12 Fun Activities To Explore In Sunbury, Ohio

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Nestled in the heart of Central Ohio lies the charming town of Sunbury, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Despite being a small community, Sunbury offers visitors a plethora of entertaining and exciting things to do. Whether you're visiting for a day or residing in the town, you're bound to find a myriad of fun activities to keep you entertained. So, get ready to explore and discover 12 exhilarating activities that will surely make your trip to Sunbury, Ohio a memorable one!


Picnic at the beautiful Sunbury Square

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NameFreedom Park
TypePark in Sunbury, Ohio
Rating / Review count4.4 / 32
Address890 State Rte 61, Sunbury, OH 43074
HoursThursday - 6 AM–9 PM
Friday - 6 AM–9 PM
Saturday - 6 AM–9 PM
Sunday - 6 AM–9 PM
Monday - 6 AM–9 PM
Tuesday - 6 AM–9 PM
Wednesday - 6 AM–9 PM

Sunbury, Ohio is a picturesque town located just 20 miles north of Columbus. It's quaint, small-town charm draws visitors from all over, especially during the summertime when the weather is warm and the sun is shining. One of the best ways to spend a summer day in Sunbury is with a picnic on the beautiful Sunbury Square.

The Sunbury Square is a historic area of town, encompassing 12 acres of green space that is perfect for picnicking, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors. The square is home to several historic buildings, including the Sunbury Town Hall, which was built in 1838 and is now a museum. There are also several restaurants and shops located within the square, making it easy to grab some tasty treats for your picnic.

When planning your Sunbury Square picnic, be sure to bring a picnic blanket, sunscreen, and plenty of water to stay hydrated. You'll also want to pack some delicious snacks and drinks to enjoy during your picnic. There are many great options for picnic food and drinks in Sunbury, including fresh produce from local farmers markets, baked goods from local bakeries, and craft beer from nearby breweries.

In addition to enjoying a picnic on the Sunbury Square, visitors can take a stroll through the beautiful gardens and walkways located throughout the area. There are also several events and festivals held on the square throughout the year, including the Sunbury Sizzle & Sounds Festival, which features live music, a car show, and plenty of delicious food.

Overall, the Sunbury Square is a must-visit destination for anyone in search of a relaxing and picturesque summer day trip. Whether you're a local or a visitor to the area, be sure to pack a picnic and spend some time soaking up the sun on the beautiful Sunbury Square.


Take a hike at the Hogback Ridge Park

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NameHogback Ridge Park
TypePark in Delaware County, Ohio
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Rating / Review count4.7 / 240
Address2656 Hogback Rd, Sunbury, OH 43074
Phone(740) 524-8600
HoursThursday - 8 AM–9 PM
Friday - 8 AM–9 PM
Saturday - 8 AM–9 PM
Sunday - 8 AM–9 PM
Monday - 8 AM–9 PM
Tuesday - 8 AM–9 PM
Wednesday - 8 AM–9 PM

If you're looking for a fun outdoor activity in Sunbury, Ohio, look no further than the Hogback Ridge Park. This beautiful park is located just a short drive from the center of town and offers a variety of hiking trails for visitors of all ages and skill levels.

At Hogback Ridge Park, you'll find over three miles of hiking trails that wind through lush forests, towering hills, and scenic meadows. Along the way, you'll have the chance to spot all sorts of wildlife, from deer and foxes to birds of prey and wildflowers.

One of the most popular hikes at Hogback Ridge Park is the Hogback Loop Trail. This trail is a moderate-level hike that takes you on a scenic three-mile loop through some of the park's most beautiful landscapes. Along the way, you'll ascend to the top of a ridge, where you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

In addition to the Hogback Loop Trail, Hogback Ridge Park also offers several other hiking trails, including the Butterfly Trail, the Oak Trail, and the Wildflower Trail. There are also picnic areas and a playground for visitors who want to extend their stay and enjoy a relaxing picnic or some time on the playground.

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just looking for a fun family activity, Hogback Ridge Park is a great destination for anyone visiting Sunbury, Ohio. So grab your hiking boots, pack a picnic, and head out to explore this beautiful natural park today!

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Ice skating at the Tanger Ice Pavilion

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If you're looking for a fun and exciting winter activity in Sunbury, Ohio, the Tanger Ice Pavilion is the place to be! This state-of-the-art ice skating rink is the perfect destination for families, friends, and even solo adventurers who are looking for a unique and thrilling experience.

The Tanger Ice Pavilion is an Olympic-sized ice skating rink that spans 85 feet by 200 feet. This size makes it one of the largest skating rinks in the state. Inside, the rink features two ice resurfacers, state-of-the-art refrigeration systems, and seating for over 300 spectators.

When visiting the Tanger Ice Pavilion, be sure to bring your own skates. If you don't have any, worry not! The rink offers a full line of rental skates for children and adults of all sizes. After getting your skates, take advantage of the rink's public skate sessions, which occur daily throughout the week and on weekends.

For those who want to take their skating skills to the next level, the Tanger Ice Pavilion also offers skate lessons for every age and skill level. These lessons are designed to help beginners develop fundamental skating skills and teach advanced skaters new techniques and tricks.

The Tanger Ice Pavilion also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year, including themed skate nights, private birthday parties, and corporate events. They even have a synchronized skating team that competes in local and national competitions.

Overall, the Tanger Ice Pavilion is a fantastic destination for anyone looking to enjoy a fun and exciting winter activity in Sunbury, Ohio. Whether you're an experienced skater or a beginner, there's something for everyone at this world-class facility. So, put on your skates, bundle up for the cold, and hit the ice for an unforgettable experience!

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Go fishing at Alum Creek Reservoir

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Sunbury, Ohio is a small town that is rich in natural beauty and boasts a wide range of outdoor recreational activities for locals and visitors. One of the most popular activities in the area is fishing, and Alum Creek Reservoir is the perfect spot to indulge in this beloved pastime.

Located just a short drive from Sunbury, Alum Creek Reservoir is a premier destination for fishing enthusiasts. The reservoir spans over 3,000 acres and is home to a variety of fish species, including largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, walleye, catfish, and more. With so many different types of fish in the water, Alum Creek Reservoir offers something for anglers of all skill levels.

Whether you prefer to fish from the shore or take to the water in a boat, Alum Creek Reservoir has plenty of options to suit your needs. The reservoir has several boat ramps that allow easy access to the water, making it easy to explore all that the area has to offer. For those who prefer to fish from the shore, there are plenty of spots along the miles of shoreline that provide plenty of opportunities for a great catch.

One of the most popular fishing spots at Alum Creek Reservoir is the Deer Haven Park Fishing Area. This area is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the region and is equipped with everything you need for a successful day on the water. The park offers a bait shop, boat rentals, and even a fishing pier for those who prefer to fish from the shore. Additionally, the park has plenty of picnic areas and trails, making it an excellent spot for a family outing.

When planning your fishing trip to Alum Creek Reservoir, it is essential to check the fishing regulations in the area. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has specific guidelines and restrictions for fishing in the reservoir, including season dates, catch limits, and size limits for certain species.

Overall, if you're a fishing enthusiast visiting or living near Sunbury, Ohio, the Alum Creek Reservoir is an ideal destination to spend a day out on the water. With a diverse range of fish species, excellent accessible amenities, and beautiful natural scenery, it is no surprise that this spot remains a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

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Sunbury, Ohio is home to a wide array of outdoor activities, but if you’re looking for a leisurely afternoon with the family, why not check out Trees and Trends Mini Golf? This fun and exciting miniature golf course is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends or family, and it offers plenty of challenges and opportunities for friendly competition.

Located on East Granville Street, Trees and Trends Mini Golf features 18 unique holes, each with its own set of challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned mini-golf pro or just starting out, you’re sure to find something here to challenge and entertain you. The beautifully landscaped course is well-maintained and offers a wide range of obstacles, including tree stumps, water hazards, and more.

One of the best things about Trees and Trends Mini Golf is its affordability. With tickets just $5 per person, it’s easy to enjoy an entire afternoon of fun without breaking the bank. And, if you’re planning a group outing, be sure to ask about their group rates – they offer discounts for groups of 15 or more, making it the perfect choice for a birthday party or team outing.

Another great feature of Trees and Trends Mini Golf is its location – nestled in the quiet town of Sunbury, it’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. And, with on-site refreshments available, you can enjoy a cold drink or a snack while you play. There’s also ample parking available, making it easy to get in and out without any hassle.

Overall, if you’re looking for a family-friendly, affordable activity in Sunbury, Ohio, Trees and Trends Mini Golf is the perfect choice. With its well-designed course, beautiful landscaping, and fun challenges, it’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. So why wait? Grab your putters and head out for an afternoon of fun – your next hole-in-one could be just around the corner!


Visit Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Park

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Characteristic Description
NameOhio Fallen Heroes Memorial
TypeArmy facility in Sunbury, Ohio
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count5 / 4
Address79 1/2 W Cherry St, Sunbury, OH 43074
HoursThursday - Open 24 hours
Friday - Open 24 hours
Saturday - Open 24 hours
Sunday - Open 24 hours
Monday - Open 24 hours
Tuesday - Open 24 hours
Wednesday - Open 24 hours

Ohio is home to numerous stunning attractions that draw visitors from far and wide. While most tourists flock to the state's cities and landmarks, there are also quite a few hidden gems worth exploring, particularly in Sunbury.

One of the most notable and heart-touching attractions in Sunbury is the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Park, which is located in the town's northeast corner. The Memorial Park is a symbol of respect, honor, and gratitude to Ohio’s military heroes who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk and free for all visitors.

The Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Park opened in 2005 and was designed as a place of solace to pay tribute to the memory of Ohio’s fallen heroes. The park contains a stunning avenue of flags, with each flag representing an Ohio Fallen Hero who gave his or her life in service to their country since September 11, 2001. The Memorial Park also features a large, paved area that is perfect for ceremonies, and an Amphitheater that is often used for military weddings and other events.

The centerpiece of the Memorial Park is the Wall of Tears, a magnificent, 15-foot granite wall with the names of over 300 Ohio fallen heroes who died in the line of duty. The wall also features glass panels with personal stories and photographs of each hero, which serves to personalize their sacrifice and offer visitors a glimpse into their lives.

Aside from the Wall of Tears, the Memorial Park boasts several benches, a walking trail, and a Reflection Garden where visitors can go to appreciate the sacrifices that these Ohio heroes have made. The peaceful environment and stunning scenery of the park make it a great place to spend a few hours with family or friends. Moreover, visitors can also stroll around the park on sunny days, with plenty of space to relax, unwind, and reflect.

In conclusion, if you’re planning a trip to Sunbury, Ohio, be sure to include a visit to the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Park. The Memorial Park is an excellent place to learn about Ohio's history, pay tribute to fallen soldiers, and reflect on their sacrifices. This beautiful park offers a peaceful atmosphere to unwind and connect with nature, making it an ideal destination for tourists of all ages.


Play disc golf at Sunbury Memorial Park

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Characteristic Description
NameKinslow Park Disc Golf Course
TypeDisc golf course in Sunbury, Ohio
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.7 / 17
Address12193-, 12199 OH-3, Sunbury, OH 43074
HoursThursday - 7 AM–9 PM
Friday - 7 AM–9 PM
Saturday - 7 AM–9 PM
Sunday - 7 AM–9 PM
Monday - 7 AM–9 PM
Tuesday - 7 AM–9 PM
Wednesday - 7 AM–9 PM

Located just a short 30-minute drive from Columbus, Ohio, Sunbury Memorial Park offers a wide range of recreational activities for families and individuals. One of the most popular activities at the park is disc golf, which has grown in popularity over the years. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just looking to try something new, Sunbury Memorial Park's disc golf course is sure to provide a fun and challenging experience for all skill levels.

The course itself is made up of 18 holes, each with its unique set of challenges and obstacles. You will be throwing your disc through wooded areas, across open fields, and over streams. There are multiple tees for each hole, allowing players of different levels to adjust the difficulty of their game. The course is well-maintained and clearly marked, making it easy for players to navigate the different holes.

One of the great things about disc golf at Sunbury Memorial Park is that it is completely free to play. All you need is a frisbee-style disc, which you can bring from home or purchase at the park office. There are also picnic tables and shelters throughout the park, making it a great place to have a family outing or a get-together with friends. The park is open from dawn to dusk, so you can enjoy a game of disc golf at any time of the day.

If you are new to the sport, Sunbury Memorial Park offers a great opportunity to learn and practice. Disc golf is a low-impact exercise that is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is also a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Ohio scenery. The park staff and other players are friendly and welcoming, and are always happy to offer tips and advice.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a fun and affordable way to spend an afternoon, disc golf at Sunbury Memorial Park is a great option. With its challenging course and beautiful surroundings, Sunbury Memorial Park is sure to be a destination that you will want to visit time and time again. So grab your frisbee and head on over to Sunbury Memorial Park for a round of disc golf today!


Shop at the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Park Store

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Sunbury, Ohio is a quaint little town located in Delaware County, Ohio. Despite its small size, Sunbury is home to the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Park. This touching memorial park was founded to honor and remember Ohio's service men and women who gave their lives in defense of our nation. As part of the memorial park, there is a store where you can buy souvenirs and memorabilia. In this article, we will explore what you can expect to find when you shop at Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Park Store.

When you step into the store, you'll be greeted by friendly staff and a wide variety of items available for purchase. The store has something for everyone, ranging from t-shirts and hats to pins and patches. There are also unique and creative gifts like personalized dog tags and military-themed Christmas ornaments. Additionally, there is a great selection of challenge coins, stickers, and decals.

One of the store's most popular items is the Honor and Remember flag. This flag is a symbol of respect and remembrance for all military personnel who have died while serving our nation. It is a powerful tribute to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, and proudly flying this flag can show your support for our troops and their families.

Another popular item is the Memorial Brick Program. This program gives you the opportunity to purchase a personalized brick in honor of a loved one who served in the military. These bricks are placed in the memorial plaza surrounding the monument, creating a lasting tribute to their sacrifice and service.

In addition to the items available for purchase, the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Park Store offers a way to support the park and its mission. You can make a donation to the memorial fund, which helps with the maintenance and upkeep of the park. All proceeds from the store and the donations go directly to the upkeep of the park.

When you shop at the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Park Store, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a great cause. The store has a great selection of items for purchase, with everything from t-shirts to challenge coins. Additionally, you have the opportunity to support the park through the memorial brick program and donations. All of these offerings make the store a great place to visit and support the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Park.


Horseback riding at the Yellow Bird Equestrian Center

Source: blueridgemountainstravelguide.com

Located in Sunbury, Ohio, the Yellow Bird Equestrian Center is a top destination for horseback riding enthusiasts. This well-equipped center provides a number of riding opportunities for people of all skill levels.

The Yellow Bird Equestrian Center is known for its exceptional facilities which include a large indoor arena and a beautiful outdoor arena as well. There are also great trails winding through the center's wooded areas for riders who prefer a more natural riding experience.

The center offers various programs such as riding lessons, horse shows, special events, and trail rides. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, their friendly and professional staff is always ready to help you improve your skills. They have a wide selection of horses that you can choose from, depending on your riding preference or level of experience.

One of the most popular activities at the Yellow Bird Equestrian Center is horseback riding. Riders can enjoy a peaceful ride along the scenic trails or have a thrilling gallop around the outdoor arena. The center's horses are well-trained, and you can be sure that they will provide a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

For those who wish to take their equestrian skills to the next level, the center offers a range of classes and clinics. These programs are focused on developing the rider's abilities, with the goal of helping them achieve their riding goals. The center also hosts horse shows, which are great fun and provide riders with the opportunity to put their skills to the test.

In conclusion, the Yellow Bird Equestrian Center in Sunbury, Ohio offers a top-notch horseback riding experience. From a leisurely ride along the trails to expert instruction, the center has something for everyone. It's no surprise that the Yellow Bird Equestrian Center is a popular destination for horse lovers everywhere.

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Visit Sunbury Farmer's Market

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Characteristic Description
NameSunbury Farmer’s Market
TypeMarket in Sunbury, Ohio
WebsiteGo to website
Address9 E Granville St, Sunbury, OH 43074
HoursThursday - Closed
Friday - Closed
Saturday - 9 AM–12 PM
Sunday - Closed
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - Closed

If you're looking for fresh produce and homemade goods, look no further than the Sunbury Farmers Market. Located in Sunbury, Ohio, this farmers market is the perfect place to find locally sourced and sustainable produce.

Open every Saturday from 9am to noon, the Sunbury Farmers Market offers residents and visitors alike a chance to shop for fresh fruits, vegetables, and other farm to table products. With a focus on fresh, local produce, you can trust that the items for sale are of the highest quality.

Not only is the Sunbury Farmers Market a great place to find fresh produce, but it's also a community gathering place. You can chat with your neighbors, catch up with friends, and enjoy live music while you shop.

If you're interested in supporting local businesses, the Sunbury Farmers Market is the place for you. Here you can find honey, artisanal bread, homemade jams and jellies, and more. Supporting local businesses helps to keep money within the community, which in turn supports the local economy.

The Sunbury Farmers Market is more than just a place to shop; it's also an educational resource. Every week, there are educational programs and activities for kids and adults alike to learn about sustainable agriculture, healthy eating, and eco-friendly practices.

So the next time you're in Sunbury, be sure to stop by the Farmers Market and see what's available. Whether you're looking for fresh produce, homemade goods, or just a friendly face, you'll find it all at the Sunbury Farmers Market.


Attend events at Sunbury United Methodist Church

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Characteristic Description
NameSunbury United Methodist Church
TypeUnited methodist church in Sunbury, Ohio
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.8 / 31
Address100 W Cherry St #9354, Sunbury, OH 43074
Phone(740) 965-3813
HoursThursday - 9 AM–3 PM
Friday - 9 AM–3 PM
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - 8 AM–12 PM
Monday - 9 AM–3 PM
Tuesday - 9 AM–3 PM
Wednesday - 9 AM–3 PM

If you're living in or near Sunbury, Ohio, and searching for a spiritual and welcoming community to join, then the Sunbury United Methodist Church is worth considering. Not only does this church provide excellent worship and education services, but it also hosts various events for its members and the wider community throughout the year. In this article, we'll explore some of the events you can attend at Sunbury United Methodist Church.

Worship Services:

The church provides regular services every Sunday at 8:30 am and 10:45 am. These services include music, singing, prayer, and sermon. There are different worship styles to fit the preferences of everyone, which include traditional, blended, and contemporary services. Besides Sunday services, the church also has several mid-week services, such as Wednesday night Bible studies.

Gift of Warmth:

Every year during the winter months, the Sunbury United Methodist Church provides a helping hand-out in the community as a "Gift of Warmth" by collecting and distributing scarfs, gloves, hats, and blankets, keeping the less fortunate warm during the cold month's harsh weather.

Vacation Bible School:

Every summer, the church runs a week-long vacation bible school for kids in the community. The program aims to educate young children about Jesus' teachings, his love, and his sacrifice through drama, crafts, music, and interactive presentations.

Lenten Fish Fry:

Every year during the Lenten season, the church hosts a Fish fry dinner. The event includes delicious seafood dishes that are served with sides and drinks, which are a significant draw for families living in Sunbury, Ohio.

Fall Festival:

In the fall, the church hosts a fall festival, which includes hayrides, games, music, food, and much more! This event aims to bring the church members and the community together to celebrate the fall season.

Christmas Events:

The church hosts several Christmas events, including choir concerts, pageants, and Christmas-themed services. They also bring the Christmas cheer to people in the community by visiting nursing homes and hospitals, singing carols, and distributing gifts to the less fortunate.

The Sunbury United Methodist Church is a vibrant, active community that provides a variety of opportunities and events for its members and the wider community throughout the year. Whether you're looking for spiritual guidance or just want to take part in great family-friendly events, there is always something going on at Sunbury United Methodist Church.


Enjoy a serene afternoon at the Hoover Reservoir Park

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Characteristic Description
NameHoover Reservoir Park
TypePark in Franklin County, Ohio
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.6 / 2,916
Address7701 Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
Phone(614) 645-3300
HoursThursday - 7 AM–11 PM
Friday - 7 AM–11 PM
Saturday - 7 AM–11 PM
Sunday - 7 AM–11 PM
Monday - 7 AM–11 PM
Tuesday - 7 AM–11 PM
Wednesday - 7 AM–11 PM

Sunbury, Ohio is a charming little town that is quickly gaining popularity as a destination for people who want to unwind and relax. One of the town's main attractions is the Hoover Reservoir Park, a serene and breathtakingly beautiful natural wonder that offers visitors plenty of opportunities to indulge in leisurely activities.

Located on the eastern side of the reservoir, the park is spread over 4,700 acres and is home to a variety of flora and fauna that can be admired on a lazy afternoon stroll. Whether you want to bird watch, take a hike or just relax and enjoy the scenery, there is something for everyone at the Hoover Reservoir Park.

If you're looking for some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then head over to the park's picnic area and enjoy a serene afternoon under the shade of the sycamore trees. With plenty of tables, grills, and pavilions, the park is a great place to host a family gathering or a simple picnic lunch with friends.

The park also boasts several hiking trails that wind through the forest and along the shoreline of the reservoir. The trails range from easy to moderate and offer visitors plenty of beautiful vistas and ideal spots for photographs. If you're up for a challenge, venture out on the longest trail - the six-mile-long Sycamore Trail - and immerse yourself in nature's beauty.

Perhaps the most popular activity in the park is fishing. The Hoover Reservoir is stocked with a variety of fish, including largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and walleye. Fishing is allowed year-round, and visitors of all ages can cast their lines in the clear blue waters of the lake.

If you happen to be visiting Sunbury, Ohio, a trip to the Hoover Reservoir Park is an absolute must. Whether you're looking for a peaceful getaway to enjoy the serene natural beauty of this hidden gem, or an active day of hiking and fishing, the park has something to offer everyone. So pack a picnic, grab your hiking boots, and head over to the Hoover Reservoir Park for a day filled with nature, beauty, and serenity.

Frequently asked questions

- Sunbury is known for its scenic parks and nature preserves, such as Hogback Ridge Park, The James W. Yockey Heritage Museum, and the Sunbury Earthworks. You can also engage in fishing, hiking, camping, and picnicking at Highbanks Metro Park.

- Sunbury has a rich history, and you can discover it by visiting places such as the Big Walnut Area Historical Society, a small museum that showcases the city's past. The Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial, located at Sunbury Square, is also a beautiful monument that honors fallen military soldiers.

- Yes, Sunbury hosts multiple events throughout the year, such as the Sunbury Sizzle & Sounds Festival, a family-friendly event that features music, food, and entertainment. The Sunbury Community Library also hosts several literary and educational events, including author talks, book clubs, and workshops.

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Axel Oconnell

I recently visited Sunbury, Ohio and had an amazing time exploring all the fun things to do in the area. One of my favorite activities was visiting the Hoover Reservoir Park. The park is so beautiful, and I loved taking a leisurely stroll along the water. It was the perfect way to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. I also checked out the Sunbury Farmers Market and was blown away by the variety of fresh produce and local products available. Overall, Sunbury is a charming town with plenty to see and do!

Nicholas Herman

One of the highlights of my trip to Sunbury, Ohio was exploring the Olentangy Indian Caverns. This hidden gem offers a fascinating glimpse into the area's rich history. I loved descending into the caverns and marveling at the stunning rock formations. It felt like stepping into another world. Another must-visit spot in Sunbury is the Blackhawk Golf Club. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner like me, this golf course offers a challenging and enjoyable experience. The sweeping views of the lush greenery are simply breathtaking.

Liyana Hebert

During my visit to Sunbury, Ohio, I stumbled upon the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial. This memorial is such a touching tribute to the men and women who have lost their lives serving our country. It's a beautiful and peaceful spot to pay your respects and reflect. I also had a blast visiting the Little Brown Jug Harness Race. It was my first time attending a harness race, and I was amazed by the skill and speed of the horses. The atmosphere was electric, and it was a truly unique experience.
Thank you for sharing your experiences in Sunbury, Ohio! I'm glad to hear that you stumbled upon the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial and found it to be a touching tribute. It sounds like a beautiful and peaceful spot to pay your respects and reflect. I'm also happy to hear that you had a blast visiting the Little Brown Jug Harness Race! Attending a harness race for the first time can be an amazing experience, especially when you witness the skill and speed of the horses. The electric atmosphere must have made it even more memorable. Overall, it sounds like you had a wonderful time exploring Sunbury and enjoying these unique experiences.

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