12 Must-Try Experiences In Kahuku

things to do in kahuku

Kahuku, known for its lush vegetation, pristine beaches, and rich culture, is an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic Hawaiian experience. Whether you are a foodie, an adventure-seeker, or a nature lover, Kahuku has something to offer for everyone. In this guide, we have compiled 12 must-try experiences in Kahuku that will take you on a journey of sightseeing, gastronomy, and adventure, giving you a taste of the true Hawaiian way of life. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of Kahuku and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Surfing at Sunset Beach

Source: Surfline

Located on the north shore of Oahu, Kahuku is a small town known for its beautiful beaches and world-class surfing. One of the most popular spots for catching waves in Kahuku is Sunset Beach.

The best time to surf at Sunset Beach is during the winter months, from around November to February, when the swells are at their biggest and most powerful. During this time, the waves attract surfers from all over the world who come to test their skills on these legendary breaks.

Sunset Beach is famous for its long, rolling waves that peel along the shoreline, providing surfers with incredibly long rides. The waves are consistent and well-formed, making it a great spot for both shortboarders and longboarders. However, the strong currents and shallow reef can make for dangerous conditions, so it's important to know your limits and to take the necessary precautions.

Aside from its world-class surf, Sunset Beach is a beautiful spot to spend the day, with white sand beaches and crystal-clear water that's perfect for swimming and sunbathing. If you're not a surfer, you can still enjoy watching the action from the beach while soaking up the sun.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, surfing at Sunset Beach is an experience you'll never forget. Just be sure to respect the power of the waves and to stay safe while enjoying this incredible spot.

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Eating shrimp at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

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Characteristic Description
NameGiovanni's Shrimp Truck
TypeSeafood restaurant
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.4 / 5,470
Address56-505 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731
Phone(808) 293-1839
HoursMonday - opens at 10:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Tuesday - opens at 10:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Wednesday - opens at 10:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Thursday - opens at 10:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Friday - opens at 10:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Saturday - opens at 10:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Sunday - opens at 10:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM

One of the must-visit destinations in the town of Kahuku on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii is Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. This popular food truck is renowned for its mouth-watering shrimp dishes, including its signature Garlic Shrimp.

Located along Kamehameha Highway, Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is hard to miss - it is a bright yellow food truck surrounded by picnic tables and an outdoor grill. As soon as you step out of your vehicle, the delicious aroma of garlic and butter cooking shrimp will immediately hit your senses.

The menu at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is simple, but it is packed with flavorful dishes that are all made to order. The Garlic Shrimp, their most popular dish, is served with two scoops of white rice, lemon wedges to make it tangy, and macaroni salad. The shrimp is perfectly cooked with a crispy outside and succulent meat on the inside. The garlic and butter sauce is simply divine, and you cannot help but taste every bit of it.

For those who are not keen on garlic, there are other options such as the Hot & Spicy Shrimp and the Lemon & Butter Shrimp. The Hot & Spicy Shrimp is Giovanni's Shrimp Truck's special recipe, and it is perfect for those who love a bit of heat in their food. The Lemon & Butter Shrimp, on the other hand, is a simpler but still equally delicious option if you want to taste the sweetness of the shrimp.

One of the best parts of dining at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is the outdoor seating. The picnic tables are covered with umbrellas to shield you from the heat of the sun and provide shelter during a brief Hawaiian rain shower. It's an excellent place to share a meal with friends and family, and it promotes a fun, friendly atmosphere.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a unique meal experience, be sure to visit Giovanni's Shrimp Truck in Kahuku. It's a shrimp lover's paradise where you can enjoy delicious food, have a great time with family and friends, and create unforgettable memories. So the next time you're in Kahuku, make sure you stop by Giovanni's Shrimp Truck and indulge in the best shrimp dish you will ever taste!

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Visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center

Source: Our Wander-Filled Life
Characteristic Description
NamePolynesian Cultural Center
TypeCultural center in Laie, Hawaii
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.7 / 17,580
Address55-370 Kamehameha Hwy, Laie, HI 96762
Phone(800) 367-7060
HoursMonday - opens at 12:30 and closes at 9 PM
Tuesday - opens at 12:30 and closes at 9 PM
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - opens at 12:30 and closes at 9 PM
Friday - opens at 12:30 and closes at 9 PM
Saturday - opens at 12:30 and closes at 9 PM
Sunday - Closed

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a must-visit attraction when in Kahuku, Hawaii. This interactive museum gives visitors an in-depth look into the history and culture of the Polynesian islands, such as Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, and Hawaii.

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, the Polynesian Cultural Center is a 42-acre complex that features seven distinct Polynesian villages that showcase the customs, cuisine, and traditions of each island. Visitors can take part in hands-on activities such as coconut husking, fire starting, and lei making, or watch performances of traditional dances, songs, and games.

Each day, the center hosts a Polynesian-inspired dinner buffet with delicacies like kalua pork, teriyaki chicken, and poi. The luau-style dinner is followed by the famous “Ha: Breath of Life” evening show which tells a story through music and dance, culminating in an exciting fireknife performance.

For those looking for an authentic Polynesian experience, the Polynesian Cultural Center also offers options for special tours such as a canoe ride through the center's lagoon, a guided VIP tour, and the “Ambassador Pass” which allows visitors to experience everything the center has to offer. There are also special events throughout the year, such as the “Tahiti Fete” Polynesian cultural festival and the “We Are Samoa” festival, which celebrate the different island cultures.

Overall, the Polynesian Cultural Center is a unique and fascinating way to learn about the Polynesian islands and their people. With so many different activities and experiences to offer, it truly is a destination that shouldn't be missed when visiting Kahuku.

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Hiking to Waimea Falls

Source: HONOLULU Magazine

The hike to Waimea Falls is around 1.5 miles and takes about an hour. The path is well-defined and easy to follow, with plenty of trail markers to keep hikers on track. The beginning of the hike takes hikers through a botanical garden that features more than 5,000 vibrant tropical plants and flowers. The garden is home to a large variety of exotic birds and butterflies, which only adds to the beauty of the surroundings.

After passing through the botanical garden, the trail begins to wind through the forest. Along the way, hikers will cross over streams and mini waterfalls, all while being surrounded by towering trees and tropical plants. The trail is shaded, making it a pleasant hike even on the hottest of days.

As hikers near the end of the trail, they will start to hear the sound of rushing water. This is a sure sign that they are getting close to Waimea Falls. The waterfall is a breathtaking sight, with water cascading down over the rocks into a large pool below. The pool is deep enough to swim in and provides a cool and refreshing respite from the heat.

Swimming in the waterfall pool is a popular activity, so hikers should bring a swimsuit if they plan on taking a dip. There are also lifeguards on duty, making it a safe place to swim.

Overall, hiking to Waimea Falls is an easy and enjoyable way to experience the beauty of Kahuku, Hawaii. With stunning views, lush foliage, and refreshing waters, it’s easy to see why this hike is so popular among tourists and locals alike.


Eating shaved ice at Matsumoto's

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Kahuku is a small town located on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. While the area is known for its beautiful beaches and world-famous surf spots, there is another must-do activity that many visitors to Kahuku swear by – eating shaved ice at Matsumotos.

Matsumotos is an iconic Hawaiian shave ice shop that has been serving up sweet treats since 1951. It is famous for its delicious flavors, including a must-try combination of tropical flavors like pineapple, guava, and passionfruit. The shop has a simple setup with a window where customers can order their shave ice and picnic tables outside to enjoy their treats. The spot is also tourist-friendly, as you can pick up Matsumoto's sunglasses, hats, and t-shirts as souvenirs.

What sets Matsumotos apart from other shave ice spots is its finely shaved ice, which is soft, fluffy, and absorbs flavors perfectly. The standard Matsumoto's shave ice comes with three flavors and vanilla ice cream on the bottom and top. You can add toppings like mochi, sweet beans, or condensed milk to give your treat a delightful texture and flavor. The generous portions are also a great value, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious families.

For the adventurous eaters, Matsumotos offers unique flavors like lychee, green tea, and passionfruit-orange. The menu also features seasonal specials, like strawberry, mango, and tangerine. If you're unsure of what flavors to try, the staff is friendly and happy to recommend their favorites.

The line at Matsumotos can get long, especially during peak tourist season, but it moves relatively quickly. You can also beat the crowds by visiting the shop early in the day or late in the afternoon. For the ultimate Matsumotos experience, take your shave ice to the beach and enjoy the view while savoring your sweet treat.

If you're planning a visit to Kahuku, Matsumotos is a must-visit destination. With its mouthwatering shave ice flavors, affordable prices, and historic charm, the treat is worth the visit.

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Snorkeling at Shark's Cove

Source: The Katie Show Blog

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, is the famous Sharks Cove, a popular spot among snorkelers and scuba divers. Surrounded by volcanic rocks and known for its crystal-clear waters, Sharks Cove is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands.

One of the most popular activities to enjoy at Sharks Cove is snorkeling. The cove is home to a diverse array of marine life, including colorful tropical fish, sea turtles, and even harmless reef sharks. The waters are calm and clear, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling beginners and experts alike.

Before you start your snorkeling adventure, it's important to note that this is a protected marine area, which means that visitors are prohibited from touching or taking anything from the water. This rule helps maintain the natural environment and protects the marine life that calls Sharks Cove home.

It's also recommended to bring your snorkeling gear, like a mask, snorkel, and fins. If you don't have your own equipment, there are several rental shops nearby that offer everything you need for a great snorkeling experience.

Depending on the season, you may encounter strong currents and waves, so it's best to check the weather conditions before you go. If you're unsure, it's always a good idea to ask locals or another experienced snorkeler for advice.

Aside from snorkeling, Sharks Cove is also a popular spot for cliff jumping, sunbathing, and picnics. There are several food trucks and snack stands nearby that offer delicious Hawaiian cuisine, making it the perfect spot to spend the day with family and friends.

In conclusion, the Sharks Cove is a perfect snorkeling spot for both beginners and experts. Its clear water, the diversity of marine life, and relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal place to enjoy the natural beauty of Hawaii. Just remember to follow the rules, respect the environment and the marine wildlife, and enjoy your snorkeling experience to the fullest.

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Visiting Kahuku Farms

Source: Lonely Planet
Characteristic Description
NameKahuku Farms
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.8 / 735
Address56-800 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731
Phone(808) 628-0639
HoursMonday - opens at 11 AM and closes at 4 PM
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - opens at 11 AM and closes at 4 PM
Friday - opens at 11 AM and closes at 4 PM
Saturday - opens at 11 AM and closes at 4 PM
Sunday - opens at 11 AM and closes at 4 PM

If you're planning a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, consider visiting Kahuku Farms. This family-owned farm offers a unique experience for anyone interested in agriculture, sustainability, and Hawaiian culture. Here's what you can expect during a visit to Kahuku Farms.

First, take a guided tour of the farm. Learn about the history of the farm, the crops they grow, and the farming techniques they use. You'll also get a chance to taste some of the farm's delicious produce, like sweet papaya, juicy watermelon, and savory garlic.

Next, explore the farm on your own. Stroll through the fields, pick your own fruits and vegetables, and enjoy the peaceful scenery. If you're feeling adventurous, take a tractor-pulled wagon ride to the back of the farm, where you can see the taro patch and learn about the traditional Hawaiian staple crop.

After you've worked up an appetite, stop by the farm cafe for some delicious, farm-fresh treats. The cafe offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and desserts, all made with ingredients grown on the farm. Be sure to try their famous grilled banana bread and ice cream!

Finally, browse the farm store for some unique souvenirs. They sell a variety of products made with Kahuku Farms' fresh fruits and vegetables, such as jams, honey, and salsa. They also offer handmade jewelry, artwork, and other locally made items.

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Kayaking in Kaneohe Bay

Source: Kailua Beach Adventures

Kaneohe Bay is a stunning destination on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, and one of the best ways to explore it is by kayaking. There are several kayaking tours available in Kahuku, a town located on the north shore of Oahu, that will allow you to explore this natural wonder at your own pace.

One of the most memorable experiences while kayaking in Kaneohe Bay is paddling to the "Chinaman's Hat," an iconic island known for its cone-shaped look. As you approach this island, the scenery becomes even more dramatic, with the sloping cliffs and the turquoise waters around it leaving you in awe.

Aside from the natural sights, you will also be able to indulge in some adventure activities like snorkeling, cliff jumping, and exploring some hidden waterholes. You will have the opportunity to snorkel around the bay, swim with the turtles, and even catch a glimpse of majestic marine life like manta rays, dolphins, and whales.

The best part about kayaking in Kahuku is that you don't need any prior experience to participate. The tours are typically led by experienced guides who will give you full instructions and accompany you throughout your journey.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Kahuku and go kayaking in Kaneohe Bay to explore the beautiful scenery and wildlife of Hawaii's coastlines. You will fall in love with the lush tropical landscapes of this island paradise and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Eating at Kahuku Superette

Source: kahukusuperette.t2-food.com

Kahuku is a small town located on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Despite its small size, Kahuku is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, pristine beaches, and delicious local food. One of the must-visit places in Kahuku is Kahuku Superette, a local convenience store that serves some of the best food on the island.

The menu at Kahuku Superette is extensive, and you can find everything from local plate lunches to deli sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and even sushi. The store is famous for its garlic shrimp plate, which is a must-try for anyone visiting Kahuku. The dish is made with fresh shrimp cooked in garlic butter and served over a bed of rice. It's simple yet incredibly delicious and will leave you wanting more.

Another popular item on the menu is the poke bowl, which is made with fresh seaweed, rice, and a variety of marinated raw fish. Kahuku Superette offers different types of poke, including ahi tuna, salmon, and octopus. If you're a fan of sushi rolls, you can also find them at the store. The Shrimp Tempura Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll are delicious and perfect for a quick snack or lunch.

Apart from the food, one of the best things about Kahuku Superette is the friendly service. The staff is always welcoming and happy to guide you through the menu. They will also give you recommendations on what to try based on your preferences. The store has limited seating, but you can always take your food to go and enjoy it at the beach or on a picnic.

In conclusion, if you're visiting Kahuku, you don't want to miss out on eating at Kahuku Superette. The store offers some of the best local food on the island, and the friendly service will make you feel like a part of the community. Be sure to try the garlic shrimp plate and poke bowl, and don't hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations. You won't regret it!


Checking out Turtle Bay Resort

Source: Turtle Bay Resort
Characteristic Description
NameTurtle Bay Resort
Type4-star hotel
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.5 / 7,506
Address57-091 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731
Phone(866) 475-2569
HoursMonday - Open 24 hours
Tuesday - Open 24 hours
Wednesday - Open 24 hours
Thursday - Open 24 hours
Friday - Open 24 hours
Saturday - Open 24 hours
Sunday - Open 24 hours

Kahuku, also known as the North Shore of Oahu, offers a plethora of activities for visitors. One must-do activity is visiting the Turtle Bay Resort, which is located on the northern tip of the island.

The Turtle Bay Resort is a premier destination for travelers seeking relaxation, luxury, and adventure. The resort spans over 840 acres and boasts five miles of pristine beachfront. The resort offers numerous amenities, including two championship golf courses, a full-service spa, tennis courts, and multiple outdoor pools.

For those seeking adventure, the resort offers numerous activities such as horseback riding, surfing lessons, stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkeling. One of the most popular activities is the Turtle Bay Resort's guided kayaking tour through the pristine Kawela Bay. Guests can paddle through crystal clear waters, spot local marine life, and enjoy the breathtaking North Shore scenery.

The resort also has an impressive dining scene with seven on-site restaurants featuring a range of culinary options. One of their dining experiences, Ola, offers oceanfront dining with a seafood-focused menu, and the Hang Ten Bar & Grill offers a relaxed poolside atmosphere with island-inspired dishes and tropical cocktails.

If relaxation is what you're after, the resort's Nalu Kinetic Spa is the perfect place to unwind. The spa offers a range of treatments, including massages, facials, and body wraps. The spa's oceanfront treatment rooms offer stunning views, and the relaxation garden offers a serene space to take in the Hawaiian sun.

In conclusion, if you're planning a trip to the North Shore of Oahu, be sure to check out the Turtle Bay Resort. With a wide range of amenities, activities, and dining experiences, the Turtle Bay Resort offers something for everyone. Whether you're seeking an adventurous getaway or a relaxing vacation, the Turtle Bay Resort is the perfect destination.


Playing golf at Turtle Bay Palmer Course

Source: GolfPass
Characteristic Description
NameTurtle Bay Golf
TypeGolf course in Kawela Bay, Hawaii
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.3 / 270
AddressTBG, 57-091 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731
Phone(808) 293-8574
HoursMonday - opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Tuesday - opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Wednesday - opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Thursday - opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Friday - opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Saturday - opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM
Sunday - opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 6:30 PM

Kahuku is a small town located on the northeastern shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The town is known for its beautiful beaches, laidback atmosphere, and world-class golf courses. One of the most popular golf courses in Kahuku is the Turtle Bay Palmer Course.

The Turtle Bay Palmer Course is an 18-hole championship course designed by Arnold Palmer and Ed Seay. The course offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and is known for its challenging layout and unique design. The course is located on the Turtle Bay Resort, which also offers accommodations for those looking to stay and play.

Playing golf at the Turtle Bay Palmer Course is an experience that any golfer can enjoy. The course features large greens, deep bunkers, and water hazards that will test even the most skilled golfers. The course is also home to several signature holes, such as the 17th, which offers panoramic views of the ocean.

Golfers can choose from several tee boxes, making the course accessible to all skill levels. The course also offers golf carts equipped with GPS technology, which can give golfers course information and distances to the hole.

Aside from the golf course itself, Turtle Bay Resort also offers a variety of amenities to enhance the golfing experience. Golfers can enjoy a meal at one of the on-site restaurants or grab a drink at the clubhouse bar. The resort also offers a driving range and practice putting green, allowing golfers to warm up before their round.

Overall, playing golf at the Turtle Bay Palmer Course in Kahuku is an unforgettable experience. The stunning scenery, challenging layout, and top-notch amenities make it one of the best golf courses in Oahu. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual golfer, playing a round at the Turtle Bay Palmer Course is a must-do activity when visiting Kahuku.


Visiting the Kahuku Land Farm agricultural fair

Source: Go Hawaii
Characteristic Description
NameKahuku Farms
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.8 / 735
Address56-800 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731
Phone(808) 628-0639
HoursMonday - opens at 11 AM and closes at 4 PM
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - opens at 11 AM and closes at 4 PM
Friday - opens at 11 AM and closes at 4 PM
Saturday - opens at 11 AM and closes at 4 PM
Sunday - opens at 11 AM and closes at 4 PM

If you're interested in sustainable agriculture and supporting local farmers, the Kahuku Land Farm agricultural fair is a must-visit. Located on the North Shore of Oahu, the Kahuku Land Farm is a beautiful and thriving agricultural community, dedicated to producing fresh, organic food and educating the local community about sustainable farming practices.

At the fair, which takes place multiple times throughout the year, visitors can take a tour of the farm, sample delicious, fresh produce, and purchase goods directly from local farmers. The fair also features a variety of family-friendly activities, including animal petting zoos, horseback riding, and live music performances.

One of the most unique experiences you'll have at the Kahuku Land Farm agricultural fair is the opportunity to learn about the ancient Hawaiian farming practice known as "ahupua'a". This traditional method of agriculture is based on the philosophy of sustainability and balance, dividing land into pie-shaped wedges that run from the mountains to the sea, and growing crops in a way that replenishes the land and water.

In addition to promoting sustainable farming methods, the fair also brings together farmers and consumers, strengthening the local food economy and providing a direct connection between those who grow the food and those who eat it. It's a fantastic way to support local farmers and learn more about the importance of sustainable, organic agriculture.

Whether you're a local resident or just visiting Oahu, the Kahuku Land Farm agricultural fair is a must-visit attraction. The beautiful scenery, fresh produce, and educational experiences make it a wonderful way to spend a day with family and friends, while supporting the local community and the environment.

Frequently asked questions

- Some popular tourist attractions in Kahuku include visiting the famous shrimp trucks, hiking to the top of Pu'u O Mahuka Heiau State Historic Site, and exploring the beautiful beaches along North Shore.

- Some fun outdoor activities to do in Kahuku include surfing at Sunset Beach or Banzai Pipeline, hiking the Ka'ena Point Trail, and swimming in the calm waters at Turtle Bay Resort.

- The best food in Kahuku can be found at the many local shrimp trucks, where you can try different variations of garlic shrimp and other seafood dishes. Other popular food options include the food trucks at Kahuku Farms and the various eateries at Turtle Bay Resort.

- One cultural experience in Kahuku is visiting the He'eia Fishpond, which is a traditional Hawaiian aquaculture system. Additionally, you can watch the ancient Hawaiian art of hula dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

- Some family-friendly activities in Kahuku include taking a horseback riding tour at Gunstock Ranch, visiting the Waimea Valley Botanical Garden, and watching traditional Hawaiian games and activities at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

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Kahuku is such a hidden gem! One of my favorite things to do there is hiking. The lush green mountains and stunning views are worth every step. One of the most memorable hikes I did was to Waimea Falls. The hike was relatively easy and the waterfall at the end was absolutely breathtaking. Another must-visit spot in Kahuku is the Polynesian Cultural Center. It's a great way to learn about the rich history and culture of Hawaii. Trust me, you won't be disappointed if you decide to visit Kahuku and explore all it has to offer!

Jaya Decker

Oh, I absolutely loved my time in Kahuku! One of the highlights for me was visiting the incredible beaches. The clear blue waters and soft white sand made for the perfect beach day. I also highly recommend taking a surfing lesson while you're there - the waves in Kahuku are amazing! Another must-do activity is exploring the local food scene. I had some of the most delicious shrimp dishes and fresh pineapple during my stay. Overall, Kahuku has so much to offer and I can't wait to go back!

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