10 Exciting Activities To Enjoy Outside In Pensacola

things to do outside in pensacola

If you're looking for some fun in the sun, look no further than Pensacola, Florida! This waterfront city offers a wide array of outdoor activities that are sure to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing. From white sandy beaches to thrilling water sports, Pensacola has something for everyone. So grab your sunglasses, lather on the sunscreen, and get ready to embark on an adventure-filled journey through the top 10 exciting activities to enjoy outside in Pensacola.


Enjoy a day at the beach at Pensacola Beach

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Pensacola, Florida is a coastal city known for its beautiful beaches and outdoor activities. One of the best things to do in Pensacola is to spend a day at the beach, particularly at Pensacola Beach. With its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, Pensacola Beach provides the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled day in the sun.

When visiting Pensacola Beach, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained. One of the most popular things to do is to simply relax on the beach. You can set up your beach chairs, lay out your towels, and soak up the sun while listening to the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the shore. The beach offers plenty of space to spread out and find the perfect spot to enjoy the sand and surf.

For those looking for a bit more adventure, there are a variety of water sports and activities available at Pensacola Beach. You can try your hand at paddleboarding, kayaking, or even jet skiing. Renting a paddleboard or kayak is a great way to explore the waters surrounding Pensacola Beach and get a workout in at the same time. If you're feeling brave, you can also try your hand at surfing. With its consistent waves, Pensacola Beach is a great place for beginners to learn how to ride the waves.

If you prefer to stay on dry land, there are still plenty of things to do at Pensacola Beach. You can take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline and collect seashells - Pensacola Beach is known for its abundance of beautiful shells. There are also volleyball courts available for those looking for a little friendly competition. Additionally, there are several picnic areas where you can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the view.

For those looking to learn more about the local marine life, a visit to the Gulf Islands National Seashore is a must. This protected area is home to a diverse array of marine species and offers visitors the opportunity to explore nature trails, go bird watching, or even take a guided tour of the area. If you're lucky, you may even spot dolphins swimming along the coastline.

No matter how you choose to spend your day at Pensacola Beach, one thing is for certain - you'll be surrounded by natural beauty and breathtaking views. So whether you're looking to relax on the sand, try your hand at water sports, or explore the local marine life, Pensacola Beach has something for everyone. So pack your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and get ready for an unforgettable day of fun and adventure in Pensacola, Florida.


Take a hike through Big Lagoon State Park

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Pensacola, Florida is blessed with abundant natural beauty and a temperate climate, making it the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. From stunning beaches to scenic trails, there are plenty of things to do outside in Pensacola. One of the best ways to explore the region's natural wonders is by taking a hike through Big Lagoon State Park.

Big Lagoon State Park is a 705-acre preserve located on the northern shore of Big Lagoon, just west of Pensacola. The park offers a variety of outdoor activities and is particularly known for its hiking trails. With approximately 5 miles of well-maintained trails, visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk or a more challenging hike through the park's diverse ecosystems.

One of the most popular trails in Big Lagoon State Park is the East Beach Trail. This 2.4-mile loop takes hikers through a maritime forest teeming with native plants and wildlife. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to spot various bird species, such as ospreys and herons, as well as admire the beautiful wildflowers that bloom throughout the year.

For those seeking a longer and more strenuous hike, the Big Lagoon Trail is a great option. This 4.2-mile trail winds through salt marshes and coastal dunes, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Keep an eye out for dolphins that occasionally swim near the shoreline!

No matter which trail you choose, be sure to bring your camera to capture the stunning vistas and unique flora and fauna that you'll encounter along the way. In addition to hiking, Big Lagoon State Park offers other recreational activities, such as fishing, boating, and picnicking. The park has a designated fishing pier where you can try your luck at catching speckled trout, redfish, and flounder.

After a day of outdoor adventures, you can relax and unwind on the pristine white sands of Johnson Beach, which is adjacent to Big Lagoon State Park. Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico or simply bask in the sun while enjoying the breathtaking views of the emerald-colored sea.

Whether you're an avid hiker or just looking to spend some quality time in nature, a visit to Big Lagoon State Park should be at the top of your list of things to do outside in Pensacola. With its diverse trails, stunning natural beauty, and abundance of recreational activities, the park offers something for everyone. So grab your hiking boots and get ready to explore the wonders of Big Lagoon State Park!


Explore the historic Pensacola Lighthouse

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Characteristic Description
NamePensacola Lighthouse & Maritime Museum
TypeLighthouse in Escambia County, Florida
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Rating / Review count4.7 / 2,244
Address2081 Radford Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32508
Phone(850) 393-1561
HoursFriday - 9 AM–4 PM
Saturday - 9 AM–4 PM
Sunday - 9 AM–4 PM
Monday - 9 AM–4 PM
Tuesday - 9 AM–4 PM
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If you are planning a trip to Pensacola, Florida and are looking for things to do outside, a visit to the historic Pensacola Lighthouse is a must. This iconic landmark offers stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico and provides an opportunity to learn about the history of the area.

Built in 1859, the Pensacola Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses on the Gulf Coast. It stands 160 feet tall and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. Visitors can climb the 177 steps to the top of the lighthouse and take in the breathtaking scenery. On a clear day, you can see for miles, with views of the Gulf of Mexico, Pensacola Bay, and the city skyline.

In addition to the stunning views, the Pensacola Lighthouse also offers an opportunity to learn about the role lighthouses played in maritime navigation. The lighthouse is home to a museum that showcases artifacts and exhibits about the history of the area and the lighthouse itself. Visitors can learn about the keepers who manned the lighthouse and the ships that sailed in and out of Pensacola Bay.

For those interested in the supernatural, the Pensacola Lighthouse is also rumored to be haunted. Several ghost stories surround the lighthouse, including reports of footsteps and strange occurrences. If you are feeling brave, you can take a ghost tour of the lighthouse and hear these eerie tales for yourself.

If you are visiting with children, the Pensacola Lighthouse offers a fun scavenger hunt for kids. They can search for hidden objects throughout the museum and lighthouse grounds, adding an element of excitement to the visit.

Before you leave, be sure to stop by the lighthouse gift shop. Here, you can find unique souvenirs and gifts, including lighthouse-themed items and local artwork.

Overall, a visit to the historic Pensacola Lighthouse is a great way to spend a day outdoors in Pensacola. Whether you are interested in the history of the area, want to enjoy the stunning views, or are looking for a spooky adventure, the lighthouse has something to offer. So, make sure to add this iconic landmark to your Pensacola itinerary and create lasting memories of your trip.


Go fishing at Perdido Key State Park

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Perdido Key State Park is a beautiful destination for outdoor enthusiasts, and one of the most popular activities to enjoy there is fishing. Located in Pensacola, Florida, Perdido Key State Park offers ample opportunities for anglers of all ages and skill levels to cast their lines and reel in some impressive catches.

The park has a variety of fishing spots available, including both freshwater and saltwater options. One of the best places to fish is from the park's shoreline. Visitors can set up chairs or blankets and cast their lines into the clear blue waters, hoping to catch a variety of fish species native to the area. Some common catches include redfish, flounder, trout, and sheepshead.

For those who prefer to fish from a boat, Perdido Key State Park also has a boat ramp that provides access to the nearby bayous and the Gulf of Mexico. Boaters can explore the surrounding waters and find the ideal spot to drop their lines. The park also allows kayak fishing, which is a popular option for those who enjoy a more peaceful and quiet fishing experience.

Fishing licenses are required for visitors aged 16 and older. These can be purchased online or at local bait and tackle shops in the area. Additionally, it is important to check for any fishing regulations and restrictions that may be in place to ensure a safe and responsible fishing experience.

Aside from fishing, Perdido Key State Park offers a range of other outdoor activities. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the park's nature trails, which wind through scenic dunes and provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Birdwatchers will also find plenty to see, as the park is home to a variety of local and migratory bird species.

Furthermore, the park has picnic areas where families and friends can enjoy a meal together while surrounded by the beauty of nature. There are also restroom facilities and a playground, making Perdido Key State Park a great choice for a day out with the whole family.

In conclusion, Perdido Key State Park in Pensacola provides ample opportunities for a memorable outdoor experience. Fishing enthusiasts will find a variety of fishing spots to explore, whether from the shore, a boat, or a kayak. With its beautiful surroundings and a range of amenities, the park offers something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors.


Take a sunset cruise on Pensacola Bay

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Pensacola, Florida is famous for its stunning sunsets and beautiful waterfront views. One of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty of this coastal city is by taking a sunset cruise on Pensacola Bay. Whether you're a local looking for a romantic date night or a visitor wanting to experience the magic of a Pensacola sunset, this activity is a must-do.

There are several companies in Pensacola that offer sunset cruises, each providing a unique experience. When you embark on a sunset cruise, you'll board a boat that will take you out onto the calm waters of Pensacola Bay. As you sail along, you'll be able to watch the sky transform into a kaleidoscope of pinks, purples, and oranges as the sun begins to set.

While on the cruise, you can relax and take in the breathtaking views or engage in various activities and amenities offered by the cruise companies. Some cruises provide live music, allowing you to enjoy the soothing sounds of local musicians while taking in the picturesque scenery. Others offer dinner and drinks, allowing you to savor delicious cuisine while surrounded by the natural beauty of Pensacola.

If you're lucky, you may even spot some marine wildlife during your sunset cruise. Pensacola Bay is home to dolphins, sea turtles, and an array of bird species, making each cruise a potential opportunity for wildlife sightings.

The duration of the sunset cruises varies, typically lasting for around two hours. This gives you plenty of time to relax, enjoy the company of your loved ones, and capture stunning photos of the sunset. Many cruises also provide informative commentary about the history and landmarks of Pensacola, giving you a deeper appreciation for the city's rich culture and heritage.

Before booking your sunset cruise, be sure to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Pensacola can have warm, humid evenings, so lightweight and comfortable clothing is recommended. Additionally, don't forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of the sunset and any wildlife encounters you may have.

Whether you're a nature lover, a photography enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique and memorable experience in Pensacola, a sunset cruise on Pensacola Bay is an ideal choice. It offers an opportunity to relax, unwind, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this Gulf Coast gem. So next time you visit Pensacola, make sure to add a sunset cruise to your itinerary for an unforgettable experience.

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Discover the natural beauty of Gulf Islands National Seashore

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Pensacola is a city located in the northwest region of Florida, famous for its stunning white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Besides enjoying the beach, there are plenty of exciting outdoor activities to explore in Pensacola. One of the top attractions in the area is the Gulf Islands National Seashore, a protected area that stretches over 160 miles along the Gulf Coast of Florida and Mississippi.

Gulf Islands National Seashore offers visitors a chance to discover the natural beauty and diverse ecosystems of the region. Here are some of the things to do and see in this pristine coastal environment:

  • Beaches: The seashore is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Whether you want to relax on the soft sand, swim in the turquoise waters, or simply soak up the sun, you'll find the perfect spot to unwind. Some popular beaches within the park include Fort Pickens Area, Perdido Key Area, and Santa Rosa Area.
  • Hiking and Walking Trails: The national seashore features a variety of hiking and walking trails that offer stunning views of the coastline, dunes, and wetlands. Explore trails like the Fort Pickens Discovery Trail, which takes you through historic structures and towering sand dunes, or the Fort Barrancas Nature Trail, which winds through a maritime forest.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The park is home to a diverse range of wildlife species, including dolphins, sea turtles, and migratory birds. Grab your binoculars and head to some of the park's designated wildlife viewing areas, such as Langdon Beach or the Naval Live Oaks Area, where you can spot these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat.
  • Kayaking and Paddleboarding: The calm waters of the Gulf Islands National Seashore are perfect for kayaking and paddleboarding. Explore the park's diverse waterways, such as Big Lagoon or Perdido Bay, and enjoy the serenity of the surrounding nature. Bring your own equipment or rent it from one of the local outfitters.
  • Camping: For those looking for an immersive outdoor experience, the national seashore offers a range of camping options. From primitive campsites to fully-equipped RV parks, there are accommodations to suit every preference. Camping within the park allows you to wake up to the sound of crashing waves and the beauty of the untouched natural surroundings.

Gulf Islands National Seashore is truly a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. With its pristine beaches, diverse wildlife, and exciting activities, it's no wonder that visitors from all over the world flock to this stunning coastal destination. So, if you're planning a trip to Pensacola, make sure to explore the natural beauty of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and create unforgettable memories in this picturesque setting.

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Rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore the local waterways

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Pensacola, Florida is a city known for its beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, and year-round warm weather. With so much natural beauty to enjoy, one of the best ways to experience Pensacola is by getting outside and exploring the local waterways. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just looking for a fun and relaxing day on the water, renting a kayak or paddleboard is a perfect way to embrace the beauty of Pensacola.

One of the top things to do in Pensacola is to rent a kayak or paddleboard and embark on an expedition through the local waterways. With numerous bays, rivers, and inlets, there are endless opportunities to explore and discover hidden gems along the way. Paddling through calm waters, you'll have the chance to see wildlife up close and personal, including dolphins, manatees, and various species of birds.

One popular route for kayaking or paddleboarding in Pensacola is the Blackwater River. Known for its crystal-clear water and stunning scenery, the Blackwater River offers a peaceful and serene setting for a day trip. As you paddle along, you'll be surrounded by lush greenery and have the opportunity to stop at sandy beaches along the way for a swim or a picnic.

For those seeking a more adventurous experience, the Gulf Islands National Seashore is a must-visit destination. With miles of untouched coastline and turquoise waters, the Gulf Islands are a paradise for kayakers and paddleboarders. Whether you choose to explore on your own or join a guided tour, you'll have the chance to navigate through tranquil lagoons, explore remote islands, and even encounter sea turtles and stingrays.

If you're new to kayaking or paddleboarding, don't worry! There are plenty of rental shops in Pensacola that offer equipment for all skill levels, as well as guided tours and lessons to get you started. These shops provide everything you need, from the kayak or paddleboard itself to life jackets and paddles.

In addition to being a fun and exciting way to spend a day outdoors, kayaking and paddleboarding in Pensacola also offer numerous health benefits. The repetitive motion of paddling helps to strengthen your core muscles, improve your cardiovascular health, and increase your overall fitness level. It's a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the stunning natural beauty that Pensacola has to offer.

So, if you're looking for something to do outside in Pensacola, renting a kayak or paddleboard and exploring the local waterways is a fantastic option. With the opportunity to see wildlife, soak up the sun, and get some exercise, it's an activity that appeals to people of all ages and fitness levels. So grab a paddle, hit the water, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Pensacola's natural surroundings.


Visit the Naval Aviation Museum and watch a Blue Angels practice

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Pensacola, Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and outdoor activities. If you're looking for things to do outside in Pensacola, one must-visit attraction is the Naval Aviation Museum. Ranked as one of the top museums in the country, it offers a multitude of exhibits and activities for everyone to enjoy.

One of the highlights of the Naval Aviation Museum is the opportunity to witness a Blue Angels practice. The Blue Angels are the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron and are known for their incredible aerial acrobatics. Watching a Blue Angels practice is a true spectacle and an experience that should not be missed.

The Naval Aviation Museum offers public viewing areas where you can watch the Blue Angels perform their daring maneuvers. These practices typically take place on specific days throughout the year, so be sure to check their schedule before planning your visit. It's a good idea to arrive early to secure a prime viewing spot, as these practices can draw large crowds.

During the practice, you'll be able to witness the precision and skill of the Blue Angels as they fly in tight formations and execute breathtaking maneuvers. The sound of their jets roaring overhead and the sight of their smoke trails are sure to leave you in awe. It's a thrilling experience that will have you on the edge of your seat.

In addition to the Blue Angels practice, the Naval Aviation Museum offers a wide range of exhibits that showcase the history and technology of naval aviation. You can explore various aircraft, from vintage planes to modern jets, and learn about the brave men and women who have served in the Navy over the years.

There are also interactive exhibits and flight simulators that allow you to get a taste of what it's like to be a pilot. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or simply curious about the world of flight, the Naval Aviation Museum has something for everyone.

After your visit to the museum, you can also explore the surrounding area. Pensacola Beach is just a short drive away and offers pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. You can go for a swim, relax on the beach, or indulge in watersports such as kayaking and paddleboarding.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can even take a dolphin-watching tour or go deep-sea fishing. Pensacola is known for its rich marine life, and these activities provide a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the local wildlife.

Overall, there is no shortage of outdoor activities in Pensacola. Whether you're visiting the Naval Aviation Museum and watching a Blue Angels practice or exploring the beaches and watersports, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So, pack your sunscreen and get ready for a fun-filled outdoor adventure in beautiful Pensacola, Florida.


Take a ferry to Fort Pickens and explore the historic site

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If you're visiting Pensacola, Florida, and looking for some fun outdoor activities, there's no shortage of options. One great way to explore the area is by taking a ferry to Fort Pickens and exploring the historic site.

Fort Pickens is located on Santa Rosa Island, just off the coast of Pensacola. It was built in the early 19th century and played a significant role in the defense of the Gulf Coast. Today, it's part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and is open to the public for exploration.

To get to Fort Pickens, you'll need to take a ferry from Pensacola Bay to the island. The ferry ride is a scenic experience in itself, offering stunning views of the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Once you arrive at the island, you'll be greeted by the imposing walls of Fort Pickens.

Exploring the fort is like stepping back in time. You can walk along the fort's ramparts and imagine what it was like for soldiers stationed there over a century ago. There are also informative displays and exhibits inside the different rooms of the fort, showcasing its history and significance.

After you've explored the fort, take some time to wander around the surrounding area. Santa Rosa Island is known for its beautiful beaches, so be sure to take a stroll along the shoreline and enjoy the crystal clear waters. There are also nature trails that wind through the island, offering a chance to see local wildlife and vegetation up close.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can even camp overnight at Fort Pickens. The campground offers both tent and RV sites, and there are basic amenities available, such as restrooms and showers. Waking up to the sound of waves crashing and birds chirping is truly a unique experience.

In addition to exploring Fort Pickens, Pensacola offers plenty of other outdoor activities. You can go kayaking or paddleboarding in the nearby bays, or take a boat tour to see dolphins and other marine life. The city is also known for its fishing, with numerous charter companies offering guided fishing trips.

Overall, if you're looking for things to do outside in Pensacola, taking a ferry to Fort Pickens should be at the top of your list. Not only will you get to explore a historic site, but you'll also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Santa Rosa Island. So pack your sunscreen and sense of adventure, and get ready for a memorable outdoor experience in Pensacola.


Attend a live music event at Seville Quarter in downtown Pensacola

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Characteristic Description
NameSeville Quarter
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.4 / 3,190
Address130 E Government St, Pensacola, FL 32502
Phone(850) 434-6211
HoursFriday - 11 AM–2 AM
Saturday - 11 AM–2 AM
Sunday - 1–11 PM
Monday - 11 AM–11 PM
Tuesday - 11 AM–11 PM
Wednesday - 11 AM–11 PM
Thursday - 11 AM–2 AM

Pensacola, Florida is a vibrant city with a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy. From stunning beaches to historic landmarks, there is always something to do outside in Pensacola. One popular outdoor activity that locals and tourists alike love is attending live music events at Seville Quarter in downtown Pensacola.

Seville Quarter is a historic entertainment complex that offers a variety of bars, clubs, and venues to explore. From the moment you step foot into Seville Quarter, you are welcomed by the sounds of live music flowing through the air. Whether you're a fan of rock, country, jazz, or blues, Seville Quarter has something for everyone.

The complex features several different venues, each with its own unique atmosphere and style of music. The main stage is located in Rosie O'Grady's Good Time Emporium, a lively Irish pub that hosts live music seven nights a week. Here, you can enjoy performances from local musicians as well as touring bands from around the country. The stage is set up in the center of the pub, allowing for an up-close and personal experience with the artists.

If you prefer a more intimate setting, head over to the Lili Marlene's Aviator's Pub & Brewery. This cozy pub offers a laid-back atmosphere and features live acoustic music from talented local artists. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a craft beer while listening to some soulful tunes.

For those looking for a unique experience, check out Phineas Phogg's Balloon Works. This Victorian-style nightclub is known for its lively atmosphere and high-energy performances. From live bands to DJs, Phineas Phogg's is the perfect place to dance the night away to your favorite tunes.

In addition to the live music venues, Seville Quarter also hosts special events and festivals throughout the year. From Mardi Gras celebrations to Oktoberfest, there is always something exciting happening at Seville Quarter. These events often feature live music, food vendors, and a festive atmosphere, making them a must-attend for music lovers.

Attending a live music event at Seville Quarter is not just about the music. It's also about immersing yourself in the vibrant culture and history of downtown Pensacola. As you walk through the streets, you'll be surrounded by beautiful architecture and charming shops and restaurants. It's the perfect setting to enjoy a night of live music and create lasting memories.

So, if you're searching for things to do outside in Pensacola, make sure to add attending a live music event at Seville Quarter to your list. Whether you're a music aficionado or just looking for a fun night out, Seville Quarter offers a unique and entertaining experience for all. Get ready to tap your feet, sing along, and dance the night away in the heart of downtown Pensacola.

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Some popular outdoor activities in Pensacola include visiting the beautiful white sand beaches, exploring the Gulf Islands National Seashore, kayaking or paddleboarding in the bayou, and hiking through the nature trails at Perdido Key State Park.

Yes, there are plenty of water sports available in Pensacola. You can go jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, or take a boat tour to spot dolphins. There are also various charters available for deep-sea fishing trips.

Yes, Pensacola has several parks and gardens to enjoy. The Pensacola Bay Bluffs Preserve offers beautiful trails and scenic overlooks. The Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum is located on the grounds of Naval Air Station Pensacola and offers panoramic views of the city and the Gulf of Mexico. The Historic Pensacola Village is also worth exploring, with its preserved historic homes, museums, and botanical gardens.

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Anisa Cochran

I absolutely love spending time outdoors in Pensacola! One of my favorite things to do is to go for a hike at the Gulf Islands National Seashore. The views of the crystal-clear waters and the white sandy beaches are just breathtaking. Another great activity is to hop on a kayak and explore the beautiful Pensacola Bay. It's such a peaceful and relaxing experience, especially when you get to see dolphins swimming alongside you. And of course, no visit to Pensacola is complete without a visit to the Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum. The panoramic views from the top are worth every step of the climb!
I'm so glad to hear that you love spending time outdoors in Pensacola! The Gulf Islands National Seashore is indeed a stunning place to go for a hike. The combination of the clear waters and white sandy beaches truly creates a breathtaking view. Exploring Pensacola Bay on a kayak sounds like such a serene experience, especially with dolphins accompanying you. And I couldn't agree more about visiting the Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum. The incredible panoramic views from the top make the climb totally worth it!

Duncan Ford

I couldn't agree more, Pensacola offers so many wonderful outdoor activities! One of my favorites is to go paddleboarding in the calm waters of Perdido Bay. It's such a serene and tranquil experience, gliding along the water surrounded by nature. Another great option is to take a stroll along the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk. From live music to delicious food, there's always something happening there. And for those who love fishing, Pensacola offers some of the best fishing spots in the area. You can try your luck at catching redfish, snapper, or even tarpon. It's definitely a must-do activity for any outdoor enthusiast visiting Pensacola!
Thank you for your comment! I completely agree with you about the abundance of outdoor activities in Pensacola. One of my favorite things to do is to explore the Gulf Islands National Seashore. With its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, it's the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. Another activity I enjoy is hiking along the trails of Big Lagoon State Park. The park offers beautiful views of the lagoon and is a great spot for bird watching. Additionally, I highly recommend visiting the Pensacola Bay Bluffs Park. The park offers stunning panoramic views of the bay and is a wonderful place to have a picnic or simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Lastly, don't forget to check out the Blue Wahoos Stadium. Watching a baseball game while enjoying the gorgeous waterfront views is a truly unforgettable experience.

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