12 Exciting Events To Check Out In Savannah Ga During March

things to do in savannah ga in march

As the winter slowly fades away and spring flowers start to bloom, Savannah GA is getting ready to celebrate its vibrant culture with a packed calendar of events. From riveting music festivals to eye-catching art exhibitions, the city offers an exciting line-up of activities that are sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of visitors and locals alike. Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in history, feast on mouth-watering delicacies or simply enjoy the lively atmosphere, Savannah GA is the ultimate destination to explore this March. Here are the top 12 not-to-be-missed events that should definitely make it on your itinerary.

Activity Date Time Location
Savannah Stopover Music Festival March 5-7, 2020 Check website for schedule Various venues
St. Patrick's Day Parade March 17, 2020 10:15 am Downtown Savannah
Savannah Music Festival March 26-April 11, 2020 Check website for schedule Various venues
Savannah Garden Expo March 28, 2020 9:00 am-3:00 pm Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens
Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens March 26-29, 2020 Check website for schedule Various homes and gardens in historic district
Forsyth Farmer's Market Saturdays year-round 9:00 am-1:00 pm Forsyth Park
First Friday Art March March 6, 2020 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Various art galleries in historic district


St. Patrick's Day Parade

Source: Savannah Georgia!

Every year in March, the city of Savannah, Georgia becomes a sea of green as locals and visitors alike come together to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The highlight of the festivities is undoubtedly the St. Patrick's Day Parade, one of the largest and most widely attended in the country.

Taking place on the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day, the parade winds its way through the streets of downtown Savannah, starting at the intersection of Abercorn and Gwinnett Streets and ending at the corner of Bull and Harris Streets. The parade starts promptly at 10:15 am and lasts for approximately three hours.

If you're planning on attending the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah, it's important to arrive early to secure a good spot. Many locals and visitors will start lining the streets in the wee hours of the morning, so be prepared for a long day. Bring chairs or blankets to sit on, as well as plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you fueled up throughout the day. And, of course, don't forget to wear green!

One of the most interesting things about the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah is its rich history. The parade has been a staple of the city's St. Patrick's Day celebrations since 1813, making it one of the oldest in the United States. The parade is a tribute to the Irish heritage of Savannah, which dates back to the early 19th century when a large number of Irish immigrants arrived in the city.

Another must-do activity during St. Patrick's Day weekend in Savannah is visiting the city's many Irish pubs and restaurants. Places like Kevin Barry's Irish Pub and Molly MacPherson's Scottish Pub offer traditional Irish and Scottish food and drink, as well as live music and entertainment throughout the weekend.

One of the best parts of attending the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah is the sense of community and camaraderie that permeates throughout the city. Everyone is in high spirits and ready to celebrate, and the atmosphere is infectious. You'll find yourself striking up conversations with strangers and making new friends in no time.

Overall, the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah is a can't-miss event for anyone looking to experience a truly unique and festive cultural celebration. Whether you're Irish or not, the parade and its accompanying festivities will make you feel like a part of the Savannah community, and leave you with lasting memories of a truly unforgettable weekend. As one local resident puts it, "St. Patrick's Day in Savannah is like nothing else in the world - it's a true testament to the spirit and unity of our city."

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Savannah Irish Festival

Source: Issuu

The Savannah Irish Festival is a yearly event that takes place in the charming coastal city of Savannah, Georgia. The festival attracts visitors from all over the Southeast and beyond, bringing together both locals and tourists to celebrate Irish heritage and culture. The event is held in March, making it the perfect way to kick off the spring season.

If you are planning on attending the Savannah Irish Festival, there are a few tips and tricks that can help make your trip more enjoyable. First, be sure to dress accordingly. Savannah weather is generally mild, but it's always a good idea to bring a jacket or sweater for the cooler evenings. You'll also want to wear comfortable shoes, as the festival takes place on a grassy field with a lot of walking around.

Secondly, make sure to bring plenty of cash. While some vendors may accept cards, it's always best to come prepared with cash for food, drinks, and souvenirs. Along those same lines, be sure to try some of the traditional Irish foods that will be available at the festival. From shepherd's pie to corned beef and cabbage, there will be plenty of delicious options to indulge in.

As for things to do at the Savannah Irish Festival, there is truly something for everyone. Musicians and performers from all over the country come together to put on shows throughout the day, including Celtic rock bands, traditional Irish music, and even Irish dance performances. There are also activities like sheep herding demonstrations, a petting zoo, and even a dedicated kid's zone with bouncy houses and face painting.

One of the most unique aspects of the Savannah Irish Festival is the storytelling. Irish storytelling has been a tradition for centuries, and the festival brings in some of the best storytellers from around the world. These masters of the craft will keep you entertained and enthralled for hours on end, with tales ranging from funny to poignant to downright spooky.

In addition to the festival itself, there are also plenty of other things to do and see in Savannah during the month of March. The city is famous for its historic district, which is filled with stunning architecture, charming cafes, and plenty of boutique shops to explore. There are also several nearby beaches, perfect for a day trip if you want to get away from the festival for a little while.

Overall, the Savannah Irish Festival is an incredible way to experience Irish culture, no matter your background. Whether you're a die-hard fan of traditional Irish music or simply looking for a fun weekend activity, this festival is not to be missed. So mark your calendars, grab your friends, and head to Savannah for a St. Patrick's Day celebration like no other. As the old Irish proverb goes, "May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back, and may the Savannah Irish Festival be an unforgettable experience."


Savannah Stopover Music Festival

Source: Effingham Magazine

The Savannah Stopover Music Festival, held annually in March in Savannah, GA, is one of the city’s premier events for music lovers. The festival, which runs for three days, is a showcase for up-and-coming indie bands from across the country. Visitors travel from far and wide to hear the hottest new talent while enjoying the charm and culture of Savannah.

One of the great things about the Savannah Stopover is the location. The festival takes place in various venues throughout Savannah’s historic district, making it easy to explore the city’s stunning architecture, shops, and restaurants between shows. The festival also offers shuttle buses to move attendees from venue to venue, so there’s no need to worry about transportation.

If you’re planning to attend the Savannah Stopover, here are a few tips to get the most out of your experience. First, be prepared for a little bit of walking. The venues are fairly spread out, so comfortable shoes are a must. It’s also a good idea to purchase a three-day pass since many of the best shows sell out quickly. Finally, be sure to bring plenty of cash since some venues only accept cash.

While the festival is a great way to discover new music, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to experience Savannah’s rich history and culture. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the city’s many beautiful squares, including Forsyth Park and Chippewa Square, where scenes from the movie Forrest Gump were filmed.

Another must-see attraction is River Street, a bustling hub of shops and restaurants located along the Savannah River. There are also many historic homes and museums to explore, including the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Owens-Thomas House.

One of the interesting things about the Savannah Stopover is the festival’s commitment to storytelling. In addition to live music, the festival also features panel discussions and a podcast series that explore the intersection of music and storytelling. These conversations provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the artists’ creative processes and the inspiration behind their music.

The music festival has attracted a loyal following of fans from around the world. “The vibe is electric,” says festival-goer John from Atlanta. “I’ve been attending the Savannah Stopover for years and it’s always one of the highlights of the year for me. The bands are amazing, the venues are unique, and the city is just incredible.”

Whether you’re a music lover or a history buff, the Savannah Stopover Music Festival is a must-see event for anyone visiting Savannah in March. With incredible live music, unique venues, and a deep connection to the city’s culture and history, the festival is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens

Source: Visit Savannah
Characteristic Description
NameSavannah Tour of Homes & Gardens
TypeNon-profit organization in Savannah, Georgia
Rating / Review count4.1 / 9
Address2020 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401
Phone(912) 234-8054

Savannah, Georgia is a city renowned for its unparalleled Southern architecture and charm. One of the best ways to experience the city's historic architecture and lush greenery is by taking part in the Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens. Held every March, this prestigious event attracts visitors from all over the world to explore Savannah's most beautiful and historic homes and gardens.

The Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens is the perfect opportunity to gain a glimpse into Savannah's rich cultural and architectural history. During the tour, visitors can explore stunning homes and gardens dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Each home and garden is uniquely designed and has its own story to tell, from the Davenport House Museum, which is considered a masterpiece of Federal-style architecture, to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, which was once the childhood home of the founder of the Girl Scouts.

One of the best things about the Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens is the opportunity to interact with the homeowners and learn about the history of each property firsthand. Friendly and knowledgeable docents are available to answer any questions and share fascinating stories, anecdotes, and facts about each house or garden. Visitors can also learn about the fascinating people who lived in these homes, from notorious pirates to wealthy plantation owners.

The Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens is not just about architecture and design. It's a delightful experience that provides a glimpse into Savannah's food and drink culture, too. Visitors can indulge in the famous Southern cuisine of Savannah, from shrimp and grits to fried chicken and biscuits, and sample the city's best craft cocktails, which are infused with local flavors and ingredients.

If you're planning a visit to the Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens, here are some helpful tips. The event typically runs for two to three days in March, depending on the year. Make sure you purchase your tickets in advance, as they tend to sell out quickly. Wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather, as you'll be walking outdoors for much of the tour. Lastly, don't forget to bring a camera and capture the breathtaking beauty of the city.

In conclusion, the Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens is an unforgettable experience for anyone who appreciates history, architecture, and beauty. It's a chance to explore Savannah's rich cultural heritage, indulge in Southern cuisine, and witness the charm and elegance of the city's historic homes and gardens. As one participant put it, "The Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens is like a walk through a beautifully crafted time capsule, showcasing the best of what this city has to offer."

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First Friday Art March

Source: Savannah Georgia!

If you are a lover of the arts, Savannah, Georgia in March is the perfect destination for you. The city is known for its vibrant art scene, and on the first Friday of every month, the First Friday Art March takes place, bringing together art lovers, artists and small businesses to celebrate the arts.

The event usually begins around 6pm and runs till 9pm, when galleries, shops and businesses in the arts district of The Starland District open their doors to the public. It is a free event, making it accessible to everyone. As you stroll down the streets of Savannah, you'll be greeted with open doors, smiling faces and the sounds of live music.

One of the main highlights of this event is the art. Whether you're a fan of painting, sculpture, or photography, there's plenty to see at the First Friday Art March. The galleries and studios all offer a diverse range of works by local artists, and many of the artists themselves are present and eager to chat about their art. As you look at each piece, you'll also get a sense of the unique Savannah spirit, making the experience even more special.

Apart from the art, there's also plenty of food and drink available to keep you going throughout the evening. From food trucks to brick-and-mortar eateries, there's a range of delicious Savannah-inspired cuisine and refreshments to try. Grab a bite to eat and head back out to explore more art, or sit back and enjoy the live music, which is a constant throughout the evening.

One tip for visitors is to wear comfortable shoes, as there is plenty of walking to do. You may also want to bring a jacket or sweater, as the evenings in Savannah can be cool. Another tip is to arrive early if you want to beat the crowds and get a head start on exploring the art.

The First Friday Art March is not just a great way to experience the arts; it's also a way to support local businesses and artists. By attending and purchasing art, you're helping to support the local economy and keep the art scene alive in Savannah.

To quote local artist Annalise Keefer, "Savannah is filled with so much history, charm, and inspiration. Its artistic scene reflects this in every way. The First Friday Art March encapsulates the true magic of the city, which should not be missed."

In conclusion, the First Friday Art March in Savannah, Georgia in March is a must-see event for anyone who appreciates the arts. With its vibrant atmosphere, diverse artwork, and delicious food, it's the perfect way to spend an evening in this charming city. So, mark your calendars and get ready to experience the best of Savannah's art scene.

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Tybee Island Irish Heritage Celebration Parade

Source: Official Guides of Savannah

Every year in March, the island of Tybee located in Savannah, Georgia rolls out the green carpet for its annual Irish Heritage Celebration Parade. This week-long celebration features a variety of events, but the highlight is definitely the parade through the streets of Tybee Island. As the sun sets, spectators gather on both sides of the road, dressed in their finest green attire. You can feel the excitement and energy in the air as the sound of the bagpipes and marching drums draw nearer.

The parade is a spectacle of Irish pride and culture, complete with dancers, flag bearers, marching bands, and intricate floats. The colorful floats showcase everything from traditional Irish symbols such as shamrocks and leprechauns to the current year’s chosen theme. The host of the parade, the Tybee Island Irish Heritage Committee, works hard to ensure that each parade is a unique experience that celebrates the island’s proud Irish heritage.

Attending the Tybee Island Irish Heritage Celebration Parade is a fantastic way to experience Southern hospitality, embrace Irish culture and celebrate it in style. For those who are planning on attending this event, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure to check the weather forecast before you set out, as the parade will go ahead, even if it is raining. Secondly, dress warmly to ensure that you will be comfortable throughout the parade. Layers are recommended. You’ll also want to bring along some water, snacks, and sunscreen.

While attending the parade is the main event, there is a plethora of other things to do while you’re visiting Tybee Island. Consider staying at the island’s Beachside Colony Resort, where you can enjoy beachside accommodations in cozy cottages. The Tybee Island Light Station and Museum is also worth a visit when on the island. From the top of the lighthouse, you’ll have a breathtaking view of Hilton Head and Savannah River. If you’re looking for something more relaxed, take a stroll along the shoreline, watch the sunset or explore the small shops and cafes that line the road.

The Tybee Island Irish Heritage Celebration Parade is a must-see event for those who are looking for an immersive experience of Irish culture and pride. However, it is the storytelling that makes this event truly special, as locals are keen to share their ancestors' experiences or their own ones. Some residents of the island even organize storytelling oriums for visitors of the parade to create and foster a sense of community among those who take part in the yearly festivities.

Several factors have contributed to the island’s strong Irish heritage, and the people of Tybee Island are fiercely proud of their roots. The island was a place for Irish immigrants after the Great Famine, and they assimilated quickly, leaving their Irish mark on the island with their traditions, music, and culture.

In summary, the Tybee Island Irish Heritage Celebration Parade is a week-long celebration that culminates in a parade that showcases Tybee Island’s Irish pride and heritage. While attending the parade is the highlight, there are several other experiences and activities to enjoy on the island. The island’s strong Irish heritage has been maintained through storytelling and participation by the community, making the event a must-see for those looking to connect with their Irish roots. When travelling to Tybee Island, make sure to check the weather forecast, dress appropriately, bring along some essentials, explore the island, and most of all, enjoy the celebrations.


Savannah Antiques & Architecture Weekend

Source: www.savannah.com
Characteristic Description
NameSavannah Antiques & Architecture Weekend
TypeEvent venue in Savannah, Georgia
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.5 / 2
Address14 W Macon St, Savannah, GA 31401
Phone(912) 233-1828

The event is a great opportunity for travelers to experience the authentic charm of Savannah. Visitors can expect to immerse themselves in a variety of events that explore the rich architectural history of Savannah, including guided tours of historic homes, walking tours, lectures, and exhibitions.

One of the highlights of the weekend is the Architecture Tour, which takes visitors on a walking tour of Savannah's historic architecture. The tour includes a visit to some of the city's most famous landmarks, including the Mercer-Williams House, the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

For those interested in antiques, the weekend also includes a series of lectures and exhibitions on topics such as the history of antique furniture, antique textiles, and antique jewelry. Visitors can also explore the city's many antique shops and markets, which offer a wide range of unique and fascinating antiques.

There are also a variety of social events throughout the weekend, including cocktail parties, dinners, and auctions. These events provide a great opportunity for visitors to meet other enthusiasts and collectors and to share their love of the city's rich cultural history.

If you're planning a visit to Savannah for the Antiques & Architecture Weekend, there are several things to keep in mind. The weekend is typically held in early March, so be sure to check the event dates and plan your travel accordingly.

Additionally, many of the events require advanced registration, so be sure to purchase your tickets ahead of time. Finally, be prepared to do a lot of walking – many of the events involve walking tours of the city's historic architecture, so comfortable shoes are a must.

Overall, the Savannah Antiques & Architecture Weekend is a truly unique and fascinating event that offers visitors an opportunity to explore the rich culture and history of this beautiful city. Whether you're a collector, an enthusiast, or simply a traveler looking for an authentic cultural experience, this event is not to be missed.

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Savannah Jewish Film Festival

Source: AllEvents.in

The Savannah Jewish Film Festival is a highly anticipated event that takes place every March in Savannah, GA. The festival draws film enthusiasts and travelers from far and wide to experience a unique lineup of films that explore the Jewish culture and narrative.

The festival is a celebration of independent cinema, highlighting films that touch upon the complexities, triumphs, and challenges of Jewish life. The event is hosted by the Jewish Educational Alliance and welcomes visitors from all backgrounds to participate in this communal, cultural experience.

Travelers can easily access Savannah through the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport or by car via I-95. Accommodations in Savannah vary from historic bed and breakfasts to modern hotels, providing visitors with a range of options to fit their preferred style and budget.

The Savannah Jewish Film Festival spans over six days, featuring daily screenings at the Jewish Educational Alliance, the Lucas Theatre for the Arts, and the Trustees Theatre. Each year, the festival showcases films that range from comedy to drama, from documentaries to music, and from local productions to international releases.

In addition to the film showings, the festival also hosts a variety of events and discussions that enhance the film experience. Visitors can participate in Q&A sessions with filmmakers and actors, engage in panel discussions on Jewish themes, and attend receptions and after-parties to connect with the festival community.

One of the highlights of the festival is the inclusion of local art and culture. Savannah has a rich artistic history that is deeply embedded in its architecture, music, and cuisine. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local arts scene by exploring the Savannah Art Walk, taking one of the many music tours, or sampling the local cuisine at popular restaurants like The Grey or The Olde Pink House.

The Savannah Jewish Film Festival is more than just a film screening; it is an opportunity for visitors to learn about the Jewish narrative, engage with global perspectives, and connect with a community of film enthusiasts. As one attendee described, "The festival represents the best of Jewish and Savannah's hospitality. It brings together the attributes of art, culture, and community in an always entertaining package."

In conclusion, if you're a fan of cinema, Jewish culture, or simply looking for an engaging travel experience in March, the Savannah Jewish Film Festival is a must-visit destination. With its diverse lineup of films, interactive events, and inclusive community, the festival offers a unique opportunity to explore the Jewish narrative and to connect with like-minded individuals. Of course, it's also a chance to explore savannah's charm and splendor, create lasting memories, and return home enriched by the experience.

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Tara Feis Irish Celebration

Source: www.savannah.com

The festival offers a multitude of activities that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the Irish culture. The traditional dance performances are truly captivating, with professional and amateur dancers alike representing different styles of Irish dance. From the fast and rhythmic footwork of hard shoe dancing to the more graceful movements of soft shoe dances, visitors have the chance to watch and learn from some of the best performers in the world.

One of the highlights of the festival is the music, with both local and international acts performing throughout the day. The stage is a melting pot of different music genres, such as traditional Irish tunes, modern Irish rock, and Celtic-inspired folk. One cannot help but be swept away by the joyous tunes and the lively atmosphere, even if you technically have two left feet!

The Irish culture is also known for its tantalizing food, and Tara Feis is no exception. Visitors can indulge in traditional dishes such as corned beef and cabbage, shepherd's pie, and Irish soda bread. Plus, there are always vendors selling Irish-inspired merchandise and crafts that make for great souvenirs.

Attending the Tara Feis Irish Celebration is straightforward, it takes place every year in the beautiful Emmet Park, located in the historic district of Savannah. Admission is usually free, but donations are always welcomed. Given the popularity of the event, it is important to plan early and get there before the crowd to enjoy the best of the Irish festival without any hitches.

If you're looking to go beyond the festival or explore more of Savannah, there are plenty of nearby accommodations suited for all budgets. And while you're there, why not spend some time sightseeing in the city and appreciate other local attractions, such as the Savannah Riverwalk, Bonaventure Cemetery, and Forsyth Park.

In conclusion, the Tara Feis Irish Celebration in Savannah, GA is an unforgettable experience that showcases the best of the Irish culture. From the dance performances to the music, food, and crafts, visitors will undoubtedly create lasting memories. As an Irish proverb goes, "May your heart be light and happy, may your smile be big and wide, and may your pockets always have a coin or two inside."


Savannah Music Festival

Source: McMillan Inn

The Savannah Music Festival of Savannah, GA, in March is an annual event that draws music lovers from all over the world. The festival is a celebration of the diverse and vibrant music scene of the city, which features classical, blues, jazz, folk, and world music, among others.

Travel Experience

For travelers who are planning to attend the festival, there are several transportation options to consider. Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport is the major gateway for travelers coming from outside the city. There are also several rental car companies in the airport, which provides easy access to the city center. Once in the city, public transportation includes buses, taxis, and ride-sharing services.

Things to do

Apart from enjoying the music, there are several things to do in the city during the festival. The city is known for its beautiful parks, historic sites, and museums. The Savannah Historic District is one of the most popular attractions in the city, with its 22 squares, historic homes, and monuments. There is also the Savannah Riverfront, which is ideal for dining, shopping, or a stroll along the river.


One of the tips for attending the festival is to book accommodation early. Savannah is a popular destination, and hotel rooms tend to sell out fast during the festival period. Another tip is to bring comfortable shoes, as there is a lot of walking involved. Also, it's essential to arrive early at the venues to get the best seats, especially for the popular shows.


The Savannah Music Festival is more than just music. It's a celebration of the city's culture and history. Thus, there are several storytelling events that provide insights into Savannah's past. One such event is the Old Savannah Tour, where guides dressed in period costumes lead visitors on a tour of the historic district while sharing stories about the city's history.


According to Ryan McMaken, of Thrillist, "the Savannah Music Festival is more than a celebration of music. It's a cultural experience that highlights the city's diversity and vibrancy." Similarly, Amanda Lindhout of National Geographic Traveler, said, "The Savannah Music Festival is a must-visit for any traveler who wants to experience the soul of Savannah."


Since its establishment in 1989, the Savannah Music Festival has become one of the most significant music events in the Southeast. The festival attracts over 40,000 visitors annually and features over 500 performances across various venues in the city. Some of the notable performers who have graced the festival's stage include Béla Fleck, Esperanza Spalding, Chris Thile, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, among others.

The Savannah Music Festival of Savannah, GA, in March, is a great way to experience the vibrant music scene and culture of the city. With diverse genres of music, storytelling events, museums, historic sites, and restaurants, there is something for everyone. The festival provides a memorable experience that showcases the essence of Savannah and leaves visitors with a lasting impression.


Bacon Fest

Source: WSAV-TV

Every year in March, the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia, celebrates the savoury delights of bacon with a fest that is sure to make your taste buds tingle with delight. The Bacon Fest is a unique celebration of the hog, where people come together to savor this delicious meat in various forms, from traditional breakfast fare to more innovative creations. The festival is a much-anticipated event in the city, which draws thousands of locals and tourists alike.

The Bacon Fest takes place at different venues in and around Savannah. Different vendors set up their stalls and offer their creative dishes featuring bacon. The event typically begins right around mid-day on a Saturday, around 11 am, and continues well into the night, with the final band playing until 10 pm. The festival usually lasts for two days and is a celebration of food, music, and camaraderie.

One of the unique features of the Bacon Fest is the variety of bacon-inspired dishes that are on offer. Visitors can find everything from classic bacon-and-egg breakfasts to more exotic and innovative options, like bacon-wrapped mac and cheese, bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, bacon-wrapped avocado, and more! All these innovative creations are made with love and creativity by local chefs, who enjoy pushing the boundaries of bacon-creativity.

Aside from the mouth-watering food, the Bacon Fest also features live music, games, and other entertainment options. Visitors can enjoy live music from local bands and DJs, play lawn games like cornhole, or just relax with a cold beer and enjoy the jovial atmosphere. The Bacon Fest is an excellent opportunity for people to meet and connect with others who share a similar love for good food and music.

Savannah is one of the most culturally rich cities in the US, and the Bacon Fest is just one of many annual events that the city hosts. Visitors can blend the unique flavours of baconfest with Savannah's other attractions, such as picturesque parks, museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks. To make the most of your trip, it is advisable to book accommodation in advance.

If you're planning a trip to the Bacon Fest of Savannah, there are a few tips that you ought to keep in mind. Firstly, the festival can get quite crowded, so it is advisable to arrive early to avoid long lines. Secondly, remember to bring cash, as not all vendors will accept card payments. Thirdly, dress comfortably, with layers or hats as the weather can change quickly, and it is essential to be prepared.

In conclusion, the Bacon Fest of Savannah is an event that food and bacon enthusiasts should not miss. With its unique blend of lip-smacking bacon-inspired dishes, live music, and friendly community, the festival is an excellent vacation spot for families, groups, and individuals alike. So start planning your trip today and get ready to soak up the sun, the fun, and the delicious aroma of bacon in the air.

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Savannah Asian Cultural Festival

Source: Savannah Georgia!

Savannah, GA in March is the perfect time to experience the Savannah Asian Cultural Festival. This annual event connects locals and visitors to the rich cultural heritage of Asian communities that call Savannah their home. The festival is a celebration of diverse cultures and traditions highlighting their unique flavors, music, dance, and art.

The Savannah Asian Cultural Festival takes place in the heart of Savannah at the Savannah Civic Center. The event usually takes place over a weekend, with the dates varying annually, drawing large crowds of people eager to learn about Asian culture. The festival organizers create a lively, colorful and immersive environment with many activities to engage people of all ages.

Food is an integral part of Asian culture and is one of the most sought-after elements of the festival. Whether you’re a fan of Korean BBQ, sushi, Thai curries or Chinese dumplings, the festival has something for everyone. There are usually stalls and food trucks that serve authentic Asian cuisine that will leave visitors’ taste buds sated and satisfied. Pro tip: Come hungry and try as many dishes as possible.

The festival also features various performances including traditional music, dance and martial arts. These include beautiful cultural dances such as lion and dragon dances, kung fu demonstrations as well as Taiko drum performances. These performances are a great way to immerse yourself in Asian culture, learn new dances and enjoy the beautiful live music.

Kicking off on Friday evenings, the festival hosts a VIP reception. This is a great opportunity to mingle with the locals and experience the cultures represented at the festival. Local dignitaries attend the reception, giving visitors a chance to meet and socialize with important members of the Savannah community.

Another highlight of the Savannah Asian Cultural Festival is its marketplace. Here, artisans and vendors sell Asian wares such as clothes, handicrafts, and jewelry. Visitors can browse through a colorful, diverse and beautiful array of merchandise whether or not they’re looking to purchase something particular.

One of the great things about the festival is that it’s inexpensive to attend. Admission is usually low, and there is ample parking around the venue, so visitors don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to secure a spot. However, as March is typically the beginning of Savannah’s tourism season, it is wise to make hotel bookings early and plan your visit accordingly.

Visitors to the Savannah Asian Cultural Festival can expect to be immersed in a world of new experiences and tastes. The event is a celebration of cultures and a great way to connect with the diverse population that calls Savannah home. The festival is a must-visit event for anyone looking to explore and celebrate Asian cultures in a new and exciting way. So, come and indulge in a culturally enriching experience in the historic city of Savannah.

Frequently asked questions

Some popular events in Savannah in March include the Savannah Stopover Music Festival, the Savannah Irish Festival, and the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

In March, visitors to Savannah can enjoy activities like walking or biking along the Savannah Riverwalk, exploring the beautiful Forsyth Park, and taking a ghost or history tour of the city.

Yes, there are many museums and historical sites worth visiting in Savannah in March. Some popular options include the Telfair Museums, the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, and the Savannah History Museum.

Yes, visitors can go to the beach in Savannah in March, although the water might be too cold for swimming. Tybee Island, located about 18 miles east of Savannah, offers beautiful beaches and outdoor activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, and dolphin watching.

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I recently visited Savannah, Ga in March and had the best time exploring all the amazing things to do! One of my favorite activities was taking a stroll through the historic district and admiring the beautiful architecture. The weather was perfect for walking around and I loved soaking up the charm of the city. I also made sure to visit Forsyth Park and enjoyed a picnic with friends, surrounded by the blooming flowers. The Savannah Music Festival was another highlight of my trip, as I got to experience incredible performances by talented musicians from all over the world. I can't wait to go back next year!

Rosemary Roberson

I had such a memorable trip to Savannah, Ga in March and I highly recommend visiting the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) if you're a fan of art and culture. The campus is absolutely stunning, with beautiful gardens and impressive architecture. I spent hours exploring their art galleries and was blown away by the talent of the students and faculty. Another highlight of my trip was taking a ghost tour of the city. Savannah is known for its haunted history, and it was fascinating to hear the spooky stories and legends of the city. Overall, March was a great time to visit Savannah with its pleasant weather and abundance of activities to enjoy!

Oscar Haines

If you're heading to Savannah, Ga in March, you have to check out the St. Patrick's Day festivities! The city goes all out with parades, live music, and of course, lots of green attire. I had such a blast celebrating with locals and tourists alike, and the energy in the city was contagious. Another must-do activity in March is taking a riverboat cruise along the Savannah River. It was such a relaxing and scenic way to see the city, and the sunset views were truly spectacular. Don't forget to try some delicious Southern cuisine while you're there – I highly recommend trying the fried green tomatoes!
Thank you for your great suggestions! I am definitely looking forward to experiencing the St. Patrick's Day festivities in Savannah, Ga. The parades and live music sound like a lot of fun, and I can't wait to join in the festive spirit. Taking a riverboat cruise along the Savannah River also sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy the city's beauty and unwind. I'll make sure to catch the sunset views as well – I've heard they're breathtaking. And of course, trying some delicious Southern cuisine, especially the fried green tomatoes, is definitely on my to-do list. I can't wait to explore Savannah in March!

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