12 Fun Activities For Kids In Warsaw: Exploring Poland's Capital

things to do with kids in warsaw

Warsaw, Poland's bustling capital city, offers a wealth of opportunities for families to engage in fun and educational activities with their children. From historical landmarks to interactive museums, there's something for every member of the family to enjoy. In this article, we'll explore 12 exciting activities that will keep kids entertained in Warsaw and help them discover the city's vibrant cultural heritage. So, put on your walking shoes and let's begin our adventure through the streets of Poland's capital!

Activity Description Location Price Age Range
Copernicus Science Centre Interactive science exhibits and games Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, 00-390 Warszawa Adults: 29 PLN, Children: 19 PLN All ages
Łazienki Park Free outdoor park with gardens, palace, lake, and peacock alley ul. Agrykola 1, 00-460 Warszawa Free All ages
Zoo Home to over 5000 animals from around the world, with a petting zoo and activities ul. Ratuszowa 1/3, 03-461 Warszawa Adults: 29 PLN, Children: 19 PLN All ages
Legia Warsaw Museum A museum dedicated to the history of Legia Warsaw Football Club Łazienkowska 3, 00-449 Warszawa Adults: 20 PLN, Children: 15 PLN All ages
Warsaw Uprising Museum Interactive museum detailing the history of Warsaw's 1944 uprising Grzybowska 79, 00-844 Warszawa Adults: 25 PLN, Children: 15 PLN All ages
Praga Koneser Centre Converted vodka factory now home to restaurants, bars, and shops Plac Konesera 4, 03-736 Warszawa Free All ages
Multikino Modern movie theater with English-language films Złote Tarasy, Złota 59, 00-120 Warszawa Prices vary All ages


Warsaw Zoo

Source: ITS Poland

If you're traveling to Warsaw with your family, the Warsaw Zoo is a must-visit destination. With over 5,000 animals from 500 different species, including elephants, tigers, and giraffes, there is something for every member of the family to enjoy.

One of the highlights of the zoo is the Elephant House, which is home to a family of seven elephants. Watching these gentle giants interact with each other and their keepers is an unforgettable experience. The zoo also offers daily elephant feedings, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with these magnificent animals.

Another popular attraction is the Orangutan Trail, where visitors can see these intelligent primates swinging through trees and playing with toys. The trail also features interactive exhibits and games that educate visitors about orangutan conservation efforts.

For those interested in birds, the zoo offers a large Aviary with a variety of species, including parrots, hornbills, and flamingos. The Aviary is also home to a walk-in aviary, allowing visitors to step into a world of birds and observe them up close.

If you're visiting the zoo during the warmer months, be sure to check out the African Savannah exhibit, where you can see zebras, antelopes, and ostriches roaming freely. Visitors can also take a ride on the zoo's train, which takes you through the Savannah exhibit and offers a unique perspective on the animals.

In addition to animal exhibits, the Warsaw Zoo offers a variety of educational programs and activities for children. These include animal encounters, where children can get up close and personal with a variety of animals, as well as workshops and guided tours.

One unique program offered by the zoo is the "Night at the Zoo" experience, where visitors can spend the night at the zoo and participate in a variety of activities, including a nocturnal animal tour and a campfire.

Overall, the Warsaw Zoo is a fantastic destination for families traveling to Warsaw. With a wide variety of animals, interactive exhibits, and educational programs, there is something for every member of the family to enjoy. So be sure to add it to your itinerary and experience the wonders of the animal kingdom in the heart of the city.


Copernicus Science Center

Source: WarsawTour

If you're looking for things to do with kids in Warsaw, the Copernicus Science Center is a must-visit destination. Located in the heart of the city, the Center is an interactive museum that provides a fun and educational experience for children and adults alike.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Copernicus Science Center with my five-year-old son, and I was impressed with the variety of exhibits and hands-on activities available. The museum is divided into several different sections, including a planetarium, robotics room, and physics zone.

One of the highlights of our visit was the Sensation Zone, which allows visitors to explore various sensory phenomena. My son particularly enjoyed the giant soap bubble station, where he had the opportunity to make his own bubbles and learn about the science behind them.

Another favorite activity was the Robotic Theater, where we watched a short play performed entirely by robots. It was a unique and entertaining experience that showcased the incredible advancements in robotics technology.

The Copernicus Science Center is not only a fun destination for families, but it's also a great way to encourage kids to develop an interest in science and technology. The museum's interactive exhibits make complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging for children of all ages.

If you're planning a visit, I recommend arriving early in the day to avoid the crowds. The museum can get quite busy, especially on weekends and holidays. Additionally, be sure to check the museum's website for any special events or exhibitions that may be taking place during your visit.

Overall, I highly recommend visiting the Copernicus Science Center if you're traveling to Warsaw with kids. It's a fun, educational, and interactive destination that provides a unique and unforgettable experience for both children and adults.

In addition, the Copernicus Science Center also offers workshops and shows that can be booked with additional fees. Some of the workshops are Robotics, Forensics and Chemistry Lab. These workshops are aimed to give the child a deeper understanding of the subjects.

So, next time you are in Warsaw, head over to the Copernicus Science Center to expose your kids to an unforgettable interactive science experience. You might even learn a thing or two yourself!

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Wilanów Palace and Gardens

Source: TripAdvisor
Characteristic Description
NameWilanów Park
TypePark in Warsaw, Poland
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.8 / 101
Address02-958 Warsaw, Poland
Phone+48 798 290 977
HoursWednesday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM
Thursday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM
Friday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM
Saturday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM
Sunday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM
Monday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM
Tuesday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM

Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Wilanów, just a few kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of central Warsaw, lies the stunning Wilanów Palace and Gardens. Known as the "Polish Versailles", this 17th-century baroque palace is a must-visit attraction for families traveling to Warsaw. With so much to explore and see, the Wilanów Palace and Gardens offer a plethora of activities for kids and adults alike. Here are some of the best things to do with kids in Warsaw's Wilanów Palace and Gardens.

One of the top highlights of the Palace and Gardens is The Garden of Imagination – an interactive, outdoor space designed particularly for kids. The Garden of Imagination is a perfect spot for relaxation, yet it also offers a hands-on experience for children with various playgrounds, swings, and climbing walls. What's more? Kids can get their hands dirty with sandboxes, fountains, and a small pool!

The palace's architecture, with its many halls, galleries, and rooms, makes it an extraordinary place to teach kids history and art. The palace houses an extensive collection of artwork, tapestries, weapons, and antique furniture. Furthermore, the palace honors outstanding Polish rulers, classical mythology, and biblical stories in its art installations, which can be informative and insightful for children. To ensure that kids get the most from the experience, guided tours are also available.

A horse-drawn carriage ride is a fantastic way to take your little ones back in time to the 17th century during your visit to the Palace and Gardens. The charming, wooden horse carriage picks visitors up from the Wilanow Palace entrance and delivers them on a one-hour tour of the surrounding area. It's an experience that the kids will remember forever – especially if they indulge in daydreams of being a prince or princess.

With five different fountains and a colorful collection of greenery, the Palace and Gardens are a haven for nature lovers – and a perfect destination to help get your kids active in the outdoors. The gardens span over 45 acres, offering endless walkways and enough space to run about. Kids can play hide and seek, spot squirrels and birds, and enjoy the stunning greenery. If you visit the Palace and Gardens during weekends or the warm months, there are various outdoor events, concerts, and performances that you can enjoy with your family.

No day out with kids is complete without a meal break. You can expect Polish cuisine with a modern twist served at the Wilanów Palace Restaurant, which overlooks the palace gardens. While you indulge in savory dishes such as pierogi, zurek, or kielbasa, the kids can indulge in the tasty kids' menu. On sunny days, take your lunch outside to a picturesque picnic spot in any of the gardens.

In conclusion, visiting the Wilanów Palace and Gardens is a wonderful way to ignite your child's curiosity about history and art, while having fun in the outdoors. From the Garden of Imagination to the Palace's art collection and the horse-drawn carriage ride, the Palace and Gardens offer an excellent range of activities to keep the kids entertained throughout the day. So next time you go to Warsaw, don't forget to visit Wilanów Palace and Gardens – it's an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

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Old Town Market Square

Source: Family Off Duty
Characteristic Description
NameOld Town Market Square
TypeTourist attraction in Warsaw, Poland
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.7 / 35,350
AddressRynek Starego Miasta, 00-272 Warszawa, Poland
HoursWednesday - Open 24 hours
Thursday - Open 24 hours
Friday - Open 24 hours
Saturday - Open 24 hours
Sunday - Open 24 hours
Monday - Open 24 hours
Tuesday - Open 24 hours

Warsaw is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in Poland, and its Old Town Market Square is a must-visit place for travelers with kids. The square was completely reconstructed after being destroyed during World War II, and it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is located in the heart of the Old Town, and it is surrounded by colorful historical buildings and narrow streets that give the feeling of stepping back in time.

There are many things to do with kids in the Old Town Market Square. One of the most popular activities is to take a horse-drawn carriage ride around the square. Kids will love the ride, and parents will appreciate the beautiful views of the surrounding buildings, including the Royal Castle and St. John's Cathedral. Children can also enjoy the many street performers who often perform in the square. Depending on the season, you might see clowns, musicians, and even a living statue!

Visitors to the Old Town Market Square can also visit the museums and galleries that are located in the area. The Museum of Warsaw is a great option for families with kids of all ages, as it features many engaging exhibits that showcase the city's history. The National Museum is another great choice; it has an impressive collection of art and artifacts that will fascinate children and adults alike.

One of the highlights of the Old Town Market Square is the impressive statue of the Mermaid of Warsaw, which can be found in the center of the square. The Mermaid is a symbol of the city, and according to legend, she is a protector of Warsaw. The statue is a popular spot for taking family photos and is a great way to remember your time in the Old Town.

While exploring the Old Town Market Square, visitors should take advantage of the many restaurants and cafés that can be found in the area. Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a sit-down meal, there are many options available to suit all tastes and budgets. And if you're looking for a sweet treat, don't miss out on trying a traditional Polish pastry called a paczki!

In conclusion, the Old Town Market Square is a great place to visit with kids in Warsaw. With its beautiful architecture, historical significance, and many things to see and do, it is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. But be prepared to walk a lot! Wear comfortable shoes as the cobblestones can be a bit rough on your feet, and enjoy the sights and sounds of one of the most beautiful places in Poland.


Warsaw Uprising Museum

Source: WarsawTour
Characteristic Description
NameWarsaw Uprising Museum
TypeMuseum in Warsaw, Poland
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.7 / 30,614
AddressGrzybowska 79, 00-844 Warszawa, Poland
Phone+48 22 539 79 05
HoursWednesday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 6 PM
Thursday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 6 PM
Friday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 6 PM
Saturday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM
Sunday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM
Monday - opens at 9 AM and closes at 6 PM
Tuesday - Closed

Looking for a fun and educational activity for your kids while in Warsaw? Look no further than the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The museum is an interactive experience that tells the story of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the occupying Nazis during World War II. It's a great way to teach your kids about Polish history and the struggle for freedom during one of the darkest times in world history.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is located in the Wola district of Warsaw, in a building that was once a power station. The museum was opened in 2004, on the 60th anniversary of the uprising, and has since become one of Warsaw's most popular attractions. It's open every day from 10 am to 6 pm, and admission is very affordable.

One of the things that makes the Warsaw Uprising Museum unique is its interactive exhibits. There are dioramas, audio and video displays, and even a replica of a sewer tunnel that was used by the resistance fighters during the uprising. Kids will love exploring the exhibits and learning about the history of Warsaw and Poland.

The museum also offers guided tours for families, which can be a great way to learn even more about the history of the uprising. The guides are knowledgeable and engaging, and can help kids understand the significance of what they're seeing. The tours are available in several languages, including English, so you don't need to worry about language barriers.

Another great thing about the Warsaw Uprising Museum is its focus on everyday life during the uprising. There are exhibits that show what it was like to live in Warsaw during the occupation, including what people ate, how they communicated, and how they moved around the city. This can be a great way to help kids understand what life was like during such a difficult time.

Finally, the Warsaw Uprising Museum offers several educational programs for kids, including workshops and art classes. These programs are designed to help kids learn even more about the history of the uprising, and can be a fun and engaging way to spend an afternoon in Warsaw.

In conclusion, the Warsaw Uprising Museum is a must-visit destination for families traveling to Warsaw. It offers a unique and interactive way to learn about the history of Warsaw and Poland, and can be a fun and educational experience for kids of all ages. With its focus on everyday life during the uprising and its engaging exhibits, the museum is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. So if you're visiting Warsaw, be sure to add the Warsaw Uprising Museum to your itinerary – you won't regret it!

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Łazienki Park

Source: ToursPoland.Com

If you're looking for a fun and educational experience for your kids in Warsaw, then Łazienki Park is the perfect place to visit. The park is located in the city centre and is one of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw. Your kids are sure to enjoy the many activities and attractions available at this park.

One of the most popular attractions in the park is the Palace of the Island. This beautiful palace was built in the 17th century and is surrounded by a beautiful lake. Your kids will love exploring the palace and learning about its history. There are also many beautiful gardens surrounding the palace that your kids can explore.

Another great attraction in the park is the Chopin monument. This monument was created to honor the famous composer, Frederic Chopin, who lived in Warsaw for many years. Your kids will love learning about Chopin's life and music while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the park.

If your kids are animal lovers, then they will definitely love the Łazienki Zoo. This zoo is home to a wide variety of animals, including elephants, lions, tigers, and monkeys. Your kids can learn about the animals and their habitats while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the park.

For some active fun, there's also a playground in the park. The playground has swings, slides, and climbing structures, ensuring that your kids will have a blast while burning off some energy.

Another great activity for kids is boat rides on the lake or simply feeding the ducks, swans and turtles that inhabit the lake.

It's always a great idea to bring a picnic basket and enjoy a relaxing picnic with your family under the shade of trees or next to the rose garden.

The park also hosts many events throughout the year, including concerts and festivals. Keep an eye on the park’s calendar to make sure you don't miss out on any fun events during your visit.

In conclusion, Łazienki Park is a great place to visit with your kids in Warsaw. With so many fun and educational activities available, your kids are sure to have a great time while learning about the history and nature of Warsaw. Don't forget to bring sunscreen, comfortable shoes and some water with you to enjoy this nature oasis in the middle of the bustling city.

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Praga District

Source: WarsawTour

Warshaw is a beautiful city with so much to offer, and the Praga district is a must-visit location when traveling to the city with kids. It is the perfect place for families, as there are several things to do and sights to see. From parks to museums, restaurants, and more, Praga has everything you need for a fun and educational family outing.

One of the most visited attractions in Praga is the Ząbkowska Street Market, a traditional bazaar that has been in existence since the 19th century. The market is bustling with activity and offers a diverse range of products, from food to clothes, antiques, and souvenirs. Children will love the vibrant colors and sounds, and there are plenty of snacks to try. You can also find some beautiful and affordable handicrafts to take back home as a souvenir.

Another great place to visit in Praga is the Warsaw Zoo. The zoo is home to a variety of animals, including tigers, giraffes, and lions, and there are plenty of interactive exhibits that are perfect for kids. The zoo also has a fantastic playground where kids can let off some steam, and it is an ideal spot for a picnic lunch.

For a truly unique experience, head to the Praga District Museum, located in the beautiful Skaryszewski Park. The museum showcases the rich history and culture of the district, with interactive exhibits that are both fun and educational. Kids can learn about the life of Jews in the area before and during the Holocaust and explore the role Praga played in the Polish Resistance.

If your kids are into sports, the National Stadium is also worth a visit. This modern stadium is home to some of Poland's top football teams, and there are always games taking place throughout the year. The stadium also hosts concerts and other events, making it a great spot to catch some live entertainment while in the city.

As for where to stay in Praga, there are several accommodation options available. While there are plenty of hotels in the city center, staying in Praga can offer a unique insight into the local culture. We highly recommend the Hostel Ludwinów, which offers excellent facilities and is only a short walk away from many of the district's attractions.

One more not-to-be-missed activity in Praga is exploring the district's street art. Praga is famous for its vibrant murals and graffiti, with artists from all over the world visiting to leave their mark. Take a walking tour of the district to discover some of the most stunning pieces of street art and learn about the local artists who created them.

In conclusion, the Praga district of Warsaw is an excellent location for families with kids. There is so much to see and do, from visiting the traditional markets to exploring the district's street art, museums, and parks. Make sure to book accommodation in the area, and take advantage of the opportunity to experience the local culture firsthand. Your kids will love it, and so will you!


Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Source: Kids in the City
Characteristic Description
NamePOLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
TypeMuseum in Warsaw, Poland
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.5 / 16,430
AddressMordechaja Anielewicza 6, 00-157 Warszawa, Poland
Phone+48 22 471 03 01
HoursWednesday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM
Thursday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM
Friday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM
Saturday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8 PM
Sunday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM
Monday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM
Tuesday - Closed

Visiting the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw is a great way to introduce kids to the rich and complex history of Poland. The museum’s interactive exhibits and engaging events offer a variety of ways to explore the Jewish culture and history that have shaped the country.

One of the standout interactive installations at the museum is the Virtual Shtetl, a digital recreation of a traditional Jewish village. Kids can explore the village and learn about the traditions, customs, and daily life of Jewish communities in Poland before World War II. They can play games, solve puzzles, and interact with digital characters to learn about Jewish history and culture in a fun and engaging way.

Another popular exhibit is the Gallery of Synagogues, which features a stunning collection of scale models of synagogues that once existed in Poland. Kids can marvel at the intricate designs and learn about the architecture and symbolism of these important religious buildings.

The Children’s Workshop is also a must-visit destination at the museum. Here, kids can participate in hands-on activities like making traditional Jewish crafts, learning Hebrew calligraphy, and creating their own artwork inspired by the museum’s exhibits.

The museum also offers a range of educational programs and events throughout the year, including workshops, lectures, and performances. From Yiddish language lessons to traditional Jewish dance demonstrations, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to learn and engage with Jewish culture and history.

One of the most compelling aspects of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews is its focus on storytelling. The exhibits and events are designed to tell the stories of individuals and communities throughout Jewish history, from the vibrant life of pre-war Jewish communities to the tragedies of the Holocaust and the resilience of survivors and their descendants. Through these stories, kids can gain a deeper understanding of the complex and multifaceted history of Poland and its Jewish communities.

If you’re planning a trip to Warsaw with kids, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews is not to be missed. With its engaging exhibits, interactive installations, and wide range of educational programs and events, it offers a rich and immersive introduction to the history and culture of Poland’s Jewish communities. As one museum visitor put it, “It is a place where history is brought to life and where we can learn from the past to build a better future.”

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Royal Castle of Warsaw

Source: Family Off Duty

The Royal Castle of Warsaw is a must-visit destination if you’re traveling with kids in the bustling city of Warsaw. This is a great place to go if you want your children to immerse themselves in the rich cultural history of Poland. The magnificent castle has been restored to its original grandeur, and it now serves as a museum, presenting the vast history of Poland.

When you visit the Royal Castle, your children will learn about the Polish monarchs who once occupied this grand residence. There are many activities and programs designed specifically for children at the Castle. You can opt for a guided tour, or you can explore the exhibits on your own. When you enter the castle, you and your children will be greeted by beautiful old furniture, art collections, and a rich display of precious artifacts. The immersive exhibition takes the kids on an educational ride through the country’s past, and the way the country has evolved over the centuries.

One of the highlights that kids will find fascinating is the armory. It is home to the largest and most valuable collection of Renaissance arms and armor in Poland. Young ones will have a great time seeing the intricate details of the armor and learning about the tools of war.

In the King’s Apartments, stories about royal life from many years ago come to life. A visit to the castle's interior will have your children feeling as if they have stepped back in time. Kids can imagine what it was like to live like royalty, with the luxurious living spaces of the kings and queens of Poland. Don't skip the Palace Garden, which can be an ideal place to relax, go for a walk, and take in the impressive views of the castle.

The castle comes to life with a wide range of activities organized exclusively for children during the summer months. Your children can join activities such as a treasure hunt, walking tours, and craft workshops that let your kids explore their creative side. These events engage children, teach them valuable lessons, and offer a mix of both entertainment and education.

A unique aspect of the castle tour is the opportunity to dress in old-fashioned clothes in the interactive exhibitions. Children can play the role of kings, queens, knights, and princesses as they tour the Castle's courtyard. It’s a great way to engage children's imaginations and bring a bit of history to life.

In conclusion, the Royal Castle of Warsaw has something for every family member, young or old. With its impressive history, rich culture, and educational programs, children will not only learn about the Polish monarchy but also have an incredible time. The Castle is open every day except for Tuesdays, and admission tickets are affordable, making it a cost-effective way to spend your time in the city. If you want to make the most of your visit, book a guided tour to learn the stories that lie within the walls of the magnificent structure.


Palace of Culture and Science

Source: travelers - المسافرون العرب
Characteristic Description
NamePalace of Culture and Science
TypePalace in Warsaw, Poland
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.6 / 61,466
Addressplac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa, Poland
Phone+48 22 656 76 00
HoursWednesday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8 PM
Thursday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8 PM
Friday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8 PM
Saturday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8 PM
Sunday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8 PM
Monday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8 PM
Tuesday - opens at 10 AM and closes at 8 PM

If you are looking for an interesting and educational experience to share with your kids on your Warsaw trip, a visit to the Palace of Culture and Science is definitely a must. Built in the 1950s as a “gift” from the Soviet Union, this iconic landmark served as a symbol of Poland’s friendship with the communist bloc. Today, it serves as a cultural center, housing theaters, museums, cinemas, and sports facilities.

What makes this destination a good choice for families is that there are a variety of activities for kids of all ages. Start by riding the elevator to the observation deck on the top floor of the Palace. From there, you will have a 360-degree view of the city and can spot some of Warsaw’s most notable landmarks, such as St. Anne’s Church and Old Town Square. Kids will love using the telescopes to get a closer look at the cityscape.

Another fun activity is visiting the MUZEUM TECHNICZNE W WARSZAWIE. This interactive museum is a mecca for all things science and technology. It is aimed at children from six to twelve years old and has over 200 exhibits that explore scientific phenomena, biological diversity, and engineering principles. Plus, there is a workshop area where kids can get hands-on experience with DIY projects.

One of the more unusual things that you can do at the Palace is check out the Copernicus Science Centre planetarium. Here, kids can learn about astronomy in a truly immersive way. The planetarium features a dome-shaped screen that displays stunning visuals of the night sky as well as educational films on topics such as the universe, space exploration, and the search for extraterrestrial life.

In addition to the multiple museums, there is a cinema that screens children's movies in Polish and English. If your kids are into sports, you can take them to the swimming pool, biking facility, or ice skating rink. Overall, the Palace is an amazing place for families to see some of the sights, learn something new, and have fun together.

One tip to keep in mind when visiting the Palace of Culture and Science is that it can get quite crowded, especially during peak travel seasons. It’s best to plan ahead and book tickets online to avoid lines. Also, note that there is a dress code for visitors - no shorts or tank tops are allowed.

Finally, no visit to the Palace of Culture and Science would be complete without hearing a good old-fashioned story about its history! According to legend, the Palace was supposed to be built in Moscow, but it was eventually decided that Warsaw was a better location because the city had to be rebuilt after World War II. Moreover, Polish architect Lev Rudnev was commissioned to design the building and he modeled it after the seven Gothic skyscrapers in Moscow. The Palace took three years to build and was dubbed a “gift” to the Polish people, but many locals initially resented it because of its associations with Soviet domination.

In conclusion, the Palace of Culture and Science is undoubtedly one of the top attractions for families visiting Warsaw. With loads of interactive and educational exhibits, a planetarium with incredible visuals, and plenty of sports facilities, it's the perfect spot for parents who want to keep their kids entertained while exploring the city. With a bit of planning, you and your family will have an unforgettable experience.


Warsaw Multimedia Fountain Park

Source: WarsawTour

Warsaw is one of the best destinations for families travelling with kids in Europe. Its rich history, beautiful parks, fascinating landmarks, delectable cuisine, and myriad attractions make it an excellent place for a family vacation. One of the must-visit places in the city is the Warsaw Multimedia Fountain Park, a visual feast for kids and adults alike.

Located in the heart of the city, between the Old Town and the Palace of Culture and Science, the Warsaw Multimedia Fountain Park is a popular attraction that combines water, light, and sound for an unforgettable experience. It is open from May to September, and the shows start at 9 pm and last for approximately 45 minutes. The best time to visit is after dark, when the colors and effects are more visible.

The park features a huge fountain with over 300 water jets, which can shoot up to a height of 40 meters. The water is choreographed to the music and lights, creating stunning patterns and movements that are synchronized with the rhythm. The show is not only breathtaking but also educative, as it presents the history and culture of Warsaw through the medium of water.

For families with kids, the Warsaw Multimedia Fountain Park is a must-visit attraction, and there are plenty of activities to keep the little ones engaged. They can splash in the water fountains, dance to the music, and marvel at the spectacular light effects. The park has a playground with swings, slides, and climbing frames for kids to play on. There are also food stalls selling snacks and drinks, so you can have a picnic while enjoying the show.

Moreover, the park is accessible for strollers and wheelchairs, and there is plenty of space to move around. The atmosphere is festive and lively, and there are plenty of families and tourists enjoying the show together. It is a great place to make new friends and share travel tips and stories with fellow travellers.

The Warsaw Multimedia Fountain Park is not only an excellent place for a family outing but also an entertaining way to learn about the history and culture of Warsaw. Each show has a different theme, ranging from traditional folk music to modern pop songs, and each one presents a unique aspect of the city's identity.

In conclusion, the Warsaw Multimedia Fountain Park is a fantastic attraction for families with kids visiting Warsaw. It offers a captivating visual and auditory experience, and there are plenty of activities to keep the little ones entertained. Don't miss the chance to watch the colorful water shows and learn about Warsaw's rich culture and heritage. So, come and enjoy the magic of Warsaw's Multimedia Fountain Park with your family!


Warsaw National Stadium.

Source: In Your Pocket

The Warsaw National Stadium is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling with kids to Warsaw, Poland. This iconic stadium is an architectural masterpiece and a host to many exciting events, including football games, concerts, and even cultural events. Not only will kids enjoy the stadium itself, but there are also plenty of activities to keep them entertained before or after the event.

One of the activities that kids will love is the "Legends of Polish Sport" exhibition. This exhibition is located on the third level of the stadium, and it displays the history of Polish sport, from the early days to the present time. Kids can get up close and personal with the memorabilia and learn about the achievements of some of the country's top athletes.

If your kids are interested in football, then the Warsaw National Stadium is the perfect place for them. The stadium is the home ground for the Polish National Football Team, and there are always exciting matches to watch. Kids will have a blast cheering along with the crowd and experiencing the excitement of a live football game. If you're lucky enough to visit during the Euro Cup or FIFA World Cup, the stadium will transform into a lively and fun-filled atmosphere.

One of the most noteworthy features of the stadium is the rooftop tour. The tour takes you to the highest point of the stadium, which offers a panoramic view of the City. The tour is approximately 90 minutes long, and it's not recommended for children under eight years old. However, older kids will love the opportunity to see the City from a bird's eye view.

Another entertaining activity for kids is the interactive 360° cinema experience. The cinema is located on the second level of the stadium, and the show is a combination of 3D visuals, surround sound, and special effects. The kids will be completely immersed in the film and learn about the history of the stadium in an enjoyable way.

Before leaving the stadium, make sure to stop by the souvenir shop. Here, you'll find plenty of Poland-themed merchandise, including t-shirts, hats, and football jerseys. It's the perfect way to remember your visit to the Warsaw National Stadium.

In conclusion, the Warsaw National Stadium is a great destination for families traveling with kids. There are plenty of activities to keep them entertained and engaged, and it's a chance for them to experience one of Poland's most iconic landmarks. Whether you're there for a football game or just to visit, the Warsaw National Stadium is a must-see attraction.

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Answer: There are plenty of parks to explore in Warsaw, such as Łazienki Park or Morskie Oko Park. You can also visit the Służewiec horse racing track, go cycling along the Vistula River, or have a picnic in the Wilanów Palace Gardens.

Answer: There are many museums that offer interactive activities for kids, such as The Copernicus Science Centre or The Warsaw Rising Museum. You can also visit indoor play areas such as Kids' Fun or Bullerbyn.

Answer: There are many restaurants in Warsaw that accommodate families. Some great options include Krowarzywa vegan burgers, Chlopskie Jadlo which serves traditional Polish cuisine, and the Hard Rock Cafe with a kids' menu.

Answer: There are many hotels in Warsaw that offer activities for kids such as playgrounds, swimming pools, and cinema rooms. Some popular options include the Marriott, Novotel, and Sheraton.

Answer: Yes, you can visit the multimedia fountain park in Podzamcze where the fountains dance along to music and laser lights. You can also visit the Zoo or take a family bike ride around Warsaw. For a unique experience, check out the Warsaw Zoo at night with the "Zoo by Night" tour.

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Grayson Morton

We recently took a family trip to Warsaw, and it was a hit with both us parents and our kids. One of the highlights was visiting Park Ujazdowski, which has a fantastic playground and beautiful grounds for picnicking. The Multimedia Fountain Park was another favorite, where the kids were in awe of the synchronized water and light shows. We also enjoyed taking a boat ride along the Vistula River, which allowed us to see the city from a different perspective. Warsaw truly impressed us with its family-friendly attractions.

Mikey Williams

As a parent, it can sometimes be a challenge to find activities that are both fun and educational for kids. But in Warsaw, we were pleasantly surprised to discover a wide range of options. One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the Warsaw Zoo, where the kids got to see animals up close and even participate in feeding sessions. The Warsaw Uprising Museum was also a must-visit, as it offered a unique opportunity for the kids to learn about the history of the city in an engaging way. We can't wait to go back!

Brooke Mcpherson

My family and I recently visited Warsaw with our two young children, and we had a blast exploring all the kid-friendly activities in the city. One of our favorite things to do was visit the Copernicus Science Centre, where the kids got to learn through interactive exhibits and hands-on experiments. We also enjoyed spending time at the Wilanow Palace and its beautiful gardens, where the kids could run around and play. Warsaw is definitely a great destination for families with kids!

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