12 Fun Activities Near B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale

things to do near b ocean resort fort lauderdale

If you're planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale and looking for some exciting ways to spend your time, you're in luck! The B Ocean Resort is surrounded by a plethora of fun-filled activities that cater to all ages and interests. From indulging in water sports and exploring fascinating museums to indulging in mouth-watering cuisine, there's something for everyone. Join us as we dive into the 12 most exciting activities that you can enjoy in the vicinity of B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale!

Activity Description
Fort Lauderdale Beach Enjoy a day at one of the most popular beaches in South Florida
Las Olas Boulevard Shop, dine, and explore the boutiques, galleries, and restaurants along this iconic street
Butterfly World Experience a beautiful indoor botanical garden and see thousands of butterflies up close
Bonnet House Museum & Gardens Visit this historic home and art museum set on 35 acres of pristine land
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Take a leisurely walk, a bike ride, or a picnic in this peaceful park
Galleria Mall Shop at this upscale mall with numerous designer stores and a variety of dining options
Bluefoot Pirate Adventures Embark on a swashbuckling adventure aboard a pirate ship
Jungle Queen Riverboat Take a sightseeing cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway and see the famous Millionaire's Row
Museum of Discovery and Science Explore interactive exhibits and learn about science, technology, and space
Everglades Holiday Park Take a thrilling airboat tour of the Everglades and see alligators and other wildlife up close.


Fort Lauderdale Beach

Source: www.boceanresort.com

If you're staying at the B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale, you're in a prime location for exploring the area's great attractions. One of the best things to do near the resort is to head to Fort Lauderdale Beach, located just steps away. With its crystal-clear waters and soft white sand, it's no wonder why it's one of the most popular beaches in the state. Here are some of the top things to do at Fort Lauderdale Beach:

  • Soak up the rays: With year-round sunshine and warm weather, Fort Lauderdale Beach is the perfect place to catch some rays. Sit back and relax on the soft sand while soaking in the stunning ocean views.
  • Take a dip: The waters at Fort Lauderdale Beach are typically calm and perfect for swimming, making it a popular destination for families. If you prefer a more active experience, consider renting a paddleboard or kayak to explore the ocean on your own.
  • Stroll the promenade: Fort Lauderdale Beach boasts a scenic promenade that runs parallel to the beach, offering stunning ocean views and a chance to people-watch. Take a leisurely stroll or jog along the pathway, or take advantage of the bike rentals on offer.
  • Snorkel or dive: Fort Lauderdale Beach is also a great destination for those interested in snorkeling or diving. The warm waters are home to a variety of marine life including colorful tropical fish and even sea turtles.
  • Enjoy a drink or meal: With numerous bars and restaurants dotting the beach, you won't have to go far to enjoy a cold drink or delicious meal. From seafood shacks to upscale cafes, the options are endless.

In conclusion, Fort Lauderdale Beach is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing and enjoying the stunning natural beauty of the area. Whether you prefer soaking up the sun, exploring the ocean, or simply enjoying a drink with friends, you'll find it all near the B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale.


Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

Source: www.tripadvisor.com
Characteristic Description
NameBonnet House Museum & Gardens
TypeMuseum in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.6 / 1,625
Address900 N Birch Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Phone(954) 563-5393
HoursWednesday - 11 AM–3 PM
Thursday - 11 AM–3 PM
Friday - 11 AM–3 PM
Saturday - 11 AM–4 PM
Sunday - 11 AM–4 PM
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 11 AM–3 PM

Looking for a unique and interesting attraction to check out near the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale? Look no further than the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, a historic estate that offers visitors a look back into Florida's past.

The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is located just two miles from the B Ocean Resort, and is easily accessible via car, bicycle, or public transportation. The museum is open daily from 9am-4pm, and offers guided tours of the property throughout the day.

The Bonnet House was originally built in the 1920s as a winter retreat for artist Frederic Clay Bartlett and his wife Evelyn, and features a mix of architectural styles and unique design elements. Today, the house is maintained as a museum and art gallery, and visitors can explore the various rooms and exhibits detailing the history of the property and the lives of its former residents.

In addition to the house itself, the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens also features extensive grounds and gardens that are open for visitors to explore. The grounds boast a variety of native Florida plants, and visitors can stroll through the manicured gardens and even catch a glimpse of local wildlife.

Throughout the year, the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens hosts a variety of special events and activities, including art shows, garden tours, and educational programs. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or art enthusiast, this unique and fascinating attraction is sure to be a highlight of your visit to Fort Lauderdale. So be sure to add the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens to your list of things to do near the B Ocean Resort!

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Las Olas Boulevard

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

If you're staying at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale and looking for some nearby activities, Las Olas Boulevard is definitely worth a visit. This vibrant street is packed with restaurants, galleries, shops, and events, making it the perfect place to spend a day out and about.

Start your visit with a stroll down Las Olas, taking in the lovely architecture and soaking up the buzzing atmosphere. You'll find everything from cafes and ice cream parlors to high-end boutiques and art galleries, so there's something for everyone.

If you're a foodie, Las Olas Boulevard is a must-visit. It's home to some of Fort Lauderdale's best restaurants, with cuisines from around the world. For seafood, check out Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille, a popular spot with a great view, or try the fresh sushi rolls at Sushi Shack. Meanwhile, Big City Tavern serves up classic American dishes like burgers and mac and cheese, while La Bonne Crepe has delicious sweet and savory crepes to indulge in.

Along with food, Las Olas Boulevard is also known for its art scene. Check out the many galleries along the street, such as Art Connection USA, where you'll find works by local and international artists. There are also frequent art walks and events, like the Las Olas Art Fair, held twice a year and featuring over 150 artists from across the country.

If you're looking for some retail therapy, Las Olas Boulevard has plenty of shops to explore. Stop by one of the many fashion boutiques, like Carroll's Jewelers or Balenciaga, or check out a specialty store like the Fort Lauderdale Christmas store, where you can pick up unique holiday decorations. There are also plenty of gift shops and souvenir stores, where you can grab a little something to take home.

All in all, a visit to Las Olas Boulevard is a fantastic way to spend a day near the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale. With endless entertainment options, delicious food, and plenty of opportunities to shop and explore, it's the perfect destination for anyone looking for some fun in the sun.

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Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Source: www.floridarambler.com
Characteristic Description
NameHugh Taylor Birch State Park
TypeState park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.6 / 5,203
Address3109 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Phone(954) 564-4521
HoursWednesday - 8 AM–6:30 PM
Thursday - 8 AM–6:30 PM
Friday - 8 AM–6:30 PM
Saturday - 8 AM–6:30 PM
Sunday - 8 AM–6:30 PM
Monday - 8 AM–6:30 PM
Tuesday - 8 AM–6:30 PM

When you book your stay at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale, you'll have a wide variety of things to do and see in the area. One popular local attraction that you won't want to miss is the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

Located just a few minutes away from the hotel, the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park offers visitors a beautiful natural setting to explore. With its mixture of tropical foliage, fresh water lagoons, and sandy beaches, this park is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

There are several activities you can enjoy at the park such as hiking, bird watching, and cycling. One attraction that stands out is the park's famous tunnel under Sunrise Boulevard. This is the perfect spot to take a break from the sun and explore the man-made passageway that was created in the 1940s.

For those who love the water, you can rent kayaks or paddleboards and explore the park's many inlets and waterways. Or, if you're looking for something more relaxing, stroll along the park's wide sandy beach where you can sunbathe and relax while taking in the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you're interested in learning more about the history of the area, there are several guided tours available at the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Park rangers can provide information on the park's history and conservation efforts, as well as point out some of the local flora and fauna.

Overall, the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is a wonderful destination for those staying at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you're looking for an active day outdoors or a peaceful day by the beach, there's something for everyone at this beautiful state park.


Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise

Source: www.visitlauderdale.com
Characteristic Description
NameJungle Queen Riverboat
TypeTourist attraction
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.5 / 3,889
Address801 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Phone(954) 462-5596
HoursWednesday - 10 AM–6:30 PM
Thursday - 10 AM–6:30 PM
Friday - 10 AM–6:30 PM
Saturday - 10 AM–6:30 PM
Sunday - 10 AM–6:30 PM
Monday - 10 AM–6:30 PM
Tuesday - 10 AM–6:30 PM

If you're looking for things to do near B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale, then you can't miss out on a Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise. From the moment you step aboard this iconic vessel, you'll be whisked away to a world of adventure, entertainment and beautiful sights.

The Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise has been a beloved part of the Fort Lauderdale experience for over 80 years. It's a must-do attraction for visitors to the area, and for good reason. Here's what you can expect from this unforgettable cruise.

The Tour

Once aboard the Jungle Queen Riverboat, you'll be taken on a scenic tour of the beautiful waterways of Fort Lauderdale. The tour lasts approximately three hours and takes you through various canals, past stunning celebrity homes and beautiful yachts, and through a maze of mangrove islands.

One of the highlights of the tour is a stop at the Jungle Queen's own private island. Here, you can enjoy a delicious all-you-can-eat barbecue dinner, complete with grilled chicken and baby back ribs, baked beans, coleslaw, and garlic bread. After dinner, you'll be entertained by a live variety show featuring comedians, singers, and magicians.

The Boat

The Jungle Queen Riverboat itself is a sight to behold. It's a classic sternwheeler boat that's been around since 1935. The boat has been updated throughout the years, but it retains its vintage charm and appeal. The boat is outfitted with air conditioning, panoramic windows, and outdoor decks so you can take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings.

The Experience

What sets the Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise apart from other boat tours is the overall experience. You'll feel like you're part of a tradition that's been around for generations. The tour guides are knowledgeable and entertaining, and they make sure to keep the mood light and fun throughout the journey. Whether you're traveling with family or friends, the Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise is a great way to spend an evening.

The Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise is one of the top things to do near B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale. It's an experience that you won't forget anytime soon. From the scenic tour of the waterways, to the delicious dinner, to the live variety show, there's something for everyone aboard the Jungle Queen. Next time you're in Fort Lauderdale, be sure to book a ticket for this iconic riverboat tour.

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Bluefoot Pirate Adventures

Source: www.tripadvisor.com
Characteristic Description
NameBlueFoot Pirate Adventures
TypeBoat tour agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.9 / 1,313
Address801 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Phone(954) 530-8302
HoursWednesday - 9 AM–5 PM
Thursday - 9 AM–5 PM
Friday - 9 AM–5 PM
Saturday - 9 AM–5 PM
Sunday - 9 AM–5 PM
Monday - 9 AM–5 PM
Tuesday - 9 AM–5 PM

B Ocean Resort is a top-rated resort located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. It's the perfect place to unwind and relax, but if you're looking for adventure or something to do, there are plenty of options nearby. One of the best activities to try out is the Bluefoot Pirate Adventures.

Embark on a journey of adventure and fun by taking the Bluefoot Pirate Adventures. This exciting trip takes you on a ride around the beautiful Fort Lauderdale waterways, where you'll encounter real-life pirates, treasure-seeking quests, and much more. Kids will be enthused by the pirate-themed journey, as they sharpen their pirate skills and explore the seas, while adults can indulge in some exhilarating boating.

Overall, there are many activities to engage in during your stay at B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale. But if you're looking for something memorable, that the entire family can enjoy, the Bluefoot Pirate Adventure is a must. It will give you an opportunity to create memories that will last forever. So, grab your eye-patch, raise your flag, and join the quest, as you set out for the adventure of your life in Fort Lauderdale.

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Fishing charters

Source: ladyhelencharters.com

If you're staying at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale, you're in for a treat. There are plenty of things to do in the area that will make your vacation unforgettable. One activity that stands out in this region is deep-sea fishing. There are several fishing charters available near the B Ocean Resort that can take you on a thrilling adventure out on the water. So if you enjoy reeling in big fish and soaking up the sun, here are some excellent fishing charters to consider.

Custom Fishing Charters

Custom Fishing Charters offers half-day and full-day fishing adventures off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. This charter company can accommodate groups of up to six people and provides all the necessary fishing gear, bait, and tackle. You can expect to catch fish such as tuna, mahi-mahi, and sailfish while out on the water. The captain and crew are experienced fishermen who know the best spots to find big game fish.

New Lattitude Sportfishing

New Lattitude Sportfishing is another excellent option for those looking for a deep-sea fishing experience. This charter company offers trips ranging from four to eight hours, with the chance to catch fish like mahi-mahi, sailfish, and wahoo. They also provide all the necessary fishing equipment, bait, and tackle to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. The captain and crew are knowledgeable and friendly, making for a fun day out on the water.

Mega Bite Fishing Charters

Mega Bite Fishing Charters offers half-day and full-day fishing trips for anglers of all skill levels. Their boats are equipped with top-of-the-line fishing gear and technology to ensure a successful fishing experience. Expect to catch a variety of fish, including kingfish, mahi-mahi, and sailfish. The captain and crew are highly experienced and will offer expert guidance to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Lady Pamela II Sportfishing

Lady Pamela II Sportfishing is one of the most popular charter companies in the area. They offer personalized fishing trips with experienced guides who are dedicated to making your trip unforgettable. The boat is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology, making it easier to locate and catch fish. Expect to catch a range of fish from kingfish to sailfish while out on the water.

In conclusion, if you're looking for things to do near the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale, deep-sea fishing is an exciting adventure worth considering. There are plenty of fishing charters available, with experienced captains and crews who will guide you to the best spots for catching big game fish. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, these charters will provide you with an unforgettable day out on the water. So book your trip today and get ready to reel in your catch of the day!


Stand-up paddleboarding

Source: ochristine.com

If you’re vacationing at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale and are wondering what there is to do in the area, look no further than stand-up paddleboarding! This fun and active water sport is the perfect way to explore the beautiful beaches and waterways that Fort Lauderdale has to offer.

One great spot to try stand-up paddleboarding near the B Ocean Resort is on the Intracoastal Waterway. This busy waterway connects Fort Lauderdale to other cities and towns along the coast, and provides a fun and somewhat challenging paddle. You may even spot some dolphins or manatees along the way!

If you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, head to the calm waters of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Here, you can rent a stand-up paddleboard and paddle through the park’s scenic lagoon, which is surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife. You can even stop at one of the park’s small islands for a picnic or quick rest break.

Another option for an adventurous paddle is to explore the ocean waves. Experienced paddlers can take on the challenge of surfing the waves on their SUPs, while beginners can enjoy a more leisurely paddle along the shore. The staff at B Ocean Resort can help you find a local surf school or rental shop to get you started.

No matter where you choose to paddle, be sure to bring sunscreen, plenty of water, and a sense of adventure. Stand-up paddleboarding is a great way to explore the beautiful waterways of Fort Lauderdale and make lasting memories during your stay at B Ocean Resort.


Jet ski rentals

Source: www.facebook.com

If you're staying at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale and looking for some exciting outdoor activities, jet ski rentals are the perfect way to explore the beautiful waterways of this coastal city. Here are some of the top places to rent jet skis near the hotel:

  • Atlantic Beach Clubs II: This rental company is located just a few blocks away from the B Ocean Resort and offers a range of jet ski rentals for all skill levels. You can choose to rent a jet ski for one hour, two hours, or a full day, and the staff will provide you with all the safety equipment and instructions you need to get started.
  • Sunrise Parasail & Jet Ski: This rental company is located about 10 minutes away from the hotel and offers a variety of water sports equipment, including jet skis. You can rent a jet ski for an hour or a half-day and explore the nearby waterways, including the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Xtreme Action Park: This indoor/outdoor amusement park is located about 20 minutes away from the B Ocean Resort and offers a range of thrilling activities for all ages, including jet ski rentals. You can choose to rent a jet ski for 30 minutes or an hour and ride around the park's lake, or take a guided tour of the nearby canals and waterways.
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach: The B Ocean Resort is located just steps away from Fort Lauderdale Beach, which offers a range of water sports rental companies. You can easily find jet ski rentals along the beach and explore the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

No matter which location you choose, jet ski rentals near the B Ocean Resort are a thrilling way to experience the beauty of Fort Lauderdale's waterways. Just remember to wear a life jacket, follow all safety instructions, and have fun!


Beach volleyball

Source: USA Volleyball

If you're staying at B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale and looking for some fun activities to break up your day, beach volleyball is a great option. Fort Lauderdale is known for its beautiful beaches, which provide the perfect backdrop for a game of volleyball. Here are some places you can go to play:

  • Fort Lauderdale Beach Park - This park has multiple volleyball courts and is located right on the beach, so you can enjoy the sand and surf in between games. There are often tournaments and other events held here, so be sure to check the schedule before you go.
  • Pompano Beach - Just a short drive north of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach has several volleyball courts available for public use. The beach is wide and clean, with plenty of space for games and activities.
  • Hollywood Beach - South of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Beach is another great spot for beach volleyball. The broadwalk area has multiple courts available for use, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby to grab a drink or a bite to eat after your game.

In addition to these locations, many of the beachfront bars and restaurants in the Fort Lauderdale area have volleyball courts set up for customers to use. You can grab a drink or a snack and play a game with friends or other beachgoers.

If you're looking to take your game to the next level, there are also several beach volleyball leagues and tournaments in the area. Check local listings or ask at your hotel for more information.

Overall, beach volleyball is a great way to stay active and enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine during your stay at B Ocean Resort. With so many options available, you're sure to find a spot that suits your needs and skill level. So grab a ball and hit the sand!


Beach yoga

Source: Fort Lauderdale Beach

B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful beachfront property with stunning views of the turquoise waters of the Atlantic. While there are plenty of activities to enjoy within the resort, there are also several exciting things to do nearby. One fun activity that is gaining in popularity is beach yoga.

One of the main advantages of beach yoga is that it is a great workout that also allows you to connect with nature. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore is a soothing background for your yoga practice. Moreover, the salty sea breeze provides a refreshing atmosphere and helps to clear your mind.

During your beach yoga session at B Ocean Resort, you can expect to move through a sequence of yoga poses that are designed to stretch and strengthen your body. You will be guided by an experienced instructor who will provide modifications and variations to suit your skill level. The class typically lasts about an hour, and it is recommended to bring a towel or yoga mat.

If you are looking to experience beach yoga outside of the resort, you will find plenty of options nearby. Several local yoga studios offer beach yoga classes in the early morning and late afternoon. Some popular options include Yoga Joint, Castle Beach Yoga, and Island Yoga.

In conclusion, beach yoga is an enjoyable and rejuvenating activity that you can add to your itinerary near B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale. It is a great way to start or end your day and is suitable for all skill levels. Book a session with the resort's on-site yoga instructors or explore the nearby yoga studios for a unique yoga experience.



Source: OceanWide Explorers

If you're staying at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale, there's no shortage of fun activities to enjoy in the area. One activity that's perfect for adventurous travelers is kayaking. Whether you're a seasoned paddler or a first-timer, kayaking in Fort Lauderdale is an amazing way to explore the waterways and soak up the beauty of the natural surroundings. Here are some of the best places to go kayaking near the B Ocean Resort.

  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park: Located just 10 minutes away from the hotel, Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is a must-visit destination for kayakers. The park's lagoon is calm and shallow, perfect for beginners to get acquainted with kayaking. The park also has several trails that wind through mangrove tunnels and along the Intracoastal Waterway, allowing you to explore the diverse ecosystem of South Florida.
  • Middle River: The Middle River is a great place to go kayaking if you're looking for a bit more of a challenge. This river is more open than the lagoon at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, so you can expect to encounter some gentle waves as you paddle. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, with lush mangroves and towering palm trees surrounding you as you make your way upstream.
  • New River: For those looking for a longer kayaking adventure, the New River is a great option. You can launch your kayak at Esplanade Park in downtown Fort Lauderdale and paddle upstream towards the Everglades. Along the way, you'll pass luxurious mansions, historic buildings, and even a few alligators if you're lucky.
  • Venice of America: If you're interested in getting a different perspective on Fort Lauderdale's famous waterways, consider taking a guided kayaking tour of the Venice of America. This tour will take you through the canals and waterways of the city, giving you a unique view of the mansions, yachts, and other sights along the way. Plus, your guide can fill you in on the history and culture of Fort Lauderdale.

No matter which kayaking destination you choose, you're sure to enjoy a thrilling and memorable experience. Just don't forget to bring a waterproof camera to capture all the amazing sights!

Frequently asked questions

Answer: Some popular water activities to enjoy nearby include swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing.

Answer: Yes, there are several shopping areas within a short distance, such as The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale and Las Olas Boulevard.

Answer: Yes, there are several restaurants nearby, including Wreck Bar & Grill, S3 Restaurant, and The Capital Grille.

Answer: The Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, and Butterfly World are some of the family-friendly attractions near B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale that are worth a visit.

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Samir Gallagher

My family and I recently had a wonderful vacation at B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale. One of the highlights of our stay was exploring the Las Olas Boulevard, which is just a short drive away. This vibrant street is lined with shops, restaurants, and art galleries, making it the perfect place for a leisurely stroll. We also enjoyed visiting the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, which is located just a few minutes from the resort. It's a beautiful historic house surrounded by lush gardens, and we loved learning about its fascinating history. If you're looking for things to do near B Ocean Resort, these two attractions are definitely worth checking out!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation experience at B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale! It's great to hear that you had such a memorable time with your family. Exploring Las Olas Boulevard sounds like a fantastic way to spend a day, with its vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of shops, restaurants, and art galleries. The Bonnet House Museum and Gardens also sounds like a must-visit attraction, offering a beautiful historic house surrounded by stunning gardens. Learning about its intriguing history must have been both educational and inspiring. I'm glad you enjoyed these nearby attractions and I'll definitely keep them in mind for my own visit to B Ocean Resort.

Conner Holmes

I recently stayed at B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale and had the most amazing time exploring the area. One of the top things to do near the resort is to visit the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park. It's just a short walk away and offers beautiful sandy beaches, picnic areas, and even a playground for the kids. Another great activity is to take a water taxi tour of the Intracoastal Waterway. It's a fun way to see the city from a different perspective and you can hop on and off at various stops along the way. Overall, I highly recommend B Ocean Resort for its convenient location and easy access to these fantastic attractions.

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