your preference and where your audience is more active. Once you have chosen a streaming platform, you should notify your friends and followers about the date and time of the party.

Create a Playlist

To make your karaoke party more engaging, create a playlist of popular karaoke songs. You can also ask your guests to submit their favorite songs before the party to ensure that everyone's favorite songs are included. You can also use YouTube's karaoke feature or a karaoke app to provide lyrics and support for your guests during the party.

Dress Up

One of the fun things about karaoke parties is the dress-up. Encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite artists or wear costumes that match the theme of their chosen songs.

Encourage Participation

When hosting a karaoke party, the key is to encourage participation. Ask your guests to take turns singing their favorite songs and make sure that everyone gets a turn. You can also spice it up and have singing contests or challenges to make the party more competitive.

Interact with Your Guests

As the host, it's important to interact with your guests during the party. Respond to comments and shoutouts from your viewers, and make sure to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

In conclusion, hosting a karaoke party is a fun way to connect with your friends and family through live streaming. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can make your karaoke party memorable and engaging. So, grab the mic and get ready to sing your heart out!

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Virtual book club

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Live streaming has rapidly become a popular method of connecting with others in the digital age. With the ongoing pandemic causing many people to stay at home, live stream events and collaborations have been a life saver. Whether you're an author, a bookworm or just someone who loves a good story, hosting a virtual book club on live stream can be an incredibly fun activity.

The first step in creating a virtual book club is to choose a book or series that will be read and discussed. It's important to select a book that can be read in a timely fashion and also has broad appeal. Once you’ve done this, ensure your live stream is well planned and pre-promoted, so that people will know when it is happening and can join if they're interested.

During the live stream, allow time for the viewing audience to participate in conversation or ask questions. One great option is to open up the live chat function and allow viewers to contribute their own thoughts and insight. This can create a sense of community among the viewers and makes for an inclusive and interactive environment.

Another fun idea for a virtual book club is to feature guest authors or celebrities. Participants can share their own entertaining and interesting stories, or participate in a reading of the book. Not only will this be a fun change of pace for viewers, but it could also encourage author collaborations, book club meet-ups, and other exciting events.

At the end of the book club session, be sure to encourage viewers to leave their thoughts and feedback or even star rating of the book on social media. Merchandise or promotional materials of the book can also be advertised for an additional income stream.

In conclusion, virtual book clubs are an excellent way for book lovers, aspiring writers and readers to come together and discuss a mutual passion in a safe and socially-distant way. With the use of live streaming technology, people can connect and share their thoughts regardless of geographic location. So grab a great book and start planning a fun and lively virtual book club event today!

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Guided meditation session

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Live streaming has quickly become a popular medium for sharing content with a large audience. From gaming to cooking, there are countless different activities and topics that can be shared on a live stream. One type of live stream that has been gaining popularity in recent years is guided meditation sessions. In this article, we will explore how to host a guided meditation session on a live stream and why it can be a fun and rewarding experience.

First and foremost, it's important to acknowledge the benefits of meditation. Research has shown that meditation can help reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, and promote a more positive outlook on life. By sharing a guided meditation session on a live stream, you're not only providing an enjoyable experience for your viewers, but you're also helping them tune into their own mental and physical well-being.

To begin, it's important to ensure that your live stream is set up correctly. This could involve testing your audio and visual equipment, ensuring that your internet connection is stable, and setting up a space that is comfortable and conducive to meditation. Once everything is in place, you can begin to plan your content.

When it comes to planning your guided meditation session, it's important to remember that everyone has different preferences and needs when it comes to meditation. You may want to start by introducing a specific type of meditation such as mindfulness, compassion or visualization. You can then guide your viewers through a series of breathing exercises, body scans or visualizations.

It's also important to consider the pacing of your guided meditation session. You'll want to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere throughout the session, with relaxing music, slow and deliberate pacing, and plenty of pauses for your viewers to take deep breaths and mentally check in with themselves.

Throughout your guided meditation session, it's important to remain present and connected with your viewers. This could involve checking in with them verbally, inviting them to share their experiences and insights or simply remaining mindful and attentive to their energy throughout the session.

At the end of your session, it's a good idea to offer some final words of guidance and encouragement to your viewers as they transition back into their day. This could involve reminding them of the benefits of meditation or sharing tips on how to continue their practice at home.

In conclusion, hosting a guided meditation session on a live stream can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your viewers. By creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere, guiding your viewers through a series of breathing exercises and visualizations, and remaining present and attentive throughout the session, you can help your viewers tune into their own mental and physical well-being. So why not give it a try and share the benefits of meditation with your audience!

Frequently asked questions

Some fun things to do on live stream could be playing games, doing challenges or Q&A sessions, cooking or baking, hosting a talk show or podcast, or sharing a talent or skill.

To keep your live stream entertaining and engaging, make sure to interact with your audience by answering comments or questions, involve them in activities, include giveaways or contests, collaborate with other creators, and switch up the content to keep it fresh.

Yes, many platforms such as Twitch and YouTube allow creators to monetize their live streams through donations or sponsorships. Additionally, creators can also sell merchandise or products related to their content. However, it's important to review and follow guidelines and rules around monetization on each platform.

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Live streams of cooking and baking sessions are my guilty pleasure! It's like having a virtual cooking show right in my own kitchen. I love watching talented chefs whip up delicious recipes, sharing their tips and tricks, and answering viewers' questions along the way. It's such a great way to discover new recipes and cooking hacks. Plus, I get to drool over the mouthwatering dishes being prepared right before my eyes. It's a win-win situation - entertainment and culinary inspiration all rolled into one!
Thank you for your kind words! I couldn't agree more - live streams of cooking and baking sessions are a true indulgence. I'm thrilled to hear that you feel like you have your own virtual cooking show in your kitchen. It's amazing how talented chefs can create such delicious recipes and share their tips and tricks with viewers like you. I'm glad that you enjoy the interactive aspect of live streams, where chefs can answer your questions and share their knowledge. And of course, the mouthwatering dishes they create are truly a feast for the eyes. It's wonderful to know that you find entertainment and culinary inspiration all in one place. Enjoy discovering new recipes and cooking hacks through these live streams!

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