10 Exciting Activities To Experience In Dublin, Va

things to do in dublin va

Dublin, located in the heart of Southwest Virginia, may not be on the top of everyone's travel list, but it's definitely a hidden gem. Home to just over 2,000 residents, it's a quaint town with a rich history and plenty of activities to enjoy. From hiking along the New River to tasting some of the world's best whiskey, to exploring its museums and art galleries, Dublin offers something for everyone. So if you're looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, here are the top ten things to do when you visit Dublin, VA.

Activity Description
New River Valley Airport Observation Deck Enjoy stunning views of the runway and take photos of the planes.
New River Trail State Park Hike or bike along this scenic park located along the New River.
Shot Tower Historical State Park Learn about the history of lead shot production and climb the tower to take in the views.
Pulaski County Visitor's Center Get information about local attractions and events.
Calfee Park Catch a minor league baseball game in the charming downtown area.
Randolph Park Play a round of disc golf, have a picnic, or fish in the lake.
Pete Dye River Course Play golf at this award-winning course situated along the New River.
Claytor Lake State Park Go boating, fishing, or swimming in the clear waters of Claytor Lake.
Draper Mercantile and Trading Company Explore this historic building filled with local artisan shops and restaurants.
Pulaski Yankees Stadium Watch a minor league baseball game at this modern ballpark.


Visit the New River Valley Airport for flying lessons or sightseeing tours

Source: newrivervalleyairport.com
Characteristic Description
NameNRV Scenic Air Tours
TypeSightseeing tour agency in Pulaski County, Virginia
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count5 / 1
Address5303 C V Jackson Rd, Dublin, VA 24084
Phone(540) 818-2768
HoursSaturday - Closed
Sunday - 9 AM–5 PM
Monday - 9 AM–5 PM
Tuesday - 9 AM–5 PM
Wednesday - 9 AM–5 PM
Thursday - 9 AM–5 PM
Friday - 9 AM–5 PM

If you're looking for a unique experience or hoping to take in the beauty of the New River Valley from above, look no further than the New River Valley Airport in Dublin, Virginia.

Not only does the airport offer scheduled commercial flights, but it also serves as a prime destination for general aviation and flight training. Looking to become a pilot or simply wanting to cross off a bucket list item? The New River Valley Airport offers flying lessons for those at any level of experience. Trained professionals are on hand to guide flyers through the ins and outs of flying and ensure a safe and fun experience for all.

Prefer to take in the beauty of the area from above without the pressure of controlling the aircraft? Sightseeing tours are available as well. Passengers can take in the stunning views of the mountains and winding rivers below while relaxing and enjoying the ride. Make sure to bring a camera to capture the breathtaking scenery from a unique vantage point.

For those interested in the history of aviation, the New River Valley Airport also hosts an aviation museum. Here, visitors can explore the evolution of flight, taking a look back at planes and helicopters from throughout the years.

Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a history buff, or just someone looking to experience something new and exciting, the New River Valley Airport in Dublin, Virginia has got you covered. Make sure to add this destination to your list of must-see spots in the New River Valley.

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Explore nature at the New River Trail State Park

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Dublin, Virginia is a beautiful country town located in the heart of Southwest Virginia. It offers its visitors numerous outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing. However, one of the most remarkable things to do in Dublin is to explore nature at the New River Trail State Park.

The New River Trail State Park is a scenic State Park that runs for 57 miles. The Park follows the New River and, therefore, offers several opportunities to enjoy the river's beauty.

There are many activities that visitors can engage in while in New River Trail State Park. For instance, biking is a popular activity with many visitors. The park offers 57 miles of bike trails, which makes it perfect for bike enthusiasts. The bike trails are well-maintained, and visitors can bring their bikes or rent them at the Bike Barn.

Hiking is another popular activity in the park. Visitors can explore the trails running through the park and come across many stunning natural attractions. For instance, the Shot Tower Historical State Park is a popular destination for visitors to the park. It's a 45-foot-tall tower that was used for manufacturing lead bullets during the 1800s.

Fishing is another activity that visitors can engage in while at the park. The New River is famous for its fishing opportunities. Fishing enthusiasts can catch various fish, including trout, musky, and smallmouth bass. Visitors can purchase fishing licenses from the Park to enjoy this activity.

Visitors can also take in the park's scenery by camping. The park offers several camping sites for visitors seeking a more immersive experience.

In conclusion, Dublin, Virginia, offers several outdoor recreational activities. Still, exploring nature at the New River Trail State Park is one of the most outstanding experiences visitors can enjoy. With stunning natural attractions, well-maintained trails, and various activities, there surely is something for everyone. So, if you find yourself in Dublin, Virginia, visit New River State Park and enjoy everything it has to offer.


Check out the classic cars at the New River Valley Fairgrounds

Source: www.oldcarsweekly.com
Characteristic Description
NameNew River Valley Fairgrounds
TypeEvent venue in Pulaski County, Virginia
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.4 / 290
Address5581 Fair Grounds Cir, Dublin, VA 24084
Phone(540) 674-1548

If you're a fan of classic cars, then you don't want to miss out on the annual Dublin Car Show at the New River Valley Fairgrounds in Dublin, VA. This event showcases dozens of stunning classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles, making it an exciting event for auto enthusiasts of all ages.

The Dublin Car Show has grown in popularity over the years, and it's not hard to see why. The venue boasts a large space, providing ample room for car lovers to browse the stunning collections on display. From vintage hot rods to muscle cars and everything in between, this event has it all.

The car show is usually held in the summertime, so you can expect great weather to accompany your visit. You can also take advantage of the food vendors and other local businesses that set up shop during the event. There's truly something for everyone at the Dublin Car Show.

One of the best things about attending the Dublin Car Show is the opportunity to meet other car enthusiasts. You can strike up a conversation with one of the collectors, get to know the stories behind the vehicles on display, and maybe even learn a thing or two about auto restoration.

If you're a collector yourself, you can also benefit from attending the Dublin Car Show. Not only can you make connections with other collectors, but you might even be able to find that missing piece to complete your own collection.

Overall, if you're looking for a fun and exciting event to attend in Dublin, VA, then make sure to add the annual Dublin Car Show at the New River Valley Fairgrounds to your list. With gorgeous classic cars on display, local vendors to enjoy, and the chance to make new friends, this event is truly a must-see for car lovers everywhere.

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Experience a train ride on the New River Valley Railroad

Source: www.american-rails.com

Dublin, Virginia is a charming town in Pulaski County that is home to the New River Valley Railroad. This historic railroad offers visitors the opportunity to experience a scenic train ride through the beautiful countryside of the New River Valley.

The New River Valley Railroad has been operating for over 100 years and has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. The railroad was originally built to transport locally-mined coal to nearby towns and cities. Today, the railway operates as a heritage railway and provides an unforgettable experience to tourists.

One of the most popular activities that visitors can enjoy in Dublin is a train ride on the New River Valley Railroad. The train departs from the historic Dublin Depot and makes its way along the picturesque New River Valley. The journey takes passengers through stunning scenery that includes rolling hills, vast farmland, and dense forests. Along the way, the train passes through several small towns, giving passengers a glimpse of Appalachian life.

The train ride is an excellent activity for families and groups of all ages. Children will be delighted by the sights and sounds of the steam locomotive, and parents will appreciate the chance to relax and take in the beautiful scenery. The train ride is also a popular choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Visitors to Dublin can choose from several different train rides, all of which offer a unique and unforgettable experience. The Heritage Excursion is the most popular option and takes passengers on a 1.5-hour ride through the heart of the New River Valley. The Christmas Express is another popular option and takes passengers on a magical journey through a winter wonderland.

In addition to train rides, the New River Valley Railroad also hosts several special events throughout the year. These events include holiday-themed train rides, murder mystery dinners, and other special occasions. Guests are encouraged to check the railroad's website to stay up to date on upcoming events.

Overall, a train ride on the New River Valley Railroad is a fantastic activity for visitors to Dublin, Virginia. The experience offers a unique glimpse into the history and beauty of the New River Valley, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who take part.


Play a round of golf at Draper Valley Golf Club

Source: www.drapervalleygolf.com
Characteristic Description
NameDraper Valley Golf Club
TypeGolf course in Pulaski County, Virginia
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.6 / 135
Address2800 Big Valley Rd, Draper, VA 24324
Phone(866) 980-4653

Dublin, VA is home to the scenic 18-hole Draper Valley Golf Club, a picturesque golf course that offers a memorable golfing experience for players of all skill levels. Draper Valley Golf Club is located on rolling hills along the New River Valley and offers stunning views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, making it an ideal setting for a round of golf with friends or family.

This par-72 golf course stretches to over 6,800 yards from the back tees and has a slope rating of 130, making it a challenging course for experienced golfers. However, with four sets of tees, it also accommodates players of varying skill levels.

As you play your way through the course, you'll encounter numerous water hazards, bunkers, and tree-lined fairways that make for a challenging but fun round of golf. The course includes several elevated greens, which not only test your accuracy and skill, but also provide a stunning view of the Virginia mountains.

Draper Valley Golf Club also offers a full-service pro shop, where you can purchase golfing essentials such as tees, golf balls, and apparel. Additionally, the clubhouse provides a cozy and comfortable retreat after your round of golf. You can indulge in refreshments and meals at the clubhouse while enjoying the panoramic views of the course.

Apart from providing an excellent golfing experience, Draper Valley Golf Club also offers opportunities for golf lessons from experienced professionals. Golf clinics and camps are available throughout the year for a range of age groups, from kids to senior citizens. You can take golf lessons or participate in golf camps to improve your technique and get a deeper understanding of the game.

In conclusion, if you're ever in Dublin, VA, make sure to take a day and play a round of golf at Draper Valley Golf Club. With its stunning views, challenging course, and range of facilities, it's a golfing experience you won't forget. Whether you're an experienced golfer or new to the game, Draper Valley Golf Club offers something for everyone.

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Attend a wine tasting at White Barrel Winery

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

If you're looking for a unique wine tasting experience in Dublin, VA, then you should definitely check out the White Barrel Winery.

Located just off the I-81, the White Barrel Winery is a family-owned and operated vineyard that produces some of the finest wines in the region. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or just looking to try something new, a visit to this beautiful winery is sure to impress.

Upon arriving, you'll be greeted by the beautiful rolling hills and breathtaking views of the vineyards. The winery's tasting room features an inviting atmosphere with an extensive selection of wines to choose from. The staff is always friendly and happy to guide you through the tasting process – offering recommendations on food pairings, varietals, and anything else you might need to know.

One of the main attractions at White Barrel Winery is their unique barrel tastings. Unlike traditional wine tastings, barrel tastings allow visitors to try the wine straight from the barrel, giving them an opportunity to experience the nuances of the wine as it ages. This is a unique experience that is not to be missed.

Additionally, the winery offers a variety of events throughout the year, including live music, food pairings, and wine classes. There is always something exciting to do at the White Barrel Winery, no matter what time of year it may be.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a delightful wine-tasting experience in Dublin, VA, we highly recommend White Barrel Winery. With its beautiful location, friendly staff, and unique offerings, it's the perfect destination for wine lovers of all kinds. So why not plan a visit today? You won't regret it!

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Go fishing or kayaking in the New River

Source: blog.virginia.org

Dublin, Virginia is a small yet charming town located in Pulaski County that offers many outdoor activities for visitors and locals to enjoy. One exciting activity that you can do in Dublin is fishing or kayaking on the New River.

The New River is one of the oldest rivers in the world, with over 320 million years of geological history. It is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts due to its abundance of smallmouth bass, trout, walleye, and other species of fish. The New River is also a great spot for kayaking, with its crystal-clear waters and scenic views.

If you are a first-time kayaker, don't worry! You can rent kayaking gear in Dublin and take guided tours along the New River. The outfitter staff will provide you with all the necessary equipment, instructions, and safety precautions. They will also guide you through the rapids and help you with any difficulties that you may encounter along the way.

For fishing, you can purchase your fishing license in Dublin and rent fishing equipment from a local outfitter. You can also join the local fishing community, who will gladly give you tips on the best fishing spots and the best baits to use.

The New River provides not only an amazing recreational experience but also an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the area. You will see stunning rock formations, breathtaking scenery, and may even spot some wildlife.

The New River is open year-round for fishing and kayaking, but the best time to visit is during the summer months. You can enjoy the warm weather, crystal-clear waters, and the lush scenery that the area has to offer.

Whether you are an experienced angler or a first-time kayaker, the New River in Dublin, Virginia is the perfect place for you. The river's natural beauty and the variety of outdoor activities make it a must-visit spot for anyone visiting the area. So what are you waiting for? Head down to Dublin and start your adventure on the New River!


Visit the Claytor Lake State Park for water sports and hiking trails

Source: thedyrt.com
Characteristic Description
NameClaytor Lake State Park
TypeState park in Pulaski County, Virginia
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.7 / 2,266
Address6620 Ben H Bolen Dr, Dublin, VA 24084
Phone(540) 643-2500
HoursSaturday - 6 AM–10 PM
Sunday - 6 AM–10 PM
Monday - 6 AM–10 PM
Tuesday - 6 AM–10 PM
Wednesday - 6 AM–10 PM
Thursday - 6 AM–10 PM
Friday - 6 AM–10 PM

Dublin, Virginia is a scenic town located in the southwest part of the state. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Claytor Lake State Park. This park is a great destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy water sports and hiking.

The park is situated on the shores of the Claytor Lake, a 4,475-acre reservoir known for its clear water, sandy beaches, and excellent fishing. Visitors can rent boats, kayaks, and other watercraft at the park's marina and spend the day cruising the lake or fishing for largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill. The park also has four public beaches, which provide plenty of space for sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking.

In addition to water sports, Claytor Lake State Park offers over eight miles of hiking trails that wind through the park's woodlands and offer stunning views of the lake. The trails are open year-round and range from easy to challenging, so there is something for everyone. One of the most popular hiking trails in the park is the Claytor Lake Trail, which is a moderate one-mile loop that takes visitors along the lake's shoreline and through the woods.

For those looking to stay overnight, the park has several camping options, including tent sites, RV sites, and cabins. The cabins are a popular choice for families and offer all the amenities of home, including heat and air conditioning, a full kitchen, and a private bath. There are also picnic shelters available for rent, which provide a perfect spot for group gatherings and cookouts.

Overall, Claytor Lake State Park is a must-see destination for anyone traveling to Dublin, Virginia. Whether you enjoy water sports, hiking, or just relaxing on the beach, this beautiful park has something to offer everyone. So why not plan your next vacation to Claytor Lake State Park and experience the natural beauty of Virginia for yourself?


Browse through the antique stores in Downtown Dublin

Source: www.visitdublinga.org
Characteristic Description
NameJohn's Stuff Emporium
TypeAntique store in Dublin, Virginia
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.9 / 30
Address301 E Main St, Dublin, VA 24084
Phone(540) 440-1366
HoursSaturday - 10 AM–6 PM
Sunday - Closed
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - 10 AM–6 PM
Thursday - 10 AM–6 PM
Friday - 10 AM–6 PM

If you're in Dublin, Virginia and looking for a unique shopping experience, make sure to check out the antique stores located in Downtown Dublin. You'll find a wide variety of interesting and one-of-a-kind items that are sure to catch your eye.

One of the great things about shopping for antiques is that you never know what you're going to find. Each shop in Downtown Dublin offers a unique selection of items, so it's worth taking the time to browse through them all. You might come across a beautiful vintage jewelry piece at one store and an antique typewriter at another. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to the impressive selection of antiques, the stores themselves are also worth admiring. Many are housed in beautiful old buildings that have been lovingly preserved and restored. The quaint, small-town feel of Downtown Dublin only adds to the charm of the whole experience.

If you're a collector or just looking for a special gift, you can't go wrong with an antique from one of the many shops in Downtown Dublin. Not only do these items have a unique vintage vibe, but they also often come with an interesting history. You might even score a great deal on an item that's no longer produced.

Overall, browsing through the antique stores in Downtown Dublin is a delightful way to spend an afternoon. You'll find tons of interesting pieces, get a sense of the town's history and architecture, and maybe even uncover a real treasure. So the next time you're in Dublin, be sure to set aside some time to explore this charming part of town.


Attend a live show or event at the New River Valley Jamboree

Source: www.whsv.com

Dublin, VA is a quaint little town in Pulaski County, Virginia that has a lot to offer its residents and visitors alike. If you're looking for some live entertainment in Dublin, look no further than the New River Valley Jamboree.

The New River Valley Jamboree is a venue that's been around for over twenty years and provides an excellent place for both aspiring and established performers. It's a wonderful place where performers can showcase their talents in front of a welcoming and enthusiastic audience.

The Jamboree has it all, from traditional bluegrass and country music to modern pop and rock music! They also have drama and comedy performances, magic shows, and much more. Whatever your music or performance preference, the Jamboree has something for everyone.

The venue hosts shows every Saturday evening throughout the year, except for times when it's closed for special events. Visitors can enjoy the shows for a very reasonable price which includes the cost of admission, noise-cancelling headphones, comfortable seating, and a variety of refreshments like popcorn, soda and pizza.

If you're interested in performing at the Jamboree, they always welcome new talent. Anyone who has a passion for music or performance can audition and have a chance to perform live on their stage in front of their community. It's a fantastic platform for local musicians and entertainers looking for a chance to show the world what they’re all about.

No matter what you're looking for, whether you're a fan of traditional music or a fan of modern performances, you'll find something to enjoy at the New River Valley Jamboree in Dublin, VA. It's a wonderful place where performers and fans alike can come together to enjoy great live entertainment.

Frequently asked questions

Answer: There are numerous outdoor activities in Dublin, VA, including hiking at Claytor Lake State Park, kayaking or fishing on the New River, playing golf at the Pete Dye River Course, and biking on the New River Trail.

Answer: You can visit the Wilderness Road Regional Museum, which showcases the history of Southwest Virginia, or attend a performance at the New River Valley Symphony Orchestra.

Answer: Yes, there is a shopping center in Dublin where you can find popular retailers like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot.

Answer: Visitors can enjoy local specialties like the Highland Maple Festival in March, which serves maple syrup-drenched pancakes and other maple-flavored treats.

Answer: Visitors can go ice-skating at the Thornspring Golf Course or take a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the winter landscapes. Going skiing and snowboarding in nearby Snowshoe Ski Resort is another option.

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Dublin, VA seems like such a charming little town! I love exploring places off the beaten path and Dublin seems like the perfect destination for that. The idea of visiting the 'New River Valley Wildlife Center' sounds absolutely delightful. Being able to see and learn about different animals in their natural habitat sounds like a fantastic experience. I can imagine spending a whole day immersed in nature, enjoying the beautiful scenery and getting up close with wildlife. Dublin, VA, I can't wait to visit you and explore all the amazing things you have to offer!
Thank you so much for your lovely comment! We're thrilled to hear that you find Dublin, VA to be a charming little town. You're absolutely right - exploring places off the beaten path can lead to some incredible and unique experiences. The New River Valley Wildlife Center is indeed a delightful destination, offering a chance to connect with wildlife in their natural habitat. Spending a day surrounded by nature and enjoying the beautiful scenery sounds like a perfect plan. We can't wait for you to visit Dublin, VA and discover all the amazing things it has to offer!

Saarah Green

Wow, I had no idea there were so many fun things to do in Dublin, VA! The 'Draper Mercantile & Trading Co.' sounds like a place straight out of a movie. Shopping in a historical building while enjoying some delicious food? Count me in! It's always fascinating to see how history and modernity blend together. And the 'New River Valley Airport' sounds like a unique attraction too. I'd love to watch the planes take off and land, maybe even take a small flight myself! Dublin, VA, you've definitely convinced me to plan a trip and experience all these exciting activities!

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