How To Play The "What Do You Meme" Expansion Pack: A Step-By-Step Guide

what do you meme expansion pack how to play

Are you ready to test your meme-generating skills? Then look no further than the What Do You Meme expansion pack! This hilarious game will have you and your friends competing to create the most outrageous and on-point memes. Whether you're a seasoned meme connoisseur or a total newbie, this step-by-step guide will teach you everything you need to know to master the What Do You Meme expansion pack and become the ultimate meme champion. So grab your favorite internet humor and get ready to laugh your way to victory!

Characteristics Values
Expansion Pack Name What Do You Meme
Number of Cards 75
Age Range 17 and above
Game Time 30-90 minutes
Players 3+
Theme Internet and pop culture
Contents 75 caption cards
Expansion Pack Size 4.5 x 2.8 x 4.6 inches
Weight 8 ounces


What is the purpose of the What Do You Meme expansion pack?

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The purpose of the What Do You Meme expansion pack is to enhance the gameplay and extend the enjoyment of the original card game. This expansion pack adds new cards, themes, and challenges that bring fresh humor and excitement to the game.

The expansion pack is designed to keep the game interesting and fun, even for players who have already memorized all the cards from the base game. By adding new cards with different memes and captions, players are constantly pushed to think creatively and come up with new combinations to create the funniest meme.

The expansion pack also introduces new themes, which add an extra layer of challenge and strategy to the game. For example, a Halloween-themed expansion pack may have cards with spooky memes and captions, requiring players to think outside the box and come up with hilarious references to popular horror movies or characters.

In addition to refreshing the gameplay, the expansion pack also allows players to customize their card collection based on their personal preferences and sense of humor. If a player enjoys a particular theme, they can add that expansion pack to their collection and have more opportunities for humorous combinations within that theme.

Furthermore, the expansion pack adds variety and replayability to the game. With the additional cards and themes, each round of What Do You Meme becomes a new and unique experience. Players can play multiple games using different expansion packs and explore various combinations of cards, ensuring that the game never becomes stale or repetitive.

To illustrate the purpose of the What Do You Meme expansion pack, let's consider an example. Imagine a group of friends who have been playing the base game for months and have exhausted all the memes and captions. They decide to purchase an expansion pack that introduces a new theme based on their favorite TV show. With the new cards and themes, they are able to bring fresh life to the game and enjoy hours of laughter and entertainment, all while bonding over their shared love for the TV show.

In conclusion, the purpose of the What Do You Meme expansion pack is to enhance the gameplay experience by adding new cards, themes, and challenges. It ensures that the game remains fun, exciting, and unpredictable, allowing players to continuously explore creative combinations and enjoy the humor that the game offers. Whether it's through new memes, captions, or themes, the expansion pack brings fresh life to the game and keeps players entertained for hours.


How do you play the What Do You Meme expansion pack?


What Do You Meme is a popular party game that combines memes and captioning them in a funny way. The expansion packs add even more hilarious options to the game. If you're wondering how to play the What Do You Meme expansion pack, read on for a step-by-step guide:

  • Get the necessary materials: To play the What Do You Meme expansion pack, you'll need the base game, which includes the caption cards and photo cards, as well as the expansion pack you want to play with.
  • Set up the game: Shuffle the caption cards and distribute them evenly among all the players. Each player should have a hand of caption cards to use throughout the game. Then, choose a judge for the first round.
  • Choose a photo card: The judge for the round draws a photo card from the deck and places it face up on the table for everyone to see. This photo card will be the basis for the memes that will be created.
  • Caption the photo card: Each player (except the judge) selects a caption card from their hand that they think best fits the photo card. They place their selected caption face down on the table.
  • Reveal and judge the captions: Once all players have chosen their captions, the judge collects them and shuffles them. The judge then reads each caption card out loud and displays it next to the photo card. The judge can add their own caption if they desire.
  • Choose the funniest caption: The judge then selects the funniest caption and awards that player a point. This player becomes the judge for the next round. The winner keeps the photo card from the previous round, and the game continues with a new photo card.
  • Continue playing: The game continues with each player taking turns being the judge and selecting captions for the photo cards. The objective is to collect as many photo cards as possible by creating the funniest memes.

Using an expansion pack adds more caption and photo cards to the game, giving players even more options to create funny memes. The gameplay for the expansion pack is the same as the base game, with players following the same steps outlined above.

For example, let's say the base game includes a caption card that says "When you see your crush walking towards you." The expansion pack might add a photo card that shows a funny picture of an awkward situation. Players would then choose a caption card from their hand, such as "When you try to act cool but end up tripping over your own feet." The judge would read the captions and choose the funniest one, awarding a point to the player who created it.

In conclusion, playing the What Do You Meme expansion pack is a fun and creative way to create funny captions for meme-worthy photos. By following the steps outlined above, you can enjoy hours of laughter with your friends and family. So, gather your favorite memes and get ready for a night of hilarity!


Are there any specific rules or instructions for the expansion pack?

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The expansion pack is a popular feature in many games, adding new content and features for players to enjoy. However, some may wonder if there are any specific rules or instructions for using an expansion pack. This article will provide an overview of how to effectively utilize an expansion pack and address any specific rules or instructions that may apply.

When it comes to using an expansion pack, there are a few general guidelines to keep in mind. First and foremost, ensure that the expansion pack is compatible with the base game. Most expansion packs will specify the version of the game they are designed for, so be sure to check the requirements before purchasing or installing.

Once you have confirmed compatibility, it is recommended to install the expansion pack according to the instructions provided. This may involve downloading and installing additional files, or entering a product key to unlock the content. Following the installation instructions will help ensure that the expansion pack functions properly.

It is also worth noting that some expansion packs may require the completion of certain objectives or achievements in the base game before unlocking the new content. This can add an extra layer of challenge and progression for players, as they must meet specific criteria to access the expansion pack.

In addition to these general guidelines, there may be specific rules or instructions that apply to individual expansion packs. For example, some expansion packs may introduce new gameplay mechanics or rules that players must learn and understand. It is important to read the documentation or in-game tutorials provided with the expansion pack to familiarize yourself with any new rules or instructions.

Furthermore, some expansion packs may modify existing gameplay mechanics or alter the balance of the game. This could include changes to character abilities, item stats, or resource management. It is important to be aware of these changes and adapt your strategy accordingly.

To provide a specific example, let's consider an expansion pack for a fantasy role-playing game. This expansion pack introduces a new playable character class, the "Sorcerer." The instructions for using the expansion pack state that players must have already reached level 10 with another character class before they can create a Sorcerer character. This requirement ensures that players have a solid understanding of the gameplay mechanics before diving into the new content.

In conclusion, while each expansion pack may have its own specific rules and instructions, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind. Ensure compatibility with the base game, follow the installation instructions, and be aware of any additional gameplay mechanics or requirements introduced by the expansion pack. By following these guidelines, players can make the most of their expansion pack experience and enjoy the new content it provides.


Can the expansion pack be incorporated into the original game, or are they played separately?

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Expanding on your favorite video game can be a thrilling experience, whether it's through downloadable content (DLC) or an expansion pack. However, when it comes to incorporating the expansion pack into the original game, there can sometimes be confusion. Are the two played separately, or can they be seamlessly integrated? Let's explore this topic further.

In most cases, expansion packs are designed to enhance and build upon the original game. They typically offer new content such as additional levels, characters, missions, or storylines. The intention behind expansion packs is to provide players with a fresh and extended experience within the same game universe. Therefore, it is expected that the expansion pack can be incorporated into the original game rather than being played as a standalone entity.

To incorporate an expansion pack into the original game, you will typically need to have both the base game and the expansion pack installed on your gaming platform. This ensures that all the necessary files and assets are present for a seamless integration.

Once both the base game and the expansion pack are installed, the game will usually prompt you to activate or enable the expansion pack within the original game menu. This step is crucial as it allows the game to recognize the new content and make it available for gameplay.

Once activated, the expansion pack's content will be seamlessly integrated into the original game. You may find new levels or areas open up, new characters or items become available, or new missions or storylines can be accessed. This integration ensures that players can continue their progress from where they left off in the base game, while also enjoying the new content offered by the expansion pack.

It's important to note that not all expansion packs are designed to integrate directly into the original game. Some expansion packs may function as standalone games or require players to start a new game specifically for the expansion content. This is more common in cases where the expansion pack introduces significant changes to the gameplay mechanics or alters the game's setting entirely.

One example of a game that seamlessly incorporates its expansion pack into the original game is "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." The expansion pack titled "Dawnguard" adds a new questline, new characters, and new locations to the original game world. Players can activate the expansion pack within the game menu, and the new content seamlessly integrates into the existing game world. This integration allows players to continue their progress and explore the new content without starting a new game.

In conclusion, most expansion packs are designed to be incorporated into the original game rather than played separately. By having both the base game and the expansion pack installed and activating the expansion pack within the game menu, players can seamlessly enjoy the new content while continuing their progress in the game. However, it's essential to check the specific instructions and requirements for each expansion pack, as some may function as standalone games or require separate gameplay sessions.


Are there any additional materials or accessories required to play the expansion pack?

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When playing an expansion pack for a game, it is important to know if there are any additional materials or accessories required to fully enjoy the new content. While this can vary depending on the specific expansion and game, there are a few common items that may be needed.

One primary consideration is whether the expansion pack requires the base game to be played. Many expansions are designed to be played with the original game and may not be standalone experiences. In these cases, having the base game is necessary to play the expansion.

In addition to the base game, some expansions may require additional game pieces or components. This could include new cards, tokens, or miniatures that are specific to the expansion. It is important to check the packaging or instructions for the expansion to see if any of these extras are necessary. Without them, you may not be able to fully enjoy or properly play the expansion.

Another potential requirement is the need for updated or additional rules. Some expansions introduce new mechanics, gameplay modes, or changes to the existing rules. It is important to read through the rules for the expansion to understand how it integrates with the base game and if any new rules need to be learned. This ensures that you are playing the expansion correctly and getting the full experience.

In some cases, expansions may also require additional storage solutions. If the expansion adds a significant amount of new components or cards, you may need a larger storage solution to keep everything organized. This could be as simple as purchasing additional sleeves or storage boxes, or it may require investing in a larger storage solution, such as an expanded game box or dedicated storage container.

Lastly, it is worth considering any optional accessories that may enhance the gameplay experience. While not necessarily required, these accessories can add to the immersion and enjoyment of the expansion pack. This could include things like playmats, card sleeves, upgraded components, or thematic accessories. These extras are not necessary to play the expansion, but they can enhance the overall experience and make the game more visually appealing.

Overall, it is important to research and understand any additional materials or accessories that may be required to fully enjoy an expansion pack. This includes checking if the base game is required, if any new components or rules are needed, if additional storage solutions are necessary, and if there are any optional accessories that may enhance the gameplay experience. By being prepared and investing in these items, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your expansion pack and maximizing your gaming experience.

Frequently asked questions

The What Do You Meme expansion pack is an additional set of cards that can be used with the original What Do You Meme game. It includes new photo and caption cards that add more variety and options to the gameplay.

To play with the expansion pack, shuffle the new cards together with the original cards. Each round, one player acts as the judge and selects a photo card. The other players then choose a caption card from their hand that they think pairs best with the photo card. The judge collects and reviews the caption cards, then chooses their favorite pairing as the winner of the round.

Yes, the What Do You Meme expansion pack can be combined with other expansion packs to create an even larger and more diverse deck of cards. This allows for even more hilarious combinations and variety in gameplay.

The rules for playing with the expansion pack are the same as the original game. However, some players may choose to add their own house rules or variations to make the gameplay more interesting. For example, you could introduce a time limit for choosing and submitting caption cards, or allow players to trade or steal cards from each other's hands. These additional rules can be customized to fit your group's preferences and make the game even more entertaining.

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