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Steffi Montoya is a digital creator who likes to travel. She has worked as a web developer, social media manager, and content creator.

Montoya started her career as a web developer in 2006. She worked on projects for organizations such as the United Nations and MTV. In 2010, she moved to London and started working as a social media manager for a music company. While in London, she also started working as a content creator for an online magazine.

In 2013, Montoya moved back to the United States and started working as a web developer for a digital marketing agency. She left the agency in 2016 to start her own business, Steffi Montoya Creative.

Montoya is the founder of Steffi Montoya Creative, a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating websites, developing brands, and creating social media campaigns. The company has worked with clients such as Google, PepsiCo, and Samsung.

Montoya is also the author of "The Content Creator's Guide to Instagram: How to Create Engaging and Effective Visual Content That Drives Results." The book was published in 2017 by Wiley. It provides tips on how to create effective visual content for Instagram.

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