12 Must-See Events And Activities In New York City During March 2018

things to do in new york in march 2018

New York City in March is a melting pot of experiences that are not to be missed. Spring is slowly creeping in, and with it, a new season of activity and excitement. This month, the city comes alive with a fascinating array of events and activities that cater to all ages and interests. From cultural events and art exhibitions to food festivals and theatre performances, March in New York City is a month of discovery and adventure. To make the most of your visit, we've compiled a list of 12 must-see events and activities that will take you on an unforgettable journey through the city that never sleeps.

Characteristic Tips
Season Spring, temperatures range from 0 to 10°C. Dress in layers for colder mornings and warmer afternoons.
Crowds March is off-peak season, which means fewer crowds and shorter lines.
Events St. Patrick's Day Parade, New York International Auto Show, Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden. Check events calendar and buy tickets in advance.
Sightseeing Some attractions, like the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, are popular year-round. Others, like Central Park or the 9/11 Memorial, are best enjoyed in milder weather.
Food March is great for foodies, with Restaurant Week and chocolate-themed events. Try New York-style pizza, bagels, and hot dogs.
Transportation Subway and buses are efficient and inexpensive, but taxis and car services can be convenient for longer distances or late at night. Download a map and consider a MetroCard.
Safety New York is generally safe, but be aware of pickpockets and scams. Stay alert in crowded places, avoid unlicensed taxis, and keep valuables close.
Accommodation Book a hotel or Airbnb in advance, as prices tend to go up closer to the date. Look for locations close to transportation or your main points of interest.


St. Patrick's Day Parade

Source: www.irishcentral.com

The St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York is one of the most famous parades in the world. It is a must-visit event for anyone who loves colorful parades and the Irish culture. Every March 17th, the streets of Manhattan are packed with thousands of people donning green clothes, wigs, and shamrocks to celebrate the Irish patron saint - St. Patrick.

The parade typically starts at 11 am at 44th Street and 5th Avenue and proceeds up 5th Avenue to 79th Street. It is a five-hour extravaganza with marching bands, bagpipes, dancers, and countless floats showcasing everything from Irish heritage to contemporary issues. The parade is a perfect blend of fun, culture, and patriotism, and everyone who attends it feels like a part of a big green family.

One of the best tips for enjoying the parade is getting there early, especially if you want to secure a prime spot to watch the parade. It is worth noting that many streets around the parade route are closed to traffic, so it is advisable to take public transport. The MTA subway system is the most convenient way to get to the parade, and service is typically expanded to handle the large crowds.

In addition to the parade, there are plenty of other things to do in NYC during the St. Patrick's Day celebrations. You can visit some of the city's iconic Irish pubs, many of which offer traditional Irish food, beer, and live music. Some of the most popular Irish bars are McSorley's Old Ale House, The Dead Rabbit, and Stout NYC.

If you are in the mood for some sightseeing, you can visit some of the city's landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Central Park. There are also many museums and galleries that showcase art and history. The American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Museum of Modern Art are just a few of the many great options available.

The St. Patrick's Day parade is not just a fun event; it is also a moment of reflection on the rich culture and history of the Irish people. It honors thousands of people who, over the years, have made significant contributions to the American society. As Irish-American writer Pete Hamill once said, "For the Irish, the parade celebrates not just the patron saint of Ireland but the struggles and successes of Irish-Americans in a new homeland."

In conclusion, the St. Patrick's Day Parade of New York is a unique festival that every travel enthusiast should have on their bucket list. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the Irish culture, meet new people, and explore one of the world's most vibrant and diverse cities. So, whether you're an Irish-American, an Irish person living in the US, or just someone who loves parades and celebrations, New York's St. Patrick's Day Parade is an unmissable event.


Macy's Flower Show at Macy's Herald Square

Source: www.newyorkfamily.com

The Flower Show was not only an enchanting visual spectacle, but it was also an immersive and interactive experience for visitors. With over 5,000 varieties of flowers, shrubs, and trees decorating the store, guests felt like they were exploring an enchanted forest. The wondrous display of colors, textures, and fragrances of lilies, roses, tulips, and orchids offer an unforgettable sensory escape for the visitors.

Macy's Herald Square is one of the largest department stores in the world and has a vast area of 2.2 million square feet. During the Flower Show, this entire area transforms into a magical world where visitors can stroll through the gardens, attend workshops, or take photos in front of stunning backdrops made entirely of flowers. At the Fragrance Bar, customers could also discover new spring fragrances and learn more about aromatherapy.

One of the highlights of the event was the Garden Party held on the rooftop of the store. This event featured music, cocktails, food, and indoor gardens where guests could relax and take in the stunning views of the city while surrounded by the beauty of nature. Another must-see attraction was the custom flower arrangement display where top floral designers showcase their artistry and creativity. Visitors could take inspiration from their designs and learn how to make their own arrangements with masterclasses and talks.

For those who want to make the most of their visit to Macy's Flower Show, there are several tips to keep in mind. The best time to visit is during weekdays when there are fewer crowds, and it's easier to navigate around. The show is free, but some events like the Garden Party require tickets, which are limited and sell out quickly, so make sure to book ahead. Visitors should also wear comfortable shoes since there is a lot of walking involved and bring a camera to capture the stunning floral arrangements.

In conclusion, Macy's Flower Show at Macy's Herald Square of New York is indeed a spectacular event not to be missed. It's an excellent opportunity to celebrate the beauty of nature and indulge in the colors and fragrances of spring. Whether you're a nature lover, a flower enthusiast or an avid photographer, the Flower Show offers something for everyone. It's a true feast for the senses, and you're sure to leave with unforgettable memories and a newfound appreciation for the beauty of our world.

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Orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden

Source: www.nymetroparents.com
Characteristic Description
NameNew York Botanical Garden
TypeBotanical garden in the Bronx, New York
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.75 / 11,154
Address2900 Southern Blvd, The Bronx, NY 10458
Phone(718) 817-8700
HoursSunday - 10 AM–5 PM
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 10 AM–5 PM
Wednesday - 10 AM–5 PM
Thursday - 10 AM–5 PM
Friday - 10 AM–5 PM
Saturday - 10 AM–5 PM

The annual Orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden in the month of March 2018 is one of the most awaited events for people around the world. The show features a variety of orchids from different parts of the world, creating an unmatched aura that leaves visitors stunned. Walking past the colorful displays of orchids, you'll find yourself in the enchanted world of nature that will make you forget all your worries.

The show is held from early March to late April, and there are several tips to make the most of your visit here. If you’re traveling from out of town, it’s recommended to book your tickets online, as the show might be crowded and you don’t want to miss out on booking. It is important you plan to visit the garden when the day is crisp and clear, as the weather in New York can be unpredictable.

The New York Botanical Garden itself is spread over 250 acres of greenery. The best way to explore the garden is to take the tram tour, which provides you with a birds-eye view of the beautiful gardens. Additionally, selecting a guide for a personalized, informative tour helps you in discovering the unique offerings of the garden.

While you're strolling through the beautiful gardens, there will be ample opportunities to photograph yourself with the most exotic flowers you've ever encountered. You’ll learn about the exotic orchids that grow in the Garden while tasting refreshing beverages and treats that will excite your taste buds.

To make your visit more memorable, the organizers have arranged for a variety of activities, including performances, guided tours, and workshops. People of all age groups can participate in the activities, and they are perfect for family outings. The workshops and classes offered are safe and enjoyable and provide training on orchid care and general gardening tips.

To perfectly summarize the beauty of the show, here’s a beautiful quotation by Jeffrey Alans, “There’s something about orchids that transcends common sense, even propriety”. The experience of this orchid show can be somewhat said to be transcendental, a display of nothing but the most fantastic in nature.

To conclude, the Orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden is an unforgettable experience that every nature lover must witness at least once in their lifetime. Visiting in the month of March undoubtedly guarantees outstanding views, and the diversity of rare and exotic orchids will leave you captivated. It’s a natural oasis in the bustling city, providing a much-needed break, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

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New York International Auto Show at Jacob Javits Center

Source: theknockturnal.com

The New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center in March 2018 was an incredible experience. This annual event is one of the most significant car exhibitions in North America, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Jacob Javits Center was an excellent venue for the show. The colossal exhibition space was divided into different sections, each showcasing the latest and greatest in automotive innovation.

One of the highlights of the show was the unveiling of several new models by top car manufacturers such as BMW, Honda, and Audi. This year, the auto show featured a wide range of vehicles from high-end sports cars to eco-friendly hybrids and electric cars.

If you are planning a trip to the New York International Auto Show, here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience. Firstly, plan ahead and try to book your tickets in advance. This will save you time and money, as tickets can often sell out quickly.

Secondly, make sure you wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking involved. You will also be standing for long periods, so it's important to dress appropriately for the weather.

Thirdly, don't be afraid to ask questions and interact with the exhibitors. They are there to showcase their products and are more than happy to answer your questions.

In addition to the exhibitions, there were also various interactive displays and activities for visitors to participate in. For example, you could test drive some of the latest models or participate in virtual reality simulations.

Finally, one of the best things about the New York International Auto Show is the opportunity to see some of the world's most impressive cars up close. From vintage classics to cutting-edge supercars, you're sure to be blown away by the sheer range and quality of the vehicles on display.

In conclusion, the New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center is an event you don't want to miss. Whether you're a car enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting day out in New York, this exhibition has something for everyone. So mark your calendars for the next auto show and get ready to experience the future of automotive technology.

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Armory Show at Piers 92 and 94

Source: www.nytimes.com

The Armory Show at Piers 92 and 94 of New York in March 2018 was a highly awaited event in the city's art scene, with collectors, art enthusiasts, and artists alike flocking to the show from all over the world. The show featured over 200 galleries showing contemporary and modern art, and provided a great platform for emerging artists to showcase their work.

Arriving at Piers 92 and 94 was an exciting experience, with the air buzzing with anticipation, energy, and creativity. Even before entering the event, one could see the tall banners and banners boasting of the exhibition, with colorful images of contemporary art, and various installations at the entrance. People were milling around with their tickets, dressed in a diverse range of styles inspired by art, creativity, and individuality.

Once inside, the experience was breathtaking, with over 2000 works of art from around the world, in various mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, and digital art. The art pieces ranged from bright, colorful installations to thought-provoking, conceptually challenging works, leaving visitors in awe at the diversity and creativity displayed.

One of the highlights of the show was the 'Platform' section, which featured installations and performances by eight emerging artists from around the world. Each artist had a dedicated space to showcase their talent, with interactive installations that engaged visitors with their creativity and imagination.

In addition to the astounding artwork at the Armory Show, there were also various talks, panel discussions, and events taking place throughout the week. These events provided visitors with the opportunity to engage, learn, and interact with artists, curators, and art professionals.

One tip for visitors to the Armory Show is to plan your visit in advance, as the event can be overwhelming, with so many galleries and pieces to view. Consider arriving early or late in the day, to avoid the crowds and to ensure you have enough time to see everything you are interested in.

Another tip is to bring a notepad and pen, to jot down your thoughts and impressions of the various artworks. This can be helpful when reflecting on the show after you have left, and can also be a useful tool to spark further creativity and inspiration.

In conclusion, the Armory Show at Piers 92 and 94 of New York in March 2018 was a spectacular event that showcased some of the world's most exciting contemporary and modern art. It provided visitors with a unique opportunity to engage, learn, and interact with artists, curators, and art professionals. Whether you are a seasoned collector or simply have a passion for art, the Armory Show is a not-to-be-missed event that will leave you feeling inspired and awestruck.

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Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival

Source: secretnyc.co

The Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival is one of the most awaited events in New York, and it exceeds expectations every year. It is a gathering of some of the best food and beverage vendors in Brooklyn, displaying their craft, coupled with plenty of entertainment and activities for participants.

The festival took place on March 24, 2018, at the Industry City venue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and it attracted thousands of attendees, both locals and visitors. The event started at 12 pm and stretched to 8 pm, with the food and beverage stalls lining the venue's indoor and outdoor spaces.

One of the most impressive things about the festival was the array of vendors offering a variety of foods and drinks. The food options were diverse, ranging from the famous New York-style pizza, lobster rolls, sandwiches, and vegan dishes to Korean BBQ, dumplings, and tacos. For beverages, there were plenty of choices, including craft beer, cider, wine, and cocktails.

The festival also offered a platform for some of Brooklyn's independent breweries to showcase their products. This is particularly exciting for beer enthusiasts who can indulge in craft beer tastings and learn about the brewing process from the brewmasters themselves. Attendees can enjoy a refreshing beer while relaxing in vibrant outdoor seating areas.

Aside from the food and beverages, the festival provided an opportunity to enjoy other fun activities, including live music, games, and contests. For instance, participants could play giant Jenga or cornhole or hop in a photo booth for a memorable snapshot.

One notable aspect of the Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival was the sense of community it fostered. Meeting and interacting with local vendors and other festival-goers create a sense of belonging and tight-knit community feel. The event's atmosphere was casual, and locals mingled freely with tourists, sharing their enthusiasm for the charming and colorful Brooklyn culture.

If you plan to visit the Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival, it is advisable to arrive early and come prepared. Visitors should bring sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and cash because not all food and beverage vendors will accept credit cards. The venue is also relatively easy to access via public transport, and taxis or ride-sharing are readily available.

In conclusion, the Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival is a must-attend event for anyone touring New York. It is a perfect opportunity to indulge in delicious food and quality beverage in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, while also experiencing the eclectic and vibrant Brooklyn culture. Be sure to grab your tickets early and come prepared to enjoy the fun-filled day!


NYC Craft Beer Festival at the Lexington Avenue Armory

Source: www.marketsmedia.com

March 2018 witnessed the much-awaited NYC Craft Beer Festival, held at the historic Lexington Avenue Armory in New York. The festival brought together some of the best craft breweries from New York and beyond for a two-day extravaganza of beer tasting, food pairing, and music. The event was a great way to sample some of the finest craft brews and learn about new trends in the industry.

The venue, Lexington Avenue Armory, is a grand and elegant building with Soaring gothic arches, towering columns, and a massive drill hall that was perfect for the festival. With a rich history, the armory has hosted many significant events such as presidential speeches and military parades, and the craft beer festival added one more feather to its cap. The location was easily accessible from all parts of the city, with several subway stations and bus stops in the vicinity.

The festival featured over 150 breweries and over 400 different types of craft beers. Visitors could sample everything from smooth stouts to fruity IPAs, and chat with the knowledgeable brewers about their process and ingredients. The food vendors at the event offered tasty snacks and dishes to complement the beer, ranging from soft pretzels to grilled cheese sandwiches and gourmet tacos.

If you're planning to attend the NYC Craft Beer Festival in the future, here are some tips to make the most of the event:

  • Get your tickets early: The tickets for the festival tend to sell out quickly, so it's advisable to book your spot in advance.
  • Come prepared: Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as the event can get crowded and it can involve a lot of standing and walking. Bringing a bag or backpack to store your belongings is also a good idea.
  • Take notes: With so many different beers to try, it's easy to forget which ones you liked or didn't like. Bringing a notepad or using your phone to make notes can help you remember which breweries and beers to revisit.

When you're done with the festival, there are plenty of other things to do and see in New York City. Take a stroll through Central Park, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art, or catch a Broadway show. For foodies, New York offers an endless array of dining options, ranging from street food to Michelin-starred restaurants.

In conclusion, the NYC Craft Beer Festival at the Lexington Avenue Armory was an excellent opportunity to experience some of the best craft brews and meet fellow beer enthusiasts. With great beer, food, and music, the festival provided a fun and informative way to learn about the brewing process and the latest trends in the industry. Whether you're a seasoned craft beer aficionado or a newbie, the festival is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates good beer and a good time.

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New York Fashion Week: Fall/Winter 2018

New York Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events in the fashion industry, bringing together designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts from around the world. The Fall/Winter 2018 edition of this event in March 2018 was no exception, featuring the latest trends and designs from top designers across the industry.

As a traveler, attending New York Fashion Week can be an exciting and unforgettable experience. To make the most of your trip, it's important to plan ahead and prepare for the event. One of the first things you'll want to do is book your travel accommodations well in advance, as hotels fill up quickly during the event. It's also a good idea to purchase tickets to the shows you want to attend ahead of time, as they can sell out quickly.

Once you arrive in New York, there are plenty of things to do and see in addition to the fashion shows themselves. The city is full of amazing restaurants, art galleries, and shopping destinations, so be sure to leave plenty of time in your schedule to explore all that New York has to offer.

Of course, the main attraction of New York Fashion Week is the shows themselves. Held at various locations throughout the city, these shows feature the latest collections and designs from the world's top designers. Attending these shows is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and network with other professionals in the fashion industry.

One thing to keep in mind when attending New York Fashion Week is that the events can be quite crowded and hectic. With so many people vying for a limited number of seats, it's important to arrive early to ensure that you get a good spot. Additionally, be prepared to stand in line for long periods of time, as many shows have strict rules about admittance and seating.

Despite the challenges of attending New York Fashion Week, the experience is truly unforgettable. From the cutting-edge designs on display to the innovative runway shows themselves, this event is a celebration of all things fashion. If you're a fashion enthusiast or industry professional, attending New York Fashion Week should be at the top of your bucket list.

To summarize, New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 was an event not to be missed. Planning ahead and booking your accommodations and show tickets can make your trip much more enjoyable. New York City has plenty of exciting things to do and see outside of the fashion shows themselves, so be sure to carve out time to explore the city. Attending the shows can be competitive due to the high demand, but the experience is worth the effort. Overall, New York Fashion Week is a great opportunity to network with industry professionals, experience cutting-edge fashion designs, and become inspired by the creativity and innovation of the fashion industry.

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The Green Festival Expo at Jacob Javits Center

Source: www.greenroofs.com

The Jacob Javits Center in New York played host to the Green Festival Expo in March 2018, a premier event showcasing the latest innovations in environmentally-sustainable living practices. I was excited to attend this event and learn more about how we as individuals can make a difference in protecting the planet.

As I entered the exhibition hall, I was overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the event. There were rows upon rows of booths showcasing everything from eco-friendly clothing to organic food products, solar panels, and electric vehicles. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as visitors sampled organic smoothies, browsed eco-friendly products and explored the many workshops, lectures and panel discussions that were taking place throughout the day.

One of the highlights of the event for me was the opportunity to listen to keynote speeches by some of the most respected figures in the sustainability movement. From thinkers like David Suzuki and Vandana Shiva to activists such as Naomi Klein, the speakers inspired the audience with their powerful messages of hope and consciousness about the pressing environmental issues of our time.

The Green Festival Expo also offered a variety of hands-on activities such as yoga classes, cooking demonstrations, and recycling workshops that gave visitors the opportunity to try out new practices for sustainable living. In fact, one of my favorite parts of the expo was the DIY booth set up by local environmental organizations to help visitors learn more about things they could do in their own homes and communities.

The Green Festival Expo is a great place to gather information about the latest green technologies, ethical fashion and food, and environmental activism. It is an opportunity to be inspired, to learn, and to network with other like-minded people who share a passion for sustainable living.

If you're planning on attending the Green Festival Expo at Jacob Javits Center in New York, here are a few tips to make the most of your visit. First, arrive early to avoid the crowds and get a jump start on the workshops and lectures. Second, take a tote bag to carry all the eco-friendly products you'll undoubtedly be buying! Third, bring a refillable water bottle to avoid plastic waste. And fourth, if you're interested in attending any of the keynote speeches or special events, make sure to book your seats in advance as they tend to sell out quickly.

In conclusion, attending the Green Festival Expo in New York is an excellent way to learn more about the sustainable living movement and to connect with others who are passionate about protecting the planet. With an impressive range of exhibits, workshops, and speakers, this one-of-a-kind event is a must-visit for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in the world.

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Japan Week at Grand Central Terminal

Source: www.prokerala.com

Visitors to Japan Week were treated to a wide array of activities and sights, ranging from mouth-watering Japanese food to awe-inspiring performances by traditional Japanese musicians, and everything in between. Over 20 different companies and organizations participated in the event, showcasing traditional as well as contemporary Japanese culture.

One of the most popular attractions at Japan Week 2018 was the street food vendor area, where visitors were able to sample a wide range of Japanese cuisine, from sushi and ramen to Japanese sweets like mochi and matcha-flavored ice cream. The food was all made by genuine Japanese chefs, flown in especially for the event, making it a truly authentic experience.

Another major highlight of Japan Week was the array of traditional Japanese handicrafts on display. Visitors could try their hand at calligraphy, origami, and other traditional crafts while getting pointers from the experienced Japanese artisans manning the booths.

But Japan Week wasn't just about food and crafts: there were also exhibits displaying various aspects of Japanese culture, from the intricate traditional clothing worn during different ceremonies to the latest developments in Japanese pop culture. There were also presentations focusing on the various regions of Japan, allowing visitors to learn more about the country's rich history and diverse culture.

Throughout Japan Week, there were also several traditional Japanese performances held on the Main Concourse stage, ranging from traditional Taiko drumming to contemporary Japanese bands. The performances drew large crowds, many of which were mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the unfamiliar but fascinating Japanese culture.

In conclusion, Japan Week at Grand Central Terminal of New York in March 2018 was a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for anyone interested in Japanese culture. With the variety of exhibits, displays, and performances, there was something for everyone, from the casual visitor to the die-hard Japanophile. So, if you're visiting New York in March and are a fan of Japanese culture, make sure to stop by for a truly authentic Japanese experience!

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The Outsider Art Fair at Metropolitan Pavilion

Source: www.timeout.com

The Outsider Art Fair is a unique event that brings together the work of self-taught artists from all around the world. This year's edition, held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York in March 2018, was no exception. Visitors had the chance to discover the captivating works of over 60 exhibitors, including galleries and individual artists.

To attend the fair, I traveled from Los Angeles to New York and booked a room in a nearby hotel. I arrived early in the morning on the first day of the event to avoid the crowds and explore the different booths at my own pace. It was a good strategy, as the fair tends to get quite busy as the day progresses.

Some of the highlights of the fair included the intricate paper cutouts by the Chinese artist Li Hongbo, which were displayed at the booth of the Beijing-based gallery Hive Center for Contemporary Art. Another stand-out was the work of the British artist David Sharpe, who creates colorful and whimsical sculptures out of recycled materials.

In addition to the artwork, the fair also featured a series of talks and panel discussions on topics related to outsider art. I attended a fascinating panel on the role of intuition in artistic creation, which included insights from several artists and curators. These talks were a great way to get a deeper understanding of the works on display and the broader context of the outsider art movement.

One tip for visitors to the fair is to bring a notebook or a camera to capture the works that catch your eye. The fair can be overwhelming, and it's easy to forget which pieces you were most drawn to. Writing down notes or taking pictures can help you remember and revisit those works later on.

Another great aspect of the Outsider Art Fair is its accessibility. Unlike some other art events, which can be intimidating or exclusive, the outsider art world is welcoming to all. Many of the artists featured at the fair come from marginalized communities or have faced significant challenges in their lives. Their work speaks to the human experience in a way that is both relatable and powerful.

Overall, the Outsider Art Fair is a must-see event for anyone interested in contemporary art or the creative process. It offers a glimpse into a vibrant and thriving community of artists who are pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally considered art. I left the fair feeling inspired and energized, ready to explore the works of some of the talented artists I had discovered.

In conclusion, the Outsider Art Fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York in March 2018 was a captivating and enriching experience. The fair showcased the work of self-taught artists from around the world and offered a range of talks and panels on related topics. Visitors should come early to avoid crowds, bring a notebook or camera to capture their favorite works, and be prepared to be inspired by the creative spirit of the outsider art world.


New York Theatre Ballet's Cinderella at Florence Gould Hall.

Source: www.dance-enthusiast.com

New York Theatre Ballet's Cinderella at Florence Gould Hall of New York in March 2018 was a magical experience that transported audience members to a fairytale world. The classic story of Cinderella was brought to life by a talented cast and crew who told the tale with grace, humor, and impeccable technique.

The venue, Florence Gould Hall, is a historic theater located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The intimate space, with its ornate ceilings and plush seats, creates a sense of intimacy that makes the performance feel even more special. The theater is easy to get to by subway, and there are plenty of great restaurants and cafes nearby to grab a pre-show meal or drink.

The production's choreography, by James Sutton, was a highlight of the evening. He blended traditional ballet steps with playful elements that kept the audience laughing and engaged. The costumes by Sylvia Taalsohn Nolan were also a standout, with intricate detailing and vibrant colors that brought the fairytale characters to life.

One of the most impressive aspects of the show was the level of talent among the cast. The dancers executed intricate lifts, turns, and leaps with ease, showcasing their technical mastery. One memorable moment was when Cinderella and her Prince performed a pas de deux that was both romantic and technically challenging.

If you're planning a trip to New York City, catching a performance at Florence Gould Hall is a great way to experience the vibrant arts scene of the city. There are plenty of other theaters in the area as well, so you can easily plan a night of theater-hopping. Some other popular venues include Lincoln Center, The Public Theater, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

In addition to catching a show, New York City offers countless other things to do and see. Some popular attractions include the Empire State Building, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Central Park. If you love food, you'll be spoiled for choice with the city's diverse culinary scene. From pizza and bagels to high-end restaurants, there's something for everyone.

Overall, New York Theatre Ballet's Cinderella at Florence Gould Hall was an enchanting experience that left the audience feeling uplifted and inspired. If you're a fan of ballet, or just love a good fairytale, this production is not to be missed. With its talented cast, beautiful choreography, and stunning costumes, it's sure to captivate audiences of all ages. So whether you're a lifelong New Yorker or just passing through, be sure to add this show to your list of must-sees.

As one audience member put it, "I was transported to another world during those two hours. It was pure magic."

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Frequently asked questions

Answer: Some popular events in March 2018 include St. Patrick's Day Parade, NYC Winter Wine Festival, and Macy's Flower Show.

Answer: Yes, many attractions offer discounts during March. For example, the Empire State Building Observatory offers a discount of 25% for adult tickets purchased online.

Answer: Yes, there are several outdoor activities to enjoy in March, including exploring Central Park, attending the Cherry Blossom Festival, and attending the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden.

Answer: Some affordable options include visiting free attractions such as the Staten Island Ferry or the High Line, attending free events such as the St. Patrick's Day Parade, and exploring neighborhoods like the East Village or Williamsburg.

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