10 Fun Summer Activities To Enjoy With Your Newborn

things to do with a newborn in the summer

Summer is the perfect season to bond with your newborn and create precious memories that you will cherish forever. Although it may seem challenging to plan activities when taking care of a tiny human, there are tons of fun and exciting things to do with your baby during the warmer months. From outdoor adventures to water play, we have compiled a list of 10 fun summer activities that you and your newborn can enjoy together. So grab your sunscreen, pack a diaper bag, and get ready for some unforgettable summer fun!


Outdoor picnics at the park or in your own backyard

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Welcoming a newborn into your life is an exciting and joyous experience that requires a lot of attention and energy. It can be overwhelming to figure out what activities to do with your little one, especially during the summer months when the weather is warm and inviting. One perfect way to spend your days with your newborn is by having outdoor picnics at the park or in your own backyard. Here's why:

First of all, spending time outdoors has many benefits for both you and your baby. Fresh air is essential for overall health, and sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D. Infants may not be able to take a dip in the pool, but they certainly enjoy being outside, experiencing the sights and sounds of nature. Moreover, getting out of the house is always a welcome change of scene for both you and your newborn.

Now, onto the picnic part! A picnic is a perfect way to catch a break, relax, and connect with your little one. It is a fun way to introduce your baby to new flavors and textures through food. You can start by packing light snacks, such as fruits, sandwiches, or crackers. Remember to bring along your breastfeeding pillow to make feeding more comfortable and natural. If you're bottle-feeding your baby, a chilled bottle of milk or formula is sure to keep your little one satisfied.

If you're headed to a park, look for a spot under a big tree that provides enough shade to keep you and your baby comfortable. If you choose to have a picnic in your own backyard, you can bask in the sun while your baby stays in the shade. Plus, you won't have to worry about packing everything up in the car and driving to your destination.

To create an engaging and fun picnic for your newborn, bring along a few simple toys, such as a soft blanket and a colorful mobile. You can even play their favorite nursery songs or sing lullabies to soothe them while you enjoy each other company.

In conclusion, going on a picnic with your newborn is a beautiful way to spend time together in the sunshine. Not only is it a relaxing activity, but it also provides ample opportunity to introduce your baby to the world around them. Whether at the park or in your own backyard, try it out and enjoy this precious summer with your little one.


Splash in a kiddie pool or blow up pool in your yard

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Summer is here, and as a new parent, you might be wondering about the activities you can enjoy with your newborn. One of the best things you can do with your little one during the hot summer months is to splash in a kiddie pool or blow up pool in your yard. Not only is it a great way to cool off, but it's also an excellent opportunity to bond with your baby in a fun and engaging way.

To start with, invest in a small kiddie pool or blow up pool that is specifically designed for infants. These pools usually come in various sizes and designs, so make sure to choose one that suits your baby's needs. When you're ready to set up the pool, choose a shaded spot in your yard to avoid exposing your baby to direct sunlight, and make sure to fill the pool with cool water.

Once the pool is ready, it's time to bring in your little one. Place your baby in the water, and don't forget to support their head and neck at all times. Encourage your baby to kick their legs and splash their arms, and watch them giggle with joy. You can also use bath toys to keep your baby entertained while they splash around in the pool.

If you're worried about the safety of your baby in the pool, remember to keep a close eye on them at all times. Don't leave your baby unattended, even for a minute, and make sure to keep the pool area clean and free of anything that could be a potential hazard.

In addition to splashing around, you can also use the kiddie pool as a way to introduce your baby to different textures and sensations. For example, you can add different items to the pool, such as foam letters or balls, that your baby can touch and play with. This helps your baby develop their sense of touch and feel while providing a fun and interactive experience.

To sum up, splashing in a kiddie pool or blow up pool with your newborn is an excellent way to enjoy the summer months while bonding with your little one. Remember to keep your baby safe by supervising them at all times, and try to create a fun and engaging environment by using toys and different textures. With these tips, you're sure to have a splashing good time with your baby in the summer sun!


Walks in a stroller or baby carrier

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Summer is a great time for parents to take their newborns out and explore the great outdoors. Getting some fresh air and sunshine can be incredibly beneficial for both parents and babies. One of the best activities for parents to do with their newborns during the summer season is to take walks in a stroller or baby carrier. Here are some tips for making the most of your walks with your little one.

Choose the Right Gear

One of the most important things to consider when taking your newborn for a walk during the summer is choosing the right gear. It is important to have a stroller or baby carrier that is suitable for your baby's age and size. You want to make sure that your baby is comfortable and that their head and neck are supported. Additionally, make sure that the stroller or carrier has adequate sun protection, such as a sunshade or canopy.

Pick the Right Time

In order to avoid the hottest times of the day, it is recommended to take your walks early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperatures are cooler. This will help ensure that your baby stays comfortable during the walk.

Consider the Terrain

Choosing a suitable route can make all the difference in making sure that your baby has a pleasant experience. Avoid routes with steep hills or rough terrain, as this can cause discomfort for your baby. Stick to smooth, paved roads or sidewalks for the best experience.

Dress Your Baby Appropriately

It is essential to dress your baby in light and comfortable clothing during the summer months. Avoid heavy fabrics and layers, which can cause your baby to overheat. Additionally, stock up on hats and sunscreen to protect your baby from the sun's rays.

Take Breaks

Taking frequent breaks during your walk is important to make sure that you and your baby stay hydrated and refreshed. Bring a bottle of water and a snack for yourself and take a break in the shade if necessary.

In conclusion, taking walks in a stroller or baby carrier is a great activity to do with your newborn during the summer. It is a simple yet effective way to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather while bonding with your baby. By following these tips, you can ensure that your walks are safe and enjoyable for both you and your little one.

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Visit the beach or local swimming pool

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Summer is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine with your newborn. One of the best activities to do with your little one during the summer months is to visit the beach or a local swimming pool. Here are some tips to help make your outing fun and safe.

Beach Fun

Before heading to the beach, make sure to pack everything you'll need for your newborn. Diapers, wipes, sunscreen, and a hat are a must. Bring plenty of water and snacks for both you and your baby. Consider bringing a sun tent for shade and a baby carrier to make it easier to navigate the sand. You may also want to pack a small blanket or towel to lay your baby on.

When it comes to swimming in the ocean with your newborn, it's important to keep them safe. Stay close to shore and never leave your baby alone in the water. It's also a good idea to invest in a baby life jacket. A life jacket will give you peace of mind and help your baby feel more secure.

Local Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a great option for families with newborns. You can easily control your environment and ensure that your baby stays safe. Make sure to pack all the essentials, such as diapers, wipes, and sunscreen. If you're going to a public pool, it's a good idea to bring your own towels and a blanket to lay your baby on.

When it comes to swimming, make sure to hold your baby securely at all times. Even if they're wearing a life jacket, you should never leave your baby unattended. You may also want to invest in swim diapers to prevent accidents in the water.

Overall, visiting the beach or a local swimming pool can be a great way to enjoy the summer with your newborn. Just make sure to pack all the essentials and take proper safety precautions. With a little planning, you and your baby can have a wonderful time in the sun.


Attend an outdoor concert or movie

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As a new parent, you may be wondering what activities you can enjoy with your newborn during the warm summer months. While there are limitations to what you can do with a baby, it doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up indoors all summer long. One activity that you can do with your little one is attending an outdoor concert or movie.

Attending an outdoor concert or movie is a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy some entertainment, and spend quality time with your newborn. Plus, most outdoor events are family-friendly and offer a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for parents with infants.

When attending an outdoor concert or movie with your newborn, it's essential to keep a few things in mind to ensure that everyone has a good time. For instance, you'll want to bring along a blanket to sit on and some snacks to keep your little one fed and happy.

It's also important to consider the time of day and how much sun exposure your newborn will get. Midday events can be scorching hot and uncomfortable for your baby, so early morning or late afternoon events may be a better option.

Another consideration is the noise level. While music and movies can be enjoyable, they can also be too loud for your newborn's sensitive ears. You may want to bring ear protection, such as headphones or earplugs designed for infants, to ensure that your little one is not exposed to harmful levels of noise.

Finally, remember to dress your newborn appropriately for the weather. Summer evenings can be chilly, so bring along a light jacket or blanket to keep your little one cozy.

Attending an outdoor concert or movie with your newborn is a fun and engaging activity that you can enjoy as a family during the summer months. With a little preparation and care, you can create lasting memories while exposing your child to culture and entertainment. So, grab your baby carrier and head out to enjoy the summer sun and sounds!


Go on a nature walk or hike

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Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with your newborn. While some activities may not be appropriate for young babies, like swimming or playing at water parks, there are still plenty of things you can do to enjoy the outdoors. One such activity that is both stimulative and relaxing is going on a nature walk or hike. Here’s how you can make the most out of your time on the trails with your little one:

Plan the Route and Time of Day: When choosing where you want to go hiking or walking, consider the accessibility of the trail for strollers or carriers. Also, check the weather, as you want to avoid extreme temperatures or being out during peak sun hours when the heat is the strongest.

Pack the Essentials: Bring along all of the essentials, including snacks (if your baby is eating solids), sun hats, sunscreen for both you and your baby, and water to stay hydrated. A baby carrier is also a great option as it allows you to tend to your little one while still exploring the beauty of nature.

Take It Slow: You may be used to hiking at a certain pace or for a specific time, but remember that your baby slows you down. You will need time to stop for feedings or diaper changes along the way, so be prepared for this and take it slow. Babies often enjoy the change of scenery and fresh air, so let them explore new sights and sounds as you take in the nature around you.

Make It Educational: Use the hike to teach your baby about their surroundings. Point out the different plants, animals, or insects you see and make new sounds for them to identify. For older babies, you can create sensory activities, such as picking up leaves or looking at items with different textures.

Capture the Moment: Take photos or videos of your baby enjoying the outdoors. They will soon grow up and having these memories to look back on is priceless.

In conclusion, take advantage of the summer weather by taking your newborn on a nature hike or walk. Exploring and appreciating nature together creates memories and provides an enriching experience for both of you. With a few simple preparations, your little one can safely enjoy the outdoors and learn about their natural surroundings.


Play in a sprinkler or hose in the yard

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Summer is the perfect time to bond with your newborn and create fun memories. While it may seem daunting to come up with activities suitable for your little one, there are a myriad of ways to engage your infant during the warm weather months. One of the most enjoyable and refreshing activities for both you and your baby is to play in a sprinkler or hose in the yard.

Playing in a sprinkler or hose is a fantastic way to introduce your newborn to water play. Most infants adore the sensation of water on their skin and will giggle and coo with delight. Not only is it fun for them, but cooling off in the water can help relieve the discomfort of the summer heat.

Before you start, make sure to dress your baby in appropriate clothing and use a gentle baby sunscreen to protect their delicate skin. Start by setting up a baby pool or a shallow area where your baby can splash and sit. If you don't have a kiddie pool, a large inflatable bathtub can work just as well.

Once the area is set up, turn on the sprinkler or hose to a gentle flow. Monitor the temperature of the water and make sure it's not too cold. You can also test the water on your own skin to ensure it's not too hot.

During playtime, sit beside your baby and interact with them. Talk to them, sing songs, and make playful gestures. Your baby will enjoy the attention and thrive on the interaction.

Playing in a sprinkler or hose is one of the simplest and most enjoyable activities your newborn can do in the summer. With proper supervision and care, it's the perfect way to create memories, introduce your baby to water play, and bond with your little one.

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Visit a farm or petting zoo

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Summer is a great time to explore the outdoors with your newborn, and one activity you should consider is visiting a farm or petting zoo. These places provide a great source of wholesome entertainment for both parents and their babies. But this can also be overwhelming for new parents who are wondering what exactly they will be doing with their newborns, how to keep their little ones comfortable, and what safety measures to take.

Here, we have put together some helpful tips on visiting a farm or petting zoo with your newborns:

  • Choose the Right Outfit: When it comes to newborns, comfort trumps fashion. It would be best to dress your newborn in breathable and loose-fitting clothes made of soft fabrics such as cotton. Try to avoid clothing with snaps, buttons, and zippers, as they could irritate your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Protect Them from the Sun: While you are out and about, protect your newborn from the sun by using a sun hat or an umbrella. Also, apply sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to areas such as their feet, face, and hands that are not covered by clothing.
  • Stay Hydrated: Make sure you keep yourself and your baby hydrated throughout your visit. This is important, especially if you are breastfeeding your baby. Be sure to carry a bottle of water or a baby bottle with you.
  • Take it Easy on the Petting: While it may be tempting to let your baby pet all the animals, never force your newborn to interact with the animals if they’re hesitant. Make sure you always supervise your baby and be gentle with the animals.
  • Be Prepared for Diaper Changes: Babies are known for having blowouts at the most inconvenient times, so ensure you have an extra diaper, wipes, and a changing pad in your diaper bag. Always clean your baby’s hands after each interaction with the animals.
  • Choose a Good Time to Visit: It would be best to choose a time that is not too hot or crowded to visit the farm or petting zoo. It would be best to visit during the morning or late afternoon when the temperatures are not too high.
  • Have Fun: Most importantly, have fun! Take lots of pictures and create new memories with your little one. Introduce them to new sights, sounds and smells. Watching your baby observe and take in the world can be one of life’s most precious moments.

In conclusion, visiting a farm or petting zoo is a great activity for newborns during the summertime. But, you must take precautions to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be sure to have a great time!


Attend a family-friendly festival or fair

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As the temperatures rise and the sun shines bright, there are a lot of fun things to do with your newborn in the summer. Attending a family-friendly festival or fair is one of the best ways to get out of the house and enjoy a variety of activities, entertainment, and food. Here are some tips to help make attending a festival or fair a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your little one.

Plan ahead: Check the festival or fair's website ahead of time to see if they offer any special accommodations for families with young children. This may include stroller rentals, nursing/changing stations, and kids' play areas.

Dress comfortably: Make sure you and your baby are dressed appropriately for the weather. Choose light, breathable clothing and bring a hat and sunscreen for your baby if you'll be spending time outside.

Pack essentials: Be sure to bring essentials for your baby including diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes. If you'll be nursing, consider bringing a nursing cover or finding a private area to feed your baby. Bring a stroller or baby carrier to keep your little one comfortable and safe.

Explore and enjoy: Take your time exploring the festival or fair with your baby. Look for kid-friendly activities such as petting zoos, face painting, or performances. Remember to take breaks as needed to keep your baby comfortable and happy.

Watch for crowds: Depending on the time of day, festivals and fairs can get quite crowded. Be mindful of the crowds and watch for areas that may be congested. Consider attending during off-peak hours to avoid the busiest times.

Stay hydrated: Babies can get dehydrated quickly in the summer heat. Make sure you and your baby stay hydrated by drinking water regularly. Bring a sippy cup or bottle for your baby.

Overall, attending a family-friendly festival or fair can be a fun and exciting way to spend time with your newborn in the summer. With a little preparation and attention to your baby's needs, you can create a wonderful family memory that you'll treasure for years to come.

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Playtime at an indoor play space on hot days

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When the temperatures start to soar during the summer months, it can be tough to find fun and safe activities to do with your newborn. Fortunately, indoor play spaces can offer a perfect solution. These air-conditioned sanctuaries provide a safe and stimulating environment for both you and your little one. Here are some ways to make the most of your time at an indoor play space during the hot summer months:

  • Dress in light layers: When heading to an indoor play space, be mindful of the temperature and dress your baby in light layers. Since indoor play areas tend to be air-conditioned, it may be cooler than outside. By dressing in layers, you can easily add or remove clothing as needed to keep your baby comfortable.
  • Bring a blanket: Even though you’ll be spending time inside, it’s still a good idea to bring a blanket for your baby. This can be used for tummy time, diaper changes, or as a clean spot for your little one to play.
  • Try out the different play areas: Indoor play spaces often have a variety of play areas that cater to different age groups. Be sure to explore all the options, from soft play areas for infants to ball pits and climbing structures for older babies. This will keep your baby interested and engaged in playtime.
  • Meet other parents: Indoor play spaces can be a great place to meet other parents. Strike up a conversation and share tips and advice on parenting or simply enjoy the company. You may even find a new friend for your baby.
  • Take a break: Remember to take frequent breaks during playtime. Feed or change your baby, take a stroll around the play space, or simply sit and relax. This will help you both recharge and prevent overstimulation.

Indoor play spaces are a great way to beat the heat and have fun with your newborn during the summer months. By dressing appropriately, exploring all the play areas, meeting other parents, and taking breaks when needed, you and your baby can have a great time staying cool indoors.

Frequently asked questions

Answer: It's important to keep your baby comfortable as temperatures rise. Dress your baby in lightweight, loose-fitting clothes, and keep them in a shaded area when you're outdoors. You can use a fan or air conditioning to help keep your baby cool, or try using a cool mist humidifier.

Answer: It's generally safe to take a newborn to the pool or beach in the summer, but you'll need to be cautious. Be sure to keep your baby out of direct sunlight, as their sensitive skin can easily burn. Also, make sure to use swim diapers and proper sun protection, such as sunscreen and a hat with a brim.

Answer: Newborns are naturally curious and love to explore, so use this to your advantage. Take them on nature walks to explore your backyard or nearby parks, or bring them to outdoor markets or festivals. You can also try setting up a baby pool or sprinkler in your yard, or introduce them to sensory toys and games that engage their senses and encourage exploration.

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Jada Richards

As a new mom, I've been searching for activities to do with my newborn that are suitable for the summer heat. One idea that's been a hit is setting up a small baby pool in our backyard. The gentle splashes and cool water keep my baby entertained and help beat the summer heat. We've also been attending outdoor baby yoga classes, where we can enjoy the sunshine and gentle breeze while bonding and stretching together. It's been a great way to get out of the house and explore new activities with my little one!

Claude Anthony

With a newborn in tow, I've been looking for summer activities that are both baby-friendly and enjoyable for myself. One thing we've been doing is going on family picnics at the local park. I bring a blanket, some snacks, and toys for the baby, and we spend the afternoon relaxing in the shade and enjoying the outdoors. We've also been exploring nearby baby-friendly hiking trails. I wear my baby in a carrier, and we take leisurely walks while enjoying the beautiful scenery. It's a wonderful way to introduce my little one to nature and stay active during the summer months!

Dominik Durham

I just had a baby this summer and I've been loving finding things to do with my little one. One thing we've been doing is going for walks in the park early in the morning before it gets too hot. It's a great way to get some fresh air and exercise without overheating. We also recently discovered a local baby swim class and it's been so much fun to see my baby splashing around and enjoying the water. I'm looking forward to exploring even more summer activities with my newborn!
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with your newborn this summer! It sounds like you and your little one have been having a great time exploring the outdoors. Going for walks in the park is such a wonderful way to enjoy some fresh air while getting some exercise. I'm glad you've been able to find an early morning time to beat the heat. The baby swim class sounds like an absolute blast! It's amazing to see their joy and excitement in the water. I'm sure there are so many more summer activities to discover and make memories with your newborn. Enjoy every moment!

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