12 Exciting Nighttime Activities In Buffalo To Check Out!

things to do in buffalo at night

The city of Buffalo in western New York is known for its stunning architecture, delicious food, and passionate sports fans. But it's also a great place to visit during the nighttime hours, with plenty of activities to keep you entertained until the early hours of the morning. Whether you're looking for live music, craft cocktails, or spooky ghost tours, Buffalo has something for everyone after the sun sets. Here are 12 exciting nighttime activities in Buffalo to check out on your next visit!

Activity Description
Visit Canalside A lively waterfront destination with events, restaurants, and outdoor activities like ice skating and concerts.
Explore Elmwood Village A vibrant neighborhood with bars, restaurants, and boutiques.
Attend a Bills or Sabres game Cheer on Buffalo's professional football or hockey teams at the stadium or arena.
Go on a pub crawl Buffalo has a variety of bars and breweries to explore in areas like Allentown and the West Village.
Catch a show at Shea's Performing Arts Center An ornate and historic theater that hosts Broadway shows, concerts, and other performances.
Nighttime kayaking on the Buffalo River Take a guided tour of the city's waterways with illuminated views of the skyline.
Stroll through Buffalo Botanical Gardens Open for special evening events, explore the illuminated garden's colorful and exotic plant life.
See a movie at North Park Theatre A classic cinema with a renovated Art Deco interior and showings of new and classic films.
Enjoy a late-night snack Grab some wings from Anchor Bar, pizza from Franco's or grab a sweet treat from Paula's Donuts.


Visit The Buffalo Zoo After Hours

Source: sidrichardsonmuseum.org

Looking for a fun and unique nighttime activity in Buffalo? Look no further than the Buffalo Zoo! This beloved institution is now offering after-hours visits for those who want to explore its exhibits in a new and thrilling way.

During these nighttime experiences, visitors will have the chance to see animals that are most active at night, such as the zoo's resident bats and owls. You can also check out habitats that take on a whole new life after dark, like the nocturnal house, where you'll find creatures like porcupines, giant anteaters, and more.

The experience also includes extras that you won't get during regular zoo hours. For instance, there are timed feedings and encounters with some of the zoo's animals, as well as guided tours led by the knowledgeable zoo staff. Be sure to check out the calendar on the Buffalo Zoo's website to see what events are currently scheduled.

One popular event is the zoo's "Brew at the Zoo" series, which provides a night of craft beer tasting and animal encounters. This is a great way to mingle with other animal-lovers in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Of course, attendees must be 21 or over to participate.

When you arrive at the zoo after hours, you'll be greeted by a stunning display of lights as well. Whether you're exploring the Serengeti or the Arctic Edge, the zoo's grounds are transformed by colorful and ethereal lighting that adds a special ambiance to your visit.

Keep in mind that some areas of the zoo may be closed during after-hours events, depending on the season and weather. However, there's still more than enough to see and do to make it worth the visit – and you'll enjoy this unique experience without the crowds and noise of daytime crowds.

Tickets typically range from $15 to $45 depending on the event and what's included. While it may seem a bit pricey, it's a small price to pay for an unforgettable evening encountering some of the world's most unique and fascinating creatures.

So why not switch up your usual evening routine and head to the Buffalo Zoo after hours? You're sure to have a wild and unforgettable time.

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Take A Sunset Sail At Canalside

Source: buffalonews.com

If you're looking for a unique way to experience the beauty of Buffalo at night, a sunset sail at Canalside is a must-do activity. Canalside is a popular tourist destination located on the banks of Buffalo River. It boasts a variety of attractions, including restaurants, shops, and recreational activities, but the sunset sail is one of the most popular.

The sunset sail is offered by Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club, a non-profit organization that aims to promote sailing in Buffalo. The sail runs for approximately two and a half hours, where guests sail up and down Buffalo River and Lake Erie. Guests can enjoy stunning views of the Buffalo skyline at sunset while relaxing on the boat.

The sail departs from the Canalside Marine, where guests can board the boat and meet the captain and crew. The boat used for the sunset sail is a small sailboat that can accommodate up to five people. The boat is a comfortable way to take in the sights and sounds of Buffalo at night, with cozy seating and canopy covers to protect you from the elements.

As you sail along the river and lake, you'll pass by several attractions, including the historic grain elevators, the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park, and the Buffalo lighthouse. The sights are breathtaking, especially as the sun sets over the city, casting a golden glow over the buildings and water. Along the way, the captain and crew will share interesting facts and stories about the area, providing a bit of history and local insight.

The sunset sail is available from May to October, and tickets must be booked in advance. Prices vary based on the number of guests, but generally range from $150 to $200. It's a great way to celebrate a special occasion or to simply experience the beauty of Buffalo from a different perspective.

In conclusion, Buffalo at night is a sight to behold, and the sunset sail at Canalside is an unforgettable way to experience it. With stunning views of the city skyline and a knowledgeable crew to guide you, this is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Buffalo. So, if you're looking for a unique and memorable experience, book your tickets now and set sail for an adventure you won't forget.


Explore The Burchfield Penney Art Center

Source: burchfieldpenney.org
Characteristic Description
NameBurchfield Penney Art Center
TypeArt museum in Buffalo, New York
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.7 / 337
Address1300 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone(716) 878-6011
HoursWednesday - 10 AM–5 PM
Thursday - 10 AM–8 PM
Friday - 10 AM–5 PM
Saturday - 10 AM–5 PM
Sunday - 1–5 PM
Monday(Memorial Day) - Closed
Tuesday - Closed

Buffalo at night is a beautiful sight to behold. With its shimmering lights and bustling atmosphere, it's no wonder why visitors flock to this city after the sun goes down. One of the top things to do in Buffalo at night is to explore the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Located in the heart of Buffalo's cultural district, the Burchfield Penney Art Center is a great place to visit for anyone interested in art and culture. The museum's collection spans the past century and includes works by some of the most renowned artists in the world.

Visitors to the Burchfield Penney Art Center can explore a wide range of exhibits, from contemporary art to traditional works from around the world. The museum is home to several galleries, each of which showcases a unique collection of art.

Some of the most popular exhibits at the Burchfield Penney Art Center include its collection of contemporary art, which features works by some of the most exciting and innovative artists of our time. Visitors can explore everything from sculpture to photography to paintings in this collection.

In addition to its collection of contemporary art, the Burchfield Penney Art Center is also home to a number of exhibits that focus on the history and culture of Buffalo. These exhibits highlight the rich cultural traditions of the city, including its architecture, music, and industry.

One of the best things about visiting the Burchfield Penney Art Center at night is the opportunity to take part in one of the museum's many events. From lectures and panel discussions to concerts and performances, there's always something happening at the museum that's worth checking out.

Whether you're a fan of contemporary art, traditional works, or cultural history, the Burchfield Penney Art Center is a must-visit destination in Buffalo at night. So be sure to add it to your itinerary, and get ready to explore the rich artistic and cultural heritage of this vibrant city.


Enjoy A Broadway Show At Shea's Performing Arts Center

Source: www.sheas.org

Buffalo is a city that never sleeps, especially at night. One of the most popular things to do when the sun goes down is to catch a Broadway show at Shea's Performing Arts Center. This historic theater has been entertaining the people of Buffalo for over 90 years and is known for its stunning architecture and world-class performances.

When you visit Shea's, you'll feel like you've been transported back in time. The ornate ceilings, plush seats, and intricate details throughout the theater are reminiscent of a bygone era. Whether you're a fan of musicals, plays, or concerts, there's always something exciting happening at Shea's.

One of the most popular Broadway shows to hit Shea's in recent years was Hamilton. This blockbuster hit drew sold-out crowds for weeks on end, and those lucky enough to get a ticket were treated to an unforgettable performance. Other popular shows that have graced the stage at Shea's include The Lion King, Wicked, and Les Misérables.

If you're planning on attending a show at Shea's, make sure you arrive early to take in the beauty of the theater. You'll want to give yourself plenty of time to grab a drink or a bite to eat before the show starts. There are several restaurants and bars located within walking distance of the theater, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Overall, catching a Broadway show at Shea's Performing Arts Center is a must-do activity when visiting Buffalo at night. Whether you're a seasoned theater-goer or someone who's new to the world of Broadway shows, you're sure to be impressed by the stunning performances at this beautiful venue. So why not make a night of it and experience the magic of Shea's for yourself?


Have Fun Bowling At Lucky Strike

Source: houston.culturemap.com

Buffalo, New York is an exciting city that offers plenty of fun things to do, especially at night. And if you're a fan of bowling, then you'll want to check out Lucky Strike - one of the city's top bowling alleys.

Located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, Lucky Strike is a stylish and modern venue that offers a unique bowling experience. With its sleek décor, colorful lighting, and state-of-the-art sound system, Lucky Strike offers a cool and trendy vibe that appeals to people of all ages.

Whether you're looking for a fun night out with friends, a unique date idea, or a place to host a private event or party, Lucky Strike has something for everyone. You'll find a variety of bowling lanes to choose from, including traditional 10-pin lanes and smaller 5-pin lanes for a different challenge. And if you're feeling competitive, you can even join one of the league nights and see how well you stack up against other bowlers.

But bowling is just one part of the Lucky Strike experience. You'll also find an impressive selection of food and drinks to enjoy while you play. From classic pub fare like burgers and fries to more upscale options like sushi and flatbread pizzas, Lucky Strike's menu has something for every palate. And with a full bar featuring craft cocktails, local beer, and wine, you can enjoy a beverage or two while you bowl.

Lucky Strike is open seven days a week, with late-night hours on the weekends. And if you're looking for a way to celebrate a special occasion or host a private event, the venue offers custom packages and event planning services to make your night unforgettable.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fun and unique way to spend a night out in Buffalo, be sure to check out Lucky Strike. With its modern bowling lanes, delicious food and drinks, and hip atmosphere, it's sure to be a night you won't forget.


Have A Beer At Resurgence Brewing Company

Source: www.visitbuffaloniagara.com
Characteristic Description
NameResurgence Brewing Company
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.5 / 677
Address55 Chicago St, Buffalo, NY 14204
Phone(716) 768-6018
HoursWednesday - 12–10 PM
Thursday - 12–11 PM
Friday - 12 PM–12 AM
Saturday - 11 AM–12 AM
Sunday - 10 AM–7 PM
Monday(Memorial Day) - Closed
Tuesday - 12–10 PM

Buffalo, New York is a picturesque city that is known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse entertainment options. If you are looking to experience the city at night, a great place to visit is the Resurgence Brewing Company. Located at 1250 Niagara St, this brewery is a must-visit spot for anyone who enjoys good beer and great atmosphere.

The Resurgence Brewing Company is a local favorite that is known for its unique and diverse selection of craft beers. The brewery has a relaxed and casual vibe that makes it the perfect spot for a night out with friends or a relaxed date with your significant other. The brewery is open seven days a week, so whether you are looking for a weekday happy hour or a fun weekend hangout, the Resurgence Brewing Company has got you covered.

One of the best things about the Resurgence Brewing Company is their outdoor beer garden. The beer garden is a great place to unwind and enjoy a cold beer on a nice summer night. The atmosphere is friendly and laid back, and there is always a great mix of locals and tourists to mingle with.

The Resurgence Brewing Company also offers brewery tours for those who are interested in learning more about the brewing process. The tours are informative and fun, and they give visitors a sneak peek into the inner workings of the brewery.

In addition to great beer and atmosphere, the Resurgence Brewing Company also offers a menu of delicious food that is perfect for pairing with their selection of beers. From classic pub fare like burgers and wings to more unique options like Korean BBQ tacos, there is something for everyone on the menu.

If you are looking to experience Buffalo at night, a visit to the Resurgence Brewing Company is a must. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you will love the unique atmosphere, great beer, and delicious food that this brewery has to offer. So grab some friends, head on over to the Resurgence Brewing Company, and enjoy a night out in Buffalo that you won’t soon forget.


Take A Haunted Ghost Tour

Source: www.newyorkupstate.com

If you're in Buffalo at night and looking for a unique and spooky experience, why not take a haunted ghost tour? This tour will take you through some of the most haunted places in the city and give you a glimpse into the paranormal world. Here are some of the best reasons why you should take a haunted ghost tour in Buffalo.

Experience the thrill of the unknown

When you take a haunted ghost tour, you never know what to expect. Whether it's a sudden chill down your spine or an unexplained noise, there's always an element of surprise and excitement on these tours.

Learn about the city's history

Buffalo has a rich history, and many of its most haunted places are linked to that history. When you take a ghost tour, you'll learn about the city's past and the stories behind its most famous ghosts and hauntings.

Get a different perspective on the city

A ghost tour takes you to places you might not have visited otherwise, giving you a different view of the city. You'll see hidden corners and hear stories that you wouldn't have known otherwise.

Have a spooky, fun night out

A ghost tour is a great way to spend a night out with friends or family. You'll all have a spooky and fun time, and you'll have some great stories to tell afterwards.

Possibly encounter a ghost

Who knows? You might encounter a ghost on your tour. If you're lucky, you might even get photographic evidence of your encounter!

In conclusion, a haunted ghost tour is a fantastic way to experience Buffalo at night. Whether you're a ghost enthusiast or just looking for a unique and exciting night out, a ghost tour is sure to deliver. So why not book your tour today and unveil some of the city's most intriguing mysteries?


Watch A Movie At North Park Theater

Source: www.northparktheatre.org
Characteristic Description
NameNorth Park Theatre
TypeTheatre in Buffalo, New York
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.8 / 653
Address1428 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216
Phone(716) 836-7411

Buffalo, New York is an eclectic city with a rich culture and history. And when it comes to enjoying the city at night, there is no better place to start than at the North Park Theater.

The North Park Theater is one of the city's most iconic venues and a popular destination for movie-goers. With its vintage decor and intimate ambiance, it offers a unique experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

The theater is located on Hertel Avenue and has been a staple in the community since 1920. Its grand opening was marked by the screening of the silent film "More Deadly Than the Male" and it has been a popular venue for movie lovers ever since.

Over the years, the North Park has undergone several renovations to keep up with the times while maintaining its classic charm. Today, the theater has four screens that showcase a mix of classic and contemporary films.

Watching a movie at the North Park Theater is an experience like no other. The theater's classic Art Deco styling is showcased in the beautiful lobby that welcomes visitors. And once inside, the theater's vintage decor takes you back to a time when going to the movies was a glamorous affair.

The theater also offers a snack bar that serves a wide range of treats, including popcorn, candy, and soda. And with its comfortable seating and state-of-the-art sound system, the North Park Theater is an ideal spot to watch your favorite films in comfort and style.

In addition to its regular movie screenings, the North Park Theater also plays host to special events throughout the year, such as film festivals and live performances. So no matter what your interests are, you're sure to find something to enjoy at this iconic landmark.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a unique way to enjoy Buffalo at night, consider watching a movie at the North Park Theater. With its classic charm, comfortable seating, and excellent selection of films, it's sure to be an experience you won't forget.


Go Stargazing At Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve

Source: penndixie.org
Characteristic Description
NamePenn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve
TypeNature preserve in Erie County, New York
WebsiteGo to website
Address4050 North St, Blasdell, NY 14219
Phone(716) 627-4560
HoursWednesday - Closed
Thursday - Closed
Friday - Closed
Saturday - 9 AM–4:30 PM
Sunday - 9 AM–4:30 PM
Monday(Memorial Day) - Closed
Tuesday - Closed

If you're looking for a unique and exciting way to spend an evening in Buffalo, why not head to Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve for some stargazing? While the park is a popular destination during the day for fossil hunting and nature walks, it's also a fantastic spot to catch a glimpse of the night sky.

Located just south of Buffalo in Hamburg, NY, Penn Dixie is a 54-acre site filled with rare fossils dating back millions of years. In addition to the fossils, the park boasts a variety of habitats, including forests, meadows, and wetlands, making it a great place to explore nature at any time of day. But when the sun goes down, the park takes on a whole new character.

Thanks to its rural setting, away from the bright lights of the city, Penn Dixie is an ideal place to observe the stars. On clear nights, visitors can see a spectacular array of constellations, planets, and even the occasional shooting star. There's nothing quite like lying on a blanket under a starry sky, listening to the sounds of nature and feeling the cool night air.

To make the most of your stargazing experience at Penn Dixie, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it's important to come prepared. Be sure to bring warm clothing, even in the summer months, as temperatures can drop quickly once the sun goes down. You'll also want to bring a comfortable blanket or chair to sit on, as well as some snacks and beverages to enjoy while you're taking in the sights.

If you're new to stargazing, consider bringing along a guidebook or smartphone app to help you identify the constellations. Some popular options include SkyView, Star Chart, and Night Sky. And don't forget to give your eyes time to adjust to the darkness – it can take up to 30 minutes for your eyes to fully adapt.

Finally, be respectful of the park and its other visitors. Keep noise levels down, avoid bright lights (this includes flashlights and phone screens), and be sure to pack out any trash you generate.

Whether you're an avid astronomer or just looking for a fun and unique way to spend an evening in Buffalo, stargazing at Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve is a must-do activity. From the fossils beneath your feet to the stars above your head, this park is truly a treasure trove of natural wonders.


Enjoy Live Jazz Music At The Terrace at Delaware Park

Source: boredommd.com
Characteristic Description
NameThe Terrace at Delaware Park
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.3 / 659
Address199 Lincoln Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone(716) 886-0089
HoursWednesday - 4–10 PM
Thursday - 4–10 PM
Friday - 4–10 PM
Saturday - 11 AM–3 PM, 5–10 PM
Sunday - 11 AM–4 PM
Monday(Memorial Day) - Closed
Tuesday - Closed

Buffalo, New York, is a city that comes alive at night. The city has a vibrant nightlife, and there's always something to do. If you love live music, then you're in for a treat because The Terrace at Delaware Park is one of the best places to enjoy live jazz music in Buffalo.

Located in the historic Marcy Casino building, The Terrace at Delaware Park features a lovely outdoor seating area, where you can soak in the beautiful views of Delaware Park while enjoying your favorite drinks. The Terrace is known for its hospitality, quality service, and of course, its live entertainment.

The Terrace at Delaware Park hosts live jazz music performances every weekend. From Friday evening till Sunday evening, you can enjoy some of the best local jazz talent at this amazing venue. The jazz music adds to the overall ambiance of the place, making it a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike.

In addition to their live jazz music performances, The Terrace at Delaware Park offers a wide range of drinks and food options. They have an extensive selection of wine, beer, and cocktails, and their food menu features classic American dishes as well as a few twists on traditional favorites.

The Terrace at Delaware Park has a warm, friendly atmosphere that sets it apart from other music venues in Buffalo. The outdoor seating area makes it a perfect place for a romantic date or a night out with friends. And if you're lucky, you might catch one of Buffalo's famous sunsets while you're there.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a great place to enjoy live jazz music in Buffalo, then The Terrace at Delaware Park should be at the top of your list. With its beautiful outdoor seating area, great drinks and food, and top-notch entertainers, you're sure to have an unforgettable experience at this amazing venue.


Take A Nighttime Lantern Tour At Old Fort Niagara State Park

Source: www.wnypapers.com

If you're looking for a unique evening activity in the Buffalo area, consider taking a nighttime lantern tour at Old Fort Niagara State Park. This historic site, located in Youngstown, NY, dates back to the 1700s and offers a fascinating glimpse into early American military history.

During the lantern tour, visitors will explore the fort after dark, guided by the soft glow of lanterns carried by park staff. This experience is truly immersive and transportive, as you'll feel as though you've been transported back in time to the era of the fort's construction.

As you stroll through the fort's grounds, you'll learn about the history of this important site, from the earliest Native American settlements to the French, British, and American military occupations. Your guide will regale you with stories of the fort's past, highlighting important events and individuals who shaped its legacy.

The nighttime lantern tour is particularly evocative because it allows visitors to experience the fort in a whole new light - literally. The darkness amplifies the tension and drama of the stories you'll hear, lending an eerie and exhilarating quality to the experience.

Another perk of the lantern tour is the chance to see the fort's architecture in a different way. The light of the lanterns illuminates the contours of the walls and buildings, casting dramatic shadows that accentuate the fort's scale and grandeur.

If you're interested in taking a lantern tour at Old Fort Niagara State Park, be sure to check the park's website for schedules and to make your reservation in advance. These tours are popular and tend to fill up quickly, so don't wait until the last minute to secure your spot.

Whether you're a history buff or just looking for a unique and memorable nighttime activity, the lantern tour at Old Fort Niagara State Park is not to be missed. Book your spot today and get ready for an evening of intrigue, drama, and history.

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Dance The Night Away At The Waiting Room

Source: www.visitbuffaloniagara.com
Characteristic Description
NameWaiting Room
TypeLive music venue in Buffalo, New York
Rating / Review count4.2 / 104
Address334 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14201
Phone(716) 853-5483

Are you looking for a fun experience in Buffalo at night? Look no further than The Waiting Room, one of the city's best music venues. With a lineup of talented musicians and DJs, you're sure to dance the night away.

Located in the heart of Buffalo, The Waiting Room is easily accessible and offers a unique atmosphere for a night out. The venue has been praised for its sound quality and visual effects, making for an unforgettable experience.

The Waiting Room is known for its diverse musical selection, featuring performances from local and national artists spanning genres such as rock, hip hop, electronic, and more. No matter your musical preference, there's sure to be a show that suits your taste.

In addition to the music, The Waiting Room offers a full bar and a small food menu for those looking to grab a bite to eat. The venue also boasts an intimate setting, allowing for a truly immersive experience.

One of the best parts about The Waiting Room is the affordability. With tickets typically priced between $10 and $20, it's a great option for anyone looking for a night out on a budget. Plus, with the venue's commitment to supporting local musicians, you can feel good about supporting the arts community.

So, if you're looking for a fun and unique night out in Buffalo, head to The Waiting Room to dance the night away to some great music. You won't be disappointed.

Frequently asked questions

Some popular nightlife spots in Buffalo include the Chippewa Street Entertainment District, Allen Street, Elmwood Village, and Hertel Avenue.

Yes, there are several cultural events to attend in Buffalo at night, such as concerts at Canalside, performances at Shea's Performing Arts Center, and exhibitions at the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

Some outdoor activities to do in Buffalo at night include taking a stroll through the Buffalo Botanical Gardens, going on a bike ride along the riverfront trail, or attending a Buffalo Bisons baseball game.

There are several venues for live music in Buffalo at night, including the Tralf Music Hall, Iron Works, and Sportsmen's Tavern.

Some unique activities to do in Buffalo at night include taking a haunted history tour of the city, attending a silent disco party, or going on a ghost hunt in the historic Allentown neighborhood.

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Randy Lewis

I recently visited Buffalo and had such a fantastic time exploring the city at night. One of the things I highly recommend is checking out the vibrant live music scene. There are so many incredible venues, from intimate jazz clubs to larger concert halls, where you can catch talented local and touring musicians. The energy and atmosphere are truly electrifying. Additionally, Buffalo has some amazing late-night food options. Whether you're craving a slice of delicious pizza or some mouthwatering chicken wings, you'll find plenty of tasty options to satisfy your late-night cravings. Don't miss out on experiencing Buffalo's nightlife – it's a must!
I'm so glad to hear that you had a fantastic time exploring Buffalo at night! The live music scene in the city is definitely something not to be missed. It's incredible how many talented musicians you can find performing at various venues – from intimate jazz clubs to larger concert halls. The energy and atmosphere truly make for an electrifying night out. And of course, you can't forget about the late-night food options in Buffalo. Whether you have a craving for pizza or chicken wings, you'll definitely find some delicious options to satisfy your late-night cravings. It sounds like you had an unforgettable experience immersing yourself in Buffalo's nightlife – it truly is a must for anyone visiting the city!

Roisin Donaldson

Buffalo truly comes alive at night! If you're a fan of art and culture, make sure to visit the Alleyway Theatre. They often have performances in the evenings, showcasing local talent and providing entertaining and thought-provoking shows. Another great spot to check out is Chippewa Street. This lively entertainment district boasts a wide range of bars, clubs, and restaurants, making it the perfect place to enjoy a night out with friends. Whether you want to dance the night away or simply enjoy a few drinks, Chippewa Street has something for everyone. I had an absolute blast exploring the nightlife in Buffalo, and I'm sure you will too!

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