12 Fun Activities To Keep Your Bunny Happy And Active

things to do with your bunny

Rabbits are adorable pets that love to play and stay active. They can easily become bored when confined to their cages for long periods, so it's important to engage them in fun, stimulating activities. From obstacle courses to hide and seek games, there are plenty of ways to keep your bunny happy and active. So, let's dive into the twelve most enjoyable activities that you can do with your adorable furry friend!

Activity Description
Hay Time Rabbits need unlimited hay for healthy digestion, provide hay in a hay feeder regularly.
Playtime Spend time playing with your bunny; they love toys like tunnels, balls, and chew toys.
Grooming Brush your bunny regularly for healthy fur and remove any loose fur.
Training Litter-train your bunny and teach them simple commands like "come" and "stay."
Exercise Provide space for your bunny to run and hop around outside or inside the house.
Socializing Introduce your bunny to other pets cautiously, or arrange playdates with other rabbits.
Feeding Ensure your bunny has clean water, fresh veggies, fruits, and their regular pellets.
Cuddling Some rabbits love cuddles while others prefer their own space, respect their preference.
Health Checkups Take your bunny to see a vet annually for an overall health checkup and vaccinations.
Sleeping Habits Rabbits sleep a lot, provide a comfortable and safe space for them to nap and rest.


Bunny tunnels (indoor or outdoor)

Source: www.amazon.com

Bunny tunnels are a great way to keep your furry friend entertained and active. Not only do they provide a fun space for your bunny to explore, but they also promote exercise and mental stimulation. Here are some ideas for creating indoor or outdoor bunny tunnels.

Indoor Bunny Tunnels:

  • Cardboard Tunnels: Collect cardboard boxes and cut them into tubes of different lengths and widths. Tape them together to create a winding tunnel system for your bunny to explore.
  • PVC Pipe Tunnel: Create a tunnel using PVC pipes that have been cut and glued together. Add a few T-connectors to the design to create multiple paths and exits for your bunny to enjoy.
  • Old Laundry Basket Tunnel: Use an old laundry basket to create a fun tunnel for your bunny. Simply cut out one side and line the inside with blankets and pillows.

Outdoor Bunny Tunnels:

  • Dig a Tunnel: If you have a garden or lawn area, consider digging a tunnel for your bunny. Use wooden boards or rocks to shore up the sides and make sure the tunnel is secure.
  • PVC Pipe Tunnel: Similar to the indoor option, use PVC pipes to create a tunnel. Be sure to secure it firmly in the ground, so it won't tip over.
  • Log Tunnel: If you have some spare logs lying around, stack them up to create an outdoor bunny tunnel. Secure them together with screws or nails and make sure there is no chance for the logs to fall.

When creating a bunny tunnel, be sure to keep your pet's safety in mind. Make sure the tunnel is secure, and there are no sharp edges or materials that could harm your pet. Also, supervise your bunny while they're exploring so you can intervene if necessary.

Bunny tunnels can provide hours of fun for both you and your furry friend. They're a great way to promote exercise and keep your bunny entertained while improving their overall health and well-being.


Bunny obstacle course (indoor or outdoor)

Source: petacular.com

When it comes to having a bunny, it's not just about giving them a hutch to live in and feeding them daily. Bunnies need daily exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. One great way to provide both of those things is by setting up an obstacle course for your bunny to play in!

Whether indoor or outdoor, an obstacle course can be a great way to bond with your bunny and provide them with a fun challenge. Here are some tips for setting up a bunny obstacle course:

  • Use safe materials: When setting up an obstacle course for your bunny, be sure to use materials that are safe for them to play with. Avoid anything with sharp edges or small parts that they could swallow. PVC pipes, cardboard boxes, and tunnels made specifically for small animals are all great options.
  • Set up challenges: Get creative with the obstacles you set up! Use tunnels for them to run through, cardboard boxes to jump over, and small jumps for them to hop over. You can even use treats and toys to entice them to complete certain challenges.
  • Keep it simple: Remember that bunnies are small animals and don't need a complex obstacle course to have fun. Keep it simple with a few challenges and a clear path for them to follow.
  • Supervise your bunny: It's important to supervise your bunny while they're playing in the obstacle course to ensure they stay safe. Keep an eye on them and be ready to step in if they start to get stuck or seem stressed.
  • Change it up: Switch up the obstacles in your bunny obstacle course to keep things interesting for your bunny. This will keep them engaged and entertained with new challenges to complete.

An obstacle course for your bunny can be a great way to provide them with exercise and mental stimulation. By following these tips, you can set up a safe and fun obstacle course for your furry friend to enjoy!

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Bunny playpen with toys (indoor or outdoor)

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Bunnies are adorable and playful creatures that require constant stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Creating a bunny playpen with toys can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your furry friend, both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor Playpen

To create an indoor playpen, you will need a designated area that your bunny can roam freely. This area should be safe and free of hazards such as wires, plastic, and sharp objects. You can use baby gates or a DIY enclosure made out of wire and zip ties to create a secure and contained space.

Once you have a designated playpen, it's time to add some toys. There are plenty of options when it comes to toys for bunnies, including treat puzzles, tunnels, and cardboard boxes. You can also add things like wooden chew toys, play balls, and tunnels to keep your bunny entertained. It's important to choose toys that are safe and durable, and that won't harm or injure your bunny.

Outdoor Playpen

Bunny playtime can also be taken outdoors, which can provide your bunny with a lot of new sights and smells to explore. However, it's important to remember that outdoor play carries more risks, such as predators and extreme weather conditions. Always supervise your bunny while outside, and make sure to provide plenty of shade and water if it's hot outside.

To create an outdoor playpen, you will need a secure and enclosed area with no gaps or holes that your bunny can escape from. You can use a dog playpen or a DIY enclosure made from chicken wire or plastic fencing. Add a few toys, such as a digging box filled with safe soil or a play tunnel, to create an atmosphere of exploration and excitement.

Benefits of a Bunny Playpen

Creating a bunny playpen with toys can provide many benefits for your bunny, including:

  • Exercise and physical activity: Bunnies need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and avoid obesity. Providing them with a playpen and toys to explore can help them burn off excess energy and keep them physically fit.
  • Mental stimulation: Bunnies are intelligent creatures that enjoy a good challenge. Toys like treat puzzles and play tunnels can provide mental stimulation, improve their problem-solving skills, and prevent boredom.
  • Bonding opportunities: Playing with your bunny and introducing them to new toys and experiences can help strengthen your bond and increase your bunny's trust in you.

Overall, creating a bunny playpen with toys can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your furry friend. Just make sure to provide a safe and secure environment and choose toys that are suitable for your bunny's size and age.


Hide and seek with bunny-safe treats

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Bunnies are lovable pets that can provide great entertainment and companionship. These cute and cuddly animals are also very playful and enjoy exploring their surroundings. One fun activity that you can do with your bunny is playing hide and seek with bunny-safe treats. This game can stimulate your bunny's senses and help you build a bond with your pet. Here's how to play.

Step 1: Choose Bunny-Safe Treats

Not all treats are safe for bunnies. Avoid any food that is high in sugar or fat, as this can cause health problems for your pet. Instead, look for treats that are made specifically for bunnies. These can include hay-based snacks, fresh veggies, or small portions of fruit. Remember, too many treats can disrupt your bunny's diet, so be mindful of how much you give.

Step 2: Find Hiding Places

The next step is to find hiding places for the treats. Bunnies are natural burrowers and love small, dark spaces, so you can hide the treats in cardboard boxes, paper bags, or even PVC pipes. Be creative and make sure the hiding places are safe for your bunny and can't be accidentally swallowed or choked on.

Step 3: Start the Game

Once you've hidden the treats, show your bunny where the first hiding place is and let them find the treat. Make sure to give your bunny verbal cues or signals to reinforce where the treat is. You can also use a clicker or bell to help your bunny learn the game faster. As your bunny gets the hang of it, you can make the hiding places more challenging and increase the distance between them.

Step 4: End the Game

Once your bunny has found all the treats, the game is over. Make sure to praise your pet and give them plenty of love and attention. You can repeat this game as often as you'd like, but remember, too many treats can cause digestive issues for your bunny, so be mindful of how often you play.

Playing hide and seek with bunny-safe treats is a fun and interactive way to bond with your pet. It helps stimulate your bunny's natural behavior and strengthens your relationship. Just make sure to use safe treats and hiding places, and don't forget to have fun!

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“Binky” sessions for bunnies to show off their happy energy (indoor or outdoor)

Source: happytoddlerplaytime.com

Bunnies are adorable pets that bring joy and happiness into our homes. They are full of energy and love to play, jump and run around. To provide them with some entertainment, you can create fun activities that allow them to showcase their energetic nature. One such activity is called a "binky session."

Binky is a term used to describe a bunny's playful display of happiness. During a binky session, your furry friend will exhibit its most joyful behavior, including leaping, twisting, and running around. Not only is it fun to watch your bunny getting all excited, but it’s also good exercise for them.

Here are a few ways you can create a binky session for your bunny:

Indoor playtime

Creating a binky session indoors can be a grand idea, particularly if you are limited on space. You can make use of your bunny’s toys and/or create some obstacles. If your bunny enjoys chewing, you can provide them with cardboard boxes to jump in and out of. Alternatively, you can lay a blanket on the floor and create a simple agility course. You can use pillows, stuffed animals, and cardboard boxes to create some fun challenges for your bunny. During a binky session, make sure that your bunny has plenty of space to run around safely.

Outdoor playtime

If the weather permits, you can create a binky session outdoors. Your bunny will love the fresh air and the extra space. You can use a playpen or a fenced area to keep your bunny contained. Provide a flat surface, such as grass, and introduce some toys. Balls, tunnels, or a simple cardboard box will keep your bunny entertained. Watch your bunny enjoy some fresh air and sunlight while burning off some energy.

Interactive playtime

Bunnies are social animals and enjoy playing with their human friends. During a binky session, you might like to join in and create some interactive playtime. You can use treats to coax your bunny to jump up or over objects. You can use toys to encourage your bunny to follow you around. Just be careful not to over-excite your bunny, especially if they are young.

In conclusion, a binky session is a perfect way to engage your bunny in some joyful playtime. It can be a fantastic way to bond with your bunny while providing them with physical and mental stimulation. By being creative and thinking outside the box, you can make binky sessions an essential part of your bunny’s daily routine. Remember that every bunny is different, so make sure you tailor your binky sessions to your bunny's likes and dislikes.

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Bunny handling and petting sessions

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Get to know your bunny's temperament

The first step to successful bunny handling and petting sessions is to get to know your bunny's personality and temperament. Some bunnies are naturally more outgoing and enjoy being handled, while others may be more timid and prefer to spend their time alone. Understanding your bunny's temperament will help you determine their preferences for handling and petting.

Establish trust

To ensure your bunny feels comfortable with you, it's important to establish trust. Start by spending time with your bunny by sitting near them, giving them treats, and talking softly to them. Once your bunny is comfortable with you, it's time to start handling and petting them.

Approach slowly and gently

When approaching your bunny for handling and petting sessions, always move slowly and gently. Bunnies are easily frightened, and sudden movements can cause them to become scared and stressed. When picking up your bunny, support their body with both hands and lift them slowly and gently.

Find the right position

Finding the right position for bunny handling and petting sessions is crucial. A firm grip ensures that your bunny feels safe and secure. Always support their body weight with your hands, and avoid putting pressure on their legs or ears. Some bunnies may prefer to sit on your lap while others may be more comfortable sitting on a table or surface nearby.

Pay attention to body language

Bunnies communicate through their body language, so it's essential to pay attention to their cues during handling and petting sessions. If your bunny appears uncomfortable or agitated, take a break and try again later. Some bunnies may even prefer to be petted while sitting on the ground or in their favorite hiding spot.

Stick to short sessions

Bunnies have short attention spans and may become restless during long handling and petting sessions. Therefore, it's best to stick to short sessions of 10-15 minutes, two to three times a day. This ensures that your bunny stays relaxed and happy during the sessions.

In conclusion, bunny handling and petting sessions are a great way to bond with your fluffy friend. The key is to approach these sessions with love, care, and caution to ensure that your bunny stays happy and comfortable. By following these tips, you can create a strong bond with your bunny and enjoy many happy years together.


DIY cardboard maze (indoor)

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Are you looking for an engaging activity to keep your bunny entertained? You may want to try making a DIY cardboard maze for your furry friend! Creating a maze is an excellent indoor activity that will challenge your bunny's problem-solving skills and provide plenty of exercise.

Here are some steps to help you create a simple and fun maze for your bunny using cardboard boxes:

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard boxes of different sizes
  • Scissors
  • Non-toxic glue or tape


Step 1: Gather cardboard boxes of varying sizes. You can use boxes from online shopping orders or ask at local stores for unused boxes.

Step 2: Cut holes in the boxes to create openings. Cut out holes in each side of the boxes, making them large enough so that your bunny can easily enter and exit the boxes. You can use a box cutter for this task.

Step 3: Attach the boxes together using non-toxic glue or tape. Glue or tape the boxes together to create a maze of different shapes. Ensure that each box's opening aligns with the next.

Step 4: Add some treats inside the boxes. For added fun, you can put some treats or food puzzles inside the boxes as a reward for your bunny's exploration.

Step 5: Let your bunny explore. Once you have constructed the maze, place it on the floor in an open space and watch your bunny explore. Avoid forcing your bunny to explore the maze if they are uninterested or uncomfortable.

That's it! You just created a fun and challenging maze for your bunny. Remember to monitor your bunny's progress, provide breaks if they get tired, and keep the maze clean. You can vary the maze's configuration by changing up the boxes or the shape of the openings. Lastly, have fun with your furry friend and enjoy watching them navigate the maze!

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Bunny-friendly playdates with other rabbits (indoor or outdoor)

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Bunnies are social animals and enjoy spending time with other rabbits. Organizing bunny-friendly playdates is a great way to keep your bunny happy and active. Here are some tips and ideas to make sure your bunny playdates are successful and safe.

Choose the right pair of bunnies

Before organizing a playdate, make sure your bunny is comfortable around other rabbits. Not all bunnies get along, so it’s important to pick the right pair of bunnies. You can start by introducing your bunny to a friend’s rabbit in a neutral territory, such as a friend’s yard or a community park. Watch their behavior carefully and see if they show any signs of aggression or fear.

Set up a safe play area

Make sure the play area is safe and secure for your bunnies. If you’re planning an outdoor playdate, make sure the area is enclosed and free from any toxic plants or chemicals. If you’re planning an indoor playdate, choose a room that can be easily cleaned and doesn’t have any hiding spots where bunnies may get stuck or trapped.

Supervise the playdate

It’s important to supervise the playdate to make sure the bunnies are getting along and no one is getting hurt. If one of the bunnies seems scared or stressed, it’s time to end the playdate. Also, avoid leaving the bunnies unattended as they may fight or get into mischief.

Provide toys and treats

To keep your bunnies entertained and happy, provide plenty of toys and treats. You can offer hay toys, cardboard boxes, tunnels, or puzzle feeders. You can also provide healthy bunny treats, such as carrot sticks, apple slices, or fresh herbs.

End on a positive note

End the playdate on a positive note by giving each bunny a small treat and praising them for their good behavior. This will help your bunny associate playdates with positive experiences and look forward to the next one.

In conclusion, bunny-friendly playdates with other rabbits can be a fun and enriching experience for your bunny. Remember to choose the right pair of bunnies, set up a safe play area, supervise the playdate, provide toys and treats, and end on a positive note. With a little planning and preparation, you’ll be able to organize successful bunny playdates that will keep your bunny happy and active.


Bunny clicker training sessions (indoor)

Source: healthtopics.vetmed.ucdavis.edu

Rabbits are intelligent and curious creatures that love to learn new things. One fun way to engage with your furry friend and improve their cognitive abilities is by incorporating bunny clicker training sessions into your routine. During these indoor training sessions, you can teach your bunny new tricks and reinforce positive behaviors.

Before diving into clicker training, you'll need a few supplies. Start with a clicker, which is a small handheld device that makes a clicking sound. You'll also need a treat that your bunny loves, such as a piece of carrot or parsley.

To get started, find a quiet room where you and your bunny can work together without distractions. Begin by teaching your bunny to associate the clicking sound with a reward. Click the clicker and immediately give them a treat. Repeat this several times, so they understand that the click means they'll get a reward.

Next, choose a simple trick or behavior to teach your bunny. One trick you can start with is "touch," where your bunny learns to touch their nose to your hand when you hold it out. Hold your hand out, and when your bunny touches their nose to it, click the clicker and give them a treat. Repeat this several times until your bunny understands the behavior.

Once your bunny has mastered a simple trick like "touch," you can move on to more complex tricks or behaviors. Some fun ideas include teaching your bunny to jump through a hoop, spin in a circle, or even play a game of fetch.

Remember to keep the training sessions short and fun, about 5-10 minutes at a time. Be patient and consistent, and your bunny will quickly learn new behaviors and tricks. With continued practice, your bunny's clicker training can become a fun and rewarding indoor activity that strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

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“Tug of war” with bunny-safe toys (indoor or outdoor)

Source: www.amazon.com

As a responsible pet owner, it is natural to search for various ways to entertain and engage your furry friend. If you are a bunny owner, you might be wondering what you can do to keep your little hopper occupied. Well, one game you can play with your rabbit is “Tug of war” with bunny-safe toys, be it indoors or outdoors.

Playing tug of war is an excellent way to interact with your bunny, and it helps your bunny expend their energy while keeping them healthy and happy. However, it is important to note that not all toys are safe for your bunny; some toys can be hazardous and cause harm to your pet. Therefore, before starting the game, make sure to choose rabbit-friendly toys that are appropriate for their size and age.

Bunny toys such as ropes, soft balls, and wooden sticks can be used for tug of war. You can hold one end of the toy, and your bunny will grab the other end with their teeth and tug back. However, it is necessary to ensure your bunny's safety by providing them with soft toys or those made from non-toxic materials. This helps prevent the risk of choking or any harm to their sensitive teeth.

Playing tug of war with your bunny is an all-season game that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Indoor games can be played using bunny-safe toys that are soft to prevent any damages to your furniture or household items. On the other hand, outdoor games offer your bunny a chance to enjoy natural surroundings while improving their physical health.

When playing tug of war outside with your bunny, you need to ensure the environment is secure and safe. Find an open area free of potential hazards such as poisonous plants, sharp objects, or predators. Also, ensure that your bunny is wearing a harness, leash, or a protective pen to prevent them from running away or sneaking out of the premises.

In conclusion, playing tug of war with bunny-friendly toys is a fun and interactive game for both you and your rabbit. Nevertheless, it is crucial to select safe toys that are appropriate for your rabbit's size and age to prevent any potential harm. Also, ensure that your bunny is under your supervision and in a safe environment, especially when playing outdoors. With this, you can effectively engage with your bunny while providing them with a chance to expend pent-up energy in a playful and enjoyable manner.

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Bunny grooming sessions

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If you own a bunny, it's important to not only provide them with food and shelter, but also to take care of their grooming needs. Bunny grooming sessions are a helpful and fun way to bond with your furry friend while ensuring their overall health and happiness.

Here are some steps to follow during a bunny grooming session:

  • Brush their fur - Bunnies have delicate fur that can get easily matted, so brush their fur regularly to prevent this. Use a soft-bristled brush and start from their head, working your way backward. Be gentle and avoid brushing too hard, as this could cause discomfort for your bunny.
  • Trim their nails - Bunnies have long nails that can scratch and harm their skin, so it's important to trim them regularly. Use nail clippers specifically designed for rabbits and be careful not to cut too much off. If you're unsure, seek help from a vet or professional groomer.
  • Clean their ears - Bunnies can develop ear infections if their ears aren't cleaned regularly. Use a damp cotton ball or cloth to gently wipe around the inside of their ear. If you notice any discharge or redness, seek veterinary attention.
  • Check their teeth - Bunnies' teeth never stop growing, so it's important to ensure they're not overgrowing or developing any issues. Check their teeth during grooming sessions and consult with a vet if you have any concerns.
  • Bath time - Bunnies generally don't require regular baths, but it can be necessary if they get dirty or if they have a medical condition. Use a shallow basin of lukewarm water, and be sure to avoid getting water in their ears or nose. Use a gentle rabbit-specific shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

Overall, bunny grooming sessions are a great way to bond with your furry friend while keeping them healthy and happy. Stay consistent with their grooming routine, and seek professional help if you're unsure or have any concerns.


Bunny nap time with soft blankets and a cozy spot (indoor)

Source: www.walmart.com

One of the most enjoyable things to do with your bunny is to give them a cozy spot to take a nap. As prey animals, rabbits love secure and warm environments, and having a soft blanket to snuggle up in can also make them feel safe and comfortable. Here are some tips on how to create a perfect nap space for your bunny.

First, find an ideal spot. Choose a calm and quiet place where your bunny can relax without any disturbance. Keep their bed away from drafts, noise, and bright lights. A cardboard box that’s turned on its side with a soft blanket inside it can be a perfect hiding place for your bunny. They will feel like they’re in their own private little space, making them more likely to unwind and rest.

Next, create a soft and comfortable bed. Find a blanket that’s appropriate for rabbits. Avoid using throw blankets that have loose strings or tassels that could be a choking hazard. Use high-quality cotton or fleece blankets, which don’t create excessive heat and breathe well.

Ensure that your bunny has a bed that they can climb in and out of easily. You can use hay as a soft bedding material, but it’s essential to keep it clean and free of dirt or urine.

Finally, add some soothing elements to your bunny's nap zone. Low light is essential for your bunny to rest peacefully. You can also play some soft music to create a calming atmosphere, but make sure it’s not too loud.

It’s vital to maintain cleanliness to make sure your bunny’s bed area is free of dirt and litter. Regularly clean the bed, blanket, and boxes your bunny uses as bedding to keep them fresh and clean.

In conclusion, bunny nap time with soft blankets and a cozy spot is an enjoyable activity that can strengthen the bond between you and your bunny. By providing a peaceful and secure environment, your bunny will be able to relax and rejuvenate, ensuring that they continue to be happy and healthy.

Frequently asked questions

You should clean your bunny's cage at least once a week. Bunnies are naturally clean animals and appreciate a tidy living space.

Most human food is not suitable for bunnies and can cause digestive problems. Stick to feeding your bunny hay, fresh greens, and rabbit pellets to ensure a balanced diet.

Yes, rabbits need regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental health. A safe and secure area to hop and play outside of their cage, as well as bunny-proofed indoor areas, are great ways to give your bunny exercise and stimulation.

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