12 Exciting Activities To Enjoy In Barcelona In November

things to do in barcelona in november

As the cool breeze of autumn sets in, Barcelona offers a unique charm and a welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for exploring. If you're planning a trip to this vibrant city in November, you'll be happy to know that there is a ton of exciting activities that await you. From sipping on hot chocolate while watching the autumn leaves fall to attending exciting festivals and art exhibitions, Barcelona November activities are something you don't want to miss out on. So, sit tight as we take you on a journey of 12 exciting activities to enjoy in Barcelona in November.

Activity Description
FC Barcelona match Catch a live football match at Camp Nou Stadium
Gothic Quarter Walking Tour Explore Barcelona's medieval district and admire its architecture
Picasso Museum View over 4,000 works by Pablo Picasso at this renowned museum
Park Güell Visit this stunning park and enjoy panoramic views of the city
La Boqueria Market Check out the city's largest and most vibrant food market
Flamenco Show Experience traditional Spanish dance and music at a flamenco show
Montserrat Monastery Take a day trip to this Benedictine monk retreat with stunning mountain views
Chocolate Museum Delight in the history and production of chocolate at this interactive museum
Sagrada Familia Visit Antoni Gaudí's masterpiece, a stunning still-unfinished basilica
Sant Jordi's Day Celebrate Catalonia's equivalent to Valentine's Day on November 23rd


Visit the Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral

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Barcelona in November is an excellent time to get into the festive mood. It’s the time of year when the city transforms into a winter wonderland, and an excellent example of this would be the Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral. This event is one not to be missed, and we’ll tell you why.

The Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral is one of the biggest Christmas Markets in Barcelona. It is located in the Gothic Quarter, just outside the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, and stretches along Carrer dels Arcs and Plaça Nova. The market is open every day from November 24th to December 23rd, from 10 am to 9 pm.

The market offers an array of traditional Christmas goodies and souvenirs. You can expect to find handmade Christmas decorations, jewelry, and nativity figurines. The famous Catalan "Caga Tió" (pooping log) and "Caga Tio" related items are a must-buy souvenir. There’s also a wide variety of Catalan food and drinks to try. You can sample the famous Christmas Catalan pudding "neules", roasted chestnuts, and "turrón" (Spanish nougat).

Musicians and street performers constantly entertain visitors with traditional Catalan music, adding to the festive atmosphere. The church choir also performs Christmas carols, which makes everyone feel welcomed.

The highlight of this Christmas market is the giant, illuminated Christmas tree. It is decorated with fairy lights and traditional ornaments, giving visitors an excellent photo opportunity.

The Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral is easily reachable via public transportation. Closest metro stations are "Liceu" and "Jaume I," and there’s plenty of bus routes serving the area.

To sum up, visiting Barcelona in November and experiencing the Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral is truly magical. It's not only a perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to learn about Catalan culture and traditions. So, if you find yourself in Barcelona during the end of November and the beginning of December, make sure to stop by the market and enjoy all its delights!

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Attend the ETCC Fringe Festival performances

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Barcelona in November is truly an enchanting and magical place to be. The beautiful city is brimming with picturesque scenery, world-renowned architecture, and mouth-watering cuisine. But if you're looking for something a bit different, then attending the ETCC Fringe Festival performances is a must-do activity.

The European Theatre Convention Centre (ETCC) Fringe Festival is a unique event that takes place annually in November. The festival is geared towards showcasing experimental theatre performances by independent and emerging artists from all over Europe. It's one of the best opportunities to witness new and engaging performers, as well as enjoying a great cultural experience.

The festival lasts about two weeks, and you can expect a magnificent selection of plays, dance performances, comedy shows, and other forms of unconventional theatre. The artists take over various venues throughout the city, ranging from conventional theatres to improvised spaces. The performances tend to take place in the evenings, so it's a perfect activity to complement days spent exploring the cultural delights that Barcelona has to offer.

One of the best aspects of the ETCC Fringe Festival is the sense of community it creates. The festival attracts a diverse audience, from locals to tourists, theatre enthusiasts, and art lovers. It's an incredible opportunity to meet new people and engage in thought-provoking conversations about the performances. There's always an exciting buzz around the events because people are eager to see performances from various countries and cultures.

Overall, attending the ETCC Fringe Festival performances is an excellent way to experience Barcelona in November. You'll be able to take in the culture, sample delicious cuisine, and enjoy amazing live theatre performances. The festival is not to be missed, so be sure to grab your tickets early to secure your spot at this remarkable event.


Enjoy the Jazz festival at Palau Dalmases

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Barcelona in November is a perfect time to experience the city's wonderful cultural events. Among the famous events is the annual Jazz festival at Palau Dalmases, one of the city's most iconic places. Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, this beautiful Baroque palace turns into a jazz hub for ten days, starting from mid-November, every year.

The Palau Dalmases was built in the 17th century, and the venue has preserved its old-world charm over the years. The festival draws in jazz lovers from across the world to the city, who come to experience a unique blend of music, culture, and history.

The festival is held in the evenings, and the mesmerizing voice of jazz fills the air as visitors fill the old palace. The Jazz festival at Palau Dalmases attracts some of the world's renowned Jazz performers, who perform their best numbers for the enthusiastic audience. The latest technology paired with traditional Jazz instruments creates an unmatchable musical experience that the attendees of the festival cherish for a long time.

The seating arrangement at the festival is designed to give visitors a chance to relish the Jazz music vibes. The old palace features cozy and intimate seating that creates a warm atmosphere during the performances. As you sit back and relax amongst others, the Jazz notes seem to surround you and create an almost transcendental kind of feeling.

The Jazz festival at Palau Dalmases is an opportunity to appreciate the art of Jazz in a unique setting. The old-world palace amplifies the Jazz music and creates an extraordinary experience for visitors. The old palace, paired with the Jazz vibrations, offers a unique sensory experience for visitors.

Aside from the wonderful music, the Palace serves as a historic landmark, offering visitors a glimpse of the past. The palace's architectural beauty, combined with the Jazz music performances, creates an atmosphere that is not easily forgotten.

In conclusion, Barcelona in November is a great time to experience the Jazz festival at Palau Dalmases. It offers an opportunity to enjoy a historical cathedral and appreciate the harmonic sounds of Jazz. The festival is a distinct event that attracts people from different parts of the world who come to witness its beauty. So, if you plan to visit Barcelona in November, be sure to include the Palau Dalmases Jazz festival in your itinerary.


Explore the art in the Picasso Museum

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Barcelona is a beautiful city and an artistic hub with museums, galleries, and performances that showcase its cultural identity. Among the prominent attractions for art enthusiasts, the Picasso Museum offers an exceptional experience to explore masterpieces created by one of the greatest artists in the history of art. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Barcelona in November, visiting the Picasso Museum should be on your must-visit list.

Located in the El Born district, the Picasso Museum hosts a comprehensive collection of artworks that depict the evolution of Picasso's style throughout his career. The museum houses about 4,251 pieces of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and drawings that comprise a comprehensive showcase of the artist's work. The museum is housed in five interconnected medieval buildings, and it is decorated with spectacular archaic interior designs that enhance the artistry of the artwork.

In November, the museum experiences fewer crowds compared to peak seasons, so it will be an ideal time to visit without the risk of feeling overwhelmed by the number of people. You will get more personal attention from the guides and ample time to explore the art collections comprehensively. The exhibition features several galleries that showcase different eras of Picasso's work, and they are grouped chronologically for easy understanding of the evolution of the artist's style. You will start with his earliest works, which are rooted in traditional art forms, and gradually work your way through the museum's galleries as Picasso's artistic style changes and progresses over the years.

Upon entering the museum, you will encounter the artwork that depicts the influences of his early artistic training in traditional art, including classical paintings and drawings that show his mastery of the craft. As you progress, you will encounter works that reflect the artist's interest in modernist movements such as Cubism, surrealism, and neo-classicisms. Within these styles, you will see an evolution of techniques and styles that reflect Picasso's changing artistic visions and explorations. This exploration will take you along a journey that eventually reveals the extent of his contribution to the world of art and how his work has influenced contemporary culture.

Furthermore, visiting the Picasso Museum in November offers you an opportunity to attend the special events that take place during this month. The museum often hosts exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events during this month to mark the beginning of the festive season. The events are often accompanied by live music, which creates an extraordinary ambiance that blends artistic excellence and entertainment.

In conclusion, If you are planning a visit to Barcelona in November, exploring the art in the Picasso Museum should be on top of your itinerary. The museum offers a magnificent artistic experience that takes you through Picasso's works that span over half a century. You will progress through the galleries, encountering the development of Picasso's style and techniques, offering insight into the genius of his art and inspiration in the years that followed.


Take a stroll through Park Guell

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Barcelona is a popular destination for tourists across the globe, especially in the summer months. However, if you are planning a trip to Barcelona in November, you may be wondering what activities you can partake in during the cooler and less busy month. One of the top things to do in Barcelona in November is to take a stroll through Park Guell.

Park Guell is a stunning masterpiece created by the famed architect Antoni Gaudí. The park is located just minutes away from the city center, making it easily accessible for visitors. The park covers 17.18 hectares and is home to various walking trails, gardens, and several iconic Gaudi buildings.

While the park is beautiful all year round, it takes on a different appearance in November. The cooler temperature and fewer crowds allow visitors to appreciate the park in a more tranquil setting. Moreover, the fall season gives the park a beautiful hue of orange and red, creating a unique and serene atmosphere.

One of the highlights of Park Guell is the main terrace, which offers a panoramic view of Barcelona. The terrace is a must-visit location for those who come to the park. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful view, but the terrace also features a unique mosaic bench that is known to be the longest in the world.

Aside from the terrace, there are plenty of other things to see in the park. Gaudi's house, known as Casa-Museu Gaudí, is located inside the park and offers visitors a chance to learn more about the famed architect's life and works. Moreover, visitors can enjoy the various sculptures and colorful tiled mosaics throughout the park.

If you plan on visiting Park Guell in November, it is essential to wear comfortable clothing as the temperature can get chilly. Additionally, since November is considered the off-season, some of the park's sections may be closed for maintenance or restoration. It's always a good idea to check the park's schedule and opening hours before you visit.

In conclusion, a stroll through Park Guell is one of the best things to do in Barcelona in November. The park's serene atmosphere and stunning view are a delight to experience, especially during the cooler and quieter months. So, pack your walking shoes and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Park Guell in November.


Savor the flavors of La Boqueria market

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November may not be the most popular time to visit Barcelona, but food enthusiasts will find plenty to savor at La Boqueria market. This vibrant space, located just off of Las Ramblas, is a food lover's paradise, with an endless array of fresh produce, meats, seafood, cheeses, and more. Here are some tips for making the most of La Boqueria in November.

First off, arrive early to beat the crowds. While La Boqueria is busy year-round, it can get especially packed during peak hours. By getting there before midday, you'll have a little more space to move around and take in all that the market has to offer.

Once inside, start with a stroll through the produce section. Here you'll find colorful rows of fresh fruits and vegetables, including many local specialties like artichokes, tomatoes, and peppers. Take your time to peruse the offerings and chat with the vendors about their products.

Next, head to the seafood section, where you'll see everything from octopus to razor clams to sea urchins. If you're feeling adventurous, try some of the market's famous fresh oysters. You can also pick up some salt cod, a staple of traditional Catalan cuisine.

Meat lovers will want to make a stop at the butcher section, where you can find all sorts of cured meats like chorizo, fuet, and salchichón. There are also plenty of fresh cuts of beef, pork, and chicken available. Don't hesitate to ask the butchers for recommendations on how to prepare the meat you're interested in.

Of course, no trip to La Boqueria is complete without a visit to the famed food stalls. Here you can find everything from fresh-squeezed juice to traditional tapas to international cuisine like sushi and falafel. Look for stands with lines of locals, as those are sure to be the tastiest options.

Overall, a trip to La Boqueria in November can be a wonderful way to experience the local flavors and culture of Barcelona. Just be sure to come hungry!

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Attend the Montserrat Basilica Mass

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Barcelona is an all-year-round destination, but many tourists tend to visit during the summer months. However, what most people do not know is that Barcelona has fantastic events and activities that take place throughout the year. November is the perfect time to visit Barcelona for anyone who would like to experience the city's beauty and culture without dealing with the overwhelming crowds. A visit to Barcelona in November offers so many things to do and see, including attending the Montserrat Basilica Mass.

Located about 30 miles from Barcelona, the Montserrat Basilica is a beautiful and serene monastery that tourists should make an effort to visit. The monastery is known for its black Madonna statue, which is said to have miraculous powers. Each day, several masses take place in the Basilica, and attending one of Mass is an excellent way to experience the unique spiritual culture of the monastery.

Attending the Montserrat Basilica Mass is a popular activity among tourists visiting Barcelona in November. The Basilica is always a peaceful retreat from the bustling streets of Barcelona, but in November, the crowds are much smaller, which makes it more intimate and perfect for anyone looking for some quiet time away from the city. The Mass is conducted in both Catalan and Latin, adding to the unique experience

It is important to note that the Montserrat Basilica Mass is always in high demand. So, tourists should consider arriving at the Basilica at least an hour early to get a good seat. After the Mass, tourists can explore the monastery, take a walk along the many hiking trails, or grab a meal at one of the local restaurants.

In conclusion, visiting Barcelona in November offers tourists a unique and uncluttered experience of the city's culture and beauty. Attending the Montserrat Basilica Mass is an excellent way of immersing oneself in the spiritual culture of Barcelona and the surrounding regions. It is a great opportunity to get away from the noise and explore one of the best destinations in Spain.

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Get lost in the Gothic Quarter

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Barcelona is a city that can be enjoyed any time of year, and November is no exception. While some of the more popular tourist spots may be busier during peak travel season, this also means that there are opportunities to discover some of the quieter, more hidden places in the city without the usual crowds. One such place that is perfect for exploring in November is the Gothic Quarter, also known as Barri Gòtic.

The Gothic Quarter is the perfect place to get lost in the winding streets and alleys that make up a large portion of the historical district. The best way to explore the Gothic Quarter is to simply wander and let your curiosity guide you. As you explore, you'll discover charming squares and hidden corners that are often missed by those who stick to the typical tourist routes.

One of the most iconic spots in the Gothic Quarter is the Barcelona Cathedral, an impressive Gothic building that dates back to the 13th century. Admission to the cathedral is free, but if you want to visit the rooftop terrace for stunning views over the city, there is a small fee. The nearby Plaça de Sant Felip Neri is another must-see destination. This picturesque square is home to a popular terrace café and is surrounded by beautiful historic buildings.

The Gothic Quarter is also home to some of the best shopping and dining in the city. The Carrer de la Portaferrissa is a popular shopping street lined with stylish boutiques and traditional souvenir shops. The Plaça Reial is home to a range of bars and restaurants, many of which feature outdoor seating with views of the square and nearby fountain.

November is also an ideal time to visit the Gothic Quarter as the temperatures are cooler and more pleasant for exploring the city on foot. It's also a great time to visit for photography enthusiasts looking to capture some stunning shots of the city's varied architecture and colorful streets.

Overall, no trip to Barcelona is complete without a visit to the Gothic Quarter, and November is a great time to explore this charming district without the usual crowds. Get lost in the alleyways and discover hidden gems in one of the most historic and charming districts in the city.

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Take a day trip to Sitges Beach

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Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. It has beautiful landmarks, rich culture, delicious cuisine, and amazing architecture. If you're in Barcelona in November, there are several activities you can do, including taking a day trip to Sitges beach.

Sitges is a small coastal town located only 30 minutes away from Barcelona. The town is famous for its beautiful beaches, traditional architecture, and vibrant nightlife. Sitges is perfect for a relaxed day trip; you can spend the day lounging on the beach or exploring the town. Here are some of the reasons why you should add Sitges beach to your Barcelona itinerary:

The beaches: Sitges has several beautiful beaches. The most popular ones are Platja de la Fragata, Platja de Sant Sebastià, and Platja de la Ribera. These beaches have clear blue waters and soft sand, making them the perfect place to relax and soak up some sun. The beaches are also equipped with sun loungers, parasols, and showers.

The town: Sitges town is a beautiful place to explore. The narrow winding streets are lined with traditional white-washed buildings that are adorned with colourful balconies and flowers. The town also has a rich history; you can visit the museums and galleries to learn about the town's past. If you're looking for some retail therapy, Sitges has several local boutiques, gift shops, and artisanal markets.

The gastronomy: Sitges has a rich culinary tradition. The town has several restaurants and bars that serve delicious Catalan cuisine. You can indulge in seafood dishes like paella or fideuà, or sample some of the region's excellent wines.

The nightlife: If you're looking for an exciting night out, Sitges has plenty of bars and clubs. The town is famous for its lively nightlife, and there are plenty of places to dance the night away.

In conclusion, Barcelona in November is a beautiful time to visit, and taking a day trip to Sitges beach is an excellent way to relax and explore a traditional Catalan coastal town. So, make sure to add Sitges to your Barcelona itinerary, and enjoy all that this vibrant town has to offer.

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Discover the history of La Sagrada Familia

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If you're planning a trip to Barcelona in November, one attraction that you simply cannot miss is La Sagrada Familia. This stunning basilica may be one of the most famous buildings in the world, thanks in part to its fascinating history and the breathtaking beauty of its architecture.

La Sagrada Familia is the masterpiece of celebrated Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, who began working on the project in 1882. Gaudí dedicated more than 40 years of his life to the church, which was designed to be a celebration of nature and of the Christian faith. However, Gaudí died in 1926 before the project was finished, and the church has remained unfinished to this day.

Despite the lack of completion, La Sagrada Familia still draws millions of visitors each year. The church's façade features intricate carvings of biblical scenes, and its soaring towers are adorned with brightly colored mosaics. Inside, the stained glass windows are truly breathtaking, casting ethereal light onto the vast interior space.

If you're interested in the history of La Sagrada Familia, you won't want to miss a visit to the museum on the church's grounds. Here, you can learn about Antoni Gaudí, the church's construction, and the various techniques and materials used in the building process. You can also see models of the church and its towers, which give a sense of the massive scale of the project.

While La Sagrada Familia is an attraction that can be enjoyed year-round, visiting in November has its perks. The weather is typically mild and there tend to be fewer tourists, which means you can enjoy the church's beauty without the crowds. Plus, if you're lucky, you may be able to catch one of the many concerts or other events held at the church each year.

In short, La Sagrada Familia is an absolute must-see when visiting Barcelona in November or any other time of year. Its stunning architecture, fascinating history, and profound spiritual significance combine to create an experience that you'll never forget. So if you get the chance, be sure to make a pilgrimage to this incredible basilica.


Go on a bike tour around the city

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Barcelona is an incredible city that is worth visiting year-round, even during November. This time of year brings a unique feeling to the city as it begins to cool off and the tourist crowds begin to thin out. If you're looking for something fun and active to do during your visit, then consider going on a bike tour around the city.

Biking is a great way to experience Barcelona, a city that is rich in history and culture, while being able to move around quickly and efficiently. Most bike rental companies will have different tours available depending on your interests. Some of the most popular tours include visits to the Gothic Quarter, Parc de la Ciutadella, and La Rambla.

One of the biggest advantages of going on a bike tour during November is that the weather is typically cool and comfortable. With an average temperature of 14°C (57°F) in November, you won't have to worry about being too hot or too cold on your tour. Plus, a bike ride can be a great way to warm up if you do happen to feel a little chilly.

As you ride around the city, you'll be able to take in some of Barcelona's most famous sights. For example, the Gothic Quarter has a charming medieval atmosphere that's perfect for taking photos. The area is full of narrow streets and enchanting alleys that are perfect for exploring on a bike. You'll also get to admire the beautiful architecture, such as the incredible Basílica de la Sagrada Família or Antoni Gaudí's amazing La Pedrera building.

The bike tours in Barcelona usually last between 2-3 hours, so you'll have plenty of time to take everything in. Many companies also offer electric bikes, so you won't have to worry about getting too tired or being unable to keep up. You can also customize your tour to your preferences. If you're interested in food, try one of the city's many culinary tours. Or if you want to see more of the coastline, take a beach tour or combine bike riding with kayaking or paddleboarding.

In conclusion, going on a bike tour is a fantastic way to experience Barcelona in November. You'll get to see all of the major landmarks and learn about the city's history, without getting too worn out. Plus, with the cooler temperatures, you won't have to worry about overheating during your ride. So, plan your bike tour in Barcelona this November and get ready for an adventure!

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Watch a live Flamenco show at Tablao Cordobes

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Characteristic Description
NameTablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.3 / 1,293
AddressLa Rambla, 35, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Phone+34 933 17 57 11

Barcelona in November is not only a great time to avoid the crowds and enjoy the city's cultural and culinary offerings, but also a fantastic opportunity to experience one of the most vibrant live performances on the planet – Flamenco.

If you want to explore the authentic Andalusian culture and witness the passion and complexity of Flamenco art, you should head to Tablao Cordobes, one of the most famous Flamenco venues in Barcelona, located in the vibrant neighborhood of Las Ramblas.

The Tablao Cordobes is a spacious and cozy place where you can enjoy a unique Flamenco performance while enjoying a delicious dinner. The live show offers a fascinating look into the world of Flamenco, showcasing the traditional dances, costumes, and music of Andalusia.

The performers are top-notch Flamenco dancers, singers, and musicians who convey the spirit and soul of Andalusia through music and dance. The show at Tablao Cordobes is of high quality and presents three different artists for each show.

As you dine on the delicious meal in front of you, you can get up close and personal with these flamenco artists, witnessing their skilled movements and the passion they have for their craft. The atmosphere at Tablao Cordobes is electric, with the performers engaging with the audiences and generating a festive ambiance that is simply unforgettable.

Furthermore, there are different show timings available at Tablao Cordobes, and you can choose from an early show with dinner or a show with just drinks. The early dinner show is perfect if you want to experience the complete flamenco performance along with the delicious traditional Spanish gastronomy.

In conclusion, if you are planning a trip to Barcelona in November, you cannot miss the opportunity to witness a live Flamenco show at Tablao Cordobes. With a combination of passionate performances, tasty Spanish cuisine, and an electric atmosphere, the Tablao Cordobes offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you shouldn't miss.

Frequently asked questions

- November in Barcelona is known for its celebration of the iconic La Castanyada festival where locals enjoy chestnuts, sweet potato, and other seasonal treats. You can also attend the Barcelona International Jazz Festival, which usually runs throughout the month.

- Unless you're looking to take a dip in the sea (which may be a bit too chilly), November can actually be a good time to visit Barcelona's beaches. Temperatures are generally mild, and you can still enjoy a walk or a picnic on the sand.

- November can bring some rainy days, so indoor activities may be a good option. Why not visit the famous Picasso Museum or the Sagrada Familia? You can also visit museums like the National Museum of Catalan Art or the Joan Miró Foundation to admire world-class art.

- Yes, there are many day trips from Barcelona that are still enjoyable in November. For example, you can take a guided tour to Montserrat and admire the breathtaking views of the mountain range. You can also visit the cava wineries in Penedes or explore the medieval city of Girona.

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