The Best Ways To Travel From Munich Airport To Regensburg

how to travel from munich airport to regensburg

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful city of Regensburg in Germany? If so, you may be wondering about the best way to get from Munich Airport to your destination. Fortunately, there are several convenient transportation options available to you. Whether you prefer a direct train ride, a comfortable bus journey, or the flexibility of a rented car, this article will explore the best ways to travel from Munich Airport to Regensburg, ensuring you have a smooth and enjoyable start to your adventure. So pack your bags, and let's get ready to explore the historic city of Regensburg!

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Distance 113 km
Duration 1h 30m
Transportation Train
Price $25
Frequency Every hour
Departure time 05:30 AM
Arrival time 07:00 AM


Airport Transportation Options in Munich

Munich Airport, also known as Franz Josef Strauss International Airport, is one of the busiest airports in Germany and serves as a major transportation hub. If you're planning a trip and need to figure out how to get from Munich Airport to Regensburg, there are several transportation options available to you.


  • One of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to travel from Munich Airport to Regensburg is by train. The airport has its own train station located right in the central area of the airport, so you won't have to go far to catch a train.
  • From the airport, you can take the S1 or S8 line to Munich's main train station, known as Hauptbahnhof. This journey usually takes around 40 minutes. Once you arrive at Hauptbahnhof, you can catch a regional train to Regensburg, which typically takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Trains in Germany are known for their punctuality, comfort, and efficiency, making this option a popular choice for travelers.

Shuttle Service:

  • If you prefer a more direct and hassle-free option, you can book a private or shared shuttle service from Munich Airport to Regensburg. Shuttle services offer door-to-door transportation, which means you'll be picked up from the airport and dropped off at your destination in Regensburg.
  • These services are usually pre-booked, so it's recommended to make a reservation in advance. Prices can vary depending on the number of passengers and the type of service you choose.


  • Taxis are readily available at Munich Airport and can provide a convenient way to travel to Regensburg. However, this option is generally more expensive compared to other modes of transportation.
  • Taxis can be found at designated taxi stands outside the terminals, and the journey to Regensburg takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. It's important to note that taxi fares may vary, so it's advisable to confirm the price with the driver before starting your journey.

Rental Car:

  • For travelers who prefer the flexibility of driving themselves, renting a car is an option worth considering. Several car rental companies have offices at Munich Airport, allowing you to pick up a vehicle upon arrival.
  • The journey from Munich Airport to Regensburg is straightforward, with the route mainly consisting of highways. The approximate driving time is around 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.
  • Keep in mind that parking in Regensburg may be limited or costly, so it's important to check parking options in advance.

Regardless of the transportation option you choose, it's recommended to check schedules, fares, and availability in advance, especially during peak travel seasons. By planning ahead, you can ensure a smooth journey from Munich Airport to Regensburg and make the most of your time in Germany.


Taking the Train from Munich Airport to Regensburg

Regensburg, a city known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and vibrant cultural scene, is located about 80 miles northeast of Munich. If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, one of the most convenient ways to travel from Munich Airport to Regensburg is by train. The train journey takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the train you choose.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to take the train from Munich Airport to Regensburg:

Step 1: Once you have arrived at Munich Airport, make your way to the train station. The airport has its own train station called "München Flughafen Terminal" which is located between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. You can easily access the train station by following the signs within the airport.

Step 2: At the train station, locate the ticket machines or ticket counters. If you prefer to buy your ticket from a machine, make sure to select the English language option for easier navigation. If you prefer to buy your ticket from a counter, the staff will be able to assist you in English.

Step 3: When purchasing your ticket, make sure to select "München Flughafen Terminal" as your departure station and "Regensburg Hauptbahnhof" as your destination. You may have the option to choose between different train types, such as regional trains or high-speed trains. Regional trains are usually cheaper but may take longer to reach Regensburg.

Step 4: Once you have purchased your ticket, proceed to the train platform. The train platform for Regensburg-bound trains is usually platform 5 or 6, but it is always a good idea to double-check the information on the departure boards.

Step 5: When the train arrives, board the train and find a seat. Make sure to validate your ticket using the stamping machines located on the platform before getting on the train. If you forget to validate your ticket, you may be subject to a fine.

Step 6: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic journey from Munich Airport to Regensburg. The train ride will take you through the picturesque Bavarian countryside, offering breathtaking views along the way. Some trains may have onboard amenities such as Wi-Fi and power outlets, which can enhance your travel experience.

Step 7: Once you arrive at Regensburg Hauptbahnhof, the main train station in Regensburg, disembark from the train and proceed to explore the city. From the train station, you can easily access public transportation options or take a short walk to reach the city center.


Bus Services from Munich Airport to Regensburg

If you are planning a trip to Regensburg and flying into Munich Airport, you have several options for getting from the airport to your destination. One convenient and cost-effective option is to take a bus. Below, we will outline the available bus services from Munich Airport to Regensburg.

  • Airport Bus Shuttle: The Airport Bus Shuttle is a popular choice for travelers heading to Regensburg. This service operates multiple times a day and provides direct transportation from the airport to the city center of Regensburg. The journey takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions. It is advisable to check the bus schedule in advance to ensure that it aligns with your arrival time.
  • FlixBus: FlixBus is a well-known bus company in Germany, offering affordable and comfortable transportation options. From Munich Airport, you can take a FlixBus to Regensburg. The buses operate regularly throughout the day, providing convenient travel options for various departure times. The duration of the journey on a FlixBus is around 2 hours, depending on traffic.
  • Regional Buses: Another option for traveling from Munich Airport to Regensburg is taking a regional bus. The Munich Airport regional bus network connects the airport to various cities and towns in the region, including Regensburg. These buses typically make several stops along the way, which may result in a longer journey time compared to direct services. However, regional buses are a good option if you prefer a more local, budget-friendly experience.
  • Private Airport Transfers: If you prefer a more personalized service or have a larger group of travelers, you can consider booking a private airport transfer. Many companies offer private transfers from Munich Airport to Regensburg, providing a more comfortable and direct transportation option. Private transfers can be prearranged online or at the airport, allowing you to have peace of mind and avoid waiting for public transportation.

Before choosing a bus service, it is crucial to consider factors such as your arrival time, cost, and personal preferences. It is recommended to check the bus schedules in advance, as they may vary depending on the day of the week or time of year. Additionally, purchasing your bus tickets in advance can help ensure you have a seat on your preferred bus and minimize any last-minute hassle.

Overall, taking a bus from Munich Airport to Regensburg is a convenient and budget-friendly way to reach your destination. Whether you choose the direct Airport Bus Shuttle, FlixBus, or a regional bus, you can enjoy the scenic journey and arrive in Regensburg ready to explore this beautiful city.


Taxis and Ride-sharing Services for Traveling to Regensburg from Munich Airport

Traveling from Munich Airport to Regensburg can be a convenient and efficient process. There are several transportation options available, including taxis and ride-sharing services, that can take you directly to your destination. Here's a detailed guide on how to use these services to ensure a smooth journey.

  • Taxis: Taxis are readily available at Munich Airport, and they provide a convenient and comfortable way to get to Regensburg. You can find taxi stands outside each terminal exit, where you'll usually find a queue of taxis waiting. Simply approach the first taxi in line and inform the driver of your destination in Regensburg. It's always a good idea to have your destination address written down or saved on your phone to avoid any language barriers. The journey from Munich Airport to Regensburg takes approximately 90 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Taxis are a great option if you have a lot of luggage or prefer a direct and hassle-free journey.
  • Ride-sharing Services: Another popular option is to use ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. These services offer a more affordable alternative to taxis and can be easily accessed through mobile apps. To use a ride-sharing service, download the app onto your smartphone before your trip and sign up for an account. Once you arrive at Munich Airport, open the app and request a ride. The app will provide you with the estimated cost, pick-up location, and the driver's details. It's worth noting that ride-sharing services sometimes have designated pick-up areas at the airport, so be sure to check the app for specific instructions. The journey time from Munich Airport to Regensburg is similar to that of a taxi, and you can enjoy the convenience of tracking your driver's location and paying electronically through the app.

Regardless of whether you choose a taxi or a ride-sharing service, it's recommended to check the current rates and availability before your trip. This will give you a better understanding of the expected costs and help you plan your journey accordingly. Additionally, consider booking your ride in advance, especially during peak travel times, to ensure availability and avoid any last-minute stress.

In conclusion, traveling from Munich Airport to Regensburg is a breeze with the availability of taxis and ride-sharing services. Both options offer a convenient and reliable way to reach your destination. Choose the option that suits your preferences, budget, and travel needs, and enjoy a hassle-free journey to beautiful Regensburg.

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