14 Fun Activities To Enjoy Labor Day Weekend In Atlanta

things to do labor day weekend in atlanta

As summer comes to a close, Labor Day weekend provides a well-deserved break from our daily routines. Atlanta offers a variety of fun activities that are perfect for embracing the last days of summer, from outdoor concerts to thrilling rides. Whether you're looking for a family outing or a weekend adventure with friends, we've compiled a list of 14 exciting things to do during Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. Get ready to make the most of this holiday as we explore some of the city's most memorable experiences.

Characteristic Tips
Crowded Plan ahead and book tickets for events beforehand to avoid disappointment.
Hot Climate Wear comfortable and lightweight clothing, bring a hat and stay hydrated.
Festive Atmosphere Join a parade or attend a festival to experience the energy of the holiday weekend.
Outdoor Activities Take sunscreen, insect repellent and a picnic for a day of hiking or water sports.
Nightlife Catch a comedy or live music show to enjoy Atlanta's legendary nightlife.
Family-friendly Check out museums, amusement parks or zoo events for fun for the whole family.
Local Food and Drinks Visit local breweries, bars and restaurants to taste Atlanta's unique flavors.
Traffic and Road Closures Check out transportation options or walk around to avoid getting stuck in traffic.


Stone Mountain Park

Source: stonemountainpark.com

The park offers a plethora of activities for a family-friendly excursion. Some of the must-do activities are the laser show, the skyride, and the scenic railroad, all of which provide an unforgettable experience. Visitors can also take a hike up the mountain, go fishing, or enjoy a relaxing picnic with family or friends.

One of the highlights of Stone Mountain Park is the Laser show, which runs every night over the Labor Day Weekend. The show features a dazzling display of lights, music, and fireworks that will leave you mesmerized. It is a perfect family-friendly activity and has been a crowd favorite for years. Be sure to bring chairs and blankets to enjoy the show in comfort.

Another attraction that draws visitors is the Skyride, which offers a bird's eye view of the mountain and the surrounding landscapes. The experience takes you up the mountainside on a gondola, and you get to see breathtaking views of Atlanta from above. It's an excellent way to capture breathtaking pictures and create unforgettable memories.

The park also features a Scenic Railroad that allows visitors to explore the park's picturesque countryside. The train ride takes you through the park's wooded areas, and you can catch a glimpse of the park's wildlife, including deer and squirrels. The train includes an open-air car, which is perfect for capturing pictures and experiencing the wind in your hair.

One of the joys of Stone Mountain Park is hiking the mountain. The park offers several hiking trails that cater to all skill levels. The hike up Stone Mountain is a must-do experience for anyone visiting the park. The trail is challenging but offers impressive views of the surrounding landscapes. Visitors should wear appropriate footwear and bring plenty of water for the hike.

Visitors can also enjoy a relaxing picnic amidst the lush greenery of the park. Several designated picnic areas are available with tables, benches, and grills for cooking a perfect meal. Spending time with family or friends in nature is an excellent way to unwind and create lasting memories.

In conclusion, Stone Mountain Park offers a unique getaway for anyone seeking adventure or relaxation. The park offers a range of activities for all age groups, making it a perfect family-friendly destination. The best way to experience the park is to plan ahead and check the website for any updates or changes. Make sure to bring comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and water to make the most of your Labor Day weekend at Stone Mountain Park.


Six Flags Over Georgia

Source: tinybeans.com

Labor Day weekend is a great time to spend with friends, family, and loved ones. It's one of the busiest weekends since everyone wants to do something fun or adventurous before the summer ends. In Atlanta, Six Flags Over Georgia is a go-to destination for an unforgettable Labor Day weekend adventure. Here's what you'll experience when you visit:

If you're traveling with younger children, there are many rides that cater to them, too. The Bugs Bunny Boomtown section of the park features safe and fun rides that children can enjoy, such as the "Foghorn Leghorn National Park Railway" and "Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters." This area is a great way for kids to expend some energy while still having fun.

Shows are also a big part of Six Flags Over Georgia, and Labor Day weekend is no exception. "The Spinsanity Experience" is a new thrilling stunt show that features motorcycle tricks, acrobatics, and daring stunts. Performers from all over the world, including the USA, Italy, and France, come together for this high-energy show.

One thing to keep in mind when visiting Six Flags Over Georgia on Labor Day weekend is that it will be crowded. We suggest that you arrive early to beat the crowds and lines. The park opens at 10:30 am, so make sure to plan your schedule accordingly. Additionally, you may want to purchase the park's flash pass, which allows you to skip long lines and wait times for rides.

When it's time to eat, Six Flags Over Georgia has a variety of food options to choose from. The park's U.S.A. section has classic American food such as hot dogs, burgers, and fries. For a more upscale dining experience, guests can visit "Johnny Rockets," "Panda Express," or "Chick-fil-A," which all have their own seating areas within the park.

In conclusion, Six Flags Over Georgia is an exciting place to celebrate Labor Day weekend. With a variety of rides, shows, and attractions, there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Remember to arrive early, purchase a flash pass, and have fun! As one visitor put it, "Six Flags Over Georgia is the perfect place to spend Labor Day weekend. I didn't want to leave!"

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Atlanta Botanical Garden

Source: www.accessatlanta.com

Atlanta is a city that offers an array of experiences to visitors. One standout gem is the Atlanta Botanical Garden, an urban oasis nestled in Midtown. This Labor Day weekend, the garden is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse oneself in nature. Whether you're an art enthusiast, nature lover, or just looking for a way to unwind, there is something for everyone at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

On your visit, be sure to catch the Imaginary Worlds exhibit. This is a display of larger-than-life topiary-like sculptures. Some of which include mermaids, unicorns, dragons, and giant cobras. The creations are imaginative and enchanting. The exhibition is available during the day and in the evening. The Garden Lights, Holiday Nights exhibit is a beautiful sight to see. It features a dramatic water installation and thousands of hanging lights, twinkling throughout the garden. It’s an experience to be cherished.

To see the most beautiful blooms, walk through the newly renovated Storza Woods. The beautiful flora includes cherry trees, dogwoods and Japanese maples which have all been combined to create Storza Woods.

As you stroll through the garden, don't miss the beautiful Skyline Garden. This green roof garden offers breathtaking views of the Atlanta skyline. At the Edible Garden, you can learn about vegetable gardening and see plants of almost every color and shape, from espaliered fruit trees to bell peppers.

One informative experience the garden offers is the Garden Kitchen where visitors can learn the importance of pollinators in our agricultural system. You can also learn how to create meals using fresh produce. A delightful lunch awaits visitors daily.

Before or after your visit, stop by Atlanta's historic Piedmont Park. Find a spot on the lawn or participate in a rental activity rentals such as cycling, canoeing or paddleboarding.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday through Sunday and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Labor Day. For more information on tickets and memberships, visit its official website. If you’re feeling adventurous take a class or something to bring more skills back to the kitchen, such as making pies or creating flavorful grilled meals.

There are many reasons to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden this Labor Day Weekend. The serene surroundings, the beautiful art exhibit, the diversity of plant species, and interactive learning experiences are a few. A tip would be to wear comfortable shoes, grab snacks, and water as you explore the garden because the size will kick your feet into overtime.

Don’t forget to grab a souvenir to remember your visit. The gift shop is extensive and carries monogrammed items, handmade pottery, gardening tools and even planters.

A visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden can be summed up with a quote from its mission statement: "Connect people with plants, engaging children and adults in the joy of learning about the natural world through innovative displays, cutting-edge research and practical conservation; and inspire conservation of plants."


World of Coca-Cola

Source: creativeloafing.com

As Labor Day Weekend approaches, Atlanta is gearing up to celebrate the end of summer in style. One of the city’s top attractions, the World of Coca-Cola, is no exception. This iconic museum and entertainment complex is the perfect place for visitors to experience the best of Atlanta’s cultural and culinary offerings.

Located in downtown Atlanta, the World of Coca-Cola is a must-see destination for both locals and tourists alike. The museum is dedicated to the history and legacy of Coca-Cola, the world’s most popular soft drink. Visitors can explore the brand’s rich heritage and learn about its marketing campaigns throughout the years. The museum also features interactive exhibits and tastings of Coca-Cola products from around the world.

One of the highlights of the World of Coca-Cola is the Taste It! exhibit, which features more than 100 Coca-Cola products from around the world. Visitors can sample beverages from Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and even North America. Some of the more unusual flavors include Fanta Melon Frosty from Thailand, Sparletta Cream Soda from South Africa, and Bibo Candy Pine-Nut from Russia.

In addition to tastings, the World of Coca-Cola also offers a range of other experiences. Visitors can explore the Vault of the Secret Formula, which contains the secret recipe for Coca-Cola. They can also take a tour of the Bottling Line, where they can see how Coke is bottled and packaged. The museum also hosts a range of temporary exhibits and events throughout the year.

For those looking for a more immersive experience, the World of Coca-Cola offers VIP tours. These guided tours include access to areas of the museum that are not open to the general public, as well as a personalized tour guide and additional tastings.

While visiting the World of Coca-Cola, visitors can also explore the surrounding area. The museum is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, just steps away from other top attractions like the Georgia Aquarium and the Olympic Park. Visitors can also enjoy a stroll through the historic district of Sweet Auburn or take in a performance at the nearby Fox Theatre.

To make the most of a visit to the World of Coca-Cola, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, visitors should plan to arrive early to avoid crowds and long lines. Second, they should bring plenty of water and comfortable shoes, as the museum can be quite warm and requires a lot of walking. Finally, visitors should be sure to take advantage of the Taste It! exhibit, which offers a unique opportunity to sample Coca-Cola products from around the world.

In conclusion, the World of Coca-Cola is the perfect destination for visitors looking to experience the best of Atlanta’s cultural and culinary offerings. With its rich history, interactive exhibits, and unique tastings, the museum is sure to be a hit with visitors of all ages. So why not spend Labor Day Weekend exploring this iconic attraction and discovering the wonders of Coca-Cola?


Georgia Aquarium

Source: www.atlantamagazine.com

With Labor Day Weekend just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how you want to spend this last long weekend of summer. Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to consider visiting, and while you're there, be sure to stop by the Georgia Aquarium.

The Georgia Aquarium is a lively and educational experience for anyone visiting the Atlanta area. The aquarium is home to over 120,000 animals, and they have the largest aquarium tank in the world. It's a perfect family-friendly place to visit over the Labor Day Weekend, as it offers interactive exhibits and shows that will keep children engaged for hours.

If you're planning on visiting the aquarium over the weekend, keep in mind that it can get quite crowded. It's a popular spot for locals and tourists that are looking to spend time in Atlanta, especially on holiday weekends. Consider purchasing your tickets in advance to avoid long lines, or opt for a VIP experience that will allow you to skip the lines altogether.

One great tip for visiting the aquarium is to plan your visit around the different shows that the aquarium offers. These events can get quite crowded, so be sure to arrive early to secure a spot. If you're planning on seeing the Dolphin Celebration show, try to catch one of the earlier performances, as they tend to have fewer people in attendance.

In addition to the shows, there are also several exhibits that you won't want to miss. The Ocean Voyager exhibit is home to a variety of sea creatures, including whale sharks and manta rays. The Tropical Diver exhibit is where you'll find colorful fish and coral reefs, and the Cold Water Quest exhibit is where you can see playful otters and penguins.

If you're interested in some additional fun, the aquarium also offers animal encounters, where you can get up close and personal with some of the animals. These experiences require an additional fee and advance booking, but they're definitely worth considering if you're a fan of marine animals.

Overall, the Georgia Aquarium is a must-visit attraction if you're spending Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta. The experience is sure to be memorable for both adults and children alike. As one visitor put it, "The Georgia Aquarium is a place of beauty, wonder, and education. The animals are spectacular, the exhibits are creatively presented, and the staff is genuinely passionate about their work." Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience.

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SkyView Atlanta

Source: www.hotels.com

Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta is the perfect time to relax and unwind, and one of the best places to do that is at SkyView Atlanta. SkyView is a 20-story Ferris wheel located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, and it offers some of the most breathtaking views of the city from high up in the sky. If you're planning on spending your Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, here are some things you can do at SkyView.

First, make sure you grab your tickets in advance. There are often long lines to ride the Ferris wheel, especially during peak tourist season. You can avoid the crowds and save time by purchasing tickets online. Once you have your tickets, head over to SkyView Atlanta and get ready to experience the city in a whole new way.

As the Ferris wheel slowly takes you up to the top, you'll be treated to panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline. You'll be able to see iconic landmarks like the Georgia Dome, World of Coca-Cola, and Centennial Olympic Park. The view is truly stunning, and it's a great way to get a sense of the city's layout.

If you're looking for a thrill, try riding the Ferris wheel at night. The city is lit up and the view is even more spectacular. It's also a great option for couples who are looking for a romantic date night.

Another fun thing to do at SkyView Atlanta is to rent one of the VIP gondolas. These special gondolas are outfitted with a glass floor, leather seats, and a VIP experience. You'll get your own private ride and be able to see the city from a whole new perspective.

If you're traveling with kids, SkyView Atlanta also offers a special children's package. This includes a ride on the Ferris wheel, a game of mini golf, and a souvenir photo. It's a great way to keep the kids entertained while you take in the view.

Finally, don't forget to snap some photos while you're up in the sky. The view is truly unique, and you'll want to capture the moment to share with friends and family back home. Plus, SkyView Atlanta is the perfect backdrop for an Instagram-worthy post.

Overall, spending Labor Day weekend at SkyView Atlanta is a must-do for anyone visiting the city. The views are incredible, the ride is thrilling, and it's a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown Atlanta. Whether you're traveling solo, with family, or with a group of friends, SkyView Atlanta is sure to be a highlight of your trip. So grab your tickets, buckle up, and get ready to see the city in a whole new way.

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Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Source: www.mommynearest.com

Are you planning on spending your Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, looking for a place to explore, learn and have some fun? Look no further than the Fernbank Museum of Natural History! Located in the beautiful Druid Hills neighborhood, the museum is one of the top tourist attractions in the city, providing visitors with an amazing experience of science, culture, and history.

Visit the Outdoor Exhibits: Explore the beautifully landscaped grounds of Fernbank that includes trails and walking paths, greenhouses, animal sculptures and water features. Make sure to check out the Dinosaur Plaza, where giant dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures roam freely. Take a walk on the WildWoods trail, which is part of Fernbank’s outdoor experience. Be sure to pack some snacks and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Travel Back in Time: The museum has an exhibit named 'Giants of the Mesozoic', which is phenomenal dinosaur exhibit that includes incredible fossils and life-size sculptures of prehistoric predators. You can easily loose track of time while exploring the exhibitions from different prehistoric ages like the Jurassic, Triassic or Cretaceous. and these exhibits are sure to delight visitors of all ages.

Experience an IMAX Film: The museum houses the biggest IMAX theatre in the Southeast, where visitors can watch films that cover topics like science, nature, and culture. The theater features a 4K laser projection system and a giant seven-story high screen.

Fernbank's Interactive Exhibits: The museums frequently change interactive exhibits, which are a sure hit with kids! One such exhibit, 'Nature Quest,' encourages children to explore the habits of wildlife and ecosystems with the assistance of technology. Another interactive exhibit, "Sensing Nature" is a great opportunity to learn more about the natural world and how ecosystems work.

And if you are one of those who likes to plan well ahead, the museum often host fun events and activities throughout the year. This Labor Day weekend, Fernbank Museum of Natural History is playing host to several events, including “ Jurassic Quest” where you can experience the life-size animatronic dinosaurs, “WildWoods Opening Celebration” which features guided hikes and programs, and “Dino-O-Lympics” where visitors can test their knowledge of dinosaurs and compete in games.

For visitors who want to make the most out of their visit, it’s recommended to purchase the ‘CityPASS’. This pass provides discounted admission to five of the top tourist attractions in the city, including Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

In conclusion, Fernbank Museum of Natural History is an Atlanta institution that should not be missed. It has something to offer for all ages, and with exciting exhibitions and events, you can easily lose track of time. So, pack your backpacks, buy your tickets, and head over to Fernbank Museum of Natural History for an educational and entertaining Labor Day weekend that you will never forget.


Atlanta History Center

Source: www.thrillist.com

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, and for those in Atlanta, the Atlanta History Center is the place to be. Immersed in the rich history of the city, this museum and center is a must-visit attraction for those looking to learn more about Atlanta's past and present. The center is home to a number of exhibits, programs, and events that offer an insightful look into the city's Southern heritage and culture.

One of the most popular exhibits at the Atlanta History Center is the Civil War collection, which includes thousands of artifacts, photographs, and documents related to the American Civil War. The highlight of this collection is the famous locomotive "The General," which was stolen by Union soldiers in 1862 in what is now known as "The Great Locomotive Chase." Visitors can see the restored engine up close and learn about its role in the war.

Another must-see exhibit at the center is the Swan House, an iconic mansion that dates back to the 1920s. The house is an excellent example of the Classical Revival style of architecture and features beautifully restored interiors and furnishings, including a grand staircase and a stunning mural in the dining room. Visitors can take a guided tour of the house and learn about the life of the family that once lived there.

Aside from the exhibits, the Atlanta History Center offers a variety of programs and events throughout Labor Day weekend. The center's event calendar is full of activities for the whole family, including hands-on workshops, lectures, and performances. One unique event taking place during the weekend is the "Historic Trades Weekend," which offers visitors a chance to experience what life was like in the 19th century by observing and participating in historic trades such as blacksmithing and woodworking.

In addition to the exhibits and programs, the Atlanta History Center also has a beautiful 33-acre garden that is perfect for a leisurely stroll. The garden features different types of plant species, water features, and sculptures that are sure to impress visitors. It's the perfect spot to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For those looking to grab a bite to eat, the center has two on-site restaurants. The Swan Coach House Restaurant offers a traditional Southern dining experience with a modern twist, while the Souper Jenny Café serves up hearty soups, sandwiches, and salads made with locally sourced ingredients.

In conclusion, the Atlanta History Center is a top destination for anyone looking to learn about Atlanta's past and present. With its diverse exhibits, wide range of programs, and beautiful gardens, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a history buff, art lover, or just looking for a fun activity to do with the family over Labor Day weekend, the center is a must-visit attraction. So pack a picnic and head over to the Atlanta History Center for an educational and entertaining weekend.

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Zoo Atlanta

Source: mommypoppins.com

One of the highlights of Labor Day weekend at Zoo Atlanta is the annual Brew at the Zoo event. This year, the event will take place on September 2nd from 5:30pm-9:30pm. Guests will have the opportunity to sample over 70 beers and wines from local and national breweries while strolling through the beautiful zoo grounds. There will also be live music and animal encounters to enjoy throughout the evening.

If you're looking for family-friendly activities, there are plenty of options at Zoo Atlanta as well. One of the most popular exhibits is the Giant Panda Conservation Center, where visitors can see the adorable pandas up close and learn about conservation efforts to save this endangered species. The zoo also has a children's petting zoo, where kids can interact with goats, sheep, and other small animals.

For animal lovers who want a more in-depth experience, there are also behind-the-scenes tours available at Zoo Atlanta. These tours allow visitors to get up close and personal with some of the zoo's most beloved animals, including elephants, giraffes, and rhinos. There are also special encounters available for those who want to interact with individual animals, such as feeding the pandas or meeting the zoo's resident sloth.

When visiting Zoo Atlanta, it's important to note that the zoo is open year-round, but hours and admissions prices vary based on the season. During Labor Day weekend, the zoo is open from 9:30am-6:00pm each day, and general admission is $22.99 for adults and $16.99 for children ages 3-11. There are also discounts available for military personnel, seniors, and college students with a valid ID.

Overall, Zoo Atlanta is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Atlanta this Labor Day weekend. From the annual Brew at the Zoo event to the family-friendly exhibits and behind-the-scenes tours, there's something for everyone at this beloved local attraction. So grab your family and head to the zoo for a day of fun and animal adventures!


Centennial Olympic Park

Source: www.wsbtv.com

Looking for something fun to do in Atlanta this Labor Day weekend? Look no further than Centennial Olympic Park! This iconic park in downtown Atlanta, built for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, offers a wide range of activities and events, making it the perfect place to spend your long weekend.

One of the most popular attractions at Centennial Olympic Park is the Fountain of Rings. This stunning water feature features 251 jets that shoot water up to 12 feet in the air, choreographed to lights and music. The fountain serves as the centerpiece of the park and is a must-see for anyone visiting the area.

In addition to the Fountain of Rings, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy at the park. Take a leisurely walk through the lush greenspace, go for a jog or bike ride on one of the many trails, or simply relax on one of the benches and soak up the atmosphere.

If you're looking for something a bit more active, consider checking out the SkyView Ferris Wheel. This iconic landmark offers stunning views of the city from 20 stories up, making it one of the most popular attractions in Atlanta. It's the perfect way to get a different perspective on the city and enjoy some time in the great outdoors.

If you're interested in history, make sure to stop by the Georgia State Capitol, just a short distance from Centennial Olympic Park. The Capitol is open to visitors and features a wealth of exhibits and information about the state's history, culture, and government. It's a fascinating way to spend an afternoon and learn more about the area.

No trip to Centennial Olympic Park is complete without a visit to the nearby World of Coca-Cola. This iconic museum showcases the long and fascinating history of Coca-Cola, one of the world's most beloved beverages. With exhibits, interactive displays, and even a tasting room where you can sample different Coke products from around the world, it's a must-visit for anyone coming to Atlanta.

Finally, if you're looking for something fun and unique to do this Labor Day weekend, consider checking out one of the many events hosted at Centennial Olympic Park. There are often concerts, festivals, and other special events taking place throughout the year, making it a hub of activity and excitement. Check the park's website or social media pages to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

In conclusion, Centennial Olympic Park offers plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy and entertained this Labor Day weekend. Whether you're looking for a relaxing day in the park, an adventure-filled afternoon on the Ferris wheel, or a chance to learn more about the area's history and culture, there's plenty to see and do here. So grab your friends and family and head on down to this iconic Atlanta landmark for an unforgettable weekend!

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Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

Source: www.hipcamp.com

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, visitors can rent a paddleboard or kayak at the park’s Riverside trail area in Sandy Springs. For those who prefer more traditional activities like hiking or biking, consider trying the popular East Palisades Trail. With stunning views of the river and the park’s forested architecture, the trail is a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Additionally, visitors to the park can participate in fishing throughout the park in dedicated fishing areas.

One of the main attractions of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area during Labor Day weekend is the ability to participate in a variety of water activities. At Aiken's Landing, you can rent boats, canoes, or kayaks to explore the river at your own leisurely pace. If you are searching for a little more adventure, consider visiting the Whitewater Creek section of the park, which includes Class 1-3 rapids. The park also offers a 2-hour tubing experience that is sure to provide a memorable experience.

Another popular activity for visitors to the park during Labor Day weekend is picnicking with family and friends. Visitors can reserve park locations for picnics, such as Powers Island, and enjoy a day filled with laughter and fun in the sun. For those interested in a more casual picnic experience, the park has designated areas, including Johnson Ferry, that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Visitors to Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area can immerse themselves in the stunning environment of the park, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Be on the lookout for sightings of white-tailed deer, river otters, and even bald eagles. The park also includes fascinating historical sites such as the ruins of the 19th-century textile mill, which was a major economic hub at the turn of the century.

Overall, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is one of the best places to visit during Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. With breathtaking natural beauty, a range of activities, and magnificent history, the park is the perfect destination for people of all ages. Whether you want to explore the outdoors, relax with a picnic, or immerse yourself in fascinating history, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area has something for everyone.


Callaway Resort & Gardens

Source: www.tripadvisor.com
Characteristic Description
NameCallaway Resort & Gardens
Type4-star hotel
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.4 / 7,520
Address17617 US Hwy 27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822
HoursSunday - 8 AM–5 PM
Monday - 8 AM–5 PM
Tuesday - 8 AM–5 PM
Wednesday - 8 AM–5 PM
Thursday - 8 AM–5 PM
Friday - 8 AM–5 PM
Saturday - 8 AM–5 PM

Looking for the perfect getaway for Labor Day weekend near Atlanta? Look no further than Callaway Resort & Gardens, a beautiful and expansive resort just 70 miles south of Atlanta. With a range of activities and amenities, Callaway makes for the ideal vacation spot whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation, or some combination of both.

One of the most popular attractions at Callaway is the stunning gardens themselves. With over 2,500 acres of sprawling landscapes, these gardens offer a breathtaking escape from the bustle of daily life. Stroll through the vibrant flowers, towering trees, and serene ponds, or take a golf cart tour for a more in-depth look at the incredible flora and fauna.

In addition to the gardens, there's plenty more to keep visitors occupied at Callaway. If you're looking for some outdoor fun, be sure to check out the lake and beach area, which features everything from swimming and boating to fishing and beach volleyball. There are also endless opportunities for hiking and exploring, with miles of trails winding through the property.

For those seeking relaxation, there's nothing better than a visit to the spa. Callaway's luxurious spa offers a range of treatments, from massages and facials to body wraps and scrubs, providing the ultimate indulgence for weary travelers. There's also a sauna and steam room to help melt away any stress.

When it comes to dining options, Callaway has something for everyone. The Piedmont Dining Room offers a sophisticated menu featuring fresh, local ingredients, while the Ironwood Lounge is perfect for casual drinks and snacks. For a more laid-back vibe, try the Beach Bar & Grill, which serves up classic beach food like burgers and hot dogs with a side of live music.

And of course, no trip to Callaway would be complete without a visit to the Butterfly Center. This stunning attraction is home to hundreds of vibrant and exotic butterflies, fluttering among the lush plants and flowers. It's a true must-see, and a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

So why choose Callaway Resort & Gardens for your Labor Day weekend getaway? For starters, the location simply can't be beat. Just a short drive from Atlanta, it's close enough to be easily accessible, yet far enough away to truly feel like a real escape. Plus, with so many activities and amenities on offer, everyone in your group is sure to find something they love.

But don't just take our word for it – here's what some recent visitors had to say about their experience at Callaway:

"I cannot say enough about this beautiful place. It exceeded our every expectation – the gardens, the lake, the pool, and the service were all top-notch. We cannot wait to return." – TripAdvisor review

"The Butterfly Center was one of the most magical things I've ever seen. It truly feels like you're in another world surrounded by all those beautiful creatures." – Yelp review

"I was blown away by the variety of food options at Callaway. We ate at several different places during our stay and each meal was better than the last." – Google review

All in all, Callaway Resort & Gardens is an absolute must-visit destination for anyone looking for a relaxing, rejuvenating, and unforgettable vacation. Book your trip today and get ready to make some memories you'll treasure forever.

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Lake Lanier Islands

Source: www.gwinnettdailypost.com

If you're planning to visit Atlanta this Labor Day weekend, there's no doubt that you'll come across Lake Lanier Islands. Located just an hour's drive north of the city, Lake Lanier Islands is a perfect destination for families and groups of friends looking to get away for a few days. Here are our top picks for things to do while you're there.

First and foremost, Lake Lanier Islands is known for its water activities. Whether you prefer water skiing, wakeboarding, or simply floating around on a raft, the lake has plenty to offer. Don't have your own equipment? No problem – you can rent anything from paddleboards to jet skis to make the most of your time on the water.

Another highlight of the islands is the Legacy Lodge, a luxury resort located right on the lake. This 216-room hotel offers a variety of amenities, including a golf course, a spa, and several dining options. Even if you're not staying at the Legacy Lodge, it's worth a visit to enjoy its beautiful architecture and picturesque surroundings.

If you're looking for something more adventurous, check out the zip line tour offered by Lake Lanier Canopy Tours. The tour consists of seven zip lines and two sky bridges, which take you through the treetops of the islands. This is a great way to get a bird's-eye view of the lake and surrounding landscape.

For a more relaxing experience, head to LandShark Landing. This beachside area features a swim-up bar, live music, and a variety of games and activities. It's the perfect spot to soak up some sun and enjoy a cold drink with friends.

While you're at Lake Lanier Islands, be sure to take advantage of the numerous hiking and biking trails. The islands offer over 20 miles of trails, ranging from easy strolls to challenging hikes. One popular trail is the Lake Trail, which circles the entire lake and provides stunning views of the water and surrounding forests.

Finally, don't leave Lake Lanier Islands without checking out Margaritaville at Lanier Islands. This island-themed restaurant and bar serves up delicious food and drinks in a lively atmosphere. It's a great place to end your day at the lake.

In conclusion, Lake Lanier Islands is a must-visit destination for anyone in the Atlanta area. With its beautiful lake, luxury resort, and numerous activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So why not plan a trip this Labor Day weekend and discover all that the islands have to offer?


Piedmont Park

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One of the most notable events taking place during Labor Day weekend in Piedmont Park is the annual Atlanta Black Pride Festival. It's one of the largest and longest-running Black LGBTQ+ pride events in the world. The festival includes several activities such as workshops, musical performances, and a traditional parade which makes Piedmont Park a crowded and vibrant place to be.

Another crowd puller during the Labor Day weekend at Piedmont Park is the AJC Peachtree Road Race. The race is a popular event and attracts thousands of participants and spectators. The 10-kilometer race is a tradition held in Atlanta since 1970, and its course finishes at Piedmont Park. For people who aren't participating in the race, cheering on the runners or walking around the park to witness the festivities can also be a wholesome experience.

If you're looking for a relatively quieter activity, visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden located near Piedmont Park. It's an idyllic spot with lovely walking trails that feature impressive sculptures and tranquil water features. It's famous for its 'Imaginary Worlds' exhibit, which is an enchanting fantasy world make of living plant sculptures. As Labor Day is one of the last long weekends of summer, catching the garden in full bloom is a fantastic experience.

One activity that is quite popular with families and kids during Labor Day weekend is visiting the Piedmont Park Aquatic Center. The aquatic center is a fun water attraction that features a leisure pool, lap pool, and water slides for kids and adults to enjoy. It's a great place to let off some steam, particularly if the weather is hot and sunny.

For those looking to explore the park's natural beauty, the Active Oval at Piedmont Park is an ideal spot. It's where you'll find the park's sports facilities, including soccer fields, tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and beach volleyball courts. The Active Oval is a perfect setting for everyone to engage in various sports activities.

Lastly, discover a new way to get around the park and explore the park's various acres with an electric bike rental from a local rental service. It not only makes exploring more enjoyable but also allows far-reaching access to areas of the park that would have otherwise not been accessible.

In summary, Piedmont Park is an all-in-one destination for a perfect Labor Day weekend in Atlanta with several events, activities, and amenities for all ages. Whether you're going solo or with family and friends, Piedmont Park offers a wide array of activities that will cater to all interests. So, put on your sunscreen and grab your hat; it's time to explore Piedmont Park.

Frequently asked questions

There are several events happening in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend, including the AJC Decatur Book Festival, the Atlanta Black Pride Weekend, the Atlanta Jazz Festival at Piedmont Park, and the Dragon Con convention downtown.

Atlanta has several outdoor activities to partake in during Labor Day weekend, such as hiking at Stone Mountain Park or the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, visiting the Atlanta Botanical Garden, or attending a Braves game at Truist Park.

Yes, there are several family-friendly events happening over Labor Day weekend, such as the Dragon Con parade, Kids' Day at the Atlanta Jazz Festival, and the Atlanta Balloon Glow at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Atlanta has many fantastic dining options, but some popular Labor Day weekend choices are the annual Great Southern Food Truck Rally at Stone Mountain Park, the annual Jerk & Wine Festival, and the Peachtree Corners Food Truck Thursdays event.

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Mahnoor Cross

This Labor Day weekend, I'm looking forward to exploring Atlanta's food scene. I heard there's a food truck festival happening on Sunday, and I can't wait to try all the delicious treats. I also have tickets for a brewery tour at SweetWater Brewing Company. I'm a big fan of craft beer, so I'm really excited to see how it's made. On top of that, I'm planning on checking out the Atlanta History Center. They have some great exhibits on the Civil War and Southern history. Labor Day weekend is going to be a food and history-filled adventure!
That sounds like an amazing Labor Day weekend plan in Atlanta! The food truck festival on Sunday is definitely a must-visit. With so many delicious treats to try, you're in for a real culinary adventure. And as a craft beer enthusiast, the brewery tour at SweetWater Brewing Company will be a treat for your taste buds. You'll get to see firsthand how your favorite beers are made. Exploring the Atlanta History Center is a perfect way to dive into the rich history of the South. The exhibits on the Civil War are especially fascinating. Your Labor Day weekend is packed with food and history, making it a truly memorable adventure in Atlanta!

Mohammad Dale

I can't wait for Labor Day weekend in Atlanta! I've heard there are so many exciting things to do. I'm definitely planning on checking out the Dragon Con convention downtown. The cosplay looks amazing and I'm a huge fan of all things geeky. After that, I might head over to the Atlanta BeltLine to enjoy a leisurely walk and soak up the atmosphere. There's always such a great energy there. Lastly, I'm thinking of ending the weekend with a visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It's the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Labor Day weekend can't come soon enough!
That sounds like an amazing plan for Labor Day weekend in Atlanta! Dragon Con is definitely a must-visit for all the geeks out there. The cosplay is always on point, and the energy is infectious. The Atlanta BeltLine is a great choice for a leisurely walk. The atmosphere is always so vibrant and there are so many hidden gems along the way. And ending the weekend at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is the perfect way to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature. The scenery there is breathtaking. I can totally understand why you can't wait for Labor Day weekend to arrive!

Kirsty Stephens

Labor Day weekend is always a great time for music lovers in Atlanta. I'm really looking forward to attending the Atlanta Jazz Festival. It's an annual event in Piedmont Park and they always have amazing musicians performing. I'm also hoping to catch a concert at the Fox Theatre. It's such a beautiful venue and there's always a great lineup of artists. Finally, I might head over to the Tabernacle for a night of live music. They often have smaller, up-and-coming bands playing there. I can't wait to immerse myself in the music scene this Labor Day weekend!
That sounds like a fantastic plan for Labor Day weekend in Atlanta! The Atlanta Jazz Festival in Piedmont Park is always a highlight, and I'm sure the lineup of musicians will be incredible. The Fox Theatre is indeed a stunning venue, and catching a concert there is always a memorable experience. The Tabernacle is a great choice for live music, especially if you're interested in discovering new and talented bands. It's wonderful to see someone so excited about immersing themselves in the vibrant music scene of Atlanta. Enjoy the weekend and have a fantastic time enjoying all the amazing performances!

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