11 Fun Activities For Kids On Maui

things to do with kids on maui

Maui, known for its pristine beaches, jaw-dropping scenery, and cultural richness, is a paradise for everyone, especially kids. With its sunny climates and warm waters, this Hawaiian island offers a wide range of fun activities that can entertain and educate children of all ages. Whether it's exploring rainforests, snorkeling with sea turtles, or attending a Hawaiian luau, Maui promises fun and exciting adventures that will keep kids happy and engaged. Here are 11 fun activities for kids on Maui that will make them want to stay forever and never leave this island paradise.

Activity Description
Atlantis Submarine Tour the underwater reefs without getting wet
Maui Ocean Center Explore Hawaii's marine life in this aquarium
Maui Tropical Plantation Take a educational tram ride and see tropical crops
Baby Beach Calm waters and soft sand make this beach perfect for little ones
Surfing Goat Dairy Visit and feed the goats, and try goat cheese and milk
Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm Walk through fields of lavender and enjoy the view
Maui Arts & Cultural Center Attend family-friendly shows and events
Sugar Museum Learn about Maui's sugar industry and take a train ride
Kula Country Farms Visit a farm stand and pick fresh produce
Iao Valley State Park Take a hike to view the iconic Iao Needle


Snorkeling at Molokini Crater

Source: www.momofmamony.com

Molokini Crater is an excellent place for families to enjoy a day of snorkeling and exploring underwater marine life. Located off the coast of Maui, the crater is a popular spot for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts. The unique crescent-shaped volcanic crater provides a natural shelter from the wave action, making it an ideal spot for underwater activities.

If you're planning a family vacation to Maui, be sure to add Molokini to your list of things to do. Here are some reasons why you and your kids will love snorkeling at Molokini Crater:

  • Crystal clear water - Molokini Crater is known for its crystal-clear waters, giving snorkelers an unobstructed view of the colorful marine life beneath the surface. This makes it an ideal place for kids to see a wide variety of marine life in their natural habitat.
  • Abundance of marine life - The crater is home to more than 250 different species of fish, including butterflyfish, parrotfish, and Moorish idol. You may also spot the occasional manta ray or sea turtle.
  • Safe and easy snorkeling - The waters at Molokini are calm and protected, making it a great place for beginners and young children to try snorkeling. The visibility is also excellent, so you can easily keep an eye on your kids while they explore the underwater world.
  • Family-friendly tours - There are plenty of tour companies that offer guided snorkeling trips to Molokini Crater. These tours are designed to be family-friendly, with guides who are knowledgeable about the local marine life and who can ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

Before you head out to Molokini, be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, snacks, and water for the day. Remember to swim only in designated areas and to keep a respectful distance from the marine life. With its stunning scenery and abundant marine life, Molokini Crater is an excellent choice for a family day trip that your kids will never forget.

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Visiting the Maui Ocean Center

Source: pmimaui.com
Characteristic Description
NameMaui Ocean Center, The Aquarium of Hawaii
TypeAquarium in the Maalaea, Hawaii
WebsiteGo to website
Rating / Review count4.5 / 7,991
Address192 Maalaea Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793
Phone(808) 270-7000
HoursTuesday - 9 AM–5 PM
Wednesday - 9 AM–5 PM
Thursday - 9 AM–5 PM
Friday - 9 AM–5 PM
Saturday - 9 AM–5 PM
Sunday - 9 AM–5 PM
Monday(Memorial Day) - 9 AM–5 PM

Maui is the perfect destination for a family vacation. With its stunning beaches, beautiful scenery, and plenty of kid-friendly activities, there is no shortage of things to do with kids on Maui. One must-visit attraction that should be on your list is the Maui Ocean Center.

Located in the charming town of Maalaea, the Maui Ocean Center is an impressive aquarium that offers a fantastic experience for kids of all ages. The aquarium is home to a wide variety of marine life, including turtles, sharks, and tropical fish. Here's why visiting the Maui Ocean Center is a must-do for families with kids on Maui.

Interactive Exhibits

The Maui Ocean Center has several interactive exhibits, which means that kids can get hands-on with the marine life and learn in a fun and engaging way. One such exhibit is the Discovery Pool, where children can touch sea urchins, hermit crabs, and starfish. The touch pool is staffed by knowledgeable guides who can provide information and answer questions about the marine life.

Tunnel Walk

The highlight of the Maui Ocean Center is the tunnel walk, where you can take a leisurely stroll through a 750,000-gallon aquarium filled with sharks, stingrays, and other marine life. The walkway is made of Plexiglas, which means you get a clear view of the marine animals swimming all around you. It's an unforgettable experience that kids will love.

Manta Ray Feeding

If you're lucky, you may get to see the manta ray feeding at the Maui Ocean Center. This occurs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and it's a fantastic spectacle for the whole family. You'll see the manta rays gracefully swimming through the water as they are fed by the aquarium staff.

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

For families that want to take their experience to the next level, the Maui Ocean Center offers behind-the-scenes tours. You'll get to see areas of the aquarium that are usually off-limits to the public, and you'll learn even more about the marine life and the conservation efforts being made at the center.

In conclusion, visiting the Maui Ocean Center is a must-do for families with kids on Maui. With its interactive exhibits, tunnel walk, manta ray feedings, and behind-the-scenes tours, it's an educational and fun attraction that the whole family will love. Plus, it's a great way to support marine conservation efforts while making unforgettable memories.


Hiking to Twin Falls

Source: hawaiitravelwithkids.com

Maui, Hawaii is a popular vacation spot for families, and there are plenty of things to do with kids on this beautiful island. One of the best activities for adventurous families is hiking to Twin Falls, a series of cascading waterfalls that offer stunning views and plenty of opportunities for swimming and exploration.

Located along the Road to Hana, Twin Falls is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The trailhead is located just past mile marker 2 on the Hana Highway and can be easily accessed by car. The hike itself is relatively easy and suitable for children of all ages, although parents should be prepared to carry young children over uneven terrain and across streams.

As you make your way up the trail, you’ll be surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and the sounds of birds and rushing water. After about half a mile, you’ll reach the first waterfall, which is a popular spot for swimming and taking photos. The waterfall is surrounded by rocks and boulders that are perfect for kids to climb on, making it a fun and exciting adventure for the whole family.

From there, the trail continues to a second waterfall, which is slightly more secluded and requires a bit more effort to reach. However, the views are worth it, as the waterfall cascades down into a large pool that’s perfect for swimming and splashing around. The surrounding area is also a great place to have a picnic or relaxing break, with plenty of shade and natural beauty.

If you’re planning a day trip to Twin Falls, be sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and bug spray, as well as snacks and a picnic lunch. There are no facilities or services at the trailhead, so plan accordingly. It’s also important to respect the natural environment and avoid disturbing or damaging the vegetation and wildlife.

Overall, hiking to Twin Falls is a wonderful activity for families who love exploring the great outdoors and experiencing the natural beauty of Maui. With scenic views and plenty of opportunities for adventure, it’s no wonder that this trail is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. So pack your bags, grab your kids, and get ready for an unforgettable Maui adventure to Twin Falls!


Playing at Baby Beach in Lahaina

Source: thehawaiivacationguide.com

If you are looking for a fun and safe place for your kids to play on Maui, Baby Beach in Lahaina is an excellent destination to consider. This area is located on the north end of Lahaina and is a protected cove that is perfect for young children.

Here are some of the things you need to know before heading to Baby Beach:

Plan to visit during low tide:

When the tide is out, the water is much more shallow, and the sandy area is more extensive. This makes it easier for kids to wade in the water and play on the sandy beach. You can check tide times online before visiting.

Pack beach essentials:

Before heading to Baby Beach, make a list of things you need to bring. For example, you'll need sunscreen, towels, hats, swimwear, an insulated cooler with snacks and drinks, toys, and beach chairs.

Take precautions:

Even though Baby Beach is a calm and protected cove, it's essential to keep an eye on your kids at all times. The ocean can be unpredictable, and the waves can suddenly become stronger, so make sure you take necessary precautions. You should also keep an eye out for jellyfish or other sea creatures.

Have fun:

Once you are at Baby Beach, your kids will love it. The water is warm, and the tide pools are fun to explore. The beach is also relatively quiet and peaceful, and it's a great place to unwind and relax.

Baby Beach in Lahaina is a lovely destination to visit with kids. It's a safe and fun place for your kids to play and explore, and the area is filled with natural beauty. With these tips, you can make the most of your visit and create unforgettable memories with your family.

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Surfing lessons in Kihei

Source: tinykelsie.com

Maui, Hawaii is known for its picturesque beaches, stunning waterfalls, and lush greenery. With so many outdoor activities to do, it's the perfect destination for families with children. Surfing lessons in Kihei, a small town located on the southwestern coast of Maui, offer a unique opportunity for your kids to experience the thrill of riding the waves and perfecting their surfing skills. Here's why you should consider taking your kids to Kihei for surfing lessons:

Family-Friendly Beaches

Kihei boasts several family-friendly beaches such as Kalama Beach, Cove Park, and Kamaole Beach Park. These beaches have gentle waves and shallow waters, perfect for children who are learning to surf. The beaches also have plenty of amenities like restrooms, showers, and picnic areas, making it convenient for parents to spend a full day with their kids at the beach.

Experienced Surfing Instructors

Surfing instructors in Kihei are experienced and certified by the Red Cross. They offer personalized lessons for kids as young as five years old. They use specialized teaching techniques such as land-based demonstrations and safety talks before heading out into the water. Instructors also provide all the necessary surfing equipment like surfboards, rash guards, and leashes.

Fun, Safe, and Challenging Activity

Surfing is a physically demanding activity that requires strength, balance, and coordination. It's a fun, safe, and challenging activity that increases your kid's stamina, boosts their confidence, and encourages them to stay active. Surfing lessons in Kihei emphasize safety first, ensuring that children have fun while learning how to surf.

  • Affordable Lessons
  • Perfect Location for a Family Vacation

Kihei is the perfect location for a family vacation. It's centrally located, making it easy to explore all parts of the island. Besides surfing lessons, Kihei has several other family-friendly activities like hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, and cycling. The town also has a variety of restaurants that cater to kid's taste buds.

Final Thoughts


Stargazing at the Haleakalā Summit

Source: www.nps.gov

Maui is one of the best places to visit with your kids, thanks to its sandy beaches, adventurous hikes, and pleasant weather throughout the year. However, one of the most exciting things to do with your little ones is stargazing at the Haleakalā Summit, where you will get an opportunity to learn more about the constellations and see the beautiful night sky.

Located in Haleakalā National Park, the Haleakalā Summit is a haven for stargazing enthusiasts and astronomers alike. It's a wonderful place for families too to make unforgettable memories while observing the sky above you.

Before you plan to visit Haleakalā Summit with your kids to see the stars, you need to know a few things so that you can prepare them.

Prepare Your Kids Beforehand

Stargazing is a perfect way to ignite your kid's love for astronomy and science. Therefore, it's essential to hype them up for this educational experience. You can provide them with some basic information about the constellations before making the trip to Haleakalā Summit. Also, let your kids know that you will be staying up late to see the stars. Ensure they take their naps for enough rest before the trip.

Choose Your Location

There are two locations at Haleakalā Summit where stargazing is allowed. The first location is located at the parking lot of the Haleakalā Visitor Center, where visitors can admire the stars without the need for equipment. The second option is to venture to the Haleakalā Observatory, where you can take part in more stargazing activities and workshops. You have to make reservations to visit the observatory, and the minimum age requirement is eight years old.

Dress appropriately

Haleakalā Summit is located at a high altitude, which means it gets cold at night. Ensure your family is dressed properly before the trip. Bring extra layers and blankets to keep everyone comfortable during the stargazing adventure.

Carry Snacks and Drinks

Stargazing can be a long activity, therefore ensure you bring enough snacks and drinks for your family to enjoy. You can also opt to have a picnic with your family while waiting for the stars to come out.

In conclusion, stargazing at the Haleakalā Summit is an exceptional experience for both kids and adults. Follow the tips above and prepare your kids so they can have an unforgettable and educational experience in Hawaii. Remember to pack your camera too - it's an excellent opportunity to take memorable family photos under a starry sky.

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Exploring the tide pools at Ahihi Bay

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Maui is an incredible destination that offers a variety of fun-filled activities for families with children. One of the most exciting things to do with kids on Maui is exploring the tide pools at Ahihi bay. This natural wonderland is a haven for marine life and offers children an educational and thrilling experience.

Located in the southern part of Maui, Ahihi Bay is a protected marine reserve that encompasses more than 200 acres of undeveloped coastal wilderness. The bay is characterized by volcanic rock formations, shallow coral reefs, and crystal-clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling and diving. There are several tide pools along the shoreline that are teeming with fascinating marine life, including colorful fish, crabs, sea stars, and octopuses.

To have the best experience when exploring the tide pools, it is advisable to visit during low tide. At this time, the pools are shallow enough for children to wade in and explore safely. You should also bring water shoes, towels, sunscreen, and plenty of water. A snorkel set is also recommended to get an up-close view of the various fish species.

As you explore the tide pools, you can expect to see an amazing variety of marine life. The sea stars, in particular, are a favorite among children. These fascinating creatures come in different colors and sizes, and children can learn about how they move and hunt for food. Other creatures that can be found in the tide pools include sea anemones, crabs, and urchins.

When visiting Ahihi Bay, it is crucial to observe ethical behavior that respects the marine ecosystem. You should avoid touching or stepping on any marine life, and refrain from taking any souvenirs from the beach. Additionally, you should keep your distance from sea turtles, which are an endangered species.

In conclusion, exploring the tide pools at Ahihi bay is an exciting and educational activity that is perfect for families with kids. The bay offers a unique opportunity to observe marine life in its natural habitat and provides children with an unforgettable experience that they'll cherish for a lifetime.


Zip-lining at Piiholo Ranch

Source: vacations.hawaiilife.com

Maui, a beautiful island in Hawaii, offers exciting activities to do with your children. One of the most thrilling experiences that you and your family can enjoy is zip-lining at Piiholo Ranch. Let’s explore what makes zip-lining at Piiholo Ranch a must-do activity with your kids!

Firstly, Piiholo Ranch is a family-owned and operated ranch that has been in business since 1885. It’s located near Makawao in upcountry Maui, and the ranch offers a variety of outdoor activities, including zip-lining. The ranch provides an opportunity to connect with nature in a unique and fun way by zip-lining through the lush green forests of Maui.

On arrival, visitors are welcomed to the ranch’s beautiful lodge, where they are taken through safety briefings. After getting geared up and going through the basic instructions, the zip-ling adventure begins! The ranch offers various zip-lines with different lengths and heights, allowing everyone to choose the level of thrill that suits them best. In addition, they offer a tandem zip-line that allows two people to go together, perfect for parents and younger children or siblings who wouldn’t feel safe going by themselves.

Moreover, as you soar above the trees, you can take in gorgeous views of Maui, and the ocean beyond. The scenery and wildlife on display are truly breathtaking, and make this zip-lining adventure more than just an adrenaline rush. You may also get to see glimpses of Maui’s endemic birds, such as honeycreepers and the nēnē geese- be sure to take your camera with you!

Lastly, the staff at Piiholo Ranch are friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. They create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for you and your children, making this an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Your children will be left buzzing with excitement long after they’ve completed this adventure, and this will undoubtedly be a cherished memory for your family.

In conclusion, zip-lining at Piiholo Ranch is an experience that will create unforgettable memories for your family. It offers the perfect combination of adventure, scenic beauty, and wildlife encounters, providing a unique way for parents and children to bond with each other and with nature. Plan your visit and experience the beauty and thrill of zip-lining together with your children!


Attending a drumming class at Keoni's Hot Lava Dancefit

Source: hotlavadancefit.com

Maui is a paradise for families who are looking for adventurous activities that kids will love. If you are planning a trip to Maui and are wondering what to do with kids, attending a drumming class at Keonis Hot Lava Dancefit is an incredible experience you should consider.

Keonis Hot Lava Dancefit is a popular dance and fitness studio located in Kihei, Maui. The studio gives visitors an opportunity to participate in various dance and fitness classes including Zumba, Samba, Bellydance, Salsa, and more. If you are looking for a unique cultural experience, however, you should try their drumming classes.

Drumming classes are perfect for kids of all ages, as they offer a high energy activity that keeps them engaged. The classes are led by experienced instructors who teach kids how to beat a drum, how to keep rhythm, and how to work together as a team. The classes are conducted in a lively and festive atmosphere, which makes it fun and engaging for kids who love to dance and explore new things.

The drumming class at Keonis Hot Lava Dancefit is a perfect way for kids to learn about Hawaiian culture. The class is designed to introduce kids to the history and culture of Hawaii through drumming and dance. They will learn about the different types of drums, their history, and how they are used in traditional and modern settings. Kids will also learn about the cultural significance of drumming in Hawaii and other Pacific Island cultures.

The class is also perfect for parents as it is an excellent introduction to Hawaiian culture for families who are visiting the island for the first time. Parents and kids can learn about the history and culture of Hawaii together, and have a great time doing it. Plus, it also provides an opportunity for kids to make new friends while they learn.

Overall, attending a drumming class at Keonis Hot Lava Dancefit is an excellent way to spend time with kids on Maui. The experience is unique, engaging, and fun for kids of all ages. Kids will love learning about drums, Hawaii, and the Pacific Island culture, and will have a great time dancing and beating the drums. It is an experience that you and your kids will not forget.


Cuddle with adorable goats at Surfing Goat Dairy Farm

Source: www.trekaroo.com

Maui is a true paradise for families with kids, offering endless opportunities for fun and adventurous activities. One of the most unique and unforgettable experiences that you can have on Maui is cuddling with adorable goats at Surfing Goat Dairy Farm. Here’s all you need to know about this fun-filled and educational excursion.

Nestled in the lush and picturesque upcountry of Maui, Surfing Goat Dairy Farm is a small, family-owned farm that produces some of the best goat cheese on the island. The farm is home to over 200 happy and friendly goats, who love to interact with visitors and get lots of attention.

One of the most popular activities at the farm is the goat cuddling experience, which is perfect for families with young kids. During this activity, you get to spend some quality time with the goats and learn all about their fascinating behavior and habits. You’ll get to pet and hold the goats, watch them play and climb around in their pens, and even feed them their favorite snacks.

The goat cuddling experience is led by knowledgeable and friendly farm staff, who will teach you about the process of milking the goats and making cheese. You’ll get to tour the farm and learn all about the different breeds of goats that call Surfing Goat Dairy Farm their home. You’ll also get to sample some of the delicious cheese that is made on the farm, from creamy chevre to tangy feta and everything in between.

Overall, the goat cuddling experience at Surfing Goat Dairy Farm is a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids and create some fun and lasting memories. Whether you’re a goat lover or just looking for a unique and family-friendly activity on Maui, this farm is not to be missed. So pack up your sunscreen, grab your camera, and head upcountry to cuddle with some of Maui’s cutest and friendliest animals.

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Checking out the Maui Tropical Plantation

Source: hawaiitravelwithkids.com

Maui is known for its stunning beaches and outdoor activities, making it a popular destination for families. However, families looking to step away from the usual tourist spots may find themselves at the Maui Tropical Plantation. This lush property offers visitors a chance to explore the island's agricultural history and indulge in the beauty of nature.

One of the highlights of the Maui Tropical Plantation is the tram tour. This forty-five-minute tour takes families through a working plantation showcasing a vast variety of tropical crops. The tour is fun and educational, providing insights into the growth and harvesting of various crops, such as macadamia nuts, coffee, sugarcane, and pineapples. Children of all ages will enjoy seeing exotic fruits and vegetables in their natural habitat.

After the tram tour, families can explore the grounds on foot. The plantation covers over 60 acres, with miles of walking trails that wind through lush gardens, waterfalls, and miniature pineapples fields. Along the way, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking scenery and take plenty of family photos.

Another popular attraction at the Maui Tropical Plantation is the zipline experience. This adventure is suitable for children ages five and up, and it includes a low-height training zipline before moving to the higher thrill lines. The zipline tour passes over the plantation's working fields, providing an exhilarating and unique experience while viewing the plantation from high in the sky.

When hunger strikes, the Maui Tropical Plantation offers various dining options, including The Mill House Restaurant. It's known for its farm-to-table gourmet cuisine, and families will enjoy delicious dishes made using products grown fresh on-site.

Additionally, there are plenty of other family-friendly activities at the Maui Tropical Plantation, such as coconut husking and hula dancing lessons. Families will appreciate the cultural experiences and positive energy discovered throughout the property.

In conclusion, the Maui Tropical Plantation offers families a worthwhile destination that is both fun and educational. From the tram tour and zipline to the gardens and dining experiences, there is something for every member of the family to enjoy. Combining the extraordinary natural beauty with educational experiences, the Maui Tropical Plantation is certainly one of the best things to do with kids on Maui.

Frequently asked questions

Some popular kid-friendly beaches on Maui include Baby Beach in Paia, Kapalua Bay Beach, and Kamaole Beach Park III in Kihei.

Kids can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, whale watching tours, visiting the Maui Ocean Center aquarium, going on a zip-lining adventure, and taking a helicopter tour to see the island from above.

Yes, there are several family-friendly resorts on Maui, such as the Grand Wailea Resort, Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, and the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas. These resorts offer amenities such as pools with water slides, kids' clubs, and family-friendly activities.

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Lucas Henderson

Maui is definitely a paradise for families with kids! One of our favorite things to do is take a helicopter tour of the island. It's a unique way to see the stunning landscapes of Maui, and the kids always love the excitement of flying in a helicopter! Another must-do activity is visiting the Maui Goat Yoga Farm. Yes, you heard that right - it's yoga with goats! The kids absolutely adore interacting with the friendly goats while getting some exercise. And if your kids are animal lovers, they will also enjoy a visit to the Maui Animal Farm. It's a small farm where they can feed and pet animals like rabbits, goats, and ducks. So much fun!
Thank you for sharing your favorite activities for kids on Maui! Taking a helicopter tour sounds amazing and I can imagine the kids being thrilled by the unique experience. The Maui Goat Yoga Farm sounds absolutely adorable, and I'm sure the kids would love the opportunity to interact with the friendly goats while getting their exercise. The Maui Animal Farm also sounds like a wonderful place to visit, especially for animal-loving kids who would enjoy feeding and petting the animals. These activities are definitely great suggestions for families with kids visiting Maui.

Abby Friedman

I couldn't agree more with the list of things to do with kids on Maui! One activity that my family always enjoys is going on a whale watching tour. It's such a magical experience to see these magnificent creatures up close in their natural habitat. We've also had a blast exploring the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens. The kids love learning about the different plants and cultural significance behind them. And of course, you can't visit Maui without spending a day at the beach. Whether it's building sandcastles, snorkeling, or just enjoying the sunshine, the beaches on Maui are perfect for families.
Thank you so much for your comment! I couldn't agree more with you about going on a whale watching tour. It truly is a magical experience to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. I'm so glad to hear that your family enjoys it as well. Exploring the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens sounds like such a fun and educational activity. It's great that your kids get to learn about different plants and their cultural significance. And of course, spending a day at the beach is always a must-do in Maui. Building sandcastles, snorkeling, and just enjoying the sunshine are all wonderful ways to make lasting memories.

Aine Pena

Oh, I absolutely love visiting Maui with my kids! One of our favorite things to do is visit the Maui Ocean Center. It's such a fun and educational experience for the whole family. The kids love seeing all the different types of marine life and getting up close and personal with the turtles and sharks. We also enjoy spending a day at the Maui Tropical Plantation, where the kids can learn about different types of plants and even take a tram tour of the beautiful gardens. Maui is such a great destination for a family vacation!
Thank you so much for your comment! I'm so glad to hear that you and your kids love visiting Maui. The Maui Ocean Center sounds amazing - I love that it's both fun and educational. I can imagine how exciting it must be for your kids to see all the different types of marine life up close. The Maui Tropical Plantation also sounds like a great place to visit. It's wonderful that your kids have the opportunity to learn about different plants and explore the beautiful gardens. Maui truly does sound like the perfect destination for a memorable family vacation.

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