10 Fun Activities To Beat The Summer Heat In Nyc

things to do in nyc in summer

As the sun beats down on the concrete jungle of New York City, finding ways to stay cool and beat the heat becomes top priority for many. Fortunately, the Big Apple offers plenty of options for summertime fun that won't leave you sweating. From rooftop pools to outdoor movies, here are 10 fun activities to help you keep your cool this summer in NYC.

Activity Description
Central Park Go for a picnic, rent a bike, or take a stroll through the park
Rooftop bars Enjoy a cocktail with a stunning view of the city skyline
Coney Island Ride the historic Cyclone rollercoaster, eat a hot dog at Nathan's Famous, and soak up the beach atmosphere
Hudson River Park Go for a jog, bike ride, or catch an outdoor movie
Shakespeare in the Park Watch free outdoor productions of Shakespeare's plays in Central Park
Outdoor concerts Attend a concert at one of the city's many outdoor venues, such as Prospect Park Bandshell or SummerStage
Governors Island Take a ferry to this island oasis for biking, picnicking, and exploring
Frieze Art Fair Check out contemporary art from around the world at this annual art fair on Randall's Island
Yankee Stadium Catch a baseball game and cheer on the New York Yankees
Smorgasburg Sample delicious food from local vendors at this food market in Brooklyn


Visit a splash pad or pool (various locations)

Source: Tinybeans

Summer in New York City can be both exciting and intense. When the temperature rises and the air becomes thick with humidity, one of the best ways to cool off is to visit a splash pad or pool. Here are some of the best spots to visit around the city to beat the heat and stay refreshed.

Chelsea Waterside Park has a fantastic playground with a splash pad that offers a wealth of water features, including a waterfall wall, mist sprayers, and geysers that will delight kids of all ages. The playground is set within a large green space that also provides plenty of room for picnicking or lounging in the shade.

Another excellent option is the Thomas Jefferson Park Pool in East Harlem. It's a popular spot with a large lap pool, a wading pool for the little ones, and a 125-foot water slide. The facility is well-maintained and staffed by attentive lifeguards who ensure the safety of swimmers.

For those seeking to escape the hubbub of the city, the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn is a true oasis. Restored in 2012, the massive pool now boasts a beach entry, a diving board, and plenty of seating. The surrounding area also has a playground, sports fields, and picnic areas to keep everyone entertained.

For those who love a good view with their swim, the Roosevelt Island Pool is a must-visit. This newly renovated pool has panoramic views of the city skyline, and an Olympic-sized lap pool for those looking to do some serious swimming. The pool also has plenty of shade and deck chairs for those who want to relax and enjoy the view.

Lastly, the John Jay Park Pool in the Upper East Side is an often-overlooked gem. Its 48-foot pool is perfect for lap swimming, while the separate wading pool is shallow enough for young children. The surrounding green space is peaceful and ideal for lounging.

For those looking for a fun way to beat the summer heat, New York City has plenty of options. Whether you're looking for a large pool with a water slide or a community splash pad, there's a spot for you. Don't let the heat keep you indoors – head to one of these amazing water features to cool off and have some fun.


Go on a boat cruise (NYC harbor)

Source: www.newyorkharbortours.com

As the summer heat begins to rise in NYC, there are many ways to beat the heat and enjoy all that the city has to offer. One of the best ways to do this is to embark on a boat cruise in the city’s harbor.

Journeying out into the harbor provides an escape from the bustling streets of Manhattan, but also offers a unique perspective of the city’s iconic sights. On a boat cruise, passengers will be able to witness the majestic skyline of New York City in its entirety, from the towering buildings of the Financial District to the Statue of Liberty.

In addition to the stunning views, boat cruises are also a great way to learn more about the history and culture of New York City. Many of the harbor cruises offer guided tours, bringing the sights of the city to life with fascinating facts and stories about each iconic landmark. By learning more about the city’s rich history, passengers can get a deeper appreciation for everything that makes New York a truly special place.

Beyond sightseeing and learning, boat cruises also offer a range of fun activities and entertainment for those on board. Many of the boats feature live music or local DJs, providing the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled evening out with friends or family. And for those looking for something a little more upscale, some of the boat rides even offer fine dining experiences, perfect for a romantic evening or special occasion.

As the summer heat reaches its peak, taking a boat cruise in NYC Harbor is truly the best way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life while experiencing all that the city has to offer. With stunning views, fascinating history, and plenty of opportunities for fun, it's an experience that tourists and locals alike will never forget. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


Catch a movie at an outdoor cinema (multiple locations)

Source: Curbed NY
Characteristic Description
NameRooftop Cinema Club Midtown
TypeOutdoor movie theater in New York City, New York
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.8 / 273
Address60 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018

New York City in the summer is full of fun things to do! One of the most popular activities is catching a movie at an outdoor cinema. New York offers a variety of outdoor cinema locations where you can enjoy a movie under the stars.

One of the most iconic outdoor cinema sites in New York City is the Rooftop Cinema Club. You can find their locations on rooftops in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. The Rooftop Cinema Club offers a unique movie-watching experience, where you can enjoy cocktails and snacks while watching some of your favorite classic films.

Another popular outdoor cinema site in New York City is the Central Park Conservancy Film Festival. Every summer, the Central Park Conservancy hosts free screenings of popular films in Central Park. This event is the perfect way to enjoy a summer evening in one of the most beautiful city parks in the world.

If you're in Brooklyn, you can also check out the Brooklyn Bridge Park Summer Movie Series. This outdoor cinema event takes place on Thursdays during the summer months and offers free screenings of popular films. It's a great way to spend an evening and catch a free movie.

Another outdoor cinema site is the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. This film festival takes place every Monday from June to August and offers free screenings of cult classics, award-winning films, and family favorites. You can bring your own picnic blanket and snacks to savor while you watch the movie.

Last but not least, the Film Forum Drive-In is an outdoor cinema experience like no other. This pop-up drive-in theater brings classic movies to parking lots and parks throughout the city. It's a unique way to enjoy a movie and experience New York City in a new way.

In conclusion, New York City offers a variety of outdoor cinema locations where you can enjoy a movie under the stars. From the iconic Rooftop Cinema Club to free screenings in Central Park, there’s an outdoor cinema experience for everyone. So pack a picnic and gather your friends and family for a night out watching a movie in the beautiful summer weather of New York City.


Explore the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Brooklyn)

Source: NYCgo.com
Characteristic Description
NameBrooklyn Botanic Garden
TypeBotanical garden in Brooklyn, New York
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.7 / 11,531
AddressBrooklyn, NY 11238
Phone(718) 623-7200
HoursSunday - opens at 8 AM and closes at 6 PM
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8:30 PM
Wednesday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8:30 PM
Thursday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8:30 PM
Friday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM
Saturday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM

Summer in New York City can be a daunting experience, with heat and humidity making it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities. However, there's one place where the summer heat transforms into a delight and the vibrant colors of nature allure visitors - the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Located in Prospect Heights, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an oasis of greenery spanning over 52 acres, featuring a mesmerizing collection of plants, flowers, and trees from all over the world. From the Rose Garden to the Cherry Esplanade, every corner of the garden offers a unique experience for visitors.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a must-visit destination for nature lovers, as it boasts over 14,000 types of plants and flowers, making it one of the most diverse in the country. Each garden in the park has its own character, and visitors can explore and indulge in various themed gardens, including the Shakespeare Garden, the Japanese Garden, and the Cranford Rose Garden, among many others.

One of the top attractions in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden during summer is the Cherry Esplanade. This garden boasts an extensive collection of cherry trees and is a beautiful sight when the flowers bloom in springtime. Although the blooming phase is short-lived, the cherry trees provide a perfect backdrop for summer picnics and strolls around the lush lawn.

Aside from the sheer beauty of the gardens, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is also home to various events and workshops. Visitors can attend talks and workshops on gardening, cooking, and environmental sustainability, among others.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is open throughout the summer, with opening times from 8 am to 6 pm, and the last entry at 5 pm. The admission fee is $18 for adults, and $12 for students and Seniors. For visitors arriving on weekends or holidays, booking early tickets is recommended.

In conclusion, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a must-visit destination for those looking to escape the hustle-bustle of New York and immerse themselves in nature. Whether it's strolling around the Rose Garden, admiring the fragrance of a flowering Japanese Cherry Tree, or attending a workshop on gardening, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden provides an experience like no other. So, don't forget to add the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to your list of places to visit in New York City this summer.

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Cool down with some ice cream (various locations)

Source: Grub Street

If you're in New York City during the summer months, the heat can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are plenty of places around the city to find some delicious and refreshing ice cream. Here are a few places to check out:

  • Milk Bar - This popular dessert spot has several locations around the city, and their soft serve ice cream is a must-try. Flavors include cereal milk, chocolate malt, and cornflake marshmallow, among others. They also have rotating seasonal flavors, so there's always something new to try.
  • Ample Hills Creamery - With locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, Ample Hills has been serving up creative and delicious ice cream since 2011. Their playful flavor names (like "Ooey Gooey Butter Cake" and "The Munchies") are matched by their inventive flavor combinations.
  • Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream - This classic ice cream parlor in the East Village has been serving up homemade ice cream since 2014. They have a range of flavors, from classic vanilla and chocolate to more unusual options like burnt honey and black sesame. They also offer vegan and dairy-free options.
  • Big Gay Ice Cream - This quirky ice cream shop has multiple locations around the city, and their playful twists on classic soft serve flavors (like adding olive oil and sea salt to vanilla ice cream) have made them a favorite among locals and tourists alike.
  • Van Leeuwen - With multiple locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Van Leeuwen is known for their artisanal ice cream made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Their classic flavors like chocolate and strawberry are top-notch, but they also offer a range of vegan options made with coconut milk.

No matter which ice cream spot you choose, you're sure to find a sweet and refreshing treat to cool you down during your summer in New York City.

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Have a picnic in Central Park (Central Park)

Source: Central Park Conservancy

New York City during summer can be an exciting and busy place, with endless things to do and see. Although it might be tempting to stick to the typical tourist areas, exploring the city's hidden gems can be just as enjoyable. One of the best ways to get a true taste of summer in the city is by having a picnic in Central Park.

Central Park is an oasis in the city, with its sprawling lawns, picturesque views, and endless activities. Whether you're looking to relax and enjoy the sun or get active and play some games, there's something for everyone. But what could be better than enjoying a delicious meal with friends or family while surrounded by the beauty of the park?

Before you head to the park, you'll need to plan your picnic. First, decide on your menu. You can keep it simple with some sandwiches, fruit, and snacks, or you can get fancy and prepare a full course meal. Don't forget to bring utensils, plates, cups, napkins, and a blanket to sit on.

Once you have your picnic basket packed, head to the park. There are plenty of spots to choose from, but some of the best include Sheep Meadow, the Great Lawn, or the waterfront near the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center. Find a spot that feels comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate your group.

Once you're settled, it's time to enjoy your meal and soak up the beauty of the park. Watch the joggers and bikers pass by, admire the stunning views of the city skyline, or simply chat and enjoy the company of your loved ones. If you're feeling adventurous, bring some games or outdoor activities to enjoy after lunch.

In addition to being a memorable experience, having a picnic in Central Park is also an affordable option for those on a budget. You can bring your own food and drinks, and there are no admission fees to enter the park.

However, it's important to remember to be respectful while enjoying the park. Dispose of any trash properly, and be mindful of your noise level and behavior.

In conclusion, having a picnic in Central Park is a wonderful way to enjoy the summer in New York City. It's a chance to relax and enjoy good company, great food, and beautiful scenery. Whether you're a local or a tourist, this activity should definitely be on your list of things to do in the city.


Attend a rooftop party (various locations)

Source: Vogue

New York City in the summer is a magical time. With the warm weather comes a plethora of outdoor activities, events, and parties. One of the most popular types of events in the summer is a rooftop party. These parties take place all over the city and offer stunning views of the city skyline while providing a fun atmosphere to socialize with friends, meet new people, and dance the night away.

One of the best things about rooftop parties in NYC is that there are so many venues to choose from. Whether you want something fancy or laid back, there's a rooftop party to suit your tastes. From themed events to live music performances, there's always something exciting happening.

One popular rooftop party venue is the Royalton Park Avenue, located in the Flatiron District. This upscale hotel features a rooftop pool, bar, and lounge where visitors can enjoy specialty cocktails, great food, and stunning views of the city's skyline. The vibe is sophisticated, but laid back, making it the perfect location for an evening out with friends or a romantic date night.

Another popular rooftop party venue is the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar. Located in Midtown Manhattan, this bar boasts spacious indoor and outdoor seating, a fully stocked bar, and light bites menu. The best part is the incredible view of the Empire State Building and the city's skyline. It's a popular spot for both locals and tourists, so it can get crowded, but it's well worth it for the atmosphere and view.

If you're looking for something more laid back, then head over to The DL, located in the Lower East Side. This rooftop bar is a hidden gem that offers a more relaxed vibe than some of the other venues. The DL has a top level reserved for private events, and the lower level is open to patrons with a diverse selection of craft cocktails, beer, and wine. They also have a dance floor, DJs, and live music performances throughout the week.

No matter which rooftop party venue you choose, be sure to dress for the occasion. Most venues have dress codes, and it's best to check ahead to see what's acceptable. Also, be prepared to pay a cover charge, especially if you're going to a popular venue or on a weekend night.

In conclusion, attending a rooftop party in NYC is an excellent way to enjoy a warm summer evening while taking in stunning views of the city skyline. With so many venues to choose from, you'll be sure to find one that suits your tastes and style. So, gather your friends, dress up, and hit the town for a night of fun, dancing, and great drinks.


Take a yoga or fitness class in the park (multiple locations)

Source: Secret NYC

New York City is known for its fast-paced lifestyle, towering skyscrapers, and diverse cultures. However, during the summer months, the city transforms into an oasis of greenery and outdoor activities. One such activity is taking a yoga or fitness class in the park.

With beautiful parks like Central Park, Prospect Park, and Bryant Park, there are multiple locations for residents and visitors to enjoy yoga and fitness classes. The fresh air, sunshine, and lush green surroundings create a serene and calming environment.

Central Park, in particular, offers a range of fitness classes for all skill levels. From sunrise yoga classes near the Alice in Wonderland statue to high-intensity workout sessions by the Great Lawn, there's something for everyone. Plus, many of the classes are free, making it even more accessible.

Prospect Park, located in Brooklyn, offers similar opportunities to enjoy fitness classes outdoors. The park hosts a variety of classes including yoga, running clubs, and boot camps. For those who want to try something new, there are even classes like capoeira and Afro-Caribbean dance.

Bryant Park, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, offers lunchtime yoga and fitness classes during the week. These classes are perfect for those who work in the area and want to break up their day with some outdoor exercise. Additionally, the park hosts yoga and dance classes on select weekends throughout the summer.

Taking a yoga or fitness class in the park not only provides physical benefits but also mental health benefits. Studies have shown that spending time in green spaces like parks can reduce stress and anxiety levels. Plus, the fresh air and sunshine can improve mood and boost energy levels.

In conclusion, New York City offers multiple locations to take a yoga or fitness class in the park during the summer. Central Park, Prospect Park, and Bryant Park all provide opportunities to enjoy outdoor exercise in a beautiful and serene environment. Remember to bring a yoga mat, sunscreen, and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Get outside, and enjoy all that NYC has to offer!


Check out an art exhibit (multiple museums)

Source: Conde Nast Traveler

Summer in New York City is a special time of year that is packed full of fascinating art exhibitions that are sure to delight visitors. From the classic works of restoration artists to contemporary sculptures and installations, there is something for everyone in the city's many museums and galleries.

One way to experience the city's art scene in summer is by checking out an exhibit at one of the numerous museums in the area. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, for example, is one of the most impressive in the world and is known for its vast collection of ancient and contemporary art.

In addition to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there are a number of other world-class museums in New York City that offer excellent art exhibitions during the summer months. The Brooklyn Museum, for example, has a cutting-edge contemporary art program that showcases some of the most innovative and groundbreaking works from around the world.

Another great museum to visit during the summer is the Guggenheim, which is known for its distinctive design and modernist architecture. The museum features a rotating selection of exhibitions that showcase works by some of the most influential artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

For those interested in more specialized art forms, New York City is also home to a number of smaller museums and galleries that focus on particular genres or styles. The Museum of Modern Art, for example, is widely regarded as one of the finest museums of contemporary art in the world and is a must-visit for anyone interested in cutting-edge art and design.

Other great galleries and museums worth checking out during the summer months include the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of the City of New York, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Whether you're a serious art fan or simply looking to explore some of the city's cultural offerings, there's no shortage of options to choose from in New York City during the summer.


Go kayaking or paddleboarding (various locations)

Source: Outside Magazine

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, New York City is always bustling with activity. In the summer months, the city truly comes alive as locals and visitors alike take to the outdoors to enjoy the warm weather. One activity that has gained popularity in recent years is kayaking and paddleboarding. With various locations throughout the city, there are numerous opportunities to get out on the water and soak up the sun.

One of the most popular spots for kayaking and paddleboarding in New York City is the Hudson River. The Hudson River Park offers free kayaking and paddleboarding sessions at Pier 96 and Pier 84. Both locations offer breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, making it the perfect spot for a scenic workout.

For those looking for a more challenging adventure, the East River is another popular spot. Many local companies offer guided tours, where you can take in views of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge as you glide through the water.

If you're looking for a more secluded experience, consider kayaking or paddleboarding in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge located in Queens. The area is filled with wildlife and natural beauty, making it the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

No matter where you decide to go kayaking or paddleboarding, it's important to always put safety first. Be sure to wear a life jacket at all times, make sure you are aware of the weather conditions, and stay within designated areas.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fun and unique way to explore New York City in the summer, kayaking and paddleboarding should definitely be on your list. With various locations throughout the city, there are plenty of opportunities to get out on the water and enjoy the beautiful scenery. So grab a friend, put on your lifejacket, and paddle away!

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Frequently asked questions

Some fun outdoor activities to do in New York City during the summer include visiting the Central Park Zoo, touring the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, or taking a bike ride through Hudson River Park.

Summer visitors to New York City should consider visiting the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the High Line elevated park.

Some family-friendly activities to do with children in New York City during the summer include visiting the American Museum of Natural History, taking a Circle Line cruise, or attending a performance of the Blue Man Group.

New York City has a plethora of food festivals and events during the summer, including the New York City Food and Wine Festival, the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, and the Old Fashioned Street Fair.

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William Mercado

The High Line is a must-visit attraction in NYC during the summer. It's a park built on a historic elevated railway track, providing a unique experience with its beautiful landscaping, art installations, and stunning views of the city. I love taking a leisurely stroll along the High Line and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. There are also food vendors along the way, so you can grab a snack or an ice cream cone while you enjoy the views.
I completely agree! The High Line is one of my favorite places to visit in NYC during the summer. The combination of the park's fascinating history and its breathtaking views of the city make it a truly unique experience. I love how it's been transformed into an urban oasis with its beautiful landscaping and art installations. And let's not forget about the food vendors – they add an extra touch of enjoyment to my leisurely stroll along the High Line. It's a perfect spot to relax, take in the sights, and indulge in some delicious treats.

Ethan Cuevas

I visited NYC last summer and I absolutely loved exploring Central Park. It's such a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city, and there are so many fun activities to do there. From renting a bike and riding around the park, to having a picnic near the lake, it's the perfect place to spend a sunny day in the city.

Tiago English

One of my favorite things to do in NYC in the summer is to visit the various rooftop bars. There's something so magical about sipping cocktails while enjoying breathtaking views of the skyline. Whether you're looking for a trendy spot with a lively atmosphere or a more intimate setting, you'll definitely find a rooftop bar that suits your taste. It's the perfect way to unwind after a long day of exploring the city.

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