12 Fun-Filled Activities To Do In Erie, Pa With Kids

things to do in erie pa with kids

Welcome to Erie, PA! This lakefront city boasts a vibrant community and a plethora of family-friendly activities to enjoy with your little ones. Whether you're visiting for the first time or are a seasoned local, there are endless opportunities for fun and adventure here. From thrilling amusement parks to educational museums and everything in between, we've compiled a list of 12 fun-filled activities guaranteed to keep your kids entertained and engaged. So, grab your sunscreen, pack a picnic, and let's dive in!

Characteristic/Tips Explanation
Family-friendly Erie, PA is known as a family-friendly destination. Many attractions and activities are aimed at family fun, offering something for kids of all ages.
Water activities With the Presque Isle State Park located in Erie, there are plenty of opportunities for swimming, water skiing, paddleboarding, and other water activities.
Amusement parks Erie offers several amusement parks, including Waldameer and Splash Lagoon, which are tailored to families with children.
Museums and exhibits Erie has several museums and exhibits that cater to families, such as the Erie Maritime Museum and the Erie Art Museum.
Recreation trails Erie has an extensive network of bike and hiking trails that run through the city, including the Bayfront Connector Trail and the West Erie Trail.
Safety tips Always keep an eye on your young children when near water, and make sure they wear life jackets or floatation devices. Bring plenty of sunblock, and wear appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor activities.
Entertainment options In addition to the attractions mentioned above, Erie offers live entertainment at the Erie Playhouse and the Warner Theatre.
Restaurant options Erie has plenty of family-friendly restaurants, including chain restaurants and locally-owned options. Be sure to check kid's menus and pricing before heading out.
Accommodation options There are many hotels and motels in Erie, as well as campgrounds and other outdoor accommodations for families on a budget.
Transportation options While there is public transportation in Erie, it may be more convenient to rent a car for your family's stay in order to easily reach all the attractions and activities.


Waldameer Park & Water World

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Characteristic Description
NameWaldameer Park
TypeAmusement park
WebsiteGo to website

When you arrive at the park, you'll want to head straight to the water park to cool off on a hot day. With plenty of slides, wave pools, and other water attractions, there's no shortage of activities to keep the kids entertained. Make sure to take advantage of the cabanas for a little extra comfort and relaxation.

After you've spent some time in the water park, it's time to check out the rides. There are plenty of options for young children, including a kiddie coaster, as well as more thrilling rides for older kids and adults. The park has a great mix of classic amusement park rides and new attractions, so there's always something new to try.

One of the highlights of Waldameer is the park's nostalgic feel. With its old-school midway games and classic rides, it's easy to feel like you've stepped back in time. This is the perfect spot for parents to share some of their favorite childhood memories with their own kids.

If you're visiting Erie in the summer, Waldameer is a must-visit attraction. The park is open from May through September, and it's a great place to spend a hot summer day. And even if you're in town during the off-season, there are plenty of events and activities at the park throughout the year.

When planning your trip to Waldameer, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and water, as you'll be spending most of your time outdoors in the sun. Additionally, consider purchasing a ride-all-day wristband to save money on admission and enjoy unlimited rides.

Overall, Waldameer Park & Water World in Erie, PA is the perfect spot for families looking for a fun and nostalgic day out. With its mix of classic rides and water attractions, everyone in the family is sure to have a great time. So grab the kids, pack a picnic lunch, and head to Waldameer for a day of summer fun.

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Erie Zoo

Source: beentheredonethatwithkids.com
Characteristic Description
NameErie Zoo
TypeZoological park in Erie, Pennsylvania
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.4 / 3,960
Address423 W 38th St, Erie, PA 16508
Phone(814) 864-4091
HoursMonday - 10 AM–5 PM
Tuesday - 10 AM–5 PM
Wednesday - 10 AM–5 PM
Thursday - 10 AM–5 PM
Friday - 10 AM–5 PM
Saturday - 10 AM–5 PM
Sunday - 10 AM–5 PM

The Erie Zoo of Erie, PA is a must-visit destination if you're traveling with kids. With over 400 animals and 11 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, the Erie Zoo is a fantastic way to spend a day with the family. Here are some tips and things to do to make the most of your visit.

First and foremost, be sure to check the weather before you go. The Erie Zoo is open year-round, but some animals may not be out on certain days depending on the weather. Additionally, the zoo can get quite crowded, so try to arrive early in the day to beat the crowds.

Once you arrive, be sure to grab a map from the entrance. There are several exhibits to see, including the African Savannah, the Australian Outback, and the Big Cat exhibit. One of the highlights of the zoo is the Penguin exhibit, where you can watch these adorable creatures swim and play.

There are also several interactive experiences available for an additional fee. Kids will love the chance to feed giraffes, ride a camel, or even hold a sloth. These experiences provide a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the animals.

In addition to the animal exhibits, there are several other attractions to check out. The Erie Zoo has a large playground area and a train ride that takes visitors on a tour of the zoo. Be sure to bring some extra cash for these activities.

One of the benefits of visiting the Erie Zoo is that it's located in the heart of Erie, so there are lots of other things to see and do in the area. After your visit to the zoo, you can explore the Presque Isle State Park or check out the Erie Maritime Museum.

Overall, the Erie Zoo is a fun and educational destination for families traveling with kids. Seeing the animals up close is a great way to teach kids about different species and conservation efforts. With so much to do and see, you could easily spend an entire day at the zoo.

As one visitor put it, "The Erie Zoo is a gem in the city of Erie. The exhibits are well done, and there's something for everyone to enjoy. It's a great way to spend a day with the family." So if you're planning a trip to Erie, be sure to add the Erie Zoo to your itinerary.


Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort

Source: rochester.kidsoutandabout.com
Characteristic Description
NameSplash Lagoon
TypeTheme park in Erie County, Pennsylvania
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.3 / 4,315
Address8091 Peach St, Erie, PA 16509
Phone(866) 377-5274
HoursMonday - 10 AM–2 PM
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - 4–9 PM
Friday - 11 AM–9 PM
Saturday - 10 AM–9 PM
Sunday - 11 AM–8 PM

One thing to keep in mind when visiting Splash Lagoon is to arrive early. As a popular destination, the park can get crowded quickly, especially during weekends and peak summer months. To avoid the crowds and ensure you get a spot, plan to arrive when the park opens at 10:00 AM.

A great tip for saving money is to book a package deal that includes a room at the connected hotel. This not only gives you priority access to the park, but also saves money on admission fees. You can also take advantage of discounts on dining, merchandise, and other activities. Remember to check the Splash Lagoon website for current offers and promotions.

Splash Lagoon has a variety of attractions for different age groups. The park is designed to cater to children of all ages, with designated areas for toddlers, kids, and teens. A popular feature is the Tiki Tree House, which provides hours of fun for children aged 10 and under. There’s also the Aqua Tumbler, an activity that involves climbing inside a giant inflatable ball and rolling around in the water. For older kids and thrill seekers, try the Big Kahuna or Hurricane Hole, two of the most exciting rides in the park.

When it comes to food and drinks, there are plenty of options to choose from. The resort has five different restaurants, including a sports bar, snack bar, and pizza place. You can also bring your own food, as there are designated picnic areas both inside the park and outside in the parking lot.

One of the main attractions at Splash Lagoon is the water park's wave pool. The pool's waves are controlled by a computerized system, which allows them to vary in size and intensity. This creates a great experience for families looking to enjoy a day out without leaving the resort. Visitors can also enjoy the lazy river, which is perfect for a leisurely float, or take a dip in the hot tubs.

Overall, Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort in Erie PA is a great destination for families with kids. It's affordable, accessible, and offers plenty of fun activities for kids of all ages. Whether you're looking to beat the heat during the summer months or enjoy a day out during the winter, Splash Lagoon has got you covered.

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Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Source: www.trecf.org
Characteristic Description
NameTom Ridge Environmental Center at Presque Isle
TypeMuseum in Erie County, Pennsylvania
WebsiteGo to website
Address301 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505
Phone(814) 833-7424
HoursMonday - 8 AM–4 PM
Tuesday - 8 AM–4 PM
Wednesday - 8 AM–4 PM
Thursday - 8 AM–4 PM
Friday - 8 AM–4 PM
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed

If you're ever in Erie, Pennsylvania, with your kids and are looking for a fun and educational activity, the Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC) is the perfect place to visit. Located on the beautiful Presque Isle State Park peninsula, TREC offers an immersive and interactive experience that will give you and your family a glimpse into the wonders of the environment and sustainability.

As soon as you walk into TREC, you're greeted by the stunning panoramic view of Lake Erie, which is a sight to behold, especially with kids. The center itself is a masterpiece of architecture, with its stunning use of curves and lines, and massive windows that provide a unique view of the surrounding landscape.

One of the best parts of TREC is the interactive exhibits, which are perfect for kids of all ages. From virtual water cycle and weather stations to the giant dioramas of the habitats of the peninsula's native animals, kids can learn about the environment while having fun. The Otter Falls exhibit, with its cascading waterfall and aquatic animals, is a particular favorite among the younger crowd.

TREC also has an outstanding hands-on exhibit called The Green Screen, which teaches kids about the principles of sustainability and lets them put their knowledge into practice. In this exhibit, they can sort trash and recyclables, learn about alternative energy sources, and see how everyday actions can impact the environment. This exhibit also has a fun nature-inspired playground and a walking trail that takes you on a nature walk through the park.

The center also offers several educational programs, including nature walks, bird watching, and environmental classes. If your kids are interested in learning about the environment, these programs are a must-attend. But be sure to book in advance to ensure a spot.

TREC is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and on Sundays from noon to 6 pm. The center charges a small admission fee, but it's well worth it for the value it provides. The center also has a gift shop, where you can buy environmentally friendly souvenirs, books, and snacks.

In conclusion, TREC is a must-visit destination for families looking for fun and educational activities in Erie, Pennsylvania. With its stunning architecture, immersive exhibits, and educational programs, the center provides an unforgettable experience that will leave you and your kids inspired and informed about the environment. So the next time you're in Erie, pack your bags and head to TREC for an unforgettable experience.


Erie Maritime Museum

Source: uncoveringpa.com

A trip to the Erie Maritime Museum in Erie, PA is a great way to spend a day with kids. The museum is located on the shores of Lake Erie and offers a wide range of exhibits and activities that are perfect for children of all ages. Whether you are a family of sailors or just looking for a fun way to spend a few hours, the Erie Maritime Museum is sure to please.

One of the highlights of the museum is the U.S. Brig Niagara. This historic wooden ship is a replica of the vessel that played a crucial role in the War of 1812. Kids will love exploring the ship and learning about its history. The museum also offers a number of hands-on activities for children, including knot tying, signal flag demonstrations, and sail raising.

In addition to the U.S. Brig Niagara, the museum also features a number of other exhibits related to maritime history. Kids can learn about the Erie Canal, the Great Lakes, and the importance of water transportation. There are also exhibits related to shipbuilding, lighthouses, and underwater archaeology.

One tip for visiting the Erie Maritime Museum with kids is to plan ahead. The museum can get crowded on weekends and during the summer months, so it is a good idea to arrive early or plan to spend a full day at the museum. There is a cafe on site where you can grab a snack or lunch, but it is also a good idea to bring your own snacks and drinks.

Another fun activity to do with kids at the Erie Maritime Museum is to take a boat tour of the harbor. The museum offers a variety of tours, including historical tours, sunset tours, and even ghost tours. Kids will love the chance to see the U.S. Brig Niagara from the water and to learn more about the history of Lake Erie.

One of the unique things about the Erie Maritime Museum is its emphasis on storytelling. The museum staff are passionate about maritime history and love to share their stories with visitors. Be sure to ask questions and engage with the staff to get the most out of your visit.

Overall, the Erie Maritime Museum is a great destination for families with children. The museum offers a fun and educational experience that will spark kids' imaginations and teach them about the importance of maritime history. Whether you are a local or visiting from out of town, the Erie Maritime Museum is definitely worth a visit. As one visitor put it, "The museum is a hidden gem and has so much to offer. We will definitely be bringing our kids back again!"

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Asbury Woods Nature Center

Source: uncoveringpa.com
Characteristic Description
NameAsbury Woods
TypeNature preserve in Erie County, Pennsylvania
WebsiteGo to website
Address4105 Asbury Rd, Erie, PA 16506
Phone(814) 835-5356
HoursMonday - 10 AM–4 PM
Tuesday - 10 AM–4 PM
Wednesday - 10 AM–4 PM
Thursday - 10 AM–4 PM
Friday - 10 AM–4 PM
Saturday - 10 AM–4 PM
Sunday - 12–4 PM

One of the popular activities is hiking, and Asbury Woods has a wide variety of hiking trails for visitors of all ages and skill levels. Some are more difficult than others, but the trails are well maintained and easy to follow. The trails lead visitors through dense, old-growth forests, past peaceful ponds, and over scenic bridges. Along the way, parents can stop and educate their children about the different types of plants and animals that they encounter.

If you're interested in adventure, you can try to find your way through the outdoor adventure challenge course. This course provides a physical test as well as an adrenaline rush. It is an excellent opportunity for parents to teach kids about teamwork and communication while building strength and confidence. Just remember to wear comfortable clothes and suitable shoes.

The nature center also has an indoor wildlife exhibit that features a collection of live animals from around the world. Visitors can view the animals up close, learn about their habitat, and discover the unique traits that allow them to survive and thrive in their particular environment. Kids are always fascinated by the snakes and turtles, but don't forget to visit the rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets.

Finally, Asbury Woods Nature Center offers educational programs and guided tours throughout the year. The center has knowledgeable staff and volunteers who can provide visitors with insights on everything from wildflowers to bird migration. The educational programs are not only fascinating; they are also a valuable addition to any child’s curriculum.

In conclusion, Asbury Woods Nature Center is a beautiful place to visit for families who are looking for a great outdoor experience. Whether it's hiking, animal viewing, or educational programs, there is something for everyone at this nature center. So, grab the kids and visit Asbury Woods for an unforgettable adventure.


Presque Isle State Park

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One of the most popular things to do at Presque Isle State Park is to swim at one of its 11 sand beaches. Beach 11 is the most family-friendly due to its calm waters, shallow depth, and beachside playground. But if you're looking for more action, Beach 6 and 7 have plenty of waves and water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Make sure to check the beach advisories before heading out, as some beaches may be closed due to water quality concerns.

If you're traveling with younger children, the Tom Ridge Environmental Center provides an indoor playground and interactive exhibits that educate children about the park's history, flora, and fauna. Children can also learn about the ecosystem at the park's lagoons, which are home to a variety of fish, birds, and other wildlife. During the summer, the park offers a Junior Ranger program for kids who want to learn about nature and participate in hands-on activities to earn a badge.

For families who love to bike, Presque Isle State Park boasts over 14 miles of paved bike paths that offer stunning views of the lake and park. The paths are easy for families to follow and provide plenty of opportunities to see the park's lighthouses, beaches, and forests. Bike rentals are available at locations throughout the park.

One of must-see spots in Presque Isle State Park is its long pier. The pier extends out into the lake, and families can walk or fish from its wooden planks. It's a great spot to take family pictures or just enjoy the views of Lake Erie. Make sure to bring a jacket or a sweater, as it can get quite chilly on the pier, especially on windy days.

Finally, the park has a lot of events to offer. During the summer months, concerts are held at the beach and movies are shown at the Rotary Amphitheater. And each year, the park hosts the Presque Isle Lighthouse Festival, which showcases the park's historical lighthouses and offers family-friendly activities.

Whether you're looking for a day trip or a longer vacation, Presque Isle State Park is an incredible destination to explore with your family. Make sure to plan your trip ahead of time and check out all the things it has to offer. You won't be disappointed!

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Erie Art Museum

Source: Uncovering PA

When traveling with children, it's important to find activities that are both educational and fun. The Erie Art Museum in Erie, PA, is an excellent destination for families looking to explore their creative side. With a range of exhibits, interactive installations, and hands-on activities, the museum is an engaging and enriching experience for kids of all ages.

Located in downtown Erie, the museum is easily accessible by car or public transportation. Admission is free for children under five, and tickets for adults and older children are reasonably priced. The museum is open seven days a week, making it an ideal destination for families looking for a weekend adventure or a weekday excursion.

Upon arriving at the museum, families will be greeted with a wide variety of exhibits to explore. The museum boasts an impressive collection of more than 8,000 works of art, ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary installations. The museum's permanent exhibits include a variety of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art, while temporary exhibits often feature interactive installations and multimedia displays.

One of the standout exhibits at the museum is the Interactive Discovery Center. This space is designed specifically for children and offers a range of hands-on activities that encourage creativity and exploration. Kids can experiment with different art materials, play games, and create their own works of art to take home.

Another popular exhibit is the Blues Muse. This exhibit explores the history of the blues, with interactive displays and live performances that encourage children to discover the roots of American music. The exhibit is a great way for kids to learn about the history of a uniquely American art form while having fun.

For families looking to engage in a more structured activity, the museum offers a range of classes, workshops, and other programs. These programs are designed specifically for children and often include themes relating to the museum's current exhibits. From painting to printmaking to sculpture, there's a workshop or class for every interest and skill level.

Overall, the Erie Art Museum is a wonderful destination for families looking to explore their creativity and learn about the arts. With its range of exhibits, interactive installations, and hands-on activities, the museum is a fun and enriching experience for kids of all ages. Whether you're visiting Erie for the first time or you're a local looking for a new adventure, the museum is a must-see destination. So why not plan your visit today? Your kids will thank you for it!


Erie Playhouse

Source: familyvacayer.com
Characteristic Description
NameErie Playhouse
TypeTheatre in Erie, Pennsylvania
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.7 / 206
Address13 W 10th St, Erie, PA 16501
Phone(814) 454-2852

The Erie Playhouse is one of the oldest and most celebrated community theatres in the United States. It has brought quality entertainment to the people of Erie, PA since its founding in 1916. Apart from staging plays, the Playhouse also offers educational programs and workshops to the community. It is an ideal place to visit with kids, as it offers a host of activities and events for children of all ages.

One of the highlights of the Erie Playhouse is its Children’s Program. It is designed to help children develop their creativity and imagination through theatre. The program includes classes and workshops in acting, directing, stagecraft, musical theatre, and more. Children get to participate in plays and musicals, and also go behind the scenes to learn about the technical aspects of theatre.

If you’re planning to visit the Erie Playhouse with kids, make sure to check out their schedule of upcoming events. The Playhouse produces four shows a year as part of its Children’s Theatre Series. Each show is tailored to children and is interactive and engaging. The shows are usually staged on weekends, making it convenient for families to attend.

One of the most popular events at the Erie Playhouse is the annual "Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?" fundraiser. Families sign up to host a dinner party at their home, and the Playhouse provides celebrity guests to attend the dinner. The guests are usually actors, musicians, or other performers, and they perform for the guests at each dinner party. It’s a fun and unique way to support the Playhouse and meet some of the talented people who work there.

Another fun event at the Erie Playhouse is their Halloween Spooktacular. The event is held every October and is perfect for kids of all ages. Children get to dress up in their Halloween costumes and explore the Playhouse, which is transformed into a spooky maze. There are also performances, crafts, games, and treats for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re visiting the Erie Playhouse with kids, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, be sure to arrive early for events to ensure you get good seats. Second, encourage your children to participate in the activities and workshops offered by the Playhouse, as they will learn a lot and have fun at the same time. Third, consider becoming a member of the Playhouse, as this will give you access to exclusive events and discounts.

In conclusion, the Erie Playhouse is an excellent destination for families with children. It offers a variety of educational and entertaining activities that are sure to delight kids of all ages. Whether you’re attending a show, participating in a workshop, or exploring the Playhouse during one of its special events, you’re sure to have a great time at this beloved community institution. So next time you’re in Erie, be sure to check out the Erie Playhouse – you won’t be disappointed!

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Erie Maritime Museum

Source: Uncovering PA

If you’re planning a family vacation to Erie, Pennsylvania, you cannot miss visiting the Erie Maritime Museum. This museum makes for an excellent educational experience for children, and adults alike. This museum also provides a unique opportunity to experience and learn about the history, culture, and geography of Lake Erie and Great Lakes at large.

Firstly, the Erie Maritime Museum is located near the bayfront of Lake Erie, providing kids with an exceptional experience in a floating city, witnessing & willing to learn such a valuable part of culture, history, and etc., of this lake. Secondly, the museum is open year-round, seven days a week between 9 AM and 5 PM. Hence, regardless of when you visit Erie, you can still make a trip to the museum in the morning or afternoon.

Once there, kids must look forward to learning about ship-building techniques, seeing unique-scale models of boats, touring the USS Niagara, watching a short film about Lake Erie's military history and much more. Additionally, the museum highlights Lake Erie's history and culture with a full range of exhibits that showcase different eras in the historical timeline, which are vibrant and informative for children.

One of the significant highlights of the Erie Maritime Museum is the fascinating statue walks outside, which covers multiple topics such as Ports of Great Lakes, Aboriginal Peoples, and more. These statue-walks can be both educational and entertaining for kids, the stories this exhibition could spark a child's interest, especially when ready to put some questions or interact with their kids.

When exploring the museum, do not miss the chance to board the USS Niagara, a historic vessel built in 1813. The vessel is docked outside of the museum and has numerous decks, onboard tours for visitors, and much more. It transports you back to the 1812 with its cannons and exhibits the processes used back then to build boats.

In conclusion, visiting the Erie Maritime Museum is an excellent experience for kids from every walk of life. The opportunity to explore the museum's contents, behind the scenes tours of boats and exhibits, and the USS Niagara makes it a delightful historical entertainment for kids. You will be amazed to observe the kids asking questions and displaying eagerness to learn and contribute in their way after a visit to the museum. So, if finishing your vacation in Erie and have some time left, plan a trip to the Erie Maritime Museum and give your kid's an educational experience they will never forget!


Erie Philharmonic

Source: WENY

If you're planning a family-friendly vacation in Pennsylvania, consider adding Erie Philharmonic to your itinerary. This renowned orchestra has been entertaining audiences for over a century, with its beautiful performances of classical and contemporary music. Here are some tips for enjoying the Erie Philharmonic with kids.

Where to Go

The Erie Philharmonic is located in the Warner Theatre in downtown Erie. This beautiful, historic venue is the perfect place to experience world-class music with your family. Upon arrival, you can take a stroll around the theater and take in the intricate details, including the beautiful murals and ornate ceiling.

When to Go

The Erie Philharmonic typically performs during the fall and winter seasons, with a wide range of concerts including holiday-themed performances for the whole family. Check their event calendar for dates, times, and ticket information.

Why Go

Attending a concert by the Erie Philharmonic is a unique experience that every family should have. It's a great way to introduce your children to classical music and the performing arts in a fun, engaging way. You'll also have the opportunity to witness the incredible talent of the musicians.

How to Prepare

Before attending a concert, take some time to research the music that will be performed. This can help make the experience more enjoyable for kids by giving them a sense of what to expect. You can also talk to them about the instruments they will see on stage and ask if they have any favorites.

During the Concert

When attending a concert with kids, it's important to set expectations and establish ground rules. Let them know that they should remain quiet and respectful during the performance. You may also want to bring some quiet activities for them to do during intermission.

Anecdotes from Parents

Many parents have shared their positive experiences of attending Erie Philharmonic concerts with their kids. One parent recalled how her daughter was in awe of the beautiful sounds coming from the orchestra and couldn't stop talking about it for days after. Another parent shared how their son, who was initially hesitant about attending, ended up loving the experience and now wants to learn how to play the cello.

Quotations from Musicians

"The Erie Philharmonic is a special place where we get to share our love of music with the community. It's always exciting to see families come to our performances and witness their joy of the music we create." - Sarah Schouten, Erie Philharmonic Music Director

Facts about the Orchestra

The Erie Philharmonic was founded in 1913 and has been entertaining audiences ever since. It is one of the oldest community orchestras in the country. Over the years, it has hosted many renowned guest artists and conductors.

In conclusion, attending a concert by the Erie Philharmonic with kids is a wonderful way to introduce them to music and the performing arts. With a little preparation and some ground rules, you can make it a fun, memorable experience for the whole family. So, add this to your must-do list for your next vacation to Pennsylvania.


Goodell Gardens & Homestead

Source: Macaroni KID Erie
Characteristic Description
NameGoodell Gardens & Homestead
TypeBotanical garden in Edinboro, Pennsylvania
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.6 / 166
Address221 Waterford Street Route 6N, Edinboro, PA 16412
Phone(814) 734-6699

One of the most exciting parts of visiting Goodell Gardens & Homestead for kids is the Children's Discovery Garden. This section of the property is specially designed for children with hands-on activities and play areas that encourage them to engage with nature. Children get to explore the interactive play structures, gardening areas, and even a musical garden that allows them to create their own unique sound. The discovery garden is perfect for children to learn about plants, animals, and the natural world in a fun and engaging way.

Another great activity for kids in Goodell Gardens & Homestead is exploring the many trails through the wooded areas. With more than 650 feet of wooded trails, families can go on an adventure in the lush greenery of the property, spotting butterflies, birds, and other wildlife. These walks are perfect for hiking and exploring and offer excellent opportunities for a picnic or a family photo opportunity. The trails are also stroller and wheelchair-friendly, so everyone can join in the fun.

There's a lot that families can do inside and outside in Goodell Gardens & Homestead, making it an ideal destination for a day trip. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the homestead's historic buildings, including the 1870's-era farmhouse, the barn, and the outbuildings. Goodell Gardens & Homestead also provides an excellent opportunity for an outdoor wedding or for talented photographers to snap some stunning wedding photographs.

In conclusion, Goodell Gardens & Homestead is an educational, family-friendly destination for nature lovers in Erie, PA. Families can participate in hands-on activities and explore nature trails, attend events, and learn more about the history of the homestead. With the ability to engage kids in nature, learning at Goodell Gardens & Homestead is hard not to have fun. As the executive director, Amber Wellington, says, "Our mission is to provide a public space that fosters education, conservation, and enjoyment of nature." And it's safe to say that they have succeeded.

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Frequently asked questions

Some top family-friendly activities in Erie, PA include visiting the Erie Zoo, playing at Waldameer Park & Water World, and exploring Presque Isle State Park.

Erie, PA has several indoor attractions perfect for a rainy day with kids. Options include the Children's Museum, Tom Ridge Environmental Center, and the Erie Maritime Museum.

Yes, several museums and educational centers in Erie provide fun learning experiences for children. The ExpERIEnce Children's Museum offers interactive exhibits, the Erie Art Museum has family-friendly programs and workshops, and the Erie Maritime Museum teaches about the area's maritime history.

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