13 Creative Ways To Use Posca Pens In Diy Projects

things to do with posca pens

Are you tired of using the same old paint brushes and markers for your DIY projects? Look no further than Posca Pens! These versatile paint markers can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including paper, wood, glass, and plastic. Plus, their vibrant colors and easy-to-use tips make them the perfect tool for bringing your artistic vision to life. In this article, we'll explore 13 unique and creative ways to incorporate Posca Pens into your next DIY project. So grab your markers and let's get started!


Painting on Rocks and Pebbles

Source: The Word Rocks Project

Posca pens are a great way to add some color and personal touch to your rocks and pebbles. They are water-based markers that come in a variety of colors and tip sizes, which makes them perfect for customizing any rock or pebble in your collection.

Before you start, you’ll need to gather your supplies. Firstly, you’ll need some posca pens in different colors and tip sizes. Secondly, choose the rocks and pebbles you want to paint. They should be clean and dry before you begin painting. You may also want to use some paintbrushes and a spray sealer to protect your finished work.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to start painting. Here’s how you can paint on rocks and pebbles using Posca pens:

Choose your design

Think about what you want to paint on your rock or pebble. You could write a message, doodle a design, or create a picture. You may want to look for some inspiration online or from nature to get your creative juices flowing.

Sketch your design

Before you start, it may be helpful to sketch your design on paper to get a feel for the size and style of your art. Once you’re happy with your sketch, use a pencil to lightly draw the design onto your rock or pebble.

Start painting

Open your posca pens and start painting your design onto the rock or pebble. Use small strokes to create fine details, and larger strokes to fill in larger areas. You can blend colors together or keep them separate for a bold contrasting effect.

Dry your artwork

Once you’ve finished painting, allow your artwork to dry completely. This may take a few hours, so be patient and make sure you don’t touch the paint before it’s fully dry.

Seal your artwork

To protect your artwork from the elements, spray it with a clear sealer. This will help to prevent the paint from fading or smudging. Allow the sealant to dry completely before handling your rock or pebble.

In conclusion, painting on rocks and pebbles with posca pens is a fun and creative way to add some personality to your collection. With a little bit of patience and some creativity, you can create one-of-a-kind designs that are sure to impress. Happy painting!

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Customizing Glassware

Source: uni-ball

Posca pens are the perfect tool to use when customizing glassware. Whether you're looking to add a personal touch to your glass collection or create a unique gift for someone special, posca pens can help you achieve stunning and long-lasting results. Here are a few tips for using posca pens to customize glassware:

Choose the Right Glassware

Before you start customizing your glassware, it's important to choose the right type of glass. Posca pens work best on smooth surfaces, so try to find glassware with a glossy finish. Clear glasses will allow your designs to show through, whereas colored glass can add an interesting dimension to your artwork.

Plan Your Design

Once you have your glassware, plan your design. You can sketch out your design on paper or use a piece of chalk to create a rough outline directly on the glass. This will help you get an idea of how your design will look and ensure you stay on track while you're working.

Use the Right Colors

Posca pens come in a range of colors, so choose the ones that will complement your design. Pastels work well for delicate designs, while bold colors are perfect for more intricate patterns. When using multiple colors, let each layer dry completely before adding another layer to prevent smudging.

Be Patient

Posca pens are easy to use, but they do require a bit of patience. It's important to let each layer of your design dry completely before moving onto the next layer. This will help prevent smudging and ensure that your design lasts.

Add Finishing Touches

Once your design is complete, let your glassware dry overnight. This will help ensure that your design is fully set. You can then add finishing touches, such as a clear coat or glitter, to give your glassware a unique and personalized touch.

Using posca pens to customize glassware is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your home decor or create a thoughtful gift. With a little bit of planning and patience, you can create stunning and long-lasting designs that you'll be proud to show off.


Adding Colors and Details to Ceramics

Source: Posca

When it comes to adding colors and details to ceramics, Posca pens are one of the best tools to use. These versatile and easy-to-use pens are a favorite among artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts who want to enhance their pottery pieces with vibrant colors and fun designs. In this article, we'll explore some of the ways you can use Posca pens to take your ceramic artwork to the next level.

Trace your designs

If you have a design in mind but are afraid to mess it up, start by tracing it onto your ceramic piece with a Posca pen. This way, you can get a feel for the design and adjust it as needed before committing to it with paint. Use a light-colored pen to trace your design, and once you're happy with it, go over it with darker colors.

Add highlights and shadows

Posca pens are perfect for adding highlights and shadows to your ceramic pieces. Use lighter shades to create highlights on raised areas and darker shades for shadows in the crevices. This technique can help add depth and dimension to your artwork, making it more visually appealing.

Blend colors

One of the unique features of Posca pens is that they can be blended and layered to create new colors. To blend colors, apply one color first and then add a second color while the first one is still wet. Use a clean brush or sponge to blend the two colors together. This technique can create beautiful gradients and ombre effects on your ceramic pieces.

Create patterns

Posca pens are great for creating different patterns on your ceramic pieces. From polka dots and stripes to paisley and floral designs, the possibilities are endless. To create patterns, start by sketching out your design lightly with a pencil, then trace over it with your Posca pens.

Add lettering

If you want to add text to your ceramic piece, use Posca pens to do so. The pens come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the best one for the job. Practice your lettering on scratch paper first, and once you're happy with your handwriting, transfer it onto your ceramic piece.

In conclusion, Posca pens are a great way to add colors and details to your ceramic artwork. With their versatility and ease of use, they can help take your pottery pieces from bland to beautiful. Whether you're a professional artist or a novice crafter, Posca pens are worth checking out for your next project.


Decorating Wooden Signage

Source: Posca

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to decorate wooden signage, Posca pens are an excellent option! These versatile paint pens are perfect for adding unique and colorful designs to any plain wooden surface. In this article, we’ll provide some tips and ideas for using Posca pens to decorate wooden signs.

Choose the right surface

Before you start decorating, you’ll need to choose the right wooden surface for your project. A smooth, flat piece of wood is ideal for drawing or writing on with a Posca pen. You can either purchase a pre-made wooden sign or make your own by cutting a piece of wood to your desired size and shape.

Clean and sand the wood

Make sure your wooden surface is clean and free from any dirt or debris before you start painting. You may also want to lightly sand the wood to create a smooth surface for your design.

Plan your design

Before you start drawing on the wood, it’s a good idea to plan out your design. You can create a simple or complex design, depending on your skill level and personal preferences. You may want to draw your design on paper first and then transfer it onto the wood using a pencil or carbon paper.

Start painting

Once you’ve planned your design, it’s time to start painting with your Posca pens. These paint pens are easy to use and come in a range of colors and sizes. You can create thin or thick lines, dots, or even fill in large areas with a single color.

Add details and finishing touches

Once your main design is complete, you can add extra details and finishing touches with your Posca pens. This may include shading, highlights, or additional text or graphics.

Seal the wood

To protect your design from scratches or wear and tear, you may want to seal your wooden sign with a clear coat of varnish or sealer. This will also help to bring out the colors in your Posca paint pens.

In conclusion, decorating wooden signage with Posca pens is a fun and creative way to add a unique touch to any space. With a little planning and some careful drawing and painting, you can create a beautiful and personalized wooden sign that will stand out in any room or setting. So why not give it a try today?


Writing and Drawing on Chalkboards

Source: Reddit

Posca pens are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of creative projects. One fun way to use Posca pens is by writing and drawing on chalkboards. Chalkboards offer a unique canvas for your creativity and allow you to create one-of-a-kind designs that can be updated and changed as often as you'd like. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

  • Prepare your chalkboard: Before you begin, make sure your chalkboard is clean and dust-free. You can use a damp cloth to wipe it down and remove any residue. If your chalkboard has a glossy surface, you may need to prep it by rubbing it with sandpaper or a Magic Eraser to help the Posca ink adhere better.
  • Choose your colors: Posca pens come in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose the ones that best match your vision. Consider using multiple colors to create a layered, textured effect or to add depth to your designs.
  • Plan your design: Sketch out your design on paper beforehand to get an idea of how you want the final product to look. Take into consideration the size of the chalkboard and the space you have to work with.
  • Start drawing: Once you have your design in mind, start drawing! Posca pens are easy to use and offer precision and control. You can create crisp lines, bold strokes, and even intricate designs. Use different line thicknesses to add interest and variation to your designs.
  • Add details: Once you have the basic elements of your design in place, it's time to add details. Use your Posca pens to add shading, highlights, and textures to your design. This is where you can really let your creativity shine.
  • Experiment: Don't be afraid to try new things and experiment with different techniques. Mix colors, try blending, and use different pen sizes to create interesting effects.

With these tips in mind, you can create beautiful, unique designs on your chalkboards with Posca pens. Whether you're designing a menu board for your restaurant, creating a custom sign for your event, or just adding some flair to your home decor, Posca pens are the perfect tool for the job. Happy drawing!


Personalizing Notebooks and Journals

Source: YouTube

Posca pens are an excellent tool for creating unique designs on various surfaces like paper, wood, plastic, and ceramics. In this article, we will focus on personalizing notebooks and journals with Posca pens.

The first step is to choose a notebook or journal that you want to personalize. It can be a plain notebook or a journal with a cover that you want to enhance with your creativity. Make sure to clean the surface of the cover to remove any dirt or dust.

Next, decide on the design you want to draw on the cover. You can sketch the design lightly with a pencil to have a guideline. If you are not confident in your drawing skills, you can trace a design from a printed image or use stencils.

Once you have your design in place, choose your Posca pens. Posca pens come in a wide range of colors and tip sizes. Choose the appropriate tip size for your design and the colors that suit your taste. You can experiment with different nib sizes for various design elements, making your project more interesting.

Now start coloring your design with Posca pens. These pens are highly pigmented and can cover any surface quickly and evenly. You can layer multiple colors slightly overlapping each other for a more vibrant effect. Always let the colors dry completely before adding a new layer or color on top to prevent smudging.

You can also add fine details or highlights using a small brush or white Posca pen to make your design stand out.

If you are not confident in drawing a design freehand, you can create a collage using pictures from magazines, wrapping papers, or colorful tapes. Stick these pieces on top of your notebook cover and use Posca Pens to add extra colors or designs.

To finish off your personalized notebook, add your name, inspiring quotes, or stickers that resonate with you.

In conclusion, Posca pens are the perfect tool for personalizing notebooks and journals. With a little creativity and imagination, you can create unique designs that reflect your personality and style. Give it a try, and you will see how easy and satisfying it is to create something beautiful, one Posca pen stroke at a time.


Illustrating Scrapbooks and Memory Books

Source: StencilGirl Talk

Scrapbooking has become a popular hobby for many people, and for good reason. It’s a great way to preserve memories, reminisce on the past, and showcase your creative talents. However, if you’re looking to take your scrapbooking to the next level, a posca pen might just be your new best friend. These versatile markers are perfect for creating unique, colorful, and detailed designs on your scrapbook pages. Here are some tips and ideas on how to use posca pens to illustrate your scrapbooks and memory books.

  • Choose the right colors: Posca pens come in a wide range of colors, so it’s important to choose the right ones for your project. Consider the theme of your scrapbook and choose colors that complement it. For example, if you’re creating a Christmas-themed scrapbook, you might want to use red, green, or gold posca pens.
  • Start with a sketch: Before starting to draw with your posca pens, it’s a good idea to sketch out your design first. This will help you to avoid mistakes and ensure that your final design looks just as you envisioned it. You can use a pencil or a light-colored posca pen to sketch your design.
  • Experiment with different techniques: Posca pens are great for a range of techniques, including shading, blending, and outlining. Try experimenting with different techniques to see what works best for your design. For example, you can use a light-colored posca pen to blend colors together, or a black posca pen to create sharp outlines.
  • Use stencils and templates: If you’re not confident in your drawing abilities, you can use stencils and templates to create your design. You can easily find stencils and templates online or at your local craft store. Simply trace your stencil or template onto your scrapbook page using a light-colored posca pen, and then color it in using your posca pens.
  • Add details: Posca pens are great for adding small details to your design, such as dots, stars, and swirls. You can use a fine-tipped posca pen for these details, or use a larger one for bolder designs. Adding small details can help to bring your design to life and make it look more polished.

In conclusion, posca pens are a great tool for illustrating scrapbooks and memory books. They’re versatile, easy to use, and come in a range of colors. By following these tips and ideas, you can take your scrapbooking to the next level and create unique and memorable designs.


Creating Stunning Canvas Art

Source: Etsy

Posca pens are versatile and vibrant tools that can be used to create stunning canvas art. These water-based paint markers are perfect for hand lettering, drawing, and coloring, and are suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, including canvas. Here are some tips on how to create a beautiful canvas art piece using Posca pens.

Choose the Right Canvas

The first step in creating stunning canvas art with Posca pens is to choose the right canvas. Opt for a high-quality canvas made of 100% cotton or linen, as these materials have a better surface for absorbing the paint. You can also choose a pre-stretched canvas, or stretch it yourself if you prefer a more custom size.

Sketch out Your Design

Before you start painting, sketch out your design on the canvas with a pencil. This will allow you to get a sense of the composition and make any necessary adjustments before adding in the ink.

Select Your Color Palette

The beauty of Posca pens is that they come in a wide range of colors, from bright and bold to subtle and muted. Choose a color palette that complements your design, and don't hesitate to experiment with different color combinations.

Start Painting

Once you have your design and colors ready, it's time to start painting. Take your time and apply the paint in thin, even layers, using light strokes. Posca pens dry quickly, so you can layer colors on top of each other without worrying about smudging.

Add Details with Finer Posca Pens

To add finer details to your canvas, switch to a smaller Posca pen with a finer tip. This will allow you to add intricate details and highlights to your design, making it pop against the canvas.

Seal Your Canvas

Once you are happy with your masterpiece, it's time to seal it with a varnish or spray fixative. This will protect your canvas from dust, dirt, and fading, ensuring that your artwork will last for years to come.

In conclusion, creating stunning canvas art with Posca pens is an exciting and rewarding process. By following these tips and experimenting with different color palettes and techniques, you can create a unique and beautiful canvas that will be the perfect addition to any home or office.


Coloring and Decorating Mason Jars

Source: Me, You and Magoo

Posca pens are a versatile option for coloring and decorating mason jars. This article will explore creative ideas for using these pens to transform ordinary jars into eye-catching decor pieces.

Ombre Mason Jars

Create an ombre effect on your jars by blending two or three colors together. Start by applying the lightest color to the top of the jar and gradually darken the color towards the bottom. The opaque nature of Posca pens makes this a simple and effective option.

Customized Jar Labels

Posca pens are ideal for creating custom labels on your mason jars. You can use different colors and designs to personalize the jars for various purposes such as storing baking ingredients, bathroom essentials or office supplies.

Polka-Dot Mason Jars

Add spots to your jars by using Posca pens to create vibrant polka dots. They can be spaced out or put closely together for a more vibrant look. A set of jars in different colors and sizes, each with differently sized polka dots, would be great for kids' rooms or parties.

Painted Mason Jars

If you have a steady hand or enjoy painting details, transform your jars by creating a painted design with Posca pens. They are perfect for painting small motifs, such as flowers or cacti. They also work great for doing calligraphy and typography.

Chalkboard Mason Jars

Use Posca pens to draw a chalkboard label on the glass of your jars. This will turn them into perfect reusable jars for storing everything from spices to office supplies. Give your jars either a white or black chalkboard background, and then add some fun designs or color to make them stand out.

Doodle Mason Jars

Give your kids the posca pens and let them create their own designs on the jars. The pens have a great texture and feel when using them, making them an ideal medium for doodling or drawing on glass.

With all these ideas, there's no limit to the possibilities of creating beautiful and functional mason jars with Posca pens. Give your jars a personal touch and liven up any space.

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Hobby Crafting on Resin and Polymer Clay

Source: YouTube

Posca pens are an excellent choice for adding colorful details to resin and polymer clay projects. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or a beginner, there are a variety of ways to incorporate these versatile pens into your hobby crafting projects.

One of the most popular applications for Posca pens is to add details to resin jewelry and accessories. Using the pens, you can add intricate designs, patterns, and even pictures to clear resin charms and pendants. By layering the ink, you can create a beautiful depth to your work.

Another fun way to use Posca pens on resin is to create fluid art projects. The pens can be used to draw detailed lines on top of the resin, or to add color accents to areas of the project. This technique can be used to create stunning abstract pieces that are perfect for displaying in your home.

If you’re working with polymer clay, the Posca pens can be used in many different ways. You can use them to add color to your clay before you start creating, or to add details and final touches to your finished pieces. The pens work well on both raw and cured polymer clay, making them perfect for adding details to small figurines and sculptures.

Another great use for Posca pens on polymer clay is to create intricate patterns and designs. You can use the pens to create complex patterns such as mandalas, geometric shapes or add dots, stripes and other decorative elements to your final project.

Finally, Posca pens are excellent for creating text and lettering on your resin and polymer clay projects. You can use the pens to write your name, initial, or create a custom message or quote that complements your final project.

In conclusion, Posca pens are an invaluable tool for any hobby crafter working with resin and polymer clay. They’re versatile, easy to use and offer endless creative possibilities whether you want to decorate a resin earrings, create an abstract art piece, or add details to a polymer clay figurine. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hobby crafter, you’ll love exploring all the ways you can incorporate Posca pens into your projects.


Upcycling Old Furniture with Colorful Details

Source: Fenne.be

Are you bored with the look of your old furniture, but don't want to spend a fortune on buying new pieces? Then it's time to get creative and upcycle your furniture with Posca pens!

Posca pens are versatile and easy to use, making them perfect for adding colorful details to your furniture. They come in a wide range of colors, including metallic and glitter options, so you can create any look you want.

Here are some simple ways to upcycle your old furniture with Posca pens:

Add Patterns to a Dresser

One of the best ways to upcycle an old dresser is by adding colorful patterns using Posca pens. You can draw simple geometric shapes, florals, or even create a fun animal print. Start by lightly sketching the pattern with a pencil and then fill in the details with Posca pens.

Paint the Legs of a Table or Chair

If you have a wooden table or chair with plain legs, you can use Posca pens to paint them with bold colors or patterns. Just choose the color you want and start drawing directly onto the wood. You can even stencil a design or typography to give them a unique touch.

Create a Mosaic on a Coffee Table

Upcycle your coffee table by creating a mosaic using Posca pens. Draw small shapes on the surface of the table, such as triangles or circles, and then fill them with different colors. You can even create a gradient effect by blending different shades of the same color.

Write Inspiring Quotes on a Mirror

Give your mirror a new life by writing a motivational quote or phrase on it using Posca pens. Choose a color that contrasts with the color of the mirror and start writing. You can also draw small doodles around the letters to make it more charming.

Add Details to a Wooden Cabinet

Make a plain wooden cabinet into something special by adding designs or patterns with Posca pens. You can draw stripes, polka dots, or even create a nautical or floral theme. Use contrasting colors to make the details pop.

In conclusion, using Posca pens to upcycle old furniture is not only easy, but also a great way to add a unique and colorful touch to your home decor. Try these ideas today and see for yourself how easy it is to transform your old furniture into something new and exciting.


Improving Interior Décor with Wall Art

Source: Etsy

Posca pens are a fantastic way to add some energy and personality to any room in your home. These versatile markers come in a wide range of colors and finishes, making them perfect for creating sleek, edgy designs that stand out and impress. In this article, we'll explore some creative ways to use Posca pens to create stunning interior wall art that will elevate your home's décor.

Geometric Murals

If you're looking for a bold, modern look, a geometric mural could be the perfect solution. The clean lines and sharp angles of geometric designs create a visually stunning impact, and the versatile nature of Posca pens allows you to create intricate and detailed shapes. You could choose to create a simple accent wall, or make a bold statement with a full-room mural that covers every wall.

Typography Art

Typography is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your interior décor. With Posca pens, you can create simple lettering or intricate calligraphy that reflects your personality and style. Whether you choose to create a single word or a full quote, typography art is a great way to draw attention to a specific area of your room.

Botanical Drawings

Nature-inspired designs are always popular in home décor, and a botanical drawing is a timeless choice. With Posca pens, you can create detailed, lifelike images of flowers, leaves, or even entire plants. This style of artwork is perfect for creating a calming, serene atmosphere in your home, especially in spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms.

Freehand Drawings

Sometimes the best way to create art is simply to let your creativity flow. With Posca pens, you can create freehand drawings that are entirely unique to you. From abstract designs to intricate doodles, there are no limits to the possibilities of what you can create. Choose a blank wall in your home and let your imagination take over!

Collaborative Art

If you're looking for a fun, interactive way to create wall art, collaborative art is a fantastic option. This type of artwork is perfect for families or roommates who want to create something together. Each person can choose their own Posca pen color and take turns adding their own design to the wall. Over time, a beautiful and personalized mural will develop, reflecting each person's unique personality and style.

In conclusion, using Posca pens for wall art can bring a fresh and energetic look to your interior décor. You can choose the type of art that suits your personality and style and create a unique look in your home. So go on, pick up some Posca pens and start creating your own wall art masterpiece today.


Adding Colorful Accents to Leather Goods

Source: Behance

Posca pens are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of arts and crafts projects. One fun and unique way to use Posca pens is to add colorful accents to leather goods. Whether it's a leather wallet, purse, or jacket, adding a pop of color can truly transform the piece. Here are some tips for how to use Posca pens to create stunning leather accents.

Preparing the Leather

Before you begin, it's important to prepare the leather properly. Start by wiping down the surface with a clean cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Next, use rubbing alcohol or leather cleaner to remove any residue or oils on the surface. This will help ensure that the Posca pens stick to the leather properly.

Choosing Colors

Once your leather is prepared, it's time to choose your colors. Posca pens come in a variety of shades, so choose ones that complement the leather. For example, if your leather jacket is dark brown, use bright colors like pink or yellow for a bold contrast. If you're adding accents to a black leather purse, consider using metallic silver or gold for a subtle touch of shine.

Testing Out the Pens

Before you start adding accents to your leather piece, it's a good idea to test out the pens on a small, inconspicuous area. This will give you a chance to see how the colors look on the leather and ensure that the pens work properly. If you're working with a light-colored leather, be sure to test out the pens on a scrap piece of similar leather to avoid any potential stains or discoloration.

Adding the Accents

Once you've chosen your colors and tested out the pens, it's time to start adding accents. Whether you want to add dots, stripes, or other designs, the process is simple. Just draw directly onto the leather with the Posca pens. Make sure to apply the pens evenly and with a consistent pressure to create a smooth finish. You can use stencils if you need to create more intricate designs.

Finishing Touches

After you've added your accents, let the leather piece dry completely. Once it's dry, you can add a finishing spray to protect the leather and prevent any smudging or fading. Leather protector sprays are a good option for this purpose.

In conclusion, adding colorful accents to leather goods is a fun and creative way to personalize your wardrobe. With Posca pens, you can easily add eye-catching designs and colors to your favorite leather pieces. Be sure to prepare the leather properly, choose colors that complement the piece, test out the pens, and apply the accents evenly. With a little creativity and practice, you'll be able to create stunning and unique leather accents with Posca pens.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, posca pens can be used on most fabrics. However, it is recommendable to test the pen on a small area of fabric before using it on a larger surface area to avoid any damages or color fades.

Posca pens have permanent and washable qualities, depending on the surface they are used on. On non-porous surfaces like glass or plastic, posca pens are permanent, while on porous surfaces like paper or fabric, they might wash off or fade over time.

Posca pens are water-resistant and UV resistant, which makes them great mMarkers for outdoor art projects. However, they are not fully waterproof and can fade over time, especially when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

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I recently discovered Posca pens and I am absolutely in love with them! They are so versatile and can be used for so many different things. I've been using them to create unique designs on my skateboard, and the vibrant colors really make it stand out. Plus, they are great for customizing clothing and home decor items. I've already started planning my next DIY project using Posca pens!

Brodie Dawson

I've been using Posca pens for my bullet journal and they have been a game changer. The fine tips allow me to create intricate doodles and the colors are so vibrant and opaque. I love that they dry quickly and don't smudge, which is perfect for my journaling needs. I've also used them to create custom art prints and greeting cards, and the results have been amazing. I highly recommend trying out Posca pens if you're into arts and crafts!

Anton Mccarthy

As a teacher, I'm always on the lookout for fun and engaging art supplies for my students. Posca pens have been a hit in my classroom! The kids love the bright colors and the fact that they can be used on various surfaces like paper, cardboard, and even rocks. We've used them for collaborative projects, individual artwork, and even decorating school supplies. It's great to see their creativity shine through with these pens. They have definitely become a staple in our art corner!

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