11 Fun Activities For Kids In Brooklyn

things to do in brooklyn with kids

Brooklyn, the heart of New York City, is a melting pot of culture, diversity, and endless entertainment for kids of all ages. Whether you're a native New Yorker or a tourist visiting for the first time, there's no shortage of fun activities for kids in Brooklyn. From visiting famous landmarks to exploring hidden gems, there's something for every child to enjoy. So, get ready for an adventure-packed day as we share with you the top 11 fun activities for kids in Brooklyn!

Thing to Do Description
Prospect Park Zoo A small-scale zoo with exotic animals, an aquarium, and a petting zoo.
Brooklyn Children's Museum An interactive museum with hands-on exhibits and workshops focused on science, culture, and art.
Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk Enjoy the beach, carnival rides, games, and the famous Nathan's hot dogs.
Brooklyn Bridge Park A scenic park offering small beaches, playgrounds, sports fields, and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.
New York Transit Museum Located in a decommissioned subway station, this museum features vintage subway cars and buses.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden An oasis of flora and fauna, with numerous themed gardens, lush greenery, and seasonal events.
DUMBO Explore the charming cobblestone streets of this trendy Brooklyn neighborhood, with many art galleries, shops, and cafes.
Luna Park An amusement park with thrilling rollercoasters, attractions, and arcade games, located in Coney Island.
Industry City A contemporary arts and cultural center with outdoor events, galleries, markets, and food halls.


Running and Playing in Prospect Park

Source: Prospect Park Alliance

Brooklyn is a bustling city that never sleeps. However, when you are traveling with your kids, finding activities that keep them entertained can be a challenge. On the flip side, Brooklyn is home to one of New York City's largest and most lovely parks, which is filled with endless activities that are enjoyable for the little ones! If you are looking to get the kids out and about in Brooklyn, head over to Prospect Park, a true gem that is chock-full of adventure and recreation.

Running and playing are some of the best ways kids can stay fit and healthy. At Prospect Park in Brooklyn, kids can enjoy a wide range of activities that promote both running and playing. One of the most accomplished running spots is the Long Meadow, which is a sprawling 9,000-foot long meadow that is perfect for sprints, races, and just chasing after one another. With its wide-open green spaces and gentle hills, kids can run without getting bored, and there’s plenty of space for a game of tag.

If you're in the mood for something more structured, the LeFrak Center at Lakeside is another wonderful destination. Here, kids can lace up their roller skates or strap on their ice skates for a fun filled adventure. The center offers pedal boats, kayaks and other aquatic activities, too. You could play miniature golf, play in the splash pad, or even watch a game of hockey. The LeFrak Center is one of the best places in Brooklyn to get active, no matter what the season.

Another favorite spot for kids is the Imagination playground. This unique playground, designed by famous architect David Rockwell, features a giant foam-based playground that encourages creativity and imagination. Here, kids can build, explore, climb, and slide to their hearts’ content. The colorful, interchangeable pieces can be used to create almost anything the child can dream up. The best part? They'll learn while they play, thanks to the advanced STEM curriculum that the park has designed.

Finally, no visit to Prospect Park would be complete without a trip to the Brooklyn Zoo. This charming zoo boasts a wide variety of animals, ranging from birds and reptiles to primates and big cats. Kids will enjoy the special exhibits, too, which often change on a seasonal basis. From story hour in the Animal Lighthouse to a close encounter with pythons and other snakes at the Wildlife Theater, there is always something exciting to see and do at the zoo.

In conclusion, there is plenty of running and playing to be enjoyed in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. With its vast outdoor spaces, imaginative play areas, and a range of exciting activities, this park is a good bet for families looking to explore, play, and create wonderful memories. So gather your little ones and head out for a day filled with running, playing, and exploring at Prospect Park.

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Biking on the Brooklyn Greenway

Source: www.unlimitedbiking.com

Brooklyn is a great destination for families with children, and one of the best ways to explore the borough is by bike. The Brooklyn Greenway is a dedicated bike path that runs 14 miles from Greenpoint in the north to Bay Ridge in the south, offering stunning waterfront views and plenty of family-friendly activities along the way.

Starting at Greenpoint, families can rent bikes from local shops and head south along the Greenway. The path runs through McCarren Park, where kids can play on the playground or splash in the pool during the summer months. Continuing south, you'll pass through Williamsburg, one of Brooklyn's trendiest neighborhoods, with plenty of restaurants and shops to explore.

Further down the Greenway, you'll reach Brooklyn Bridge Park, a must-visit destination for families with kids of all ages. The park offers a wide variety of activities, including playgrounds, water features, a carousel, and a climbing wall. Take a break from biking and enjoy a picnic on the lawn while taking in stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

As you continue south on the Greenway, you'll pass through some of Brooklyn's most historic neighborhoods, including Red Hook and Gowanus. Stop by the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where kids can learn about the shipbuilding industry and explore the USS Maine Memorial. Make a detour to Prospect Park, Brooklyn's largest park, which offers a wide range of activities, including a zoo, a botanical garden, and plenty of bike paths and trails to explore.

Finally, the Greenway ends at Owl's Head Park in Bay Ridge, where families can enjoy stunning views of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge and the surrounding waterfront. Take a break at the park's playground or grab a bite to eat at one of the neighborhood's many family-friendly restaurants.


Exploring the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Prospect Park Zoo

Source: prospectparkzoo.com

Brooklyn may seem like a concrete jungle, but the borough is also home to a vibrant wildlife community. For families with children, the Wildlife Conservation Society's Prospect Park Zoo offers a fun and educational way to explore the animal kingdom.

Located in the heart of Prospect Park, the zoo is home to over 400 animals representing over 100 species from around the world. From playful sea lions to curious red pandas, there's something for everyone to discover.

One of the highlights of the zoo is the Discovery Trail, which takes visitors on a journey through different ecosystems and habitats. Along the trail, families can encounter animals such as kangaroos, meerkats, and even a bald eagle.

Another must-see attraction is the Barn and Garden exhibit, which features domestic animals like goats and sheep. Children can pet and play with these friendly creatures while learning about the importance of responsible animal care.

For families looking to get up close and personal with some of the zoo's residents, the Nature Trek exhibit offers a chance to walk among free-roaming deer and waterfowl. Visitors can also explore the zoo's aviary, where birds from around the world, including cockatiels and parrots, fly freely around the indoor habitat.

In addition to its animal exhibits, the zoo also hosts a variety of educational programs and events throughout the year. From behind-the-scenes tours to conservation workshops, there are plenty of opportunities for children to learn about the importance of protecting wildlife.

Overall, the Wildlife Conservation Society's Prospect Park Zoo is a wonderful place for families with children to explore and learn about animals from around the world. With its diverse exhibits and educational programs, the zoo is sure to inspire a lifelong appreciation for wildlife and conservation.

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Watching a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse

Source: www.tripadvisor.com
Characteristic Description
NameAlamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown Brooklyn
TypeMovie theater
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.6 / 6,101
Address445 Albee Square W 4th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone(718) 513-2547

Brooklyn is a popular destination for families with children, and offers a wide range of activities and attractions. One such activity that families can enjoy is going to the movies at the Alamo Drafthouse. This cinema is perfect for families with children who want to watch a movie in a unique and fun environment.

The Alamo Drafthouse, located in Downtown Brooklyn, is not like a typical movie theater. It is more of a movie-going experience, complete with food and drinks that families can enjoy while they watch a film. The theater also shows a wide range of movies, from recent blockbusters to classic films that are perfect for children.

One of the greatest features of the Alamo Drafthouse is its "Kids Club" programming. This programming is designed for families with young children, with special screenings of kid-friendly films and classic movies. The theater also offers interactive events such as sing-alongs, dance parties, and crafts that are sure to keep children entertained.

Parents can enjoy the movie while their children are entertained with these interactive events, and all parties can enjoy the food and drinks. The Alamo Drafthouse has a full menu of food and beverages, including pizza, sandwiches, salads, and even milkshakes. There are also a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, making it the perfect place for families to have a night out.

The Alamo Drafthouse prides itself on its strict "no talking" policy during the films, which helps to create a more enjoyable movie-going experience for all parties. This policy is strictly enforced by the staff, so parents can rest assured that their children will not be disturbed during the film.

Overall, the Alamo Drafthouse is a great option for families with children looking for a unique and fun movie-going experience. With its variety of films, interactive events, and delicious food and drinks, families are sure to have a memorable night out. So the next time you are looking for something to do with your family in Brooklyn, consider a trip to the Alamo Drafthouse.


Visiting the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Source: www.brooklynkids.org
Characteristic Description
NameBrooklyn Children's Museum
TypeChildren's museum in Brooklyn, New York
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.4 / 2,993
Address145 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213
HoursSunday - 10 AM–5 PM
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - 10 AM–5 PM
Thursday - 10 AM–5 PM
Friday - 10 AM–5 PM
Saturday - 10 AM–5 PM

Brooklyn has become a family-friendly destination for those traveling with children. With a variety of activities and attractions to choose from, one of the best places to visit with young kids is the Brooklyn Children's Museum. Located in the Crown Heights neighborhood, this museum is packed with fun and educational experiences that will leave children entertained, engaged, and learning.

The Brooklyn Children's Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday and is geared for kids 10 and under. The museum packs in science, culture and art in its exhibits and programming. Some of the popular exhibits include World Brooklyn, where children can experience different cultures and explore the area’s diversity, the “Sensory Room” which involves automated equipment installations that multi-sensory experiences with light, sound and tactile stimulation.

In addition to the exhibits, the museum hosts a variety of workshops, events, and performances that cater to children of all ages. The programming focuses on teaching children to appreciate culture, science, nature, and art. One of our favorites is the “Reading Room” where kids can enjoy story time or choose a book to read on their own.

The museum takes COVID-19 precautions seriously, requiring all visitors over the age of two to wear a mask. They also operate under reduced visitor capacity, which allows you to have a more intimate experience without waiting in line.

Before you visit, we recommend checking the museum's schedule and booking your tickets in advance, to make sure your family gets to enjoy all the exhibits.

Overall, the Brooklyn Children's Museum is an excellent option for those who want to visit Brooklyn with their kids. With its engaging exhibits, programs and engaging and educational experiences, it's sure to be a highlight of any family vacation.

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Having Fun at Luna Park

Source: tinybeans.com

Brooklyn is one of the most diverse and vibrant neighborhoods in New York City, and it's a great place to explore with kids. One of the most popular attractions for families in Brooklyn is Luna Park, an amusement park that offers endless entertainment and excitement for visitors of all ages.

Located in Coney Island, Luna Park is a great place to spend a day or an afternoon with your family. With dozens of rides, games, and attractions, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're looking for thrilling roller coasters or gentle rides for the little ones, you'll find it all at Luna Park.

One of the most iconic rides at Luna Park is the Cyclone, a wooden roller coaster that has been thrilling visitors since 1927. This coaster is not for the faint of heart, but it's an unforgettable experience that will leave you breathless. Other popular rides at Luna Park include Thunderbolt, a steel coaster with breathtaking drops and twists, and the Coney Island Raceway, where kids can race their own mini cars around a track.

In addition to the rides, Luna Park also offers a variety of games and attractions that kids will love. From classic carnival games like ring toss and balloon pop to virtual reality experiences and carnival-style food stands, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the best things about Luna Park is that it offers something for kids of all ages. Whether you're traveling with toddlers or teenagers, there's plenty to keep everyone entertained. For the little ones, there's a kiddie section with gentle rides like the Happy Swing and Beach Shack. For older kids, there are more thrilling rides like the Air Race and Thunderbolt.

In addition to the rides and games, Luna Park also hosts special events throughout the year. From fireworks displays to Halloween celebrations, there's always something happening at Luna Park. Keep an eye on their calendar to see what's coming up next.

Overall, Luna Park is a must-see attraction if you're traveling to Brooklyn with kids. With its thrilling rides, fun games, and exciting events, it offers a unique and unforgettable experience that your family will love. Plan a day at Luna Park and get ready for endless fun and adventure!


Playing in the sand at Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk

Source: www.kfyrtv.com

If you're looking for a fun family day out while visiting Brooklyn, Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk should definitely be on your list of destinations. Located at the southern end of Brooklyn, this beach and boardwalk offer plenty of opportunities for kids to play and adults to relax.

One of the main attractions of this area is, of course, the beach itself. Coney Island Beach is a great spot to let your kids splash around in the water and dig in the sand. The beach is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and lifeguards are on duty during the summer months, so you can rest assured that your kids will be safe while they play.

If you're interested in more than just sunbathing and swimming, the boardwalk has plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained. One of the most popular activities is playing in Luna Park. This amusement park offers a variety of rides and attractions, including a classic old wooden roller coaster, the Cyclone, which opened in 1927. There are also plenty of carnival-style games where your kids can win prizes, as well as plenty of food vendors.

However, if you're looking for something a bit more low-key, you can take a walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the sights and sounds of this iconic Brooklyn destination. There are street performers, food trucks, and plenty of people watching to keep you and your kids entertained for hours.

Of course, no trip to Coney Island Beach is complete without trying some of the food that makes this place famous. There are plenty of options to choose from, including hot dogs from Nathan's Famous, a Brooklyn institution that has been around since 1916. There are also plenty of ice cream shops, pizza places, and other food vendors along the boardwalk to satisfy any craving.

All in all, if you're looking for a fun day out in Brooklyn with your kids, Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk is an excellent option. With plenty of activities and food options to choose from, your family is sure to have a great time in this iconic New York destination.


Visiting the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center

Source: turnstiletours.com

Planning a trip to Brooklyn with kids can be both exciting and challenging. Luckily, there is no shortage of things to do and see in this bustling borough. One such destination that is perfect for families with children is the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center.

Located on the waterfront in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard, the center is a fascinating and educational destination that provides a fun and interactive experience for all ages. Here’s all you need to know about visiting the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center with kids.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Center is a former naval shipyard that has been transformed into a vibrant community of artists, artisans, entrepreneurs and businesses. Visitors can explore this unique hub of creativity and innovation by taking a guided tour of the Yard, visiting the museum and exhibition center, or participating in one of the many hands-on workshops and programs.

The museum and exhibition center, located in Building 92, tells the story of the Brooklyn Navy Yard from its beginnings in 1801 to the present day. The exhibits feature interactive displays, historical artifacts, and video presentations that offer a glimpse into the Yard’s rich history and the important role it played in shaping the city and the country.

For kids, there are many activities and programs that are designed to keep them engaged and entertained. These include guided tours of the Yard, where they can learn about the different types of ships that were built here and the people who worked on them. They can also participate in hands-on workshops such as woodworking, robotics, and 3D printing, or take part in special events and festivals that are held throughout the year.

Tips for visiting the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center with kids:

If you plan to visit the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center with kids, here are a few tips that will help make your trip more enjoyable:

  • Wear comfortable shoes: The Navy Yard is a large complex that covers over 300 acres, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes, especially if you plan to take a guided tour.
  • Bring snacks and water: While there are several cafes and restaurants on the Yard, it is always a good idea to bring snacks and water, especially if you are traveling with kids.
  • Take advantage of family programs: The center offers many family-friendly programs and events throughout the year. Check the schedule before you visit to see what’s on offer.
  • Plan for transportation: The Navy Yard is easily accessible by car, bus, or subway. If you plan to drive, there is ample parking available on the Yard. Alternatively, you can take a guided tour that includes transportation.

Overall, visiting the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center is a great way to spend a day with your family in Brooklyn. With its blend of history, innovation, and creativity, it is sure to offer something for everyone.


Learning at the Brooklyn Historical Society

Source: www.brooklynkids.org

Brooklyn is a great destination to visit with kids. There are many fun and educational activities for kids in Brooklyn, including visiting the Brooklyn Historical Society.

The Brooklyn Historical Society is one of the most popular attractions for families in the borough. This museum is designed to teach visitors about the history of Brooklyn, and it's a great place to visit if you're interested in learning more about the area's past.

The museum has a variety of exhibits that can engage both children and adults. Young children can enjoy interactive displays that help them learn more about Brooklyn's history while older visitors can explore the museum's collection of artifacts and documents.

One popular exhibit is “Brooklyn Abolitionists / In Pursuit of Freedom.” This exhibit tells the story of Brooklyn's abolitionist movement and their efforts to help end slavery in the United States. Another exhibit is “Waterfront,” which explores the area's shipping industry and the city's connection to the water.

The museum also offers many fun activities for kids. Children can participate in scavenger hunts and hands-on activities that help them learn about Brooklyn's history in a fun and interactive way. They can also attend educational programs and workshops that are designed to teach them more about the area's past.

Admission to the Brooklyn Historical Society is free for children under 12, and there are discounts available for families. It's a great destination for families looking for an educational and engaging experience in Brooklyn.

In conclusion, the Brooklyn Historical Society is a great place to visit with kids. The museum has many fun and educational activities that can engage children and adults, and it's a great way to learn more about Brooklyn's history. If you're looking for a destination that's both educational and fun, the Brooklyn Historical Society is a must-visit.

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Playing in the sprinklers at McCarren Park

Source: www.nytimes.com

When it comes to fun activities with kids in Brooklyn, there are plenty of options to choose from. One of the top picks for families is playing in the sprinklers at McCarren Park.

Located in the neighborhood of Greenpoint, McCarren Park is a 35-acre outdoor space that offers a range of recreational activities for visitors of all ages. But during the summer months, the biggest draw for families is undoubtedly the park's large splash pad area, which features various types of water jets and fountains for kids to run through and cool off.

So why is playing in the sprinklers at McCarren Park such a popular pastime for Brooklyn families? Here are just a few reasons:

It's free - Unlike many other entertainment options in the city, playing in the sprinklers at McCarren Park won't cost you a thing. Just grab your towels, sunscreen, and some water bottles and head over for a day of fun in the sun.

It's refreshing - There's no denying that New York City summers can get hot and muggy. But by splashing around in the cool waters of the McCarren Park splash pad, kids (and parents) can beat the heat and stay comfortable even on the hottest days.

It's safe - With a dedicated area specifically designed for water play, parents can rest assured that their little ones will be safe as they splash, run, and play. Plus, the park is staffed with trained lifeguards during the summertime.

It's social - Playing in the sprinklers can also be a great way for kids to make new friends and socialize with others. With so many other families and children enjoying the same area, it's easy to strike up conversations and build community connections.

Of course, with any outdoor activity, it's important to take some precautions beforehand. Make sure to pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and snacks for your family, and be sure to apply sunscreen liberally and frequently. You may also want to bring a change of clothes for your kids, as well as a big beach umbrella or sunshade to provide some relief from the sun.

All in all, if you're looking for a fun and free way to enjoy the summer in Brooklyn, playing in the sprinklers at McCarren Park is definitely worth a visit. Just be prepared to get wet!


Ice-skating at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside

Source: edc.nyc
Characteristic Description
NameLeFrak Center at Lakeside
TypeIce skating rink in Brooklyn, New York
WebsiteGo to website
Address171 East Dr, Brooklyn, NY 11225
Phone(718) 462-0010
HoursSunday - 9 AM–7 PM
Monday - 9 AM–7 PM
Tuesday - 9 AM–7 PM
Wednesday - 9 AM–7 PM
Thursday - 9 AM–7 PM
Friday - 9 AM–7 PM
Saturday - 9 AM–9 PM

Brooklyn is a vibrant borough of New York City that is not only popular among adults but also offers a plethora of activities to keep kids entertained. One of the most exciting outdoor activities for children in Brooklyn is ice-skating at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside.

The LeFrak Center at Lakeside is located in Prospect Park, Brooklyn and is a popular destination for families looking for a fun day out. The ice-skating rink at this center is the largest of its kind in Brooklyn and offers a range of activities for kids of all ages.

If you're planning a day out at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside with your kids, make sure to bundle up, as the rink can be quite chilly even on a mild day. Kids should wear warm clothing, hats and gloves, and don't forget to bring extra layers of clothing in case they get too cold.

Once you arrive at the rink, you can rent ice skates for your children at an affordable price. The staff at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside are friendly and accommodating, and they will ensure that your kids are safe while they skate on the ice.

For kids who have never ice-skated before, the LeFrak Center offers skating lessons for children as young as three years old. These lessons are taught by experienced instructors who will teach your kids how to skate while building their confidence at the same time.

If your kids are more experienced ice-skaters, they can take advantage of the other activities the LeFrak Center has to offer. These include broomball, hockey, and figure skating. All of these activities will keep your kids entertained and active all day long.

In addition to ice-skating, the LeFrak Center at Lakeside offers a range of other family-friendly activities such as roller-skating, biking, and more. You can also take a break from the ice and warm up with some hot chocolate or ice cream at one of the nearby cafes.

Overall, ice-skating at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside is a fun-filled activity that your kids will enjoy to the fullest. It's an excellent way to spend a day in Brooklyn with your family, and it is sure to create unforgettable memories for all.

Frequently asked questions

- Brooklyn Children's Museum

- Prospect Park Zoo

- Brooklyn Bowl (with a separate kids' area)

- Brooklyn Bridge Park

- Coney Island Boardwalk and Luna Park

- Brooklyn Public Library (with various children's programs)

- Brooklyn Botanic Garden

- New York Aquarium

- Brooklyn Heights Promenade (with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline)

- Brooklyn Flea (with various food options and activities for kids)

- Ample Hills Creamery (with unique ice cream flavors and a fun atmosphere)

- Aviator Sports and Events Center (with various sport activities and a trampoline park)

- Twinkle Playspace (with sensory play areas and classes for babies and toddlers)

- Brooklyn Goats (indoor trampoline park with foam pits and dodgeball games)

- Brooklyn Boulders (indoor rock climbing gym with programs for kids)

- Junior's Restaurant (known for their famous cheesecake and classic diner fare)

- Shake Shack (with locations in various neighborhoods in Brooklyn)

- Patsy's Pizzeria (famous for their thin-crust pizza pies)

- L&B Spumoni Gardens (serve traditional Brooklyn-style pizza and spumoni ice cream)

- Ample Hills Creamery (offer sweet and savory options for both kids and adults)

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Brendon Guzman

Oh, I absolutely love taking my kids to Brooklyn! One of our favorite things to do with them is to visit the Brooklyn Children's Museum. They have so many interactive exhibits and hands-on activities that keep my little ones entertained for hours. Another great spot is Prospect Park. We love to rent bikes and ride around the park, stopping at the playgrounds and splash pads along the way. It's such a lovely way to spend a sunny day with the family in Brooklyn!
That sounds like such a fun day for you and your kids! The Brooklyn Children's Museum is a great choice, with all its interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. It's always a hit with my little ones too. And Prospect Park is a wonderful spot for some outdoor family fun. Renting bikes and exploring the park sounds like the perfect way to enjoy a sunny day. It's great that there are also playgrounds and splash pads along the way to keep the kids entertained. Brooklyn truly has so much to offer for families!

Kira Figueroa

As a mom of two young kids, I'm always on the lookout for fun and engaging activities in Brooklyn. One place that never disappoints is the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There's a fantastic playground there with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. We also enjoy exploring the various paths and trails, perfect for a family walk or bike ride. Another great option is the New York Aquarium located in Coney Island. It's educational and entertaining at the same time, with fascinating exhibits and shows that both kids and adults can enjoy. Brooklyn truly has so much to offer for families!

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