13 Fun Activities To Experience The 80S Era

things to do in the 80s

Welcome to a journey through the time warp, back to the iconic decade of the 80s. Strap on your neon legwarmers and tease out your hair, because we're about to take a nostalgia-filled spin through 13 fun activities that will transport you straight back to a time of big hair, bright colors, and even bigger personalities. Regardless of whether you lived through it or simply admire the era from afar, these retro activities will have you feeling like you're right in the middle of a John Hughes movie. So grab your Walkman and get ready for a totally rad adventure through the 80s.

Activity Description
Aerobics Popular exercise routine involving rhythmic movements to music.
Watching MTV The first 24-hour music video channel launched in 1981.
Playing Pac-Man Classic arcade game where players navigate through a maze to eat pellets while avoiding ghosts.
Roller skating Popular activity at roller rinks with disco music and neon lights.
Watching "The Cosby Show" Iconic family sitcom that aired from 1984-1992.
Lip syncing A popular trend where people would pretend to sing along to popular songs.
Dressing in neon colors Bright and bold clothing was popular in the 80s.
Playing with Rubik's Cube Puzzle toy where players must twist and turn the cube to get each side one solid color.
Watching "Back to the Future" Classic science-fiction adventure film that premiered in 1985.
Breakdancing Acrobatic style of street dancing that emerged in urban areas.


Dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller at a retro-themed party

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The 80s was truly a decade filled with iconic music, movies, and fashion. One of the most popular ways to celebrate the 80s is by holding a retro-themed party. If you're planning to attend one of these parties, the chances are high that you'll want to dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Here's all you need to know about Thriller and how to dance to this 80s classic.

Thriller was one of the biggest hits of the 80s, and it's practically impossible not to hear it at any retro-themed party. The song was released on November 30, 1982, as part of Michael Jackson's album titled Thriller. The album went on to sell more than 66 million copies globally, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time.

One of the most memorable things about Thriller is the music video, which was directed by John Landis. The video featured zombies, elaborate dance moves, and a storyline that's sure to give you the creeps while also sending you into a frenzied dance routine. The video was so iconic that it spawned the Thriller dance, a choreographed routine that's just as significant as the song itself.

So, how do you dance to Thriller? Here's a step-by-step guide to help you out:

Step 1: The zombie walk-In this step, walk stiffly with your arms extended straight out from your sides, taking small, shambling steps.

Step 2: The crouch-This move is all about getting low. Squat down and put your left hand forward while your right hand is behind you.

Step 3: The head thrust- Here, you need to simultaneously lunge forward and thrust your head to the side.

Step 4: The arm wave- In this step, you are required to wave both of your arms back and forth in a smooth, fluid motion.

Step 5: The claw- This move involves raising your arms in a "V" shape and clawing the air, alternating your hands.

Step 6: The turning your body- You will have to complete a 360-degree rotation at this point.

Step 7: The double clap- This move is all about clapping your hands together twice.

Step 8: The thriller- Here, you perform the iconic dance move of the video, where you put your arms straight up, and then twisting your body as you pull your arms down.

In conclusion, attending an 80s retro-themed party can be one of the most fun experiences. And with the Thriller dance, you can be sure that you're going to have fun while dancing and paying homage to one of the most significant songs of the decade. So get your 80s outfit and dancing shoes ready, and let's groove!

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Watch classic 80s movies like The Breakfast Club or Back to the Future.

Source: cardiffmummysays.com

The era of the 80s was a period of cultural and social change, characterized by a plethora of iconic movies that still resonate with viewers today. If you're looking for a blast from the past, watching classic 80s movies is a great way to relive the nostalgia and cultural significance of this era.

One of the most popular movies from the 80s is The Breakfast Club (1985), directed by John Hughes. The movie follows a group of high school students from different cliques who are forced to spend a Saturday together in detention. Throughout the course of the day, the students develop unexpected connections and challenge their own preconceptions about each other. Featuring a diverse ensemble cast, The Breakfast Club explores themes of teenage rebellion and social hierarchy that still ring true today.

Another classic 80s movie that continues to be a cultural touchstone is Back to the Future (1985), directed by Robert Zemeckis. Starring Michael J. Fox as teenager Marty McFly, the movie follows his adventures as he travels back in time in a DeLorean time machine and encounters his parents in their teenage years. Filled with memorable scenes and quotable lines, Back to the Future has become a beloved movie franchise that continues to capture the imagination of viewers of all ages.

Other iconic movies from the 80s that are worth checking out include The Goonies (1985), Ghostbusters (1984), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986). These movies showcase the unique blend of humor, heart, and adventure that defined the 80s movie landscape.

In conclusion, watching classic 80s movies like The Breakfast Club or Back to the Future can be a fun and nostalgic experience that takes you back to a time when movies were all about neon colors, iconic soundtracks, and a spirit of adventure. So why not grab some popcorn and take a trip down memory lane? You might just discover a new favorite movie to add to your list of all-time classics.


Visit a retro arcade and play Pac-Man or Donkey Kong

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The 80s were a decade known for its vibrant culture, fashion, and of course, video games. Back in those days, gaming enthusiasts would head to retro arcades to experience the joys of classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. These games became a cultural phenomenon, captivating players with their simple yet addictive gameplay, colorful visuals and iconic soundtracks.

If you're feeling nostalgic about the good old days, why not take a trip down memory lane and relive the glory days of 80s gaming at a retro arcade? Here are some reasons why you should consider visiting a retro arcade and playing Pac-Man or Donkey Kong.

Firstly, retro arcades provide a unique gaming experience that's hard to replicate elsewhere. They offer an atmosphere that's full of excitement and energy, where players can immerse themselves in the world of classic arcade games and temporarily escape reality.

Secondly, playing classic games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong can help you develop your gaming skills. These games require quick reflexes, precision, and strategic thinking, which can improve your hand-eye coordination, reflexes and develop your problem-solving skills.

Thirdly, retro arcades provide a fun social experience, perfect for enjoying with family and friends. They offer a chance to connect with each other over the shared experience of playing classic arcade games and creating new memories.

Lastly, playing Pac-Man or Donkey Kong at a retro arcade is an opportunity to relive your childhood memories and feel nostalgic about the 80s era. The games, their soundtracks and graphics will transport you back in time, letting you reminisce about a simpler time in your life.

In conclusion, visiting a retro arcade and playing Pac-Man or Donkey Kong is a great way to relive the golden age of arcade gaming and reconnect with a time when gaming was more accessible and less complicated. These iconic games are still as enjoyable and popular as ever, and retro arcades offer a unique and exciting way to experience them. So, gather your friends and family, head to your local arcade and get ready to have some retro gaming fun!


Host a Rubik's Cube contest with friends

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The 80s were a time of neon colors, big hair, and memorable pop culture phenomena. One of the most iconic items from this era was the Rubik's Cube, a challenging and addictive puzzle cube that became a sensation around the world. While the Rubik's Cube is still popular today, hosting a Rubik's Cube contest with friends is a perfect way to relive the 80s and have some fun with your loved ones.

Preparing for a Rubik's Cube contest is easy, and you can invite as many friends as you like. First, make sure everyone has their own Rubik's Cube to use. If someone doesn't have one, you can easily buy Rubik's Cubes at your local toy store or online. Depending on your group's proficiency, you may want to choose a specific cube size for the contest. For example, the standard Rubik's Cube has nine squares on each side, but there are also cubes with more or fewer squares.

Once everyone has their cubes, it's time to establish the rules of the contest. You may want to set a time limit, such as 5 minutes or 10 minutes, to see who can solve the puzzle the fastest. Alternatively, you can choose a goal time, such as 1 minute or 2 minutes, and see who can get closest to solving the cube within that timeframe.

To add an extra level of competition, you can also establish prizes for the winners. It could be a simple award like a certificate or a homemade trophy, or you could offer more substantial prizes like gift cards or other fun items.

Finally, make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand to keep everyone energized and motivated. You can serve 80s-inspired treats like Jell-O Pudding Pops, Pop Rocks, or Tang to add to the nostalgia factor.

Overall, hosting a Rubik's Cube contest with friends is a fun and exciting way to reminisce about the 80s. With a little planning and preparation, it's a perfect way to spend an evening with friends and challenge each other's puzzle-solving skills.

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Attend an 80s-themed roller skating night

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If you're feeling nostalgic about the 80s and love roller skating, attending an 80s-themed roller skating night is the perfect way to relive the glory days! With the perfect mix of 80s music, clothing, and nostalgia, this themed roller skating night will transport you back to a simpler time.

Firstly, it's essential to dress up for the occasion. The 80s were all about loud, bold clothing, so go all out! Dig through your closet for some neon-colored leg warmers, spandex shorts, and acid washed jeans. Throw on a crop top or off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, and accessorize with big hoop earrings, sweatbands, and some oversized sunglasses. For a more authentic look, you can even add some crimped hair or a hairband to your hairstyle.

Once you're dressed to impress, head to the rink and soak up the atmosphere. The 80s was all about the music, and a themed roller skating night would undoubtedly feature all the hits of the decade. Get ready to skate to classic tracks from Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Duran Duran as they blast through the speakers and let the good times roll.

But the fun doesn't stop with skating; there's so much more to do! Why not get involved in some of the 80s-themed activities, such as singing karaoke to classic 80s hits or grabbing a Polaroid camera to snap some photos with your friends. You could also indulge in some retro snacks such as Twizzlers, Pixy Stix, and Ring Pops, or grab a classic arcade game to show off your skills.

But perhaps the best thing about attending an 80s-themed roller skating night is the chance to share in the nostalgia with other like-minded individuals. It's a time to connect with people who share your love of the 80s, who appreciate the fashion, music, and culture of that era. So get ready to dance, skate, and sing your heart out with your fellow rollerskaters.

In conclusion, attending an 80s-themed roller skating night is a fantastic way to have fun while reliving the glory days of the 80s. So dust off your leg warmers and hit the rink, and don't forget to bring your positivity and enthusiasm for the greatest decade of all time!


Go record shopping and listen to 80s vinyls

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The 80s was a decade known for its unique and infectious music, and one of the best ways to relive the era is to go record shopping and listen to 80s vinyls. With the resurgence of vinyls in recent years, it has become increasingly easy to find classic albums from the decade at your local record store or online.

One of the most iconic genres of 80s music was new wave, which blended elements of punk rock, electronic music, and pop into an energetic and experimental sound. Bands like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, and Talking Heads dominated the charts with their catchy synth-driven hits. Listening to their albums on vinyl gives you a chance to fully immerse yourself in the era, with the warm, analog sound adding another layer of nostalgia.

Rock music also thrived in the 80s, with bands like Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, and AC/DC transforming the genre with their electrifying performances and stadium-filling anthems. Hearing these classic rock albums on vinyl is an experience in itself, with the crackles and pops of the record adding to the visceral and raw energy of the music.

Of course, the 80s was also known for its pop icons, with Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince all reaching legendary status with their innovative and boundary-pushing music videos and performances. Listening to their albums on vinyl gives you a deeper appreciation for their artistry and the care and craft that went into every aspect of their music.

Going record shopping for 80s vinyls is not just about listening to music, it's about immersing yourself in a cultural moment that helped define a generation. The sheer variety and range of music that came out of the 80s means there is something for everyone, and listening to your favorite albums on vinyl is a great way to reignite your love for the era and discover music you may have missed out on. So why not take a trip to your local record store and experience the 80s all over again?

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Have a neon-colored clothing and accessory fashion show

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The 80s was a decade of big hair, bright colors, and bold fashion statements. One of the most iconic trends of this era was neon-colored clothing and accessories that were fun and daring. It was all about standing out and making a statement with your fashion choices.

If you want to relive the 80s fashion craze, why not host a neon-colored clothing and accessory fashion show? Here are some tips to help you put together a memorable event:

  • Invite your friends and family to participate. Ask them to come dressed in their best neon-colored outfits and accessories. You can also encourage them to accessorize their outfits with neon-colored jewelry, sunglasses, and shoes.
  • Set up a runway and stage area. You can use a long piece of fabric or a red carpet to create a runway. Set up the stage area with microphones and speakers for music and commentary.
  • Create categories for the fashion show. You can have categories like "Most Creative Outfit," "Best Neon Accessory," and "Best Overall Neon Outfit." This will add some friendly competition to the event and make it more exciting.
  • Have a DJ to play 80s music. Nothing sets the mood better than classic 80s tunes. Hire a DJ to play all the hits from the era, such as "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," "Take On Me," and "Livin' on a Prayer."
  • Provide refreshments. You can serve 80s-themed snacks like Pop Rocks, Pixy Stix, and Tang. You can also offer neon-colored drinks and cocktails.
  • Give out prizes. At the end of the fashion show, announce the winners of each category and give out prizes. You can offer prizes like gift cards, 80s-themed merchandise, or homemade trophies.

Hosting a neon-colored clothing and accessory fashion show is a fun and unique way to relive the 80s fashion trend. With these tips, you can create a memorable event that will have everyone feeling nostalgic for the decade of neon.

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Play classic board games like Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble

Source: www.antiquetrader.com

The 80s was a decade of big hair, bright colors, and iconic pop culture references. One of the staple activities during this time was playing classic board games like Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble with family and friends.

Trivial Pursuit, first introduced in 1981, quickly became a hit. The game is a trivia challenge that covers a broad range of categories, such as science, history, sports, and entertainment. Players move around the board by correctly answering questions in each category to collect colored wedges. The first person to collect all six wedges and answer a final question wins the game.

Scrabble, a classic word game, was also popular during the 80s. The game consists of letter tiles that are used to form words on a game board with a point value assigned to each tile. Players compete to form the highest-scoring words and gain points for using bonus spaces and forming longer words.

Playing these classic board games provided a fun and entertaining way for people to interact with each other in the pre-digital age. The games also helped to improve critical thinking skills, memory, and vocabulary. They were a great way for families and friends to spend quality time together, whether it be on a rainy day or during a family gathering.

The popularity of these classic board games has continued into the present day, with new versions and editions being released regularly. They are still a great way to pass the time and enjoy some friendly competition.

In conclusion, playing classic board games like Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble was a popular activity during the 80s. These games provided a fun way to spend time with family and friends while also improving skills. They remain popular today and are a great way to unplug and enjoy some classic entertainment.


Take an aerobics class while dressed in 80s workout clothes

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The 80s were a decade of colorful fashion, including the iconic workout clothes that were worn during aerobics classes. The fitness craze of the 80s brought a new form of exercise to the forefront, with the introduction of high-energy aerobics routines that were accompanied by upbeat music and lively instructors.

If you're looking for a fun way to get fit, why not take an aerobics class while dressed in 80s workout clothes? This is a great way to show off your personality and have a blast while getting a fantastic workout at the same time.

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to dressing in 80s workout clothes, think neon colors, spandex, leg warmers, and headbands. These iconic fashion trends were a staple of the 80s fitness scene and are sure to bring a smile to your face as you prepare for your workout.

Once you've found the perfect outfit, it's time to hit the gym and get moving. Aerobics classes of the 80s typically included a variety of exercises such as jumping jacks, grapevines, and leg curls, all done to the beat of catchy music.

Even if you're not a seasoned fitness enthusiast, taking an 80s aerobics class can be a fun and rewarding experience. Don't be afraid to jump in and give it your all – the energetic atmosphere and upbeat music will keep you motivated and energized throughout the class.

One thing to keep in mind when dressing in 80s workout clothes is that comfort is key. Make sure your outfit allows for freedom of movement and doesn't restrict your range of motion. This will ensure that you're able to keep up with the fast-paced routines without feeling restricted.

In conclusion, taking an aerobics class while dressed in 80s workout clothes is a fun and exciting way to get fit while showcasing your unique style. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner, there's no better way to get your heart pumping and your endorphins flowing. So dust off those neon leggings and leg warmers, and get ready to embrace the energetic, colorful spirit of the 80s fitness craze.

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Attend a live 80s cover band concert

Source: 80sgadgets.com

The 1980s was a decade defined by neon lights, big hair, and even bigger beats. The music scene was booming, and some of the biggest names in pop, rock, and new wave emerged during this time. Today, the 80s nostalgia lives on, with people of all ages revisiting the era through movies, fashion, and most importantly, music. One of the best ways to relive the magic of the 80s is by attending a live cover band concert.

An 80s cover band concert will transport you straight back to the era of leg warmers, shoulder pads, and cassette tapes. The energy of the music and the crowd in attendance is sure to be infectious and exciting. Fans of the 80s will feel right at home as they sway and sing along with the live band as they play some of their favorite hits from the decade.

A live 80s cover band concert will typically feature songs from a range of popular artists such as Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and many more. The band will without a doubt get the crowd pumping with classics like "Billie Jean," "Like a Virgin," "Don't Stop Believin'," and "Take on Me." These bands often come dressed in period costume, bringing even more of that authentic 80s feeling to the experience.

Additionally, attending a live concert can do wonders for a person's mental and emotional health. Research has shown that live music can reduce stress levels and increase feelings of happiness and well-being. Dancing and singing along to classic 80s hits is sure to uplift and energize anyone, whether they are an 80s fanatic or merely a fan of good music.

In conclusion, attending a live 80s cover band concert is an excellent way to relive the magic of the 80s and experience the nostalgia that comes with it. Music lovers of all ages can come together and enjoy some of the biggest hits of the era, sung and played live for an unforgettable experience. So, put on your best 80s-inspired outfit, and get ready for an evening full of great music, good vibes, and lots of dancing.


Visit a vintage thrift store and create your own 80s outfit

Source: www.oneupretroclothing.com

The 80s is a decade that is known for its bold fashion choices and unique style. From neon colors to oversized clothing, the 80s was a time of experimentation when it comes to fashion. If you're looking to embrace the 80s style, then one great way to do so is by visiting a vintage thrift store and creating your very own 80s outfit.

First things first, when you think of 80s fashion, what comes to mind? Is it bright colors, animal prints, acid wash denim, bold prints, big hair, and lots of bling? All of these are good starting points! Make sure you do a bit of research beforehand so you have an idea of what you're looking for when you hit the thrift store.

Once you're at the store, start by browsing the racks of clothing. Look for anything that screams 80s, such as bright leggings, denim jackets, oversized sweaters, or neon tops. Don't be afraid to try on a few different pieces to see what looks good on you.

Accessories are key when it comes to completing your 80s look. Look for big, chunky jewelry, such as hoop earrings or plastic bangles. You can also add a pop of color to your outfit by sporting some brightly colored scrunchies or headbands.

When it comes to shoes, you have a few different options. If you're going for a more casual look, then a pair of brightly colored sneakers or high-top Converse Chuck Taylors would be a great choice. If you're going for something a bit dressier, then a pair of chunky high heels or ankle boots would be perfect.

Remember that the 80s were all about making a statement, so don't be afraid to go bold with your outfit choices. Mix and match patterns and colors, and have fun with your look!

In conclusion, visiting a vintage thrift store and creating your own 80s outfit can be a fun and exciting way to embrace the unique style of this era. By following these tips and letting your creativity run wild, you'll be sure to rock your vintage 80s look with confidence and style.


Have a karaoke night with classic 80s songs

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Are you ready to travel back to the awesome decade of the 80s? One way to relive the upbeat and energetic spirit of the era is to host a karaoke night with classic 80s songs. Here are some tips and suggestions to make your karaoke party a hit:

Choose a venue and set the stage.

Whether you're hosting the party at home or at a karaoke bar, make sure to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere that reflects the 80s theme. Decorate the place with neon colors, retro posters, and disco balls. Set up a stage area with a microphone, speakers, and a karaoke machine.

Create a playlist of popular 80s songs.

The 80s was a treasure trove of catchy tunes and iconic hits. Choose a mix of dance anthems, rock ballads, and sing-along choruses that will get everyone excited to sing along. Here are some of the most popular 80s songs for karaoke:

  • "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi
  • "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston
  • "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses
  • "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler
  • "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper
  • "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson
  • "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey
  • "Take On Me" by A-ha

Provide props and costumes.

To add some more fun and nostalgia to the night, encourage guests to dress up in 80s fashion and offer some props like sunglasses, headbands, neon glow sticks, and fake microphones. You can also add a screen or projector to show the music videos or lyrics of the songs.

Have some friendly competitions.

Karaoke parties are not complete without some friendly competition. You can divide the guests into teams and have them compete in a singing battle or a lip sync contest. You can also award prizes for the best costumes, the best performances, and the most entertaining group.

Snack and drink the 80s way.

To keep everyone energized and entertained, offer some 80s-inspired snacks and drinks such as Pop Rocks, Tang, Tab, and Jello shots. You can also have a cheese fondue, a pizza party, or a dessert buffet with iconic sweets like Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Pixy Stix.

With these tips, your 80s karaoke night is sure to be a blast. So bust out those leg warmers, tease your hair, and prepare to sing your heart out to the timeless classics of the 80s!


Play vintage video games on the original consoles such as Atari or Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Source: en.wikipedia.org

The 80s was a decade that saw a surge in the popularity of video games. It was during this period that gaming consoles such as Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) rose to prominence. While modern gaming consoles offer high-end graphics and immersive gameplay, there's something special about playing vintage video games on their original consoles from the 80s.

The Atari 2600 was released in 1977, but it gained popularity in the 80s. The console had a variety of classic games that are still popular today, such as Space Invaders, Pitfall, and Pac-Man. While these games may appear simple by today's standards, they offer a nostalgic feeling that cannot be matched by modern video games.

The NES was released in 1985 and quickly became a hit. Its library of games included classics such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. These games introduced gamers to some of the most iconic characters in video game history. Playing these games on the original NES console takes you back to a time when video games were simpler and more innocent.

To play vintage video games on the original consoles, you need to find working consoles and cartridges. While it may be challenging to find these consoles in good condition, there are stores and websites that specialize in vintage consoles and games.

Another option is to play vintage games on modern consoles, as many classic games have been adapted for modern consoles or are available on online platforms like Nintendo's Virtual Console. However, playing these games on modern consoles takes away from the authentic experience of playing them on their original consoles.

In conclusion, playing vintage video games on their original consoles from the 80s offers a unique and nostalgic experience. While modern gaming consoles have their own advantages, nothing can replace the feeling of playing classic games on the original devices that brought them to life. For gaming enthusiasts and collectors alike, preserving these consoles and games is essential to keeping the history of video games alive.

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Frequently asked questions

Answer: In the 80s, outdoor activities like skateboarding, cycling, roller-skating, hiking, and swimming were popular among people.

Answer: Some iconic video games from the 80s that are still played today include Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Super Mario Bros, and The Legend of Zelda.

Answer: The 80s was known for having multiple popular music genres including rock, pop, dance, heavy metal, hip hop, and new wave. Some famous artists of the 80s era include Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Bon Jovi, and Guns N' Roses.

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Byron Payne

I absolutely love everything about the 80s! One of the best things to do back then was going to arcades and playing all the classic video games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. It was so fun competing against friends for the highest score. Another great activity was going to roller skating rinks. The music, the disco lights, and the feeling of gliding on wheels was pure joy. And let's not forget about the fashion! Dressing up in neon colors, leg warmers, and big hair was a must. The 80s were definitely a memorable time for me.

Rahul Green

As someone who grew up in the 80s, I can't help but reminisce about all the amazing things to do back then. One of my favorite activities was going to see movies in the theaters. There were so many iconic films released during that decade, like E.T., Back to the Future, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was a magical experience to see these movies on the big screen. Another fun thing to do was attending concerts. I remember going to see bands like Duran Duran and Madonna live, and the energy and excitement in the air was electrifying. The 80s were truly a time of great entertainment.

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