12 Ideas For Upcycling Horseshoes

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Hollywood often portrays horseshoes as mere good luck charms, but these versatile and durable objects have far more to offer than just their supernatural properties. In fact, with a little creativity and some elbow grease, horseshoes can be transformed into stunning and functional pieces of art through upcycling. We have compiled a list of 12 inventive and practical ideas for upcycling horseshoes that will leave you inspired and ready to raid your local blacksmith's shop for a few dozen of these versatile metal gems.

Activity Description
Horseshoe Toss A game where players throw horseshoes at stakes to score points.
Horseshoe Crafts Decorative and functional items made from horseshoes such as wine-racks, candle holders, and bookends.
Horseshoeing The practice of fitting horseshoes onto horses' hooves to protect them and improve their gait.
Horseshoe Art Sculptures and wall art made from horseshoes.
Horseshoe Pit Construction Building a horseshoe pit for friendly competition and entertainment.
Horseshoe History Learning about the history of horseshoes and the role they played in transportation and warfare.
Horse Racing Watching or betting on horse races where the horses wear horseshoes.
Horseback Riding Enjoying a leisurely trail ride or taking lessons to improve horsemanship.


Horseshoe wine rack

Source: www.etsy.com

If you're a horse lover or a rustic decor aficionado, then you're probably familiar with horseshoes. These U-shaped iron objects are typically fitted onto a horse's hoof to protect them from wear and tear. However, horseshoes can also be repurposed to create charming and functional home decor items. One of the most popular horseshoe crafts is the horseshoe wine rack.

To make a horseshoe wine rack, you'll need the following materials:

  • Six horseshoes
  • Welding equipment
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray paint (optional)

Begin by arranging three horseshoes into a triangle shape, with the tips of the shoes facing one another. Using a welding machine, fuse the three horseshoes together at their points of contact. Repeat this process with the remaining three horseshoes.

Once you have two horseshoe triangles, weld them together at the base to form a hexagon. Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges or weld marks.

If you'd like to add some color to your horseshoe wine rack, you can spray paint it with your preferred color. Let the paint dry for a few hours before using the wine rack.

To use your new horseshoe wine rack, simply place a bottle of wine into each horseshoe holder. The wine rack can hold up to six bottles of wine at a time, making it a perfect addition to any wine lover's collection.

In addition to its practical use, a horseshoe wine rack also adds a rustic touch to your home decor. You can display it on a countertop, shelf, or even hang it on the wall as a unique piece of art.

Overall, making a horseshoe wine rack is a fun and creative way to repurpose horseshoes into something both functional and beautiful. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or just looking for a unique home decor item, this horseshoe craft is sure to impress.


Horseshoe picture frame

Source: www.etsy.com

Horseshoes are not just for horses! There are many creative things you can do with horseshoes, including making a horseshoe picture frame. This unique frame is not only a useful accessory for displaying your favorite photos, but it also adds a rustic touch to your decor.

To make a horseshoe picture frame, you will need the following materials:

  • Horseshoes (depending on the size of the frame you want to create, you may need 4-6 horseshoes)
  • Welding equipment or strong glue
  • Wire or ribbon (optional)


  • Clean the horseshoes with soap and water to remove any dirt or rust.
  • Decide on the size of your picture frame and lay out the horseshoes accordingly. You can arrange them in a square or rectangle shape, or you can get creative and make a custom shape.
  • Using welding equipment or strong glue, attach the horseshoes together at the corners to form a frame.
  • Once your frame is complete, you can add a wire or ribbon to the back to hang it on the wall.
  • Insert your favorite photo into the frame and enjoy your new unique piece of rustic decor!

Don't have any horseshoes lying around? You can purchase them at your local farm supply store or online. You can also try asking at a local farrier or horse stable if they have any used horseshoes to spare.

In addition to creating picture frames, you can also use horseshoes to make candle holders, wine racks, and even furniture. Get creative and see what unique creations you can come up with using horseshoes!


Horseshoe coat hanger

Source: www.woodriverironworks.com

Horseshoes are versatile pieces of metal that can be used for more than just adorning your horse's hooves. They can be repurposed into decorative pieces for inside your home and outside in your garden. One of the most popular ways to use horseshoes is by creating a unique coat hanger for your home. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to create your very own horseshoe coat hanger.

Materials required:

  • 5 to 7 horseshoes
  • A piece of wood (at least 1 inch thick and 10 inches long)
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Paint (optional)
  • Hooks (optional)


  • Start by laying out your horseshoes in the pattern you want them to be on the board. You can choose to have them all facing the same direction or alternate them for a more unique look.
  • Once you have determined the layout, mark where each horseshoe will be placed on the wood.
  • Drill holes in the marked spots on the wood where the screws will go.
  • Using screws, attach each horseshoe to the board.
  • You can choose to paint the horseshoes and/or the wood if you want to add some color to your coat hanger.
  • Using a saw, cut off any protruding ends of the horseshoes that stick out from the board.
  • Attach hooks onto the bottom of each horseshoe for hanging your coats, bags, or anything you’d like.
  • Mount your horseshoe coat hanger to the wall using screws.

And there you have it, a unique and rustic coat hanger made from horseshoes. You can use this same technique to create other decorative objects, such as a towel holder or a key rack. Horseshoes truly are a versatile material with endless possibilities for creating rustic and appealing decor.


Horseshoe garden hose holder

Source: www.walmart.com

There are many creative ways to repurpose horseshoes and turn them into useful and decorative items. One simple and practical idea is to create a horseshoe garden hose holder.

Here's how to make one:


  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2-3 feet of sturdy chain
  • Pliers
  • Metal screws or nails
  • Drill


  • Clean the horseshoes thoroughly with soap and water. Let them dry completely before starting the project.
  • Align the horseshoes in a square shape, with the tips pointing inward to create a circular opening in the center.
  • Use pliers to twist the ends of the horseshoes together. Ensure they are tightly connected to form a sturdy base.
  • Take the chain and link it through the openings in each horseshoe. Make sure the chain is long enough to accommodate the length of your garden hose.
  • Attach metal screws or nails to the base of the horseshoes. This will help secure the base to the ground and prevent it from tipping over.
  • Drill the screws or nails into the ground, firmly securing the horseshoe garden hose holder in place.
  • Place your garden hose in the center of the holder, and enjoy your new functional and unique addition to your garden.

Not only does this project repurpose a common household item, but it also adds a rustic charm to your garden. Plus, with the horseshoes being made of durable metal, it is a sturdy option to securely hold your garden hose. This project is an excellent way to integrate a little bit of country charm into your garden while also being practical and eco-friendly.


Horseshoe candle holder

Source: www.youtube.com

If you're looking for a unique and rustic way to add some charm to your home decor, consider making a horseshoe candle holder. Not only it is easy to make, but it also brings a piece of the outdoors inside and creates a cozy and warm atmosphere.

To make a horseshoe candle holder, you need some horseshoes, a drill, a hammer, and some screws. You can use old horseshoes that you find lying around or buy them from a farm supply or hardware store. Clean them with a wire brush to remove any dirt, rust, and debris.

Arrange the horseshoes in a circular shape, facing upwards. Place a candle in the center to check the size and adjust the horseshoes accordingly. Use a marker to mark the spots where each horseshoe touches the neighboring one. This will help you drill the holes to attach the horseshoes together.

Use a drill to make a hole in each of the marked spots. Then, place a screw in each hole and hammer it in to secure the horseshoes in place. Make sure they are tightly screwed, so they don't wobble or move around when you place the candle holder on a table or shelf.

Next, you can spray paint the horseshoes with a metallic color like gold, silver, or copper. This will add a touch of elegance and glam to the rustic look of the horseshoes. You can also paint them with a matte finish or leave them natural if you prefer a more organic look.

Once the paint is dry, place one or more candles in the center of the candle holder. You can use pillar candles, votive candles, or tea lights depending on the size of the horseshoe candle holder. The warm glow of the candles will create a cozy and relaxing ambiance in any room of your home.

You can also decorate the horseshoe candle holder with some greenery, flowers, or ribbons. This will add some color and texture to the rustic metal of the horseshoes. You can change the decorations depending on the season or occasion, making the horseshoe candle holder a versatile and decorative piece.

In conclusion, making a horseshoe candle holder is a fun and easy DIY project that adds a touch of country chic to your home decor. It's a creative way to repurpose old horseshoes and create a unique and personalized candle holder. Whether you're a horse lover or just a fan of rustic decor, the horseshoe candle holder is a charming and practical addition to any room.


Horseshoe key holder

Source: www.etsy.com

Horseshoes are a popular decorative item that are often seen in homes and gardens. While they are primarily used for their intended purpose on horses, there are also many creative things that can be done with horseshoes.

One great idea for using horseshoes is to create a horseshoe key holder. This is a fun and functional project that is easy to do and can add a touch of rustic charm to your home decor.

To make a horseshoe key holder, you will need a few supplies:

  • Several horseshoes
  • Wood board
  • Screws
  • Hooks
  • Drill
  • Paint or stain (optional)

Here are the steps to make your own horseshoe key holder:

  • Arrange the horseshoes in a desired pattern on the wood board. You can arrange them in a straight line or in a more unique design.
  • Once you are happy with the arrangement, use screws to attach the horseshoes to the wood board.
  • Next, attach hooks to the underside of each horseshoe. You can use any type of hook that you like, but make sure they are sturdy enough to hold your keys.
  • If you would like to add a bit of color to your horseshoe key holder, you can paint or stain the wood board. This step is optional and can be skipped if you prefer the natural wood look.
  • Once your horseshoe key holder is complete, you can hang it up on the wall. You can use it to keep your keys organized and in one place, or you can simply use it as a decorative piece.

In conclusion, there are many things you can do with horseshoes, and creating a horseshoe key holder is just one of them. This project is easy to do and can be customized to fit your personal style. So, gather your supplies and get started on your own horseshoe key holder today!

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Horseshoe birdhouse

Source: feltmagnet.com

Horseshoes are not just for horses anymore! They can be used in a variety of ways to create unique and interesting decor for your home and yard. One great idea for using horseshoes is to make a birdhouse.

To start, you will need some horseshoes (about six), some screws, and a drill with a hole saw attachment. You will also need a piece of wood for the base of the birdhouse. First, arrange the horseshoes in a circular pattern using screws to attach them to the base. Next, drill a hole in the center of the horseshoe circle for the entrance.

After the horseshoe circle has been formed, it's time to build up the birdhouse walls. This can be done by screwing additional horseshoes vertically along the outside of the horseshoe circle. Be sure to space them evenly so the birds can easily enter and exit the house.

Once you have built up the walls, add a roof by using two horseshoes secured to the top of the wall horseshoes. You can use a piece of metal or wood for the roof itself. Be sure to leave a little overhang to protect the entrance from rain.

Finally, add a perch to the front of the birdhouse using a horseshoe. This will allow the birds to land and enter the house comfortably. You can also add decorative touches like a knocker or a painted design.

Overall, a horseshoe birdhouse can make a great addition to your yard. It's unique, functional, and shows off your love for all things equine!


Horseshoe wind chime

Source: www.pinterest.com

First, gather your materials. You will need six horseshoes, string or twine, a piece of metal for the top, and decorations such as bells or beads. Make sure the horseshoes are clean and free from any rust or dirt.

Next, take two horseshoes and tie them together with string. Repeat this step with the remaining four horseshoes so that you have three sets of tied horseshoes. Then, tie the three sets of horseshoes together with more string so that they form a triangle shape.

Next, choose where you want to attach your decorations. You can add bells or beads to the horseshoes themselves or attach them to the string. Get creative and use whatever you have on hand to make your wind chime unique.

Once your decorations are attached, tie a piece of string to the top of the triangle shape and attach it to your chosen piece of metal. This can be anything from a piece of driftwood to a metal rod. Make sure that your wind chime is secure and can withstand the wind.

Your horseshoe wind chime is now complete! Hang it up in your garden or on your porch, and enjoy the calming sound of the wind chimes. Horseshoes are a great material to use for this DIY project because of their weight and durability. You can easily change the decorations to match the seasons or your personal style.

In conclusion, making a horseshoe wind chime is a fun and easy project that you can complete in just a few hours. With a few materials and a little creativity, you can add a rustic touch to your outdoor space. So, gather your horseshoes and start making your own wind chime today!

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Horseshoe towel holder

Source: www.lonestarwesterndecor.com

Horseshoes are versatile objects that can be used for a variety of purposes. One idea for a creative use of horseshoes is to make a towel holder. This unique and rustic-looking accessory can add charm to any bathroom or kitchen decor.

To make a horseshoe towel holder, you will need a horseshoe, a metal hook, some screws, a drill, and pliers. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Clean and polish the horseshoe to remove any rust or dirt.

Step 2: Determine where you want to mount your towel holder. It should be in a convenient and accessible location that is easy to reach.

Step 3: Use a drill to make two small holes on the sides of the horseshoe. These holes should be big enough to fit the screws.

Step 4: Insert the screws halfway into the holes and attach the hook to the screws.

Step 5: Tighten the screws using pliers, making sure that the hook is securely attached to the horseshoe.

Step 6: Mount the towel holder on the wall using screws or hooks.

Now, you can use your horseshoe towel holder to hang your towels. You can also embellish it with decorative items such as flowers, ribbons, or beads to make it more attractive.

In conclusion, creating a horseshoe towel holder is an easy DIY project that you can do at home. It is a fantastic idea for adding a touch of rustic charm to your bathroom or kitchen decor. So go ahead and try making one today!


Horseshoe bookends

Source: www.etsy.com


  • 2 horseshoes
  • Epoxy glue
  • Spray paint


  • Clean your horseshoes with soap and water and let them dry completely.
  • Apply epoxy glue to the bottom of one horseshoe and press it firmly onto a flat surface. Repeat with the second horseshoe.
  • Let the glue dry for 24 hours.
  • Spray paint the horseshoes with your desired color. Allow to dry completely.
  • Once the paint is dry, stack your books between the two horseshoe bookends.

The great thing about horseshoe bookends is that they are also very affordable to make. All you need are a couple of horseshoes and some epoxy glue, which can be found at your local hardware store. You can also recycle old horseshoes typically found at farms or move ranches.

Overall, horseshoe bookends are a simple and stylish DIY project that can add character and charm to your home decor. Give them a try and see how they enhance the beauty and functionality of your book display!


Horseshoe clock

Source: www.etsy.com

Looking for a unique and stylish way to add a touch of western flair to your home decor? Look no further than a horseshoe clock!

To make a horseshoe clock, you will need sevens horseshoes, a clock mechanism kit, batteries, glue, and a drill. You can purchase a clock mechanism kit at any craft store or online, and you can also find horseshoes at most farm and ranch stores.

Begin by cleaning the horseshoes and arranging them in a circle on a flat surface, with one horseshoe in the center. You can use glue to attach the horseshoes together, making sure to line them up evenly. Allow the glue to dry completely before continuing.

Next, use a drill to make a hole in the center of each horseshoe where they meet. This will allow you to attach the clock mechanism to the center horseshoe. Follow the instructions on the clock mechanism kit carefully to assemble it and attach it to the center horseshoe.

Once the clock mechanism is securely attached to the horseshoe circle, you can add the clock hands and insert the batteries. Make sure that the clock is working correctly before hanging it on your wall.

Adding some personal touches to your horseshoe clock can make it even more special. You can try painting the horseshoes with fun designs or using different colored horseshoes to add some variety. You could also add some embellishments like feathers, beads, or rope to give your clock a unique look.

In conclusion, making a horseshoe clock is a fun project that can add some western charm to your space. With a little creativity and some basic DIY skills, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to be a conversation starter and a treasured addition to your home!

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Horseshoe paper towel holder

Source: www.youtube.com

Horseshoes are not only essential for horses but also make great home decor and DIY projects. One popular use for horseshoes is to create a paper towel holder for the kitchen or bar area. This adds a rustic touch to your kitchen while providing an easy and convenient way to store and access paper towels.

To make a horseshoe paper towel holder, first, gather your materials. You will need a horseshoe, a wooden dowel rod that can fit inside the horseshoe, a drill, screws, and a screwdriver. You may also need sandpaper or a sander if you want to smooth down any rough edges on the horseshoe or dowel rod.

Start by drilling a hole in the center of the horseshoe. Be sure to choose a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the diameter of your wooden dowel rod. Next, drill a hole in the center of the wooden dowel rod, following the same size guidelines. Once both holes are drilled, insert the dowel rod into the horseshoe. If it's a tight fit, you may want to sand down the dowel rod for a smoother insertion.

After the dowel rod is inserted, turn the horseshoe over and attach it to the wall. You can use screws and a screwdriver to screw the horseshoe directly into the wall or attach it to a wooden board first for added stability. Make sure to choose a spot that is easily accessible and visible for your paper towel needs.

Finally, add your paper towels to the dowel rod, and you have yourself a handmade horseshoe paper towel holder!

Other ways to personalize or stylize your horseshoe paper towel holder include painting the horseshoe or dowel rod in your favorite color or adding additional decorative touches, such as a leather strap or tassel. You can also vary the size of the horseshoe and dowel rod to accommodate larger or smaller paper towel rolls.

In conclusion, a horseshoe paper towel holder is a creative and practical way to use horseshoes in your home decor. This DIY project is easy to make with just a few materials and adds a rustic charm to your kitchen or bar area. So the next time you find an old horseshoe lying around, consider making it into a useful and unique paper towel holder.

Frequently asked questions

Horseshoes should be replaced every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the horse's use and hoof growth.

Yes, properly fitted horseshoes can help reduce lameness by supporting the hoof and distributing weight evenly, which can alleviate pressure and pain.

There are various types of horseshoes, including traditional metal shoes, composite shoes made of synthetic materials, and specialty shoes such as pads or wedges. Each type serves a specific purpose and may be utilized based on the horse's individual needs.

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Mathew Goodwin

I absolutely love repurposing old horseshoes! One of my favorite things to do with them is to create horseshoe art. I've made some beautiful wall decorations and sculptures using horseshoes, and they add such a unique touch to my home decor. I also enjoy turning horseshoes into functional items like coat hooks or wine racks. It's a fun and creative way to give old horseshoes a new life, and I always get compliments on my unique and rustic creations. Plus, it's a great way to support local artisans who specialize in horseshoe art!
Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm thrilled to hear that you share my love for repurposing old horseshoes. It sounds like you've really embraced the creativity that comes with working with these unique items. Your horseshoe art creations must be absolutely stunning and I can imagine how they add a touch of rustic charm to your home. I also appreciate that you value the functional aspect of horseshoe repurposing, like turning them into coat hooks or wine racks. It's truly remarkable how something as simple as a horseshoe can be transformed into beautiful and practical pieces. And you're absolutely right about supporting local artisans who specialize in horseshoe art - it's a wonderful way to honor their craftsmanship and keep these amazing traditions alive. Keep up the amazing work!

Annalise Russo

As a horse lover, I have plenty of horseshoes lying around, and I've discovered some amazing things to do with them! One of my favorite projects is making horseshoe jewelry. I've created beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets using horseshoes, and they always become conversation starters when I wear them out. Another fun thing to do with horseshoes is to make horseshoe games. I've crafted a horseshoe pit in my backyard and enjoy playing with friends and family during summer gatherings. It's a fun and active way to enjoy time outdoors and show off my horseshoe throwing skills!

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