12 Best Outdoor Activities Near Stone Mountain Nc

things to do near stone mountain nc

Looking for an adventure-packed weekend getaway? There's no need to look further than Stone Mountain, NC. With its rugged terrain, winding rivers, and abundant wildlife, this North Carolina gem offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. From hiking to horseback riding, camping to fishing, there's something for every type of adventurer. So, grab your gear, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience in the great outdoors. Here are the 12 best outdoor activities near Stone Mountain, NC.

Activities Description
Hiking Explore the scenic trails around Stone Mountain
Camping Spend a night under the stars in a peaceful setting
Rock Climbing Challenge yourself on the mountain's rocky terrain
Fishing Cast a line and reel in some rainbow trout
Picnicking Enjoy a picnic lunch with family and friends
Horseback Riding Take a scenic trail ride through the park
Canoeing/Kayaking Paddle down the nearby Yadkin River
Stargazing Marvel at the night sky's countless stars
Waterfalls Visit nearby waterfalls like Widow's Creek
Photography Snap some beautiful nature shots


Hiking at Stone Mountain State Park

Source: diamondbrandoutdoors.com
Characteristic Description
NameStone Mountain State Park - Lower Trailhead
TypePark in Traphill, North Carolina
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.9 / 60
AddressStone Mountain Rd, Traphill, NC 28685
Phone(336) 957-8185

Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina is a hiker's paradise with rugged trails that lead you to breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. This park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore hiking trails, waterfalls, and campsites. If you're looking for things to do near Stone Mountain NC, hiking at Stone Mountain State Park is a must-do activity. Here's a detailed guide on hiking in the park that will allow you to experience its beauty to the fullest.

Stone Mountain State Park is located in Roaring Gap, North Carolina, and is about 90 miles from Charlotte. The park features more than 18 miles of hiking trails that vary in difficulty, so you can choose a trail that suits your fitness level. The park's trails traverse diverse landscapes, including pine and hardwood forests, streams, and rock formations. The most popular trail in the park is the Stone Mountain Loop Trail. It's a challenging 4.5-mile loop that leads you to the summit of Stone Mountain and rewards you with stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Stone Mountain Loop Trail is strenuous, and you must be in good physical shape to complete it. The trailhead is located at the Lower Parking Lot and is well-marked. You ascent a steep grade to a paved section of the trail that is dotted with benches. The trail continues on the exposed granite of Stone Mountain, with steep drop-offs to either side. Be sure to keep a safe distance from the edge and follow the trail markers. Along the way, you'll see inspiring views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Allegheny Plateau, and the Yadkin Valley.

Another popular trail in the park is the Widow's Creek Trail, a moderate hike that is perfect for families with children. The trail is located at the Widow's Creek Access Area and is just under two miles long. The trail follows the Widow's Creek and offers great opportunities for birdwatching, fishing, and swimming. You'll also pass the impressive Widow's Creek Falls, a 25-foot waterfall that cascades over a granite outcropping.

If you're looking for a longer hike, you can try the Cedar Rock Trail. This moderate to the strenuous trail is 5.5 miles long and leads you to the top of Cedar Rock Mountain, which provides panoramic vistas of the surrounding area. The trailhead is located at the Upper Parking Lot. The trail passes through forests, streams, and rock formations, and has a few steep sections that require some scrambling.


Rock Climbing at Stone Mountain

Source: www.blueridgemtnguides.com

Stone Mountain is a popular tourist destination located in the North Carolina area. It is well-known for its beautiful scenery and rock climbing opportunities. Visitors looking for outdoor adventures and challenges will find several thrilling and exhilarating options for activities near Stone Mountain. In particular, the rock climbing experience at Stone Mountain should not be missed.

Rock climbing, also known as mountaineering, is a physically challenging activity that requires strength, endurance, and technique. Stone Mountain is an ideal location for rock climbing enthusiasts to experience this exciting and adventurous activity. With its unique geological features and beautiful natural surroundings, Stone Mountain provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable rock climbing experience.

Before attempting to climb Stone Mountain, it is essential to know the basics of rock climbing. Climbers should also be equipped with proper gear, including harnesses, helmets, ropes, and climbing shoes. The park provides rental equipment for those without their gear, ensuring everyone can enjoy this unique experience.

Besides rock climbing, visitors to Stone Mountain can enjoy other activities, including hiking, picnicking, and camping. The mountain has several well-maintained trails that visitors can explore. These trails vary in distance and difficulty, with some leading to beautiful lookout points with stunning panoramic views of the natural surroundings.

In conclusion, the opportunity to engage in rock climbing at Stone Mountain is a unique and thrilling experience for any adventurer. While the activity may require some physical exertion, the mesmerizing views and exciting challenges presented by the mountain make it worth the effort. Stone Mountain is definitely a must-visit destination for those looking for outdoor adventures and unforgettable experiences.


Fishing at Stone Mountain Trout Streams

Source: www.troutprostore.com

Nestled in the heart of North Carolina's beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Stone Mountain State Park is a natural wonderland where locals and tourists alike come to enjoy the great outdoors. And one of the most popular activities in the park? Fishing at Stone Mountain Trout Streams!

With stunning views and ample opportunities for anglers of all levels, Stone Mountain Trout Streams offer some of the most rewarding fishing in the southeastern United States. Further, these streams offer fishing for both native and stocked trout, which means that you can expect a rich diversity of species, from rainbow and brown trout to brook and cutthroat trout.

If you're interested in fishing at Stone Mountain Trout Streams but don't know where to start, no problem! The park offers guided fishing tours, which are a fun and educational way to learn about the ins and outs of successful trout fishing. In addition, the park provides a range of equipment rentals, from waders and boots to fly reels and rods, so visitors can fish without needing to lug their own gear. You can even purchase bait and fishing licenses in the park's visitor center.

Of course, for those who prefer to fish independently, there are numerous opportunities to explore the waterways on your own. The park includes two main streams, the East Prong of Roaring River and the West Prong of Roaring River, which flow from the steep peaks of Stone Mountain and offer a mix of pools, riffles, and deeper runs for casting. The park also provides numerous access points along both streams, so anglers can tailor their fishing trips to their own preferences.

Once you've hooked a fish, you'll need to follow the park's Catch-and-Release Regulations, as all fish caught in the Stone Mountain Trout Streams must be immediately released back into the water. However, with such stunning surroundings and abundant fish, this shouldn't be a difficult rule to follow!

Overall, fishing at Stone Mountain Trout Streams is an unforgettable experience that promises to delight the senses and reinvigorate the soul. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner looking to try something new, these streams offer some of the most rewarding fishing opportunities in North Carolina, and are sure to leave you with memories that last a lifetime.


Kayaking at Roaring River or Yadkin River

Source: www.yadkinriverkeeper.org

Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina is a beautiful place to visit and explore. There's plenty to do in the park and the surrounding areas, including the opportunity to go kayaking at Roaring River or Yadkin River.

Roaring River is a small stream that flows through the park, and it's perfect for kayaking. Rent a kayak from one of the local outfitters or bring your own, and enjoy a peaceful paddle through the park. The river is known for its crystal-clear water, which makes it ideal for spotting fish and other wildlife.

Yadkin River, on the other hand, is a larger river that offers more of a challenge for experienced kayakers. This river has some rapids, so be careful if you're a beginner. There are several outfitters in the area, so you can rent gear and get a guided tour if you'd like.

Both Roaring River and Yadkin River offer breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. As you paddle down the rivers, you'll see mountains, forests, and wildlife that you wouldn't be able to see from the road. It's a great way to get away from the crowds and experience the beauty of Stone Mountain State Park in a unique way.

When you're planning your kayaking adventure, be sure to check the weather and water conditions before you go. You'll want to make sure that the river isn't too high or too low, and that you have the right gear to stay safe on the water. Always wear a life jacket and let someone know where you're going and when you expect to be back.

In conclusion, if you're looking for something to do near Stone Mountain State Park, consider going kayaking at Roaring River or Yadkin River. It's a great way to experience the beauty of the park from a different perspective, and it's a fun and exciting activity for people of all ages. So grab a paddle and hit the water – you won't be disappointed!

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Ziplining at Carolina Ziplines Canopy Tour

Source: www.visitnc.com
Characteristic Description
NameCarolina Ziplines Canopy Tour
TypeAmusement park in Stokes County, North Carolina
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.9 / 284
Address1085 Nickell Farm Rd, Westfield, NC 27053
Phone(336) 972-7656
HoursTuesday - 9 AM–6 PM
Wednesday - 9 AM–6 PM
Thursday - 9 AM–6 PM
Friday - 9 AM–6 PM
Saturday - 9 AM–6 PM
Sunday - 9 AM–6 PM
Monday(Memorial Day) - Closed

If you are looking for an adventure that will take you high above the tree line and give you a bird's eye view of the beautiful scenery around Stone Mountain, then ziplining at Carolina Ziplines Canopy Tour should be at the top of your list of things to do.

Located in Westfield, NC, just a short drive from Stone Mountain, Carolina Ziplines Canopy Tour offers a thrilling experience that is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to explore the area in an exciting new way.

The zipline tour consists of over a dozen ziplines that stretch over 1.5 miles through the forest canopy. You will soar across the treetops at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape as you go.

Whether you are a first-time zipliner or an experienced thrill-seeker, Carolina Ziplines Canopy Tour has something for everyone. Their experienced guides will provide you with all the equipment and safety instruction you need to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

The tour takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete, and it includes several challenging elements, such as sky bridges and rappelling, that will test your skills and push you to new heights.

One of the best things about ziplining at Carolina Ziplines Canopy Tour is that it is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Children as young as 8 can participate, and the course is designed to be challenging enough for even the most experienced adventurers.

So if you are looking for an exhilarating way to explore the beautiful landscape around Stone Mountain, consider ziplining at Carolina Ziplines Canopy Tour. It is an experience you will never forget!

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Whitewater Rafting at New River or Nolichucky River

Source: aceraft.com

If you're an adventure enthusiast or just looking for an exciting activity to do during your trip to Stone Mountain NC, whitewater rafting is definitely something that you should add to your itinerary. Among the many options, New River and Nolichucky River stand out as some of the best places for white-water rafting near Stone Mountain NC.

New River:

The New River offers a thrilling and scenic experience for those who are new to whitewater rafting as well as for the more experienced thrill-seekers. Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, the New River provides a perfect blend of calm, peaceful river sections, along with exciting rapids that range from Class I to Class IV. There are multiple outfitters available in the area that can provide you with all the necessary gear and training required to enjoy this adventure safely. Along the New River, you may also spot abundant wildlife and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Nolichucky River:

The Nolichucky River is another excellent option for whitewater rafting near Stone Mountain NC. Situated in the Cherokee National Forest, Nolichucky river offers a unique experience with superb rapids, crystal clear blue waters, and vast green forest. This river is a bit more challenging than the New River, which makes it an ideal destination for experienced rafters. Here, you can try rafting through Class III to Class IV+ rapids that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Similar to the New River, the Nolichucky offers opportunities to see great wildlife and take in breathtaking views that are reminiscent of untouched wilderness.

Whitewater rafting on New River or Nolichucky is a perfect adventure for a group of friends, family, or solo travelers looking to experience the thrills of the great outdoors. So get yourself ready to paddle and wet, take in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains or Cherokee forest, and enjoy your whitewater rafting adventure near Stone Mountain NC.


Camping at Stone Mountain State Park

Source: www.bookyoursite.com

If you're looking for an outdoor adventure in the area of Stone Mountain, North Carolina, camping at Stone Mountain State Park is a must-do activity. With over 14,000 acres of rugged terrain, the park offers an endless amount of recreational opportunities. From scenic hikes to stunning waterfalls, Stone Mountain State Park has something for everyone, making it a great destination for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

When it comes to camping, Stone Mountain State Park is a very popular destination, and for a good reason. The park offers 90 tent and trailer sites, 21 backpacking sites and 8 small primitive group camping areas. The campsites are nestled among tall trees and lush greenery, providing a tranquil atmosphere for a peaceful night's sleep.

There are plenty of activities to keep you and your fellow campers busy during your stay. You can start your day with a refreshing hike on one of the park's 18 trails. One of the most popular trails is the Stone Mountain Loop Trail that takes you to the top of the mountain, offering spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. Alternatively, you might choose to hike the 5-mile waterfall loop trail, which passes through two of the park's most scenic waterfalls - Stone Mountain Falls and Widow's Creek Falls. Take a picnic lunch and enjoy a peaceful meal at one of the park's picnic areas.

If you're looking for a more adventurous activity, the park offers rock climbing opportunities. Stone Mountain is a popular rock climbing destination and attracts climbers from around the world. There are several designated climbing areas for both novice and expert climbers, with routes ranging from easy to very challenging.

Additionally, nearby attractions include the town of Elkin, North Carolina. The town is known for its wine trails, where you can sample locally produced wines and enjoy the picturesque rolling vineyards. You can also visit the River House Gallery & Pottery, where you can view and purchase artwork by local artists.

Overall, camping at Stone Mountain State Park is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the outdoors in North Carolina. Whether you're looking for scenic hikes, rock climbing, or just some peace and quiet, the park has something for everyone. Don't forget to bring along your camera to capture memories that will last a lifetime.


Horseback Riding at Saddle Creek Horse Riding Stables

Source: blueridgemountainstravelguide.com

If you're looking for outdoor adventure and fun activities near Stone Mountain, NC, then you definitely don't want to miss out on horseback riding! One of the best places to saddle up and hit the trails is at Saddle Creek Horse Riding Stables.

Located just a short drive from Stone Mountain State Park, Saddle Creek offers guided horse riding tours and lessons for riders of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or a beginner, the friendly and experienced staff at the stables can help you have an unforgettable experience on horseback.

The horseback riding trails at Saddle Creek are absolutely stunning, winding through lush forested areas and scenic landscapes. You'll get to enjoy the fresh mountain air and take in breathtaking views as you explore the North Carolina wilderness on horseback. Along the way, you might even spot some wildlife, like deer, turkeys, or even black bears!

If you're new to horseback riding, don't worry - Saddle Creek has some of the best trainers around, and they're committed to helping you feel safe and comfortable on your ride. They'll teach you everything you need to know about horseback riding before you hit the trails, and they'll be there to guide you every step of the way.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of the wind in your hair and the rhythm of a horse's gait beneath you as you explore the beauty of Stone Mountain and the surrounding area. So why not add horseback riding at Saddle Creek Horse Riding Stables to your list of things to do near Stone Mountain, NC? It's an experience you won't soon forget!


Mountain Biking at Kerr Scott Reservoir or Bald Knob Trail

Source: ridenwnctrails.com

If you're visiting the Stone Mountain area and looking for some outdoor adventure, you're in luck! The region is home to some fantastic mountain biking trails, including Kerr Scott Reservoir and Bald Knob Trail.

Kerr Scott Reservoir is located just a short drive from Stone Mountain and offers over 30 miles of trails that wind through the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. The trails at Kerr Scott Reservoir are suitable for riders of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced riders looking for a challenge.

One of the most popular trails at Kerr Scott Reservoir is the Overmountain Victory Trail, a 16.6-mile loop that takes riders through some of the most beautiful scenery in the area. The trail is relatively flat, making it perfect for beginners, but also features some technical sections that will keep advanced riders on their toes.

Another excellent trail at Kerr Scott Reservoir is the Warrior Creek Trail, a 14.6-mile loop that is a favorite among advanced riders. The trail is challenging and features some steep climbs and technical sections, making it a great workout for experienced mountain bikers.

If you're looking for something a little more challenging, head over to Bald Knob Trail, located just a few miles from Stone Mountain. This trail is known for its steep climbs and fast descents, making it a favorite among adrenaline junkies.

The Bald Knob Trail is not for the faint of heart, but if you're up for the challenge, it's one of the most rewarding mountain biking experiences in the area. The trail features incredible views of the surrounding mountains and is sure to leave you breathless.

No matter which trail you choose, mountain biking in the Stone Mountain area is an unforgettable experience. So, grab your bike and hit the trails for an adventure you won't forget!


Golfing at Stone Mountain Golf Club

Source: www.golfinggeorgia.com

Stone Mountain Golf Club is an excellent destination for golf enthusiasts who are looking for an exciting golfing experience in Stone Mountain, North Carolina. Situated at the foot of the majestic Stone Mountain, this golf club offers players 18 holes of championship golf amidst stunning natural landscapes that are sure to take your breath away.

The golf course at Stone Mountain Golf Club is spread over more than 6,700 yards and features a par-70 layout that challenges golfers of all skill levels. Each hole is uniquely designed to test different aspects of your game, including your strategy, accuracy, and shot-making abilities. The course is known for its immaculate fairways, well-maintained greens, and challenging hazards that require players to be creative and tactical throughout their game.

Golfers at Stone Mountain Golf Club can also take advantage of a range of amenities that enhance their golfing experience. The clubhouse at the golf course offers a fully-stocked pro shop, where you can purchase golfing equipment and apparel. The clubhouse also includes a restaurant that serves delicious meals and a bar that serves refreshing drinks, making it the perfect place to unwind after a round of golf.

If you are looking to improve your golfing skills, Stone Mountain Golf Club also offers lessons from experienced golfing instructors who can help you refine your technique and strategy. The golf club also has a driving range and practice greens where you can hone your skills before heading out onto the golf course.

In conclusion, if you are looking to enjoy a round of golf while surrounded by spectacular natural beauty, Stone Mountain Golf Club is the perfect destination. With its challenging course, well-appointed clubhouse, and experienced instructors, the golf club is a must-visit for golf enthusiasts in Stone Mountain, North Carolina.


Picnicking and Swimming at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir

Source: www.recreation.gov

If you're looking for an idyllic spot for a picnic or a refreshing swim near Stone Mountain, North Carolina, then you need look no further than W. Kerr Scott Reservoir. This beautiful reservoir is located in Wilkes County, just a short drive from Stone Mountain State Park. With its crystal-clear waters, stunning scenery, and abundance of recreational opportunities, W. Kerr Scott Reservoir is the perfect place to spend a summer day.

Picnicking at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir

One of the best things to do at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir is to pack a picnic lunch and head down to the water's edge. There are picnic areas located throughout the park, each offering breathtaking views and plenty of space to spread out and relax. Whether you're looking for a shady spot under the trees or a sunny spot on the beach, you're sure to find the perfect spot for your picnic.

If you didn't bring your own food, don't worry. There's a fully-stocked concession stand that serves up tasty treats and refreshing drinks. From hot dogs and burgers to ice cream and slushies, there's something for everyone at the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir concession stand.

Swimming at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir

If you're looking to cool off on a hot summer day, there's no better place to be than W. Kerr Scott Reservoir. The water is clean, clear, and inviting, perfect for a refreshing swim. There's a swim beach located at the park, complete with lifeguards to ensure everyone's safety.

In addition to swimming, there are plenty of other water-based activities to enjoy at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir. You can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and fishing boats at the marina, or try your luck at catching some fish from the shore or a boat. The reservoir is stocked with a variety of fish, including bass, catfish, and crappie.

Other Activities at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir

If you're up for more than just picnicking and swimming, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir. You can hit the walking and hiking trails, which offer stunning views of the reservoir and the surrounding countryside. There are also mountain biking trails for the more adventurous, as well as opportunities for bird watching, geocaching, and more.

Final Thoughts

W. Kerr Scott Reservoir is a beautiful, serene destination that offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and relaxation. Whether you're looking to spend a relaxing day picnicking by the shore or trying your hand at fishing or kayaking, there's something for everyone at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir. So pack up your picnic basket, grab your sunscreen, and head out to this beautiful spot near Stone Mountain, North Carolina. You won't regret it!


Wildlife Viewing at Blue Ridge Parkway

Source: www.nps.gov

If you're looking for a great place to explore wildlife in the Stone Mountain area of North Carolina, then be sure to check out the Blue Ridge Parkway. This iconic scenic highway spans 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and forests. Along the way, visitors can birdwatch, hike, camp, and enjoy spotting a variety of wildlife.

One of the most popular activities on the Blue Ridge Parkway is wildlife viewing. The parkway is home to numerous animals that call the surrounding forests and meadows their home. Some of the most common wildlife sightings include black bears, elk, deer, wild turkeys, and a variety of birds.

One of the best ways to spot wildlife on the Blue Ridge Parkway is to take a leisurely drive or hike through the park. There are numerous overlooks and pullouts that offer fantastic views of the surrounding scenery, and these spots are great for spotting wildlife. Look for animals grazing in the meadows, foraging for food in the forest, or drinking from the streams and lakes.

Another great way to enjoy wildlife on the Blue Ridge Parkway is to take a guided tour. There are several companies in the area that offer guided wildlife tours, giving visitors the opportunity to see the park's wildlife up close and personal. These tours can be customized to suit the interests and skill levels of the participants, and can take visitors to some of the most remote and scenic areas of the park.

If you're interested in birdwatching, then the Blue Ridge Parkway is a great place to explore. With over 200 species of birds found in the area, visitors can enjoy spotting a variety of species as they make their way along the parkway. Look for common species such as blue jays, chickadees, and woodpeckers, along with rarer species such as bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and red-tailed hawks.

Visitors to the Blue Ridge Parkway are reminded to always respect the wildlife and the park's regulations. Do not feed the animals, and keep a safe distance from them to ensure both your safety and their safety. And always remember to pack out what you pack in, leaving the park as beautiful as you found it.

Overall, the wildlife viewing opportunities on the Blue Ridge Parkway are not to be missed. Be sure to bring your binoculars, camera, and a sense of adventure as you explore the park's diverse ecosystem and discover the incredible wildlife that calls it home.

Frequently asked questions

- You can hike to the summit of Stone Mountain, fish in the streams, camp, picnic, climb, and enjoy views of the park’s waterfall, Hutchinson Homestead, and historic sites.

- Yes, there are several wineries such as Roaring River Vineyards and Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery, and breweries like Skull Camp Brewing and Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery nearby.

- Yes, there are horseback riding stables near the park, such as Saddlebrook Stables and Vx3 Trail Rides.

- Yes, there are paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes available for rent at the lake.

- The Blue Ridge Parkway, Grandfather Mountain, and the town of Blowing Rock are popular nearby destinations. You can visit antique shops, art galleries, and wineries while in the area.

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Katherine Shepherd

I recently visited Stone Mountain, NC and had an amazing time exploring the area. One of the best things to do near Stone Mountain is hiking up to the summit and taking in the breathtaking views. The trails are well-maintained and offer a variety of difficulty levels, so there's something for everyone. After the hike, I recommend heading to the nearby Stone Mountain State Park for a picnic and some relaxation by the river. Overall, Stone Mountain, NC is a beautiful destination with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy!

Herbert Cooke

During my visit to Stone Mountain, NC, I discovered some hidden gems that are definitely worth checking out. One of my favorite things to do near Stone Mountain is visiting the Blue Ridge Parkway, which offers stunning views and scenic drives. Another must-visit spot is the nearby Roaring Gap Club, where you can play a round of golf on their beautiful course. For those who enjoy fishing, there are also several fishing spots in the area, such as Stone Mountain Trout Fishing. Whether you're into outdoor adventures or prefer a more relaxed outing, there's something for everyone near Stone Mountain, NC.

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