11 Fun Things To Do In Petoskey During The Winter Season

things to do in petoskey in the winter

Petoskey, Michigan may be known for its quaint shops and stunning Lake Michigan views, but this charming town truly comes alive during the winter months. If you're looking for something to do during the cold season, Petoskey has plenty of winter activities to offer. From snowshoeing through the picturesque countryside to indulging in hot cocoa at a cozy café, here are 11 fun things to do in Petoskey during the winter season.

Activity Description
Skiing Petoskey is home to several ski resorts including Boyne Mountain and Nub's Nob.
Snowshoeing Enjoy a peaceful hike through the winter wonderland with snowshoes on your feet.
Ice skating Glide across the ice at the Petoskey Winter Sports Park or the Bayfront Park Ice Rink.
Winter festivals Attend annual winter festivals such as the Petoskey Winter Carnival and the Bay Harbor Ice & Spice Festival.
Shopping Browse unique local boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops in downtown Petoskey.
Dining Warm up with delicious meals at local restaurants such as Roast & Toast, City Park Grill, and Chandler's.
Wine tasting Visit the scenic vineyards and tasting rooms of nearby wineries including Walloon Lake Winery and Mackinaw Trail Winery.
Snowmobiling Explore miles of snowmobiling trails in the beautiful winter scenery.
Fat tire biking Experience the thrill of biking through the snow on specialized fat tire bikes.
Spa day Relax and recharge with a cozy winter spa day at the Petoskey Area Spas.


Skiing at Boyne Mountain or Nub's Nob

Source: Petoskey Area

Petoskey, Michigan is a serene lake town that comes alive in the winter, thanks to stunning ski resorts in the area. Snowfall can bring a new level of beauty to the town, and coupled with the abundance of snow sports, it's no wonder why so many visitors flock to Petoskey in the winter months.

Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts can enjoy a thrilling winter sports experience at two incredible ski areas, Boyne Mountain and Nubs Nob. Both resorts offer state-of-the-art facilities with dozens of ski runs, lifts, beginner slopes, and terrain parks for snowboarding, making them the perfect destination for winter adventures.

At Boyne Mountain, skiers of all levels can embark on an unforgettable winter experience. The resort features an expansive 415 acres of ski terrain, all linked by lifts and designed with a variety of runs ideal for every level of skier. In addition to skiing, snowboarders can enjoy two terrain parks where they can practice their jumps, rail rides, and other tricks.

For those who are not experienced skiers or snowboarders, Boyne Mountain provides lessons with certified instructors, providing personalized instruction for each guest. For kids, the resort also has a daycare service where they learn basic ski skills, have fun in the snow, and stay warm in the cozy indoor hangout spots.

Another ski resort located just 10 miles from Boyne Mountain is Nubs Nob, which encompasses 248 acres of impeccably groomed slopes, 53 runs for skiing, snowboarding, and innumerable other snow sports. The resort boasts an impressive snow-making system, which ensures a consistent snow base across its slopes, even during snowfall droughts.

Nubs Nob offers skiing at its finest and caters to everyone from beginners to expert enthusiasts. From long, wide runs to tree-lined slopes, slopes, and wide-open bowl skiing, Nubs Nob is a promising winter sports destination that visitors do not want to miss.

So, if you want to experience the thrill of skiing with picturesque views of the snow-capped mountains, pack up and head down to Petoskey for a winter wonderland experience. Hit the slopes and make memories in the crisp winter air of Michigan!

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Snowshoeing or cross-country skiing at Petoskey State Park

Source: Awesome Mitten

Petoskey, Michigan is a charming coastal town located on the northern tip of the Lower Peninsula. While it may be best known for its summertime activities, like swimming, boating, and sunbathing on the sandy beaches, it’s also a wonderful place to visit during the winter months. One of the most popular winter activities in Petoskey is snowshoeing or cross-country skiing at Petoskey State Park.

Located just minutes from downtown Petoskey, Petoskey State Park is a stunning natural landscape comprised of lush forests, winding trails, and breathtaking views of Little Traverse Bay. During the winter, this park transforms into a winter wonderland, with soft blankets of snow dusting every surface.

For those wanting to explore the park’s wintry splendor, there are two main options for activities: snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Both activities give visitors a chance to get close to nature, work up a sweat, and take in the beauty around them.

Snowshoeing is a relatively low-impact activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. It’s a great way to explore the park’s pristine wilderness at a slower pace, taking in the sights and sounds around you. Snowshoes are available for rent at the park for a small fee, making it easy and affordable to get started. And with multiple trails winding through the park, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore.

Cross-country skiing, on the other hand, is a bit more intense, but also incredibly rewarding. With ski rentals also available at the park, visitors can glide through the snowy landscape, getting a full-body workout while enjoying the stunning views of Little Traverse Bay. With over 4 miles of groomed trails, there’s plenty of opportunity to explore this winter wonderland.

It’s worth noting that both snowshoeing and cross-country skiing require some basic skills and safety precautions. Visitors to the park should take care to dress appropriately for the weather, stay on designated trails, and bring plenty of water and snacks.

Overall, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing at Petoskey State Park is a fantastic way to spend a winter day. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoors enthusiast or just looking for a new way to connect with nature, there’s plenty to explore in this beautiful park. So bundle up, grab your gear, and get ready for a winter adventure in Petoskey!

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Visiting the Bear River Valley Recreation Area

Source: Tripadvisor
Characteristic Description
NameBear River Valley Recreation Area
TypePark in Petoskey, Michigan
Rating / Review count4.8 / 672
Address302 Ione St, Petoskey, MI 49770
Phone(231) 347-2500
HoursWednesday - Open 24 hours
Thursday - Open 24 hours
Friday - Open 24 hours
Saturday - Open 24 hours
Sunday - Open 24 hours
Monday - Open 24 hours
Tuesday - Open 24 hours

Petoskey is a picturesque town located on the northern shore of Michigan and is a popular tourist destination throughout the year. While summer is typically a busy season, there's no denying the charm of Petoskey during the winter season. With a mild climate, tourists can enjoy a host of winter activities that are not possible in other colder regions. One of the most popular winter destinations in Petoskey is the Bear River Valley Recreation Area.

Situated on the eastern edge of downtown Petoskey, the Bear River Valley Recreation Area is a perfect place for a family outing. The area offers various winter sports activities that visitors can enjoy, such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

If you're looking for some quiet time to unwind, the recreation area provides miles of serene trails that weave through the woods, with various scenic overlooks that provide stunning views of the surroundings. During winter, the trees are covered in snow, making for a peaceful and enchanting backdrop.

The Bear River Valley Recreation Area is also popular for snowmobile enthusiasts, with well-marked snowmobile trails offering smooth and appealing routes perfect for a fun and entertaining ride. There's even a picnic area where visitors can enjoy lunch or snacks after their activities.

While you're in the area, be sure to visit the Little Traverse Wheelway which spans 28 miles and runs through the Bear River Valley. Built on a former rail line, the trail offers visitors an outstanding opportunity to explore and appreciate the region's natural beauty, passing through several towns and adjacent to Little Traverse Bay.

Visitors must remember that while visiting the Bear River Valley Recreation Area in winter is enchanting, it's essential to dress appropriately and carry essential gear, like snowshoes, skis, or snowmobiles, depending on the activities you want to enjoy. Additionally, it's necessary to adhere to the property's rules and regulations to ensure everyone's safety in the area.

In conclusion, the Bear River Valley Recreation Area is one of the best winter destinations to visit in Petoskey. Visitors can enjoy a host of winter activities and explore the region's natural beauty while taking advantage of its mild climate. Whether you're looking for a fun-filled family adventure or a peaceful escape, the Bear River Valley Recreation Area is the perfect winter getaway.

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Ice fishing on Crooked Lake or Burt Lake

Source: OutdoorHub

Petoskey, a small city located in northern Michigan, is well known for its charming downtown area and stunning views of Little Traverse Bay. However, few know that Petoskey also offers a plethora of winter activities, including ice fishing on Crooked Lake and Burt Lake.

Both Crooked Lake and Burt Lake offer ample opportunities for ice fishing enthusiasts. Not only do both lakes offer prime fishing locations, but they also provide stunning winter scenery. The frozen lakes create a serene, peaceful environment that is perfect for anglers looking to unwind and catch some fish.

To ensure a successful trip, it's important to come prepared with the necessary gear, including an ice fishing rod, bait, and warm clothes to combat the chilly weather. It's also a good idea to bring a bucket or sled to help transport equipment and catch back to shore.

Once you arrive on the lake, it's important to locate the right spot to drop your line. Typically, areas with underwater structure, like drop-offs or weed beds, are the most likely spots to find fish. It's also important to pay attention to any depth changes or drop-offs, as this can be an indicator of a good fishing spot.

One of the most commonly caught fish in Petoskey during the winter is the yellow perch. They are a popular species, and for good reason. They are abundant in the area and provide delicious filets that are easy to cook up right on the ice. Other species that may be caught in the area include bluegills, sunfish, and crappies.

It's important to note that Michigan requires a fishing license for those looking to try their hand at ice fishing. Licenses can be purchased online or at a local bait shop.

In addition to ice fishing, there are plenty of other winter activities to enjoy in Petoskey, like snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling. The city even hosts a Winter Sports Park that includes skating rinks, sledding hills, and a toboggan run.

So, if you're looking for a winter adventure in Petoskey, consider hitting the ice for some fishing on Crooked Lake or Burt Lake. With picturesque scenery and plenty of fish to catch, it's an experience you won't soon forget.

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Shopping and dining in downtown Petoskey

Source: MLive.com
Characteristic Description
NameDowntown Petoskey Shopping District
TypeStore in Petoskey, Michigan
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count5 / 1
AddressDowntown Historic District, Petoskey, MI 49770

While many might imagine Petoskey, Michigan as a summer destination, there's plenty to do in this charming town during the colder months. In fact, with its quaint downtown district, Petoskey is a perfect place for a winter getaway filled with shopping and dining.

Downtown Petoskey is something of a shopper's paradise, especially during the winter months. While most people immediately think of skiing and ice fishing in Michigan, the truth is that you can enjoy indoor shopping in a cozy atmosphere. Many of the storefronts transform their window displays into winter wonderlands complete with twinkling lights and snow-covered wreaths.

One great place to start your shopping excursion is the Grandpa Shorter's Gifts store. In business since 1946, Grandpa Shorter's is a veritable institution in downtown Petoskey. Here, you'll find a little bit of everything, from home decor and kitchenware to books and clothing.

Next up, make your way to the historic Gaslight District, a charming area filled with locally-owned shops and eateries. One highlight of the Gaslight District is The Katydid, a shop that specializes in jewelry pieces that showcase Petoskey stones, Michigan's official state stone.

After all that shopping, it's time to refuel with a delicious meal. Downtown Petoskey boasts plenty of dining establishments that are worth a visit. One popular choice is the Palette Bistro, which serves up a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes. For those looking for something a little more casual, the Mitchell Street Pub is the perfect spot for a hearty burger or a hot bowl of chili.

If you're a fan of craft beer, make sure to stop by Beard's Brewery. This popular taproom features a rotating selection of handcrafted beers, so there's always something new to try. They also frequently host live music and other events, making it a great spot to wind down after a day of shopping.

In summation, downtown Petoskey is a charming and cozy place to visit in the wintertime. With plenty of stores to peruse and restaurants to try, it's the perfect place to while away a cold winter day.


Sledding at Magnus Park or Bayfront Park

Source: Traverse Magazine

If you're looking for a fun winter activity in Petoskey, Michigan, look no further than sledding at Magnus Park or Bayfront Park. These two parks offer great hills for sledding that are perfect for families and groups of friends.

At Magnus Park, you'll find a long, steep hill that's perfect for sleds of all shapes and sizes. The park also has a warming house with restrooms, so you can warm up between runs down the hill. There's plenty of parking available, and the park is pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friend along for the fun.

Bayfront Park also has a great hill for sledding, along with a larger area for snowball fights, snowman-building, and other winter activities. The park also has restrooms and plenty of parking available. If you get hungry or thirsty after a few runs down the hill, there are several restaurants and cafes nearby where you can warm up with a cup of hot cocoa or a hot meal.

Before you head out to either park, make sure to check the weather and dress appropriately for the conditions. You'll want to wear warm, waterproof boots and clothing, and bring gloves, hats, and scarves to keep your hands, head, and neck warm. You may also want to bring along some snacks and hot drinks to enjoy while you take a break between runs.

Overall, sledding at Magnus Park or Bayfront Park is a great way to enjoy the winter weather in Petoskey. With steep hills, plenty of parking, and nearby amenities, these parks offer everything you need for a fun, memorable day in the snow.

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Taking a horse-drawn carriage ride through Bay View

Source: Colonial Williamsburg

Winter is a magical time in Petoskey, Michigan. With crisp white snow covering the sidewalks and twinkling lights adorning the trees, there's no better time to take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Bay View. This breathtaking experience will take you around historic neighborhoods, dazzling you with views of Victorian homes and stunning architecture.

A horse-drawn carriage ride in Petoskey is the perfect way to snuggle up with your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of the winter season. The gentle sway of the carriage and the calming presence of the horses will make you forget all about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can sit back and relax as your driver regales you with stories about the town's history and landmarks.

The Bay View area, located on Little Traverse Bay, is known for its charming atmosphere and historic buildings. The carriage ride will take you through winding streets lined with houses dating back to the early 1900s, each with its unique story to tell. The stunning architecture of the homes is even more striking in the winter, when icicles hang from eaves and windows.

The highlight of the carriage ride is undoubtedly the breathtaking views of Little Traverse Bay. As you ride along the bay, the snow-covered trees and ice formations seem to dance in the sunlight. You may even catch a glimpse of a snow-covered sailboat or two. The ride provides the perfect opportunity for some gorgeous winter photography.

The horse-drawn carriage ride is also a fantastic way to celebrate a special occasion. Many couples choose to take a ride after getting engaged or married, and it's a popular activity for families during the holidays. The beauty and warmth of the carriage ride make it an occasion that you'll remember for a lifetime.

In conclusion, taking a horse-drawn carriage ride through Bay View in Petoskey, Michigan, is one of the most magical winter experiences you can have. The stunning architecture, the incomparable views of Little Traverse Bay, and the warmth and charm of the horses make this a must-do activity for anyone visiting Petoskey in the winter. It's an experience that will leave you breathless and filled with holiday cheer.

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Attending the Winter Carnival and Parade in downtown Petoskey

Source: Petoskey News-Review

If you're looking for a winter event that's full of fun and excitement, then the Petoskey Winter Carnival and Parade is one that you won't want to miss. This annual celebration brings out locals and tourists alike, who come to enjoy a variety of activities and festivities that take place throughout the day.

Each year, the Winter Carnival and Parade is held in downtown Petoskey, Michigan. This picturesque town, nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan, comes alive with excitement as businesses and residents prepare for the celebration with various decorations and activities.

The actual event starts with the Winter Carnival, which takes place during the day. This part of the celebration features activities and events for all ages, including snowman building, ice skating, snowshoeing, and skiing. There's also a variety of vendors selling food, treats, and wintertime goodies.

One of the highlights of the Winter Carnival is the Polar Plunge, where participants jump into a freezing cold pool of water in front of a cheering crowd. The bravest of souls will come out to take the plunge each year, with participants encouraged to raise money for local charities in the process.

As night begins to fall, the Petoskey Winter Parade is the main event of the evening. This parade features floats, marching bands, and even some surprise guests. Of course, no winter parade would be complete without a visit from Santa Claus himself, who makes his way down the parade route to the delight of children and adults alike.

The Winter Carnival and Parade in Petoskey is a fun and exciting way to experience winter in Michigan. With activities for all ages, food vendors selling delicious treats, and a vibrant atmosphere that can't be beaten, it's the perfect way to spend a wintery Saturday.

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Sampling local craft beer at Beards Brewery or Petoskey Brewing Company

Source: Traverse Magazine
Characteristic Description
NameBeards Brewery
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.2 / 748
Address215 E Lake St, Petoskey, MI 49770
Phone(231) 753-2221
HoursWednesday - opens at 11:30 AM and closes at 10 PM
Thursday - opens at 11:30 AM and closes at 10 PM
Friday - opens at 11:30 AM and closes at 10 PM
Saturday - opens at 11:30 AM and closes at 10 PM
Sunday - opens at 11:30 AM and closes at 8 PM
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - opens at 11:30 AM and closes at 10 PM

Petoskey, a charming resort town located on the shore of Lake Michigan, is best known for its stunning beaches, picturesque parks, and vibrant cultural scene. While the summer months in Petoskey draw large crowds, the winter season offers a unique experience for visitors who brave the cold. For those who enjoy sampling locally brewed beer, Petoskey has two excellent options: Beards Brewery and Petoskey Brewing Company.

Beards Brewery, located in the heart of downtown Petoskey, is a cozy and intimate spot that specializes in small-batch, hand-crafted beer. With its rustic wood-paneled bar and exposed brick walls, the brewery exudes warmth and charm, making it the perfect spot to escape the winter chill. Beards Brewery has a rotating selection of beers on tap, including IPAs, stouts, lagers, and more. The brewery also offers a food menu that features locally-sourced, farm-to-table fare, perfect for pairing with a cold pint.

Petoskey Brewing Company, located in a restored century-old brewery building, is a spacious and inviting spot that offers a wide range of beers that celebrate the history and culture of the region. The brewery's flagship beer, the Horny Monk Belgian Dubbel, is a must-try. It's a rich and complex beer with notes of caramel, toffee, and dark fruit that pairs well with hearty winter dishes. The brewery also offers a selection of seasonal beers, such as the Winter White IPA, which features a blend of coriander, orange peel, and hops for a refreshing and citrusy taste.

Both Beards Brewery and Petoskey Brewing Company offer unique beer tastings and tours, where visitors can learn about the brewing process and history of the breweries. These tours are a great way to spend an afternoon in Petoskey and escape the winter blues while enjoying a cold pint of locally crafted beer.

In addition to sampling locally brewed beer, visitors to Petoskey can enjoy a variety of winter activities, such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing. The town also hosts a variety of winter events, such as the Winter Carnival, which features snow sculptures, snowshoe races, and a hot cocoa bar.

In conclusion, Petoskey in the winter is a fantastic destination for beer lovers looking to sample locally brewed beer in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Beards Brewery and Petoskey Brewing Company offer a unique experience that celebrates the history and culture of the region through their delicious beer. When paired with the town's winter activities and events, Petoskey is a winter wonderland that shouldn't be missed.


Snowmobiling on the North Central State Trail

Source: Top of Michigan Trails Council

Petoskey, Michigan is a beautiful destination in the winter season. While it may be cold and snowy outside, there is no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy. One popular winter activity in Petoskey is snowmobiling on the North Central State Trail.

The North Central State Trail is a 62-mile stretch of trail that runs from Gaylord to Mackinaw City. This trail is perfect for snowmobiling, offering breathtaking views of Northern Michigan's winter scenery. The trail boasts smooth, groomed snow and is suitable for all levels of snowmobilers, from beginners to experts.

If you don't have your own snowmobile, don't worry – there are plenty of rental options available in the area. Rentals typically include a helmet and snowmobile, and some even offer guided tours of the trail.

One of the most popular sections of the North Central State Trail for snowmobiling is in the Petoskey area. The trail runs through lush forests, past frozen lakes, and along historic railroad tracks. You can enjoy the crunchy snow underfoot, the brisk winter air, and the stunning sights of Northern Michigan.

There are plenty of stops along the way to take a break from snowmobiling and enjoy the surroundings. Whether you want to warm up with a hot cocoa, take a photo surrounded by snow, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods, there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you're looking for a thrilling winter adventure, snowmobiling on the North Central State Trail is a fun and exciting activity to try in Petoskey. With its breathtaking scenery and smooth, groomed snow, it's no wonder why so many choose to explore the trail on a snowmobile. So bundle up, grab your helmet, and get ready for an adrenaline-filled day on the snowmobile trail.


Relaxing at a spa, such as The Spa at Boyne Highlands or Solace Spa at Little Traverse Bay Golf Club

Source: Inn at Bay Harbor

Petoskey in the Winter: Relaxing at a Spa

Winter in Petoskey, Michigan can be a magical experience. With snow-covered landscapes and frosty temperatures, it's a perfect time to unwind and relax. One of the best ways to do that is by visiting one of the area's many luxurious spas - such as The Spa at Boyne Highlands or Solace Spa at Little Traverse Bay Golf Club.

The Spa at Boyne Highlands is a haven of relaxation located in the beautiful Boyne Highlands Resort. Here, you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and indulge in ultimate pampering. Among the treatments offered are massages, facials, body wraps, and pedicures - all designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Highly skilled therapists use only the best products, including Eminence Organic Skin Care and FarmHouse Fresh, to ensure that every treatment is the ultimate indulgence.

One of the most popular treatments at The Spa at Boyne Highlands is the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. This unique treatment uses warmed Himalayan salt stones to promote deep relaxation, reduce muscle tension, and improve circulation. The result is a feeling of inner peace and balance that lasts long after the massage is over.

If you're looking for a spa that combines luxury with breathtaking views, look no further than Solace Spa at Little Traverse Bay Golf Club. This stunning spa is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan and offers unparalleled views of the water and the surrounding countryside. Inside, you'll find a serene and peaceful atmosphere, with treatments that are designed to soothe both body and soul.

At Solace Spa, you can choose from a variety of luxurious treatments, including massages, facials, body scrubs, and more. One of the most popular treatments is the Signature Solace Massage, which combines soothing Swedish massage techniques with hot stones and aromatherapy to ease away tension and promote relaxation. Other treatments, such as the Blueberry Detox Firming Body Wrap, use organic ingredients to nourish and revitalize the skin.

Both The Spa at Boyne Highlands and Solace Spa at Little Traverse Bay Golf Club offer an escape from the stresses of everyday life. Whether you're visiting Petoskey in the winter for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, taking the time to relax and indulge in a spa treatment is a must. So why not treat yourself to a little bit of luxury this winter? Visit one of these spas and experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Frequently asked questions

- Some popular outdoor activities in Petoskey during the winter include snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, and snowmobiling. There are plenty of trails and parks to explore in the area.

- There are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy in Petoskey during the winter months. Some of the most popular options include visiting the city's many museums and art galleries, enjoying a spa day at one of the local hotels or resorts, or attending a concert, show, or performance at one of the theaters in town.

- Yes, there are several winter festivals and events that take place in Petoskey each year. The Winter Carnival, for example, features a variety of fun activities like snowman-building contests, ice sculpting, bonfires, and more. Other popular events include the Wine on the Waterfront festival, which takes place in February, and the Petoskey Restaurant Week, which is held in January.

- There are plenty of great places to eat in Petoskey during the winter season. Some local favorites include Palette Bistro, Chandler's - A Restaurant, and Tap30. There are also several cozy coffee shops and bakeries throughout the city where you can warm up with a hot drink or some delicious baked goods.

- Yes, there are several winter sports teams and leagues in Petoskey. The Petoskey High School Ski Team has a strong reputation for excellence, and there are several adult recreational leagues for sports like ice hockey and broomball. The Petoskey Winter Sports Park also offers a variety of winter sports programs and lessons for all ages and skill levels.

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