11 Fun Things To Do In Emporia, Va

things to do in emporia va

Emporia, VA is a charming small town full of southern charm and culture. It's a great destination for those looking for a weekend getaway or a fun day trip. With a variety of activities and attractions, there’s something for everyone in Emporia. From exploring nature to shopping in unique stores and enjoying delicious local cuisine, here are 11 fun things to do in Emporia, VA!


Monumental Church

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NameMonumental United Methodist Church
TypeUnited methodist church in Emporia, Virginia
Rating / Review count4.1 / 7
Address300 Southampton St, Emporia, VA 23847
Phone(434) 634-2433
HoursFriday - Closed
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - 9–11:30 AM
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 1:30–4 PM
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - 1:30–4 PM

The Monumental Church of Emporia, Virginia is a historic landmark that stands as a testament to the history of the town. Located in the heart of Emporia, this church is a beautiful example of Gothic Revival architecture and has been lovingly preserved for generations.

The Monumental Church was constructed in 1881 and is the only surviving structure from the original 18th century town of Emporia. The church is made of brick and stone and features a steeple, stained glass windows, and intricate woodwork. The church was designed by noted architect A. E. Wood and is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the state. The Monumental Church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a popular destination for visitors to the area.

Visitors to the Monumental Church of Emporia can take a guided tour of the building and learn about its history. The tour includes a look at the stained glass windows, the pipe organ, and the intricate woodwork. Visitors can also explore the cemetery on the grounds, which is the final resting place of some of the town’s earliest settlers. The church is open for services on Sundays and visitors are welcome to attend.

The Monumental Church of Emporia is a popular destination for weddings and other special occasions. Couples can exchange their vows in the historic sanctuary and have their ceremony surrounded by the beauty and history of the church. The church is also a popular place for concerts and other events.

The Monumental Church of Emporia is a living reminder of the town’s history and a testament to the skill and dedication of the people who built it. The church stands as a symbol of faith and community and is a popular destination for visitors to the area. Whether you’re looking for a place to explore the history of the area or a beautiful location for a special occasion, the Monumental Church of Emporia is a must-see destination.

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Virginia Museum of Natural History

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NameVirginia Museum of Natural History
TypeNatural history museum in Martinsville, Virginia
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Rating / Review count4.7 / 580
Address21 Starling Ave, Martinsville, VA 24112
PhonePhone: (276) 634-4141

The Virginia Museum of Natural History in Emporia, VA has been a popular destination for visitors since its opening in 1977. The museum offers a wide variety of exhibits and interactive displays that showcase the natural history of Virginia. Visitors can explore the world of dinosaurs, view fossils, learn about the local landscape, and gain insight into the state’s biodiversity.

The museum’s most popular exhibits include the Dinosaur Hall, which features life-size replicas of several species of dinosaurs, and the Fossil Hall, which showcases the fossilized remains of various animals and plants that once lived in the area. Other exhibits include the Nature Trail, which offers a walk through the natural environment of the museum, and the Insectarium, which is home to a variety of exotic and native insect species.

Visitors can also take advantage of the museum’s storytelling programs, which feature stories about the natural history of Virginia. Storytellers from around the state come to the museum to share their tales. The museum also hosts special events throughout the year, such as its annual Insect Festival, which allows visitors to explore the world of insects and learn about their importance to the environment.

The Virginia Museum of Natural History is open year-round, with extended hours during the summer months. Admission is free, and visitors are encouraged to bring their own water and snacks. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more.

Visitors can also take advantage of the museum’s educational programs, which are designed to teach children and adults about the natural history of Virginia. The museum also offers a variety of lectures and workshops, which cover a range of topics, including geology, marine biology, and botany.

The Virginia Museum of Natural History is a great destination for those looking to explore the natural history of Virginia. With its engaging exhibits, interactive displays, and educational programs, the museum is sure to provide an enlightening and enjoyable experience for all who visit.

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Emporia Farmer's Market

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NameEmporia Farmers' Market
TypeFarmers' market in Emporia, Virginia
Rating / Review count5 / 5
Address101-177 S Main St, Emporia, VA 23847

The Emporia Farmer's Market in Emporia, Virginia is the perfect place to find fresh, locally grown produce and other artisan goods. Located on the corner of Main Street and Washington Avenue, the market is open every Saturday from 8am to 12pm, rain or shine. It is the perfect place to find farm-fresh produce, eggs, honey, jams, jellies, baked goods, and other handmade items from local farms and artisans.

The Emporia Farmer's Market has been a part of the community for over 30 years. It started as a small, weekly gathering of local farmers and artisans selling their wares. Over the years, it has grown into a bustling marketplace full of vibrant colors and aromas. The market is a great way to get to know the local community and support local farmers and artisans.

The market is a great place to experience the local culture. You can find everything from handmade pottery and jewelry to seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can also find local honey, jams, jellies, baked goods, and other handmade items. In addition to the produce, you can find a variety of unique crafts and gifts.

The Emporia Farmer's Market is also a great place to find fresh-picked seasonal fruits and vegetables. The market offers a variety of fruits and vegetables including apples, strawberries, tomatoes, corn, and more. The vendors are friendly and knowledgeable, and the prices are reasonable. You can be sure that the items you purchase are fresh and of the highest quality.

If you're looking for a fun and unique experience, you can enjoy the storytelling at the market. Local artisans, farmers, and other market vendors often tell stories about their experiences and the history of the market. The stories often provide insight into the lives of the people who live and work at the market.

The Emporia Farmer's Market is a great place to support the local economy and get to know the community. You can find fresh produce and other local goods, hear stories about the area, and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a fun day out or a unique shopping experience, the Emporia Farmer's Market is the perfect place to visit.


Old Dominion Speedway

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NameDominion Raceway & Entertainment
TypeCar racing track in Woodford, Virginia
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.6 / 643
Address6501 Dominion Raceway Ave, Woodford, VA 22580
Phone(703) 361-7223
HoursFriday - 8 AM–11 PM
Saturday - 8 AM–11 PM
Sunday - 8 AM–5 PM
Monday - 8 AM–5 PM
Tuesday - 8 AM–5 PM
Wednesday - 8 AM–5 PM
Thursday - 8 AM–5 PM

The speedway is located in the heart of Emporia, just off of Highway 58. It is an easy drive from Richmond and the surrounding area, making it an ideal day trip or weekend getaway. The track itself is a 3/8 mile dirt oval with a banked corner and a high-banked straightaway. The track has hosted some of NASCAR’s most famous drivers, such as Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty, as well as other legends like Bill Elliott and Jeff Gordon.

For those looking to take in the full racing experience, Old Dominion Speedway offers a variety of events. The most popular is the Saturday Night Championship Series, which features Modifieds, Late Models, and Street Stocks. There are also special events, such as the Fall Classic and the Late Model Challenge. Additionally, the track offers a variety of special activities for kids, like the Kids' Club and the Kids' Race Night.

Visitors to Old Dominion Speedway will find plenty of things to do in addition to the races. There are several concession stands and food trucks on site, offering everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to funnel cakes and ice cream. There’s also plenty of cold beverages for sale, and the beer garden is a great place to grab a beer and relax.

The speedway also features a souvenir shop, where visitors can purchase items like hats, t-shirts, and other memorabilia. There’s also a playground and a picnic area for those who want to take a break from the racing.

Whether you’re a fan of NASCAR or just looking for a fun outing, Old Dominion Speedway of Emporia is sure to offer something for everyone. With great racing action, plenty of concessions, and lots of activities, it’s a must-see destination for any fan of motorsports. As Dale Earnhardt famously said, “If you’re not at the track, you’re missing the best show in town.” So come and experience the excitement of Old Dominion Speedway of Emporia for yourself.


Meherrin River Park & Boat Ramp

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NameMeherrin River Park
TypePark in Emporia, Virginia

The Meherrin River Park & Boat Ramp in Emporia, Virginia is a great place to go for a day trip. It's located just off of Highway 58, and its easy to get to from any direction. The park has a large open field, picnic area, playground, and a boat ramp to launch your boat into the Meherrin River.

The Meherrin River is a great place to fish, with largemouth bass, striped bass, catfish, and other species of fish. If you're looking for a nice day of fishing, this is the place to be. The river is also great for kayaking and canoeing, as it has several small rapids and plenty of room for maneuvering.

The park also offers a great view of the river, with plenty of trees along the bank. There are also several trails that run through the park, giving you the opportunity to explore the area.

At the boat ramp you can launch your boat, as well as rent kayaks, canoes, and other boats. There is also a bait and tackle shop at the boat ramp, so you don't have to bring your own.

The park also has a campground, with sites that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The campground has several amenities, such as showers and restrooms. There is also a nearby store that offers snacks, drinks, and other items.

The Meherrin River Park & Boat Ramp is a great place to spend a day, whether you're fishing, camping, or just looking to get out and explore. The park has something for everyone, and is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the Meherrin River. With its easy access and beautiful surroundings, the Meherrin River Park & Boat Ramp is a great destination for anyone looking for a fun outdoor adventure.


The Emporia Arts Center

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Visiting the Arts Center is a great way to experience the vibrant culture of Emporia. The center hosts an array of events and performances throughout the year, ranging from classical music concerts to theater productions to art shows. The center also offers a variety of educational programs and workshops, such as art classes and music lessons.

The Arts Center is also home to a variety of galleries, shops, and studios. These offer a wide range of art and craft items, from handmade jewelry to pottery to sculptures. The shops also feature books and other items related to the area’s history and culture.

For those looking to experience the culture and art of Emporia, the Arts Center is a great place to start. With its variety of events, exhibits, programs, and shops, the center is sure to provide a unique and memorable experience. From educational programs and workshops to art shows and storytelling nights, the Emporia Arts Center has something for everyone.


Lake Gaston

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The lake is surrounded by lush, green forests and is a favorite spot for camping, fishing, and boating. There’s an abundance of wildlife to see and plenty of activities to keep you entertained during your visit. Whether you’re looking for an active or relaxing getaway, Lake Gaston has something for everyone.

One of the best things to do at Lake Gaston is to rent a boat or kayak and explore the lake. You can cruise around and take in the beautiful views of the lake and surrounding areas. You can also take a fishing trip and try your luck in the lake’s many coves and inlets. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at water skiing or wakeboarding.

When planning a visit to Lake Gaston, be sure to check out the many attractions in the area. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options to choose from. You can also take a tour of the lake and its many coves and inlets, or take part in some of the outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and bird watching.


Main Street Emporia

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Visitors to Main Street Emporia can also take in the area’s rich history. The Emporia Museum of History and Culture is located in the old train station, and offers a variety of exhibits on the region’s past. The Emporia Arts and Crafts Center offers visitors a chance to explore traditional arts and crafts, as well as a variety of classes and workshops.


Greensville County Museum

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Characteristic Description
NameGreensville County Historical Society
TypeMuseum in Emporia, Virginia
Address409 S Main St, Emporia, VA 23847

Visitors to the museum can explore the exhibits on their own or take part in a guided tour. The museum has a variety of artifacts, photographs, and documents that tell the story of the area. The exhibits are divided into several sections, such as the Civil War and Reconstruction, African American Heritage, and the growth of the local industry. There is also a section devoted to local art and culture, as well as a section dedicated to the history of the area’s natural environment.

The museum also features a number of special events throughout the year, such as lectures, art shows, and theatrical performances. In addition, there are a number of educational programs and activities for children, such as hands-on activities and workshops. The museum also offers a variety of gift shops and restaurants, so visitors can find something to take home or enjoy while they are there.

For those looking for a more interactive experience, the museum also offers a variety of storytelling and re-enactments. These events can help visitors gain a better understanding of the history of the area and the people who lived there. Visitors can also take part in a scavenger hunt, where they can search for artifacts and other items related to the history of Emporia.

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Staunton River State Park

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Whether you’re looking for a peaceful walk in the woods or an adventurous day of fishing and boating, Staunton River State Park has something for you. The park has over four miles of hiking trails, which range from easy to moderate in difficulty and can take you through the forest and along the river’s edge. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try mountain biking, horseback riding, and canoeing.

The park’s mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience to visitors of all ages and interests. The park is open year-round, and there are several camping options to choose from. From primitive camping to full-hookup sites, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, the park also offers interpretive programs, such as bird watching and history tours. During these tours, you can learn about the park’s history, the local flora and fauna, and the various wildlife that call the park home. The park also offers programs for children, such as nature walks and scavenger hunts.

The park also boasts some of the best fishing in the area. You can try your hand at freshwater and saltwater fishing, both of which are popular in the park. The park is also home to several species of fish, including largemouth bass, striped bass, and catfish.

At Staunton River State Park, there’s something for everyone, from the avid outdoorsman to the casual explorer. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful day in the woods or an adventurous day on the river, the park has something for you. So, come and explore all that the park has to offer and make some lasting memories.


Chippokes Plantation State Park

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Characteristic Description
NameChippokes State Park
TypeState park in Surry County, Virginia
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.7 / 1,289
Address695 Chippokes Park Rd, Surry, VA 23883
Phone(757) 294-3728
HoursFriday - 7 AM–6 PM
Saturday - 7 AM–6 PM
Sunday - 7 AM–6 PM
Monday - 7 AM–6 PM
Tuesday - 7 AM–6 PM
Wednesday - 7 AM–6 PM
Thursday - 7 AM–6 PM

The park offers visitors the chance to explore the grounds of the plantation to get a feel for what life was like for the families who lived and worked here for centuries. The plantation grounds feature a variety of historical buildings, including the original house and kitchen, as well as the original slave quarters. Visitors can also take a tour of the gardens, which feature a variety of native plants and flowers.

The park is also a great destination for those looking to explore the natural beauty of the area. The park features over 1,500 acres of woodlands, marshes and fields, as well as a variety of hiking trails that offer stunning views of the James River. A popular activity at Chippokes Plantation State Park is fishing, as the park is home to a variety of game species such as largemouth bass and sunfish.

The park also offers a variety of educational and cultural programs throughout the year. Some of these include guided tours of the grounds, historical lectures, and nature walks. The park also hosts special events such as the annual Chippokes Plantation Country Fair. This event is a great opportunity for visitors to experience the culture and traditions of the area, with live music, dancing, and craft demonstrations.

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The top attractions in Emporia, VA include the Greensville County Historical Society Museum, the Emporia Community Theatre, and the Emporia-Greensville Public Library.

Yes, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Emporia, VA. From fishing and camping to hiking and biking, there is something for everyone.

Yes, Emporia, VA hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year. Popular annual events include the Spring Fling Festival, the Emporia Farmers Market, and the Emporia Arts Festival.

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