11 Fun Activities To Enjoy On A Virtual Sleepover

things to do on a virtual sleepover

Are you tired of boring virtual hangouts with your friends? Look no further than a virtual sleepover! Just because you can't be physically with your friends, doesn't mean you can't have a fun and exciting night. From games to scavenger hunts, we've compiled a list of 11 fun activities to enjoy on a virtual sleepover. So, grab your snacks, put on your pajamas, and get ready for a night of fun with your best buddies!


Movie night (Netflix Party.

Source: Hello Magazine

COVID-19 has changed the way we socialize with our friends, but it doesn't have to stop us from having fun. Although we are now social distancing, there are still so many activities we can do together online. One of the activities that have become increasingly popular is a virtual sleepover. In this article, we will explore one of the activities that can be done on a virtual sleepover, "Movie night (Netflix Party)."

Movie nights are a staple of any sleepover, and just because you cannot be physically present with your friends does not mean you should miss out on this special activity. Netflix Party is the perfect platform to watch movies together. It's easy to set up, and it lets everyone in the group watch movies and TV shows simultaneously. Netflix Party also syncs playback so that everyone pauses and resumes at the same time. Here are a few tips on how to set up a Netflix Party for your virtual sleepover movie night.

  • Install Netflix Party: Netflix Party is a free extension for Google Chrome. Install it on your computer, and your friends can do the same.
  • Choose the movie: Pick a movie that everyone would enjoy. Make sure it's something that is available on Netflix.
  • Start the party: Once everyone has the extension installed, go to Netflix, start the movie, and click the NP (Netflix Party) icon in your browser. Click "Start Party," and voila! You're all set.
  • Chat with your friends: Netflix Party has a chat feature that lets you and your friends chat while watching the movie. Comment on the movie or just catch up with each other.
  • Don't forget the snacks: No movie night is complete without snacks. Even though you won't be physically together, you can still enjoy snacks together. Pick your favorite snacks, and make sure everyone has them before you start the movie.

In conclusion, a virtual sleepover does not have to be dull. With the right activities, you can still have a great time with your friends, even if you are miles apart. Movie night with Netflix Party is an excellent activity to do during a virtual sleepover. The extension is easy to install, and it syncs playback to ensure everyone is watching the movie at the same time. Don't forget to chat and munch on snacks while enjoying the film. Get together with your friends and plan your virtual sleepover movie night with Netflix Party today!


Virtual games (Jackbox Games.

Source: Jackbox Games

With social distancing and quarantine protocols in place, virtual sleepovers have become the new normal. While in-person sleepovers offer activities like dance parties and pillow fights, virtual sleepovers don't have to be any less fun. In fact, there are many activities and games you can play online that are sure to make your virtual sleepover a blast. One of the best options for virtual games is Jackbox Games.

Jackbox Games is a collection of interactive party games that can be played from your computer or gaming console. These games are perfect for virtual sleepovers because they allow everyone to connect from their own device, making it easy to play and socialize.

Here are a few of the best Jackbox Games to play during your virtual sleepover:

  • Quiplash: In this game, each player is given a prompt, and they have to come up with the funniest response they can think of. Once everyone has submitted their answers, the group votes on which response they like the best.
  • Fibbage: This game is all about lying and deception. Each player is given a prompt, and they have to come up with a fake answer that they think will fool the other players. Once everyone has submitted their answers, the group votes on which answer they think is the real one.
  • Drawful: This game is like online Pictionary. Each player is given a prompt to draw, and then the other players have to guess what it is. The player with the most correct guesses at the end of the game wins.
  • Trivia Murder Party: This game is a mix of trivia and horror. Each player is asked a series of trivia questions. If they get it right, they survive. If they get it wrong, they are killed off. The last player standing is the winner.

Playing Jackbox Games during your virtual sleepover is a great way to keep the group entertained and engaged throughout the night. With a variety of games to choose from, there's something for everyone. So, gather your friends, connect online and get ready for a night of fun and games.

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Source: Inspirationfeed

Are you looking for fun activities to do during a virtual sleepover with your friends? Look no further than the classic game of charades!

To get started, choose a theme for your game of charades. This could be anything from movies and TV shows to books or celebrities. Once you've chosen your theme, write down a list of words or phrases related to it that you can act out. You can find plenty of charades ideas with a quick Google search!

To play, divide your group into two teams. One person from the first team will act out a word or phrase from the list while their teammates try to guess what it is. If the team guesses correctly within a certain amount of time (usually two minutes), they earn a point. Then, it's the second team's turn to act out a word or phrase for their teammates.

Some tips for making your game of charades even more fun:

  • Have a prize for the winning team. This could be something small like a candy bar or something silly like a paper crown.
  • Get creative with your acting! Use props, make sound effects, or even use hand gestures to give clues.
  • Take turns being the actor on each team so everyone has a chance to participate.

By playing charades during your virtual sleepover, you're sure to have a memorable and entertaining night with your friends. So get those acting skills ready, and let the game begin!

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Talent show

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A virtual sleepover may not be the same as the real thing, but it can still be just as much fun! One of the best ways to make a virtual sleepover exciting is by hosting a talent show. Here are some ideas for things you can do to make the talent show unforgettable.

Set the Stage

To make the show really pop, you'll want to create a fantastic stage. Set up a virtual background or decorate a corner of your room with streamers, balloons, or other props. You might also want to create a stage name or alter ego that matches your performance.

Choose Your Talent

Once you have your stage set up, you can start brainstorming ideas for your talent show. You can choose to sing a song, dance a routine, read a poem, tell jokes, or play an instrument. You can also get creative by making art, performing a magic trick, or doing a skit.

Get Creative

Think outside the box for your talent show. Maybe you can try a new talent you've been wanting to learn, or go all out with an elaborate costume or props. You can also consider teaming up with a friend to put on a joint performance.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before the big night, don't forget to practice your routine. You'll want to make sure you know all of the words to your song, that you have your dance moves down pat, or that you have your jokes memorized. This will help you to feel more confident and relaxed when you're performing.

The Show Must Go On

On the night of the show, make sure you have all the right lighting and audio to put on a good performance. You might also want to record your performance so you can rewatch it later or share it with friends and family.

With all these ideas for your virtual sleepover talent show, the possibilities are endless. So, get creative, have fun and let the show begin!


DIY craft session

Source: SixFeetApart

Virtual sleepovers have quickly become the norm during the pandemic. Instead of gathering with friends in person, you can now host a sleepover online and still have a great time. One fun activity to do during a virtual sleepover is to have a DIY craft session. Here are some ideas for a fun and easy crafting night.

  • Friendship Bracelets - All you need is some embroidery floss, and you can create plenty of fun and colorful friendship bracelets. You could go with the classic chevron or try something new with a braided design. Make a few for your friends and one for yourself!
  • Homemade Lip Balm - Lip balms are easy to make, and everyone will love them. All you need to do is mix coconut oil, beeswax, and your favorite essential oil. Pour the mixture into a lip balm container and voila, you now have homemade lip balm!
  • Painted Rocks - Painting rocks can be an excellent way to get creative and show off your artistic skills. Find small, smooth rocks and give them a fun design. Think patterns or quotes that are motivational or personal to you.
  • Decorate Your Water Bottle - Give your water bottle a fun and unique new look by decorating it with stickers, paint, or markers. Not only will your bottle look cooler than ever, but it's also a great way to make sure everyone has their own bottle and doesn't mix them up by mistake.
  • Build a Terrarium - Terrariums are miniature gardens that can be designed to suit any taste, from whimsical to modern. Grab a suitable container, some soil, and plants, and get creative with your design. They're perfect for a sleepover as they're easy to make, requires little space, and will brighten up any room.

Remember, the most important thing about a virtual sleepover is to have fun, so put on your favorite playlist, get your craft supplies ready, and have a great time. Who says you need to be in the same room to have a fantastic sleepover experience?



Source: YouWorkForThem

Virtual sleepovers have become an increasingly popular way to stay connected with friends and family even when you can’t be together physically. When it comes to planning activities for virtual sleepovers, the options are endless. One popular option is to include karaoke as part of your sleepover. Here are some great tips for making your virtual karaoke party a success:

Choose a karaoke platform

The first step to hosting a virtual karaoke party is choosing the right platform. There are several free karaoke apps you can use, such as Karafun, Singa, and Smule. You can also use popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, which allow you to share screens and play karaoke videos on YouTube or other platforms. Make sure you test the app or platform in advance to ensure that everyone can hear the music and each other clearly.

Create your song list

Once you’ve chosen your platform, it’s time to choose your songs. Make a list of your favorite karaoke songs and share it with your friends in advance so that they can choose what they want to sing. Consider creating different categories such as 80s hits, ballads, or rock songs to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

Set the tone

Make sure to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for your virtual karaoke party. Encourage everyone to dress up or wear silly hats and accessories. You can also provide virtual props such as sunglass or animal ears filters that everyone can use during their performance. Consider starting the party with a fun icebreaker game or activity to get everyone warmed up and in the mood to sing.

Get singing

Now it’s finally time to sing your hearts out! Encourage everyone to take turns and support each other during their performances. You can even join forces and sing duets or group songs together. Make sure to clap and cheer for each other after each performance, just like you would at an in-person party.

Capture the memories

Finally, make sure to capture the memories of your virtual karaoke party. Take screenshots of everyone’s performance or record the session so that you can re-watch and relive the fun moments later on. You can also create a virtual scrapbook or slideshow of the party and share it with your friends afterward.

In conclusion, hosting a virtual karaoke party can be a fun and entertaining way to pass the time with your friends and family. With these tips, you can make sure your virtual sleepover is a memorable one. So warm up those vocal cords and get ready to sing your heart out!

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Scavenger hunt

Source: Verywell Family

Amid the pandemic, hosting a virtual sleepover party has become one of the most popular ways to bond with friends. While sleepovers typically involve chatting, snacking, watching movies, and playing games, a virtual sleepover party can be quite challenging to plan. However, one activity that can be enjoyed by all is a virtual scavenger hunt. Here's how to organize one:

  • Create a list of items: To get started, think up a list of items that your friends will have to find from in and around their homes. Be creative and include items that will be challenging to find but not overly difficult. Examples could include a specific book, a red marker, a wooden spoon, a postcard, or something yellow.
  • Choose a theme: Pick a theme for your scavenger hunt to make it more exciting and challenging. It can be anything from the '90s or the beach to animals or outer space.
  • Set a time limit: You can vary the duration of the scavenger hunt depending on the number of items and the difficulty level. A typical length of time is about thirty minutes to an hour. Set a timer and instruct everyone to find as many items as they can.
  • Determine the way to share findings: When time's up, ask the participants to gather around in your virtual chatroom, and share their findings. You can ask someone to be a scorer or provide a self-scoring sheet and let each player determine their own scores.
  • Provide a prize: Everyone likes to win, so offer a prize for the person who finds the most items.

A virtual sleepover party can be as enjoyable as a traditional one. With a little creativity, planning, and effort, a scavenger hunt can be an entertaining and engaging activity for all. So, what are you waiting for? Host a virtual scavenger hunt and have a fun-filled sleepover with your friends.

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Truth or dare

Source: HobbyLark

A virtual sleepover can be just as fun as an in-person gathering! With a little creativity and planning, you and your friends can have a blast hanging out and playing games. One classic sleepover game that is perfect for the virtual world is truth or dare. If you're not sure how to play or what to do, read on for some tips and ideas!

First of all, if you've never played truth or dare before, here's a quick rundown of the rules. To start, everyone sits in a circle or group and takes turns picking either "truth" or "dare." If you pick truth, someone else in the group will ask you a question about yourself that you have to answer truthfully. If you pick dare, someone will give you a challenge that you have to complete. It's important to keep in mind that everyone playing should feel comfortable with whatever they're asked to do – nothing too dangerous or embarrassing!

Now, for some ideas on how to incorporate truth or dare into your virtual sleepover. First of all, make sure you have a way to communicate with each other – whether that's through a video call, text message, or social media. You'll also need to designate someone to keep track of whose turn it is and what they've chosen (truth or dare). Once everyone is set up and ready to go, here are some suggestions for truth or dare prompts:


  • What's your biggest fear?
  • Have you ever had a crush on someone in this group?
  • What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?
  • Have you ever told a big lie to get out of trouble?


  • Do your best impression of a celebrity.
  • Sing a song from memory (without looking up the lyrics!).
  • Eat a spoonful of hot sauce.
  • Give yourself a makeshift makeover with whatever you have at home (makeup, hair accessories, etc.).

Of course, you can come up with your own prompts and challenges based on your group's interests and personalities. Just remember to have fun, respect each other's boundaries, and stay safe! Who says a virtual sleepover can't be just as fun as an in-person one? With a little creativity and some classic games like truth or dare, you and your friends are sure to have a great time.

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Cooking or bake-off challenge

Source: YouTube TV

In the current world where virtual life has become the norm, virtual sleepovers are becoming increasingly popular. This is a great way to socialize with friends even when you are miles away from each other. An excellent way to spice up your virtual sleepover is by organizing a cooking or bake-off challenge.

Firstly, choose a recipe that all participants will use for the challenge. It should be a recipe that everyone can follow with ease, and the ingredients should be readily available. Secondly, set a time when everyone will simultaneously start preparing the recipe. You can take pictures during the preparation and share them with each other. This sets the mood and creates excitement about the final outcome.

Before the final product, let everyone have some fun during the cooking process. You can organize a mini dance competition or karaoke while cooking. This adds life to the virtual sleepover and helps break the monotony of just cooking.

Once everyone is done cooking or baking, it's time for judgment day. Choose a judge to taste all the final products and give their verdict accordingly. You can choose better if the judge is someone out of the group. Once the winner is elected, take pictures, and share them on social media, everyone gets to share the fun.

In conclusion, a cooking or bake-off challenge is an excellent way to have fun during a virtual sleepover. It creates excitement and brings out the competitive spirit in everyone participating. Moreover, it's easy to organize and requires minimal preparation. Therefore, the next time you plan for a virtual sleepover, make sure to include this fun activity.


Spa night

Source: Hello Magazine

With social distancing measures still in place in many parts of the world, virtual sleepovers have become a popular way for friends to connect and have fun, even when they can't physically be together. One great activity for a virtual sleepover is a spa night, where you and your friends can pamper yourselves and relax together. Here are some ideas for things you might do during a virtual spa night sleepover.

First, you'll want to create a relaxing atmosphere. Dim the lights, light some scented candles or incense, and play some calming music to set the mood. You can even wear comfortable bathrobes or pajamas and put fluffy towels on your chairs to get the full spa experience.

Next, decide on what treatments you want to do. You can do simple face masks with ingredients you already have at home, like honey and oatmeal. You might also try a foot soak with Epsom salt, or a manicure and pedicure with your favorite nail polish colors. If you want to get really fancy, you could invest in some spa products like face masks, bath salts, or massage oils.

While you're doing your treatments, you can chat with your friends about anything and everything. If you want to get your whole group involved, you can even schedule a time for everyone to take turns leading their own treatment. That way, everyone gets to try out different things and learn from each other.

Finally, once you're all pampered and relaxed, you might want to wind down with a movie or some snacks. You can decide on a movie or show to watch together, or you might each bring your own snack to enjoy while you chat about what you've been up to lately.

Overall, a spa night is a perfect activity for a virtual sleepover. It's relaxing, fun, and a great way to connect with your friends even when you can't be together in person. So why not schedule your own virtual spa night soon and pamper yourself with your favorite people?

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Storytime/writing prompts

Source: Families of Multiples

Virtual sleepovers may not be the same as traditional ones, but they can still be just as fun! One activity that can make for a memorable sleepover night is storytime or writing prompts. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Choose a theme: Start by picking a theme for your story. It could be anything from a mystery to a fairytale or a science fiction adventure. The theme will help guide the direction of your story and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Shared Story: One way to get everyone involved in the story is by doing a shared story. One person starts the story, setting the scene and creating the first characters. Then, each person takes turns adding to the story until it has a satisfying conclusion. Not only is this super fun and exciting, but it also promotes teamwork and collaboration.
  • Picture Prompt: Another writing activity to try is using picture prompts. Choose a few pictures beforehand and have everyone pick one. Set a timer for 10 - 15 minutes and have everyone write a story based on the picture they selected. Share your stories and compare them to see how each person interpreted the picture.
  • Mad Libs: If you're looking for a more lighthearted writing prompt, try playing Mad Libs. Choose a story and have everyone fill in the blanks with silly words and phrases. Reading the story aloud afterward is sure to get a lot of laughs.
  • Campfire Stories: You can also create a spooky or funny campfire-inspired story. One person can act as the storyteller, using sound effects, props, and a flashlight to set the mood. Encourage everyone to add their own twist to the story, making it even more exciting.

No matter what type of story or writing prompt you choose, one thing is for sure: it will be a memorable virtual sleepover activity. Get creative and let your imagination run wild!

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Frequently asked questions

There are so many things you can do during a virtual sleepover! You can try playing online games, watching movies together on a streaming service, doing a virtual scavenger hunt, telling ghost stories, or having a group video call to catch up on what's going on in each other's lives.

While you may not be physically in the same room, you can still set the stage for a cozy and fun virtual sleepover. Make sure everyone has comfortable pajamas and pillows, set up a virtual background that looks like a sleepover space, and plan activities that would normally be done during a sleepover, like telling secrets or painting each other's nails.

It's always important to prioritize safety, even in virtual settings. If you're unsure about the people you're having a virtual sleepover with, consider keeping the group small and only inviting people you trust. Make sure that everyone has been vetted by someone you know and trust, and consider using a platform that allows you to set privacy settings or limit access to the call.

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Robert Owens

I recently had a virtual sleepover with my cousins and we had such a great time! One of the things we did was a virtual cooking challenge where we all picked a recipe to make together. It was fun to see each other cooking in our own kitchens and we even got to taste test each other's dishes through the camera. We also played virtual board games, like Monopoly and Scrabble, using online platforms. It was a great way to bond and have some friendly competition. We ended the night with a virtual karaoke session, where we took turns singing our favorite songs. It was a night filled with delicious food, fun games, and amazing music!

Andy Mcdonald

I recently had a virtual sleepover with my friends and it was so much fun! We started off by playing a virtual scavenger hunt where we had to find random items around our houses. It was hilarious watching each other run around trying to find things like a rubber duck or a red sock. Then, we had a dance party where we all took turns DJ-ing and showing off our moves. We ended the night with a virtual movie night, where we all watched the same movie simultaneously and had a chatbox open to discuss our favorite parts. It was the perfect way to have a sleepover while staying safe at home!
Thank you so much for sharing your virtual sleepover experience! I'm glad to hear that it was such a fun and memorable time for you and your friends. The idea of a virtual scavenger hunt sounds fantastic - it must have been hilarious to see everyone running around their houses searching for random items! And a dance party sounds like a great way to let loose and show off your moves. I love the idea of taking turns DJ-ing - it must have been a blast to see what kind of music each person chose. And ending the night with a virtual movie night is such a cozy and enjoyable way to wind down. Being able to discuss your favorite parts in a chatbox must have added a nice interactive touch. It's wonderful that you were able to have a sleepover while staying safe at home - virtual hangouts definitely have their own unique charm!

Priya Knapp

Last weekend, my friends and I had a virtual sleepover and it was a blast! One of the things we did was a virtual talent show. We all took turns showcasing our talents, whether it was singing, dancing, or even doing magic tricks. It was amazing to see the range of talents and skills among my friends. We also played a virtual game of charades, where we took turns acting out different words or phrases. It was hilarious trying to guess what everyone was miming and we ended up laughing non-stop. Virtual sleepovers may be different from traditional sleepovers, but they can still be filled with laughter and fun!

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